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Who is the moron now, Abi-Maria?

With Sunday’s finale looming right around the corner, this Survivor episode should have had us sitting on the edge of our seat, but instead it was ho-hum.  Surviving are the two duos of Lisa and Skupin and Denise and Malcolm along with the loner Abi-Maria.  IMO, Abi-Maria has done everything in her power to NOT win Survivor Philippines and tonight she proved successful in that goal!  Here’s a quick rundown.  I say quick because it’s cookie baking day in Bloggergal’s house!

The Reward competition comes down to Malcolm and Skupin.  I know, surprising right?  Skupin pulls this one off.  If you remember, last week Reward went to Malcolm.  The Reward is a helicopter ride to a boat with pizza, etc. and a chance to swim with the fish–with scuba gear, not the gangster way!  Skupin is able to take two others with him.  He chooses Malcolm because Malcolm picked him last week.  He also chooses his buddy Lisa.  This leaves Abi-Maria and Denise back at camp alone. (tee-hee)

While at the Reward, Malcolm asks Lisa and Skupin to form a new alliance for a final three.  In other words, he plans to turn on his partner from the beginning Denise.  Well, from a game point of view, yeah…not a bad move.  Denise is one helluva player.  Of course Skupin is no slacker either!  Lisa agrees but she knows having Malcolm in the final three is a no-no.

Back at camp, Abi-Maria is talking and talking and talking to Denise.  The Survivor editors do a cute job of this and you can hear and feel Denise’s discomfort.

The day of the Immunity Challenge, Denise wakes up with a bite on her neck and severe pain.  Denise is tough, but you can see that she is really suffering.  It looks to me like she was bitten by a vampire–just sayin’.  Skupin and Lisa pray over Denise to help heal her.  Survivor sure has become a religious show in the last few seasons, hasn’t it?  I always picture God sitting somewhere saying, “NOW, what do those Survivor contestants want from me?”

The Immunity Challenge involves a physical as well as a puzzle part.  Surprisingly, all contestants, except for Malcolm get through the physical part around the same time.  Malcolm falls off and has to start over.  You would think that would put him out of the competition, but this is Malcolm we are talking about!  Denise seems to fly through the puzzle, but then has difficulty at the end and has to readjust some pieces.  Malcolm catches up with the others and then puts the puzzle together as if he’s done it before.  Once again, Malcolm wins Immunity.  This means that not only does Malcolm have immunity, but he also has a HII.  He could, conceivably use it on one of the players, but why stir up a bees nest?

With the four still (supposedly) strong, it looks like fire out for Abi-Maria at tribal.  She makes sure she says some really stupid things to insure this!  For instance, she calls Skupin a moron.  LOL  How she’s made it this far in the game is unbelievable to me.  Abi-Maria is voted off the tribe.  Can you say…it’s about time?  The only thing is from a player strategy…was this the way to go?  Wouldn’t it have been better to blindside Denise and get rid of one of the strongest players?  Or even better, Denise and Lisa could have gotten together and blindsided Skupin.

So now we have our final four.  It looks pretty obvious that Lisa is going to make it to the final two.  I know if I were Malcolm, Skupin or Denise, I’d want her next to me in the end.  It all comes down to who wins Immunity at the next challenge, doesn’t it?  See you on Sunday.  I can’t believe another season of Survivor is coming to an end.

I have a Survivor Finale party interview scheduled with my dear friend and Reality Rally guru…Gillian Larson.  Stay tuned for all the inside information!  Bloggergal

Survivor..And Then There Were Five

Last night was family reunion time on Survivor.  Each of the remaining six contestants were able to meet up and compete with a member of their family.  Malcolm was teamed up with his younger brother.  Skupin was teamed up with his oldest son.  Abi Maria was teamed with her mother, who by the way hardly spoke a word of English.  Lisa was teamed with her younger brother.  Carter was teamed up with his mom.  Denise was teamed up with her very tall husband.  My husband was rolling his eyes when the families were introduced.  You would think they hadn’t seen a family member in years instead of just 30+ days.  Lisa was totally ridiculous in how she carried on.  The only two that I think should have been so emotional was Denise and her husband. Do I think that Survivor makes them play this part up?  Yup, I do!

