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Survivor China: Another Look behind the Scenes with ENIGMA

Hello fellow Survivor fans! Once again I have returned from the far east with another “peek behind the scenes” of our favorite reality show Survivor. As I have stated in previous articles, Survivor has quite a large support system working long, grueling hours behind the scenes to produce the sleek finished product we all enjoy every Thursday evening. Sure, we all know that it takes quite a bit of effort to produce anything for television these days, but I thought you would enjoy another look at the what it takes to transplant a part of the “Hollywood” machine to a little known area of the most “enigmatic”, if you will ?, country on Earth.

Let’s take a look…

Ok gang, let’s talk toilets!
The video from a Survivor point of view was very informative and entertaining. But, and there must always be a “butt”, pun intended ?! When the clip reached the part about having to explain to the Chinese how to use a western style toilet, I just had to know why??? C’mon a toilet is a toilet right? Wrong? I did a little more peeking and found out why. I really do wish that I didn’t.

Please view at your own risk…!!!

Just another quick look……

And finally friends, if I have any after this posting, this one is not for the faint of heart. This final clip just makes you proud to own a proper potty ? !

There you have it. You may not want it, but I think we all have a better idea of what it is like to leave our comfortable homes and “go native” so to speak.
Now it is your turn to speak, did I look a little too far behind the scenes this time?
Tell me what you thought about Base Camp. And if you have traveled abroad and encountered a different way of taking care of business, please share with us……

ENIGMA signing off…

Survivor Dreamteam

Hello Everyone!!!

Looks like everyone has started to digest their weekly serving of Survivor-China. This may be cliche, but the show, just like the food, leaves you hungry for more,lol!!! Thank God for this blog!!!   It is like having an extra serving of the show, just about the time you start hungering for more. That is why I’d like to thank Red for the “Huge Howdy” and Big Jeff for the opportunity, but most of all you, the Survivor-Blog fans!!!  I know I am beginning to sound kinda ” too happy for one person” ,lol, but seriously it is you who stops by faithfully each day and posts your recaps, your views, or just a simple “hi” or “howdy” that really makes this Blog an extension of our favourite show! So to you I want to say “Keep up the good work!!!” and I look forward to each and every one of your comments. You are a part of our “Dream Team” Lets take a look at theirs…….

Our New Look

I’ve seen the numerous comments regarding the new look of the site. I agree whole heartily that this is a major improvement! A big nod of thanks to Jeff for all the “spit and polish” he put into the redesign! With that in mind, what do you like about your Survivor-China Blog? What would you like to see more of as far as content and information is concerned? Ok fellow Survivor fans, you now have the floor!!!!  Start your engines and post away. Lets all try to burn out another of Mr. Probst’s servers!!!

Zai jian,


A Sneak Peek?

Hmmmm, there is a particular “redhead” I’d like to do some peeking…….. Wait! Stop! I just gotta think about the game!

While yes there is a wide variety of “eye candy” to admire this season among the Survivor China cast. I thought it would be interesting to take a peek behind the scenes of our favorite reality fix. A lot goes into every episode. Everything must be custom designed and built from scratch. Safety of the cast and crew are a big concern. Its quite a challenge to create a “challenge”. Take a look……

They might think of passing out a few hard hats next time…lol. Well that’s all for now. I will be peeking, and,I will be sure to tell you what I see. ;-)

Zai jian,