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Procrastinator,grave digger, and a mullet :)

OK, OK. So it took me awhile to catch up I admit I watched all 3 episodes on inner-tube last night. Ready for the equivalent of my Evil Dick from BB8, I sit down, daughter out with husband at softball, glass of wine in hand ready to be amused and shocked????

By the 2nd episode I’m asking myself “Why in the world did they get rid of Chicken??” Where is the oomph here. This guy gets naked in a competition wait at one point weren’t they all getting naked?? Then I am watching a cafeteria lady (who BTW reminds me of the lady Adam Sandler sings about 20 years before her prime)get-pushed off a dock by a bunch of anorexic Nicole Richie’s (sorry Lionel). My gosh are you kiddin me here?

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I am flabbergasted is that a word??? That’s my excitement? Maybe ED just set the bar a little to high for me, because the anorexic girl and the gay flight attend overhearing the grave digger and poker player saying who they want out is not giving me a choke hold here?? Is it just me?

I tell you I was glad to see Sister Christian go and the blonde smaller pocket size version of “China” go. Maybe it’s just to early, maybe the Sangria was too sweet but Survivor be it beautiful in China isn’t grabbing me by the Buddha if you know what I mean..

I am favoring the gravedigger and NO Jeff NOT BECAUSE his body is “Greek god-like” lmao… I like how he is quietly working and winning or at least doing his part for his side. Yeah so what he said to Jean Paul or Pierre or Robert whatever who he wanted gone. Those little sniveling rats shouldn’t’t have been listening. The poker player picked up on Todd from the giddy up..

My predictions or favorites??? The grave digger and the poker player. I like them both. Now why Jean Robert would think James would want the 70 pound cynical freak from New York I don’t know, but he is good at reading people. Maybe James is just used to seeing that sunken in cheek chic look?? How can a woman let herself get so little before going on survivor knowing you aren’t going to be eating. Hey maybe that’s her strategy she knows how to starve already sooo???

Anyways looking forward to hearing your opinion guys and girls.

Just a Jersey girls opinion anyway