The competition was a bit hard to watch since Abi-Maria’s mother was so out of her element.  I’m not crazy about Abi but that was just silly.  Of course Malcolm and his young strapping brother won.  Prize was to spend the night with your family member at camp.  Malcolm was able to pick two other contestants to do the same.  Surprisingly, at least to me, Malcolm picked Lisa and Skupin.  He says it was his way of thanking them for sticking by him last week at Tribal.  I think he was totally unfair to his partner from the start Denise.

This almost backfired big time on Malcolm because Lisa’s brother convinced her to start playing the game like a..well like a gamer.  He had her in agreement to blindside Malcolm at tribal.  Fortunately for Malcolm, he won Individual Immunity.  Teehee.  I love Malcolm and am pulling for him.  This left the choice of who would be voted off between Abi-Maria and Carter.  Carter is the stronger player, but Abi-Maria is a royal pain in the butt.  The players decide to play smartly and vote off Carter.  Every single one of them knows that taking Abi-Maria to the finals will insure a win.

So, do you think it would have been better to get rid of one of the stronger players like Skupin or Denise instead of Carter?  Tell me what you think!

Have a great rest of the week.  Bloggergal


Abi Maria May Be Down But Don’t Count Her Out!

After last week’s Tribal, Abi-Maria realizes that her days on Survivor are numbered.  Everyone is expecting her to be the next voted off, so of course that’s not what happens, right?

This week featured the Survivor auction.  Each contestant receives $500 to use to bid on items that Jeff presents.  Denise uses her whole $500 on a complete breakfast.  Malcolm gets a plate of donuts and iced coffee.  Skupin buys a plate of cheese and wine.  Penner wins a covered item…fried chicken and fries.  Carter wins another covered item.  This one is a baked potato with all the fixings, but he is given the option to trade it for rice and beans for the whole tribe.  Carter unselfishly trades.  Lisa wins a covered dish which turns out to be a gigantic sandwich and soda.  Carter once again wins and this time gets veal shanks.  The whole tribe gets to share, but only for sixty seconds.  This is truly a caveman/woman moment.  Abi Maria has been sitting quietly throughout this whole ordeal.  When Jeff asks her why she isn’t bidding, she says that since she will be voted off soon, she will get to eat then.  This girl has such a ‘tude, but doesn’t seem to realize it.  Well, she bids her whole $500 when Jeff says the item up for auction is an “advantage” in the game.  Those donuts aren’t looking so good now are they, Malcolm?

When she gets time alone, Abi realizes that she has received a move directly to the finals in the next Immunity Challenge.  She tries to put one over on the tribe by saying she has another Hidden Immunity Idol, but I’m not sure if the others believe her or not.  The Immunity Challenge involves untying knots and climbing through an obstacle course.  The finals come down to Carter, Penner and Abi.  Did anyone else notice that the knots in the third round were all small–like in perfect for a girls fingers?  Abi wins the Immunity Challenge sending the tribe into a tailspin because now they must vote out one of the “final six”.

Abi has Carter and Penner voting against Denise.  Malcolm and Denise are planning on voting for Penner.  Up for grabs are the twosome of Lisa and Skupin.  Lisa is still playing the “I can play this game with morals” card and tells Penner that since she made an agreement with Malcolm and Denise to go to the end that she is voting Penner off.  This leaves Skupin who seems to be up in the air about which way he should vote.  Personally, I think he should have voted off Denise because she is such a strong, strong player.  However, he sticks to his final four deal and votes off Penner.  Penner puts on a bit of show as he exits.

This leaves us with Abi hanging out there with no true alliances.  Malcolm and Denise are as solid as ever and still in an alliance with Skupin and Lisa who are also a tight-twosome.  Carter has to realize that he’s in a bit of trouble, especially since he voted against Denise.

Thanks to BBBlogger for filling in for me once again!  I had a great time with my family in the fabulous Las Vegas.  See you next week!  Bloggergal

Survivor Phillipines: Artis is Blindsided

Do you all agree with me that Survivor is starting to get good?  I was away last week, but I did sit and watch the show.  I can’t decide if Lisa just keeps playing the innocent card and is really a shark or whether she’s genuine.  You just never know on Survivor!

This week’s reward challenge pitted Denise, Malcolm, Penner and Carter against Artis, Skupin, Lisa and Pete.  Penner really gave his team an advantage when he dug out all four bags that were buried in the mud so that his teammates didn’t have to search.  They received reward which included bringing gifts to the village children and sharing a huge feast with the village.  It was really a nice touch to involve the locals and have the Survivors give instead of always just taking.  Hopefully this will become a regular part of the game.

Did you ever notice that we rarely see how teams are picked?  Evidently for the reward challenge one player was picked to be in charge and then they chose the other players on their team.  Actually, I’m assuming this is what went down because Jeff mentioned that Abi-Maria was “not picked to compete”.  Let’s face it Penner’s team was stacked.  Denise is an amazing competitor and my newest idol!  I wish I could be in that condition <sigh>.

The Individual Immunity challenge involved balancing balls on a paddle and getting them to sit in slots.  The first one to get all six of their balls in the slots on their paddle wins.  Skupin kicked butt on this challenge and was quickly in the lead.  His only competition was Pete, but I think Pete started feeling the pressure and before you know it his balls fell.  <s>  Skupin won Individual Immunity.

Of course, this scared the crap out of Penner.  He doesn’t have a HII anymore and he knows it could be him going to jury this week.  He starts working on Skupin and Lisa to get them to switch over to his side.  Lisa is wishy-washy because she doesn’t want to go against her word and her alliance.  However, Skupin doesn’t have a problem switching sides.  The decision is to blindside Artis and by the look on his face when the votes were read…that they did!  Penner, Denise, Malcolm, Carter and Skupin vote to oust Artis.  Abi-Maria and Pete are sitting ducks.  I personally think they should have blindsided Abi-Maria to flush out or eliminate the HII.  I know that everyone wants to keep her because they see her as absolutely no competition in the Finals.  She really is a PIA, isn’t she?

That’s it gang!  Unfortunately, I won’t be around next Wednesday again.  I’m going to Las Vegas for a family reunion for Thanksgiving.  I’ll ask BBBlogger to fill in.  Hopefully, he will have time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  xxoo Bloggergal

Survivor Tribes Merge…Not One Big Happy Family!

Finally, all the remaining Survivor contestants are on the same tribe.  In essence the four remaining members of  Kalabaw  joined up with the still intact tribe Tandang.  Immediately players began to scramble to have the merge be to their best advantage.

All new Survivor contestants are dead set against a former contestant winning this game.  That puts a huge target on Jonathan and Michael.  Since the tribe has figured out that Jonathan has a HII, they decide very early on to vote for him at the tribal council.  The plan is to divide the votes between RJ and Jonathan.  If Jonathan uses the HII, then RJ will be voted off.  If he doesn’t, then it would Jonathan voted off.

Kind of up in the air about whose side they are on is Jeff and Carter.  They realize that if they team up with the 4 from Kalabaw they will have a solid six.  Jeff isn’t too sure about this because he doesn’t like the idea of playing with past Survivors over new contestants.  Carter just sits there with his mouth hanging open most of the time!

The Immunity Challenge comes down to pure strength.  Each member of the tribe must hold up a bucket that contains 25% of their body weight.  There will be one female and one male winner.  Denise wins for the women handily.  The final two on the men’s side are Jeff and Carter.  Jeff tells Carter that he will owe him one if he drops and vice versa.  Carter agrees and says that he really wants Immunity, so Jeff drops.  Since all the tribe is after either RJ or Jonathan, the main goal was not to have either of those win Immunity.

At Tribal Council, Abi-Maria is still carrying on about how RJ betrayed her.  No one, but us knows that it was really Pete setting up RJ.  I can’t wait to see Abi-Maria and Pete get ousted from this game. I do not like those two.

The vote comes down to three getting votes…Pete, RJ and Jonathan.  Jonathan intelligently uses his HII and so his votes don’t count.  RJ is voted off the tribe.  I suppose this setup served a purpose because now Jonathan doesn’t have a HII anymore and he’s left out there dangling.  I don’t really understand why they chose RJ as the one who would go home if Jonathan used the HII.  I would think Skupin would have been a good choice?

That’s it for this  week.  Unfortunately, but actually really fortunate for me! I won’t be around next Thursday.  We are taking a vacation!  Hopefully BBBlogger will show up here to update you.  Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon…Bloggergal

Also, my thoughts and positive energy to all of you in the East who were affected by the hurricane.  Let us know if we can do anything to help you recover!

Survivor…Yesterday’s Recap

I read through your comments and I have to agree this is REALLY a boring Survivor season. I think it has to do with all the contestants seeming to get along and mostly just enjoying their days on the beach!  I guess as the season gets further along, the contestants will realize what’s at stake and start playing for real.

Last night, we saw another challenge for reward.  Was this a weird thing or what?  The teams had to move a ball through mud to their side of the playing field to score points and thus win the challenge.  However, from the very first, it became obvious (probably to the producers as well) that this wasn’t going to happen.  The teams were so evenly matched that the ball just sat there in the middle of the mud with the contestants at standoffs.  I was very impressed with Facts of Life Lisa’s strength display in her match-up with Denise.  So the next thing you know the two teams are in negotiations.  Tandang agrees to give the Reward to Kalabaw in exchange for all their rice.  Huh?  Tandang…have you lost your mind?  You think a letter from home and some treats are more important than your rice?  So that’s what goes down.

Kalabaw enjoys its reward (I guess).  Jonathan swears that he can catch enough fish to keep the tribe’s tummies full.  Of course, next scene shows Jonathan returning to shore with a little tiny bit of fish!  LOL  Editing?  Probably…

The Immunity Challenge is relatively simple.  One member of each tribe launches a ball.  The other tribe members have nets.  You get one point for each catch.  Five points win the challenge.  Malcolm outshines everyone in this challenge.  He seems to be the one to beat this season.  He helps Kalabaw win its second Immunity Challenge since the merge.  Tandang once again must go to Tribal Council and eliminate a player.  There is some talk (although I think forced) of them blindsiding Jonathan, but it’s pretty obvious that Katie won’t survive the night.  She barely survived last week, so this week is pretty much a no brainer.  Tandang is down to four players who are all in an alliance.

The tease of next week’s show mentions a “shake-up”.  I assume that means the teams will once again change.  I hope that Denise and Malcolm end up back on the same tribe.  I love those two and am rooting for them!  Have a great week all.  Bloggergal

PS  The site is under construction…bear with us while we improve this thing!

Dana Doesn’t Survive Survivor

I am so sorry to let my gang down last week and not get a blog done.  Would you believe I still haven’t found last week’s episode in full on the Internet?  I started watching Survivor last week and received a phone call that I couldn’t ignore, so technically I “watched” Survivor but I didn’t hear a word of it.  I did see “baby” Russell throw something in frustration when his tribe lost AGAIN.  It reminded me of when my kids were little and they’d strike out in baseball and get all puffy mad to hide their feelings of failure.  Oh well…bye, bye Russell.  Maybe you should try Amazing Race next time?

To be honest, it is very difficult to blog this season of Survivor because there really isn’t much to say!  Denise and Malcolm were the only two members of their tribe left so they were split up and put on the other two tribes.  Denise ended up on Kalabaw and Malcolm is on Tandang.

Next was a reward challenge which involved one player from each tribe facing off and attempting to knock an idol of a pedestal.  Reward was fattening sweets but also coffee and tea.  Caffeine has to be a plus when being on Survivor.  Tandang won the challenge and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the way it would be for awhile now that Malcolm is on a new tribe.  The man is a fierce competitor.

Dana couldn’t survive Survivor.  She became very ill with dehydration, stomach pains, etc.  The medic said that she was physically able to continue in the competition, but she opted out.  I suppose it’s disappointing to realize that you don’t have what it takes to be a Survivor, but we all aren’t equal in physical and mental strength and stamina.  Her tribe felt bad for her, but they are also upset about losing a player.

The Immunity Challenge involved racing through an obstacle course and eventually solving a puzzle.  Since Kalabaw is down a player, Tandang had to sit out one of theirs.  Once again Abi Maria does not compete in a challenge.  Jeff asked her how many challenges she has competed in and she admits only two.  Since Abi Maria showed up at the Big Brother rap party wearing a knee brace, it’s obvious that she’s hurt and won’t be much help in competitions anyway.

Kalabaw’s Katie has a difficult time on the obstacle course and slows her team down.  They seem to eventually catch up, but Tandang pulls out the win.  Kalabaw now must head to Tribal and lose another player.  At first glance, it seems obvious that Katie should go since she was the reason they lost the competition anyway.  Denise is now included in the male alliance bringing their numbers up to 4.  The four, okay actually only the guys decide between Dawson and Katie.  Denise has no choice but to follow their lead.  In fact, Denise’s only chance is to hope she survives until the merge because those guys will turn on her quickly.  Dawson is the one that knows that Jeff was a professional baseball player.  From the tape edit, we see Dawson bringing up conversation about professional baseball just to see if Jeff squirms.  This could have been her downfall because Jeff wants her out of there to keep his secret safe.  Once again, I have to say…it’s all in the editing.  Nonetheless, Dawson is voted off.  She is very surprised as well she should be.  Katie smirks which annoyed me to no end.  I wonder why Dawson doesn’t turn around while leaving the area and yell back to Jeff that she knows he was a pro baseball player?  Maybe, she isn’t allowed to?  I sure would have.

So that’s it for this week.  Have a happy, healthy, safe week.  Bloggergal

Survivor Philippines…Malcolm WAS in the Middle

Last night’s Survivor wasn’t “WOW” exciting, but usually the beginning of these shows are slow.  I have to admit, it is bothering me that there are a number of contestants on the show that we haven’t gotten to know (or hear from) at all.  Survivor seems to be concentrating on a select few.  Sigh, so what else is new?

It didn’t take long at all for best gal pal Abi Maria to stab RC in the back.  She told Pete that RC had found the clue to the HII and the two of them went looking for it behind RC’s back.  Once again, a Survivor contestant miraculously realized where the HII was and now Abi Maria and Pete have it.  Pete, smart guy that he is, made an alliance with FOL (Facts of Life) Lisa to get out Mike as soon as they can.  Good thinking, Pete!

Meanwhile over at Matsing, there are only four players left.  Malcolm has his snuggle buddy Angie and his alliance partner Denise.  Russell is the only other guy left in the tribe.  Denise and Malcolm have a discussion about who to vote out if they end up at Tribal Council again…Russell or Angie.  Denise tells him, “you are Malcolm in the middle”.

Over at Kalabaw camp, Jeff and Dana realize that the top is missing from the rice container.  They ask around and everyone plays dumb, especially Jonathon who has the HII.  It doesn’t take the others long to figure out that it must have been the HII and that Jonathan has it.  Jeff tells the rest to play dumb and maybe they can still blindside Jonathan.  Jonathan knows the gang is on to him so he approaches Jeff and tells him that he has the HII.  He uses this to try to gain Jeff’s trust.  Jeff and Jonathan shake hands on an alliance, but Jeff tells us (the camera) that he used the “four finger” handshake so it doesn’t count.  Huh?  Am I the only one that thinks Jeff is an ass?

A quick aside…the Matsing tribe wakes in the morning only to realize that their raft is gone.  Really?  You didn’t make sure that your raft wouldn’t go out with the tide?

Time for the Immunity Challenge.  Each team has to send a contestant into the ocean to untie a puzzle piece and bring it up onto a raft.  There are eight puzzle pieces.  When all eight pieces are retrieved, the players must spell out a word.  Since Matsing is down to four players, the two other teams sit out two players each.  The puzzle pieces are tied in a vertical row, which means the more puzzle pieces you retrieve, the farther down in the water you are. The first place team gets a super dooper fishing kit and a canoe.  Second place gets a super (but not dooper) fishing kit!

To make a long story short, once again Matsing gets destroyed at the challenge.  Angie can’t untie the puzzle piece and loses a lot of time right in the beginning.  Russell seems like he’s drunk and can’t get up the ladder to get back on the raft and then on his second try has to quit without retrieving a puzzle piece.  Denise does an amazing job.  She’s an excellent role model for the over 40’s female crowd.  Malcolm is a young strapping guy, of course he does well.  Now this is where the other teams or at least team Tandang used their heads. RC was good at retrieving the puzzle pieces so she kept diving over and over.  This really helped out her tribe.  Matsing, as Malcolm said in Tribal was playing like it was Kindergarten and let everyone have a turn.  If Matsing had let Denise and Malcolm retrieve the puzzle pieces I think they could have won this competition.  Oh well.

For the third straight time Matsing returns to Tribal Council.  Russell is shown praying and all full of drama.  “Thy will be done.”  Etc, etc.  God really has become a big part of Survivor in the last few seasons, hasn’t she?  <grin>

So it’s now time for Malcolm to get OUT of the middle.  It’s up to him and Denise if they are going to vote out Angie or Russell.  I’m not too crazy about Russell, but from a game standpoint, he’s the one to keep.  I know there are a couple of guys that want to keep Angie around for the eye candy…I bet Malcolm was one of them.

At Tribal Council, Russell forgets about his God and his morals and trashes youngin’ Angie making the gal cry and Malcolm pat pat her shoulder.  With a vote of 3-1, Angie’s torch is snuffed.  This really was the best thing for them to do.  If by some chance the tribe has to compete again before a merge, Russell is going to be needed.  Besides, I was getting depressed looking at that perfect 20 year-old body!

So, did anyone else notice that twice Malcolm mentioned how many days had passed in the Survivor game and that twice Survivor producers bleeped him?  Evidently, the number of days the contestants had been in the game and the number of days the Survivor producers want us to think they are in the game are two different things.

One more thing, what is going on in the Matsing tribe when it comes to the hidden Immunity Idol?  Are they idiots or are they too depressed to even bother looking for it?  Most likely, Survivor has withheld this from us once again.  Russell couldn’t possible be that stupid, could he?  Of course, they did lose their raft…  I just don’t know what to think anymore.  I do think that y’all should have a beautiful, healthy, fun-filled week!!!  Bloggergal

Survivor Philippines…”Don’t Get Booty Blinded”

Russell barely escaped being voted off first last week, so he returns to camp humbled and wary.  He thanks the tribe for keeping him and vows to take a step back and stop being so bossy.  What you say and what you do are sometimes two different things especially on Survivor.  I think Russell is in a good place because there are only two males on the tribe now that Zane has been voted off.  You sure don’t want to vote your muscle off too early in the game.

In the meanwhile, the chilly nights have drawn Angie and Malcom together like magnets or at least they are blaming the chilly nights.  They say that they are cuddling because it’s so cold and they want to keep warm.  The camera shows Malcom’s fingers caressing Angie which is probably NOT necessary to stay warm…although…well…never mind!  Malcom tells the camera that he doesn’t want to end up in a relationship because that definitely puts a big target on your back.  He says, “Don’t get booty blinded!”  Of course, as mentioned in the paragraph above…what you say and what you do are sometimes two different things especially on Survivor.

Meanwhile over at camp Kalabaw, the tribe members are suffering from the constant rain.  With nothing to do but wait it out, they decide to make a checkerboard out of rocks.  Fine for them, but Jonathan who holds the clue to the HII is hoping everyone will get the heck out of camp so he can search.  Coincidentally, all the tribe decides to go up to a cave nearby to try to get a fire going.  Jonathan gives a line that he’s going to go swimming because after all he’s already wet and he stays behind.  Now, this isn’t shown, but who in their right mind would believe that line?  If it were me, I’d know that Jonathan stayed behind to try to find the HII.  At one point, Dawson comes back to camp to get the flint–wait a minute…they went up to the cave to build a fire and left the flint at the camp?  Me thinks something is wrong here Survivor producers.  Anyway, Jonathan again gives a lame excuse when Dawson asks what he was looking for by saying he couldn’t find his glasses.  He says he needs his glasses because his contact lens had popped out.  Another aside…the players in Survivor wear contact lenses?  Where do they change them?  Where do they disinfect them?  Do they have a mirror?  I’m off track again, aren’t I?  Quick switcheroo…we next see Jonathan having a “light bulb moment” and realizing exactly where the Immunity Idol is.  To be honest, I knew from the very beginning, didn’t you?  Perhaps it did have something to do with the camera showing the box a number of times.  It turns out that the HII is the top handle of the rice container which has a bull design on it.  Jonathan picks the handle off and sure enough, its the HII.  Will the rest of the tribe realize that the handle of the box is missing?  Not that we see in this episode.

