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When The Writing Is Not On The Wall…ahhh… Idol

The Merge

Yep, it happened.  Before any challenge…just about right outta the gate.  Drop those buffs and put on the brand spankin’ new black ones.  Let the Festivities begin.

Well..first, let’s get up to date.  Courtney and JR can’t stand each other.   We know now James has both authentic hidden Immunity Idols.  On the back of each is the message IDing it as an idol.  James knocks loose the first one at Zhan Hu tribe (having already been given the one from the Zei Long tribe site prior to the switcheroo).  It doesn’t have the ‘writing’ on it.  He gets the other one down.  The writing is there.

Jamie and Erik find the tossed unauthenticated one on the ground and of course go thru James’ stuff to see if there might be another one.  We are left to wonder if they know the difference.  This happens when James and PG are off together on the beach.

Now, to the Merge.  The Survivors are treated to ceremonies, food, etc.  JP warns them before they go that the ‘game does not stop’.  Of course, we, the audience, knows what this means…as do some of the survivors.

Long story short.  We get to see dancers, acrobatics and lots of color and flair.


It is a challenge based on observations of the festivities.  Frosti figures he’s screwed since he says his memory is lousy.  It gets down to Frosti and Jamie with the question as to what the female dancers were wearing on their feet.  Frosti states no fair since he wasn’t looking at their feet.  We’re getting to see Frosti’s personality come out finally.  Cool!

Jamie’s answer details silk stockings with bells… Frosti’s response:  Nothing.  In that the dancers were bare footed.

Frosti is this season’s first Individual Immunity.

The Alliances

JR threatens Todd that if he (JR) is booted out, he will hold Todd personally responsible…rather than Amanda since JR considers Todd the mastermind with the influence.  And JR states he will make damn sure Todd does not win since JR believes he has such grand influence on others (the upcoming jury members).  Todd just agrees and rolls his eyes.

James was so cool.  He and others get the picture.  They know the game and feel Courtney is a loose cannon… not thinking about the game…. just her disgust with JR.

Of course Zhan Hu tribe members want the war between Courtney and JR to take roots and continue.  Hoping to get JR voted out.

Jamie figures she will carry the ‘idol’ to tribal and use it in case she  has the most votes against her.

Tribal Council

A mishmash of arguments.  JR trying to demonstrate why Courtney will be no threat in challenges and will make it to the finals.  PG, etc. telling JR’s faults.  And, I loved it when James says JR needs to just quit talking and get his head in the game.

Jamie asks Jeff P. a combo question/statement that she wants to present what she thinks is the hidden Immunity Idol.  Jeff looks at it (giving no clue to what authenticates it) and states it is not an idol.  Jeff tosses it in the fire.

Jamie and JP receive the votes and it’s bye bye Jamie.

My Personal Weekly Confession

I love the regular Posters who come to this blog.  Thanks for being loyal.  You are great!!!!

To those who aren’t regulars, you really should be cause you’re missing a lot of fun interaction.

See Ya in the Comments Section………..


The Switcheroo

Last week….well…. no reward challenge due to the switch.  But, never fear, there was a Tribal boot.

This will be quick blog.  Busy here on the homefront.  My apologies for not getting this written sooner.

The Tribes had to choose two members they wanted to come over from the other side.  Fei Long chose Frosti and Sherea.  Zhan Hu chose Aaron and James.  Thing is Zhan Hu thought they were getting the two from Fei Long without having to give up any of their members.  Duh!

The switch happens and the games begin.

Immunity Challenge:

The two females on Zhan Hu thought it would be strategic to throw the competition so that one of the switched (James or Aaron) would be voted out… and what was their thinking?  Go figure.  Guess they don’t count on Fei Long voting out either Sherea or Frosti if they lose next time and Zhan Hu would gain on the lopsided numbers?  Geez.

End Result:  Aaron is voted out.  But, get this… Aaron thought he was going with his new tribe and cast his vote for James.  Ding dong!

The Hidden Immunity Idols were not shown to be found yet.  The previews do try to indicate that they are spotted this week.  Unless it is clever editing.  Will see.

Let’s talk it up….

See Ya on the Blog,


Fireworks, Fireballs and Strategy

Now, that was a cool Reward challenge tonight.  Fireballs had to be maneuvered between and on sticks to a device, up and into the device, then, the lit fireworks.  Loved it.

Reward:  Fei Long 

Great reward it was.  A local family came to the tribe and taught them the art of fishing.  Watching how they used the birds to catch the fish, alongwith the net avenue.  Too cool.  This is one of the main parts I love about Survivor.  The local customs and way of life.  Learning that other parts of the world are creative, logical, smart and utilize simplicity to it’s fullest grandeur.

Gotta give Jean -Robert kudos for being the language translator.  Don’t know if it was the editing, but, he came across in a better light, overall, tonight.

Fei Long elected to kidnap Dave…who, proceeded to show his ‘plumber’s crack’ to the tribe.  Dave..oh ..Dave… has a thing for sharing his naked body parts.

Dave shares the hidden Immunity Idol clues with…. Todd.  Now, here is a Strategist.  Todd knows how to work people, without seeming shady or overbearing.  Todd now has 3 clues.

Back at Zhan Hu.  Sherea is not expending hardly any energy.  Leaving the chores to the rest of the tribe.  The tribe members realize how much Dave does.

Immunity challengeFei Long again.

It was great to watch.  Battle armor and sling slots.  Breaking of vases.  Reminded me of the times I played paintball with the anticipation of hitting a target.

Back at Camp:

It becomes obvious that the boot vote is going to be between Dave and Sherea.

