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Just 2 Weeks Til The Survivor Premier

Have you seen the CBS advertisement for Survivor? The “Fans” are really going to be challenged this year. Questions to ponder; will there be more than one hidden immunity idol (James..), will there be exile island againwith the clues (maybe Fairplay should be on this island all the time), and will the “Favorites” just be to smart for their own good to even come close to the other tribe. What are your thoughts? Please send in your comments and let us know what you think. This is your site and as a new “Blogger” I want to make this as interesting and informative as possible. But I want your input. Lets have fun with this and watch Johnny go down!!

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Fans Vs Favorites

Ok the time is getting closer and Johnny and his pals are acting like they will be the tribe to beat in this seasons Survivor. Let the countdown begin to only 19 days to showdown and already Johnny Fairplay is talking smack. So, let’s take a poll; with 19 days to go, go on the cbs website, take a look at the Fans of the show and vote for who you think will be the first to go to Tribal Council. Also, send in your comments and let us know about what you think of the upcoming season.

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Just 3 Weeks Til The Survivor Fans Vs Favorites

Hi! I hope everyone is ready for a very interesting season of Survivor. I will be writing for the Survivor Blog and what better season to write for then when Johnny Fairplay comes back to town. What will he do this time to try and win? Then we have James back and we hope he remembers to actually use the Immunity idols. Well, just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone for staying with the Survivor Blog. We will keep these blogs full of information as often as we can. Feel free to let us know how to make this blog better for all of you.

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