Tandang’s clue to the HII was found by RC.  When she went to dig it out of the rice bag, Abi Maria caught her so RC was forced to share the clue.  Nothing is shown as to whether the two look for the HII.  What is shown is Abi Maria not trusting RC because of RC’s closeness to Michael.  Heck, I’d be close to Michael too!  Oh wait…off topic again, huh?  Abi questions RC about her relationship with Mike and RC denies any hidden alliance.  Actually, she’s telling the truth as far as we’ve seen on camera.

The closeness of Angie and Malcom is really irritating Roxy over at the Matsing tribe.  She is very annoyed that they are cuddling and is worried that they are a “couple” and therefore trouble for the tribe.  Yes maybe, but she seems a little TOO obsessed with the Angie/Malcolm couple.  Could it be, she’s cold and wanted to cuddle with Malcolm herself?

Russell holds the clue to HII on the Matsing tribe.  Nothing is shown of him searching for the Idol.  That doesn’t mean he hasn’t.  That just means we haven’t seen it.

We’ve been teased all week with pics of Facts of Life Lisa crying.  Surprisingly, it turns out that Lisa is shy.  She says that when performing she is good because its not really her but she is self-conscious when it’s just her talking.  She feels very alone because she hasn’t made any relationships/alliances in her tribe.  Well, maybe Lisa if you would just listen to Michael and tell everyone who you are, maybe just maybe you can establish a connection to someone.  Have you watched Survivor?  Never mind Survivor…have you ever watched a Nature show?  The lone whatever ALWAYS gets picked off!

Yes, you should be suspicious that Roxy is being highlighted so much in this episode of Survivor.  She’s crying and unhappy with the rain.  She says she’s hasn’t slept since she arrived there.  She misses her family and friends.  It goes on and on.  She’s whining and whining.  When she threw in the “encountering Christ” line, I was thinking “Oh no, Brandon is back!”  THEN, when we see Roxy praying or speaking in tongues, I was like “What?”

We move on to the Immunity Challenge.  This one’s not a very complicated one.  The members must pull a sled to pick up puzzle pieces.  When all the puzzle pieces are retrieved, one player stands above to help solve the huge puzzle while two members put the pieces into place.  Remember there are three males on Tandang and Kalabaw, but only two on Matsing.  Russell asks Angie if she can pull the sled twice, but she says no.  Russell then asks if Roxy can do it and she says that she hasn’t drunk enough water today.  What the heck show did these girls think they were on?

After Matsing being behind during the pulling of the sled, they catch up and it comes down to which team can finish the puzzle first.  Lisa is the caller on her team and she is doing a great job.  She seems to be a puzzle solver.  Tandang finishes first, wins immunity plus a tarp and blankets.  We are now between Matsing and Kalabaw.  Kalabaw wins immunity and a tarp.  Matsing heads to tribal council for the second straight time.  Russell throws the puzzle piece across the board.  Russell tells his team that they need to get their heads out of their butts or go home.  Yep, Russell that about sums it up!

By now I’m sure you realize that the choice of which tribal member will be leaving is Angie or Roxy.  Roxy is trying her best to convince all that Malcolm and Angie being a couple is going to cause trouble down the road.  When we get to tribal council and Jeff questions the team, Roxy is just obnoxious.  She’s rolling her eyes and talking smack.  She tries her best to throw Angie and her boobs under the bus.  Even if the tribe hadn’t decided in advance, I think after hearing her talk, they would be voting her out.  Roxy is the second player voted out of Survivor Philippines with a vote of 4 to 1.  I’m not feeling too much of a loss there, sorry Roxy!

So now that there are only four players on Matsing, do you think that the tribes will be redistributed?  If they aren’t, then that would mean that two players from each of the other tribes would sit out the next challenge.  Coming attractions show Michael with blood dripping off his face.  Eek!  Eh, it’s probably nothing.  You know how dramatic Survivor likes to make everything.  See you next week…Bloggergal


The Premiere of Survivor Phillipines

This was the first time I started a season of Survivor “cold” meaning I didn’t review the contestants prior to watching. Maybe this way is better since I don’t have any preconceived opinions. However, I did like Russell Swan prior to this episode having met him at Reality Rally 2011, but I’m not so sure now!

This season we have three tribes with six members each instead of two larger tribes. I’m thinking that can’t last for too long since the numbers on each tribe are so low. Most of this episode gives us the opportunity to meet the tribe members and for them to get to know each other.

The first tribe is Matsing. Members are Angie, Denise, Malcom, Russell, Zane and Roxy.

Russell starts off by saying he doesn’t want to be the leader and that they should all work as a team. He then starts bossing everybody around and annoying the crap out of the younger tribe members. During the competition, he takes it upon himself to decide who should do what and ultimately gets blamed for the team losing. I found him to be very arrogant and a PIA, but he’s also strong and good in competitions.

Malcolm says that he lived in Micronesia for a year. He knows how to make fire and teaches Russell how within 45 minutes of arriving in camp. This guy seems to be a Survivor.

Zane has tattoos all over his body which gives the impression of him being a “tough” guy, but NOT. First of all, he goes to every member of his tribe to form an alliance. Then he reports back to Malcolm that he’s done this. His pathetic performance in the first challenge along with his poor social play leads to his demise.

Denise is the 40 year-old sex therapist. She seems to have a level head on her shoulders and is surprisingly strong. I hope she stays around for a long while.

Malcom seems to have taken a liking to the blonde bombshell Angie. If she’s smart, she will lay low and hang on to his coattails.

The sixth member of Matsing is Roxy. I haven’t formed any opinion on her yet. She doesn’t seem like she’ll be easily swayed or manipulated.

Next we have the Kalabaw tribe consisting of Carter, Dawson, Dana, Jeff, Katie and Jonathan.

CBS has been playing up the fact that Jeff Kent is a former baseball player. He doesn’t reveal this fact to the members of his tribe. What he does do is hurt his knee in the first few minutes of the game. I’m not feeling too confident for his Survival.

This is Jonathan’s third time playing Survivor. The last time he played he was removed from the game due to an infection. He has a lot of experience, but will age be his downfall?

Dawson recognizes Jack Kent from his baseball days. Smart girl decides to stay quiet and see if that can help her further down the line in the game.

Dana, Katie and Carter are the remaining Kalabaw tribe members. Nothing I can think of to say about these three yet.

The third tribe is Tandang consisting of Lisa, Abi-Marie, Pete, Michael, RC and Artis.

Lisa also is being spotlighted by CBS because she was a teen star on the show “The Facts of Life”. The realization that very few of the tribe members know who she is because they have never seen the TV show makes me think I’m OLD! Michael who is also old recognizes Lisa and hints to her that maybe she should tell the other tribe members to gain support. Lisa is oblivious to the hint. She thinks that it will hurt her more than help her. Sadly on Survivor older women usually get voted off early .

Speaking of Michael, he played Survivor before. He had to be taken out of the game because he passed out and fell hands first into the fire. It was one of the most horrible moments in Survivor history. He seems very likeable and in good shape (for an old guy!). A big deal is made of his klutzy side. He seems to hurt himself every few minutes. Hopefully, he doesn’t get any of his cuts infected or he’ll be having déjà vu as they life-flight him out once again.

Abi-Maria and RC were quick to become gal-pals. They formed an alliance from the beginning adding Michael and Pete for good measure. This puts Michael in the middle because I think he really likes Lisa due to her past fame.

Artis is sitting out there all on his own. What’s up your sleeve Artis? Wait, you don’t have any!

So there you have it! There seems to be a good mix of contestants on this season. Let the game begin! Bloggergal