Voted Out:  Dave 

I do like the way Jeff P. brings up what the cameras have witnessed.  He digs into the lead in that a member is lazy at camp.  And, then, Sherea tells how she is really pulling her weight in the challenges and camp.  Yeah, right Sherea.  Like the audience, us, are blind and stupid.

I really think Zhan Hu made a huge mistake by not voting out Sherea this week.  Time will tell.

Weekly Confession:

HELP!…. Please don’t make me look at Sherea laying around on her lazy behind in her bra anymore.  I confess.  I want her gone…gone…gone.

Sherea Lloyd
Time for ‘Do Tell': (This will be a Weekly Addition also…same as ‘Confessions’)

Do Tell what Ya’ll (Southern version of the Northern ‘Yous Guys’…which is translated via the MidWest/West…as ‘You’) think of the Following:

Is it just me or is Sherea really really obnoxiously lazy and rolls her eyes a LOT.?

Will we see a turn around in Jean-Robert?

Your opinion on Todd making it to Final 3 and will Amanda be there with him?

Are the females still infatuated with James?

Why haven’t we seen/been discussing on the blog here…more of Eric?  He’s a cutie pie.

See Ya on the Blog…..


A Naked Man and The Boot

Well… the mighty tribe Fei Long lost two in a row this week. Reward and Immunity. This season is pretty dang physical. Dontcha think. (oh great. Now, I’ve got the Olivia Newton song going round and round in my head ‘Let’s Get Physical’).
Reward: Zhan Hu. Comfort items won. Pillows, Lanterns, Tarp, etc.:

Immunity: Zhan Hu

Voted Out from Fei Long: Leslie…known as ‘Mom’ got the boot.  Most really wanted Jean-Robert to go…but, he does have the strength for the challenges right now and they are wise to stay strong physically.  Other than that, I do believe Jean-Robert would have been gone.


Leave it to Jean-Robert to boast and have Courtney and Todd overhear him and James talking about getting laid via Courtney and winning a million bux all in the same timeframe.  In your dreams only Jean-Robert.  In your dreams.  Like any of the women would want to even accidently touch Jean-Robert..much less have sex with him.  I have to admit I was disappointed to see James enjoying time with his and Jean-Robert’s conversation.  Maybe it’s just strategy..but, with Todd and Courtney overhearing it all, I’d say JRobert and James days are numbered once a merge happens.  I figure Fei Long will keep them around to have the numbers going into a merge.

Of course, we’ve seen twists…so, is a mix-up/switch on the horizon?

Up to this point, I wasn’t liking Todd a lot. Things changed, in my own personal opinion, of him this week. The dude is playing a smart game. Very smart. He should last a long time. His and Amanda’s alliance (with Aaron as the add on) is a force to be reckoned with. Mentally.

The Reward challenge was a test of brute strength in knocking each other off the planks into the water. Women against women. Men against men. The women of  Zhan Hu were tough.

Dave’s intimidation move was to do the challenge butt naked. Who knows, maybe, the other guys inner psych did take a hit seeing it.

They kidnapped (part of the Reward challenges this season) Leslie. Tonight Leslie returned the favor to Jamie by giving her the clue to the ‘hidden’ (which really isn’t hidden this year) Immunity Idol at each tribe’s camp.  Tonight’s scroll contained two clues. We, the audience, know where the idol plain view.  The clues have already stated this.  Recall… last week Leslie shared her info with Todd so he also knows a ‘clue’. It didn’t show Jamie sharing her info with anyone.

Jean Robert…get a clue. The females do not want you trying to cuddle them at night. They are creeped out by you.  And, please pull your pants up…the camera person, thank goodness, blurred out your netherlands area.  I’d rather see Dave’s bare butt…than what Jean Robert was trying to show off.

Leslie made a graceful exit tonight. Kudos to her.

Next week, we get to see the armor worn in war. Oooolala. Cool!

By golly, if the Survivors can mud wrestle, throw each other around, we can have our own fun on this site.  And, yes, we are known for our ‘gossip’ in these blogs.

Weekly Confession:  Don’t believe what they say about me & certain other regulars here.  It’s just not true.  Well…. mostly not.   Kinda not.  Alright.  O…K.  Most of it’s right on target.

Join in…Read, Post and have Fun!

Getting To Know You – Survivor Fans Unite. All For One and One for All

First, I want to say… Please Please Read the Previous Blog Commentary Sections. Those concentrate mainly on the show ‘Survivor’.

I wanted to put this one on a weekend for those who have time and want to post ‘stuff’ about yourself as we become a bloggin’ Community united. Post whatever you feel like. Throw in Survivor comments…or not. Your preference.

Make it a weekend free-for-all blogggggggggin’ party.

See Ya later gater….after while crocodile, (the youthful older crowd will recognize the familiarity of that phrase). Was that tactful or what…using the word ‘youthful’. Hey, I’m in that group so no complaints please.. and, no throwing lightning bolts at me.. or popsicle sticks…or snapping rubber bands my way. Those use to hurt like sheeet… riding the school bus always got it going. Ahhh..the memories.


Mud Wrestling and Lost Top

First… a Huge Howdy to Engima!

Wow!  I bet you guys were disappointed that they blurred out Amanda losing her top in the Reward Challenge.  Hahaha.  Toooo bad.  How many of you wished you had a magic control to unblur your screen?  Hahaha.  Are you jealous cause us females get to see James with his shirt off all the time???
Now…as for that Reward twist.  Why on earth did Leslie share the info – once Jamie gave it to her – with Todd?  Voice your opinion please.  I thought it was rather dumb…at least sharing the info this quick.

Immunity Challenge.  It was evident where the force was.  But, by Frosti coming up front to relieve Dave… they did catch up.  However, Fei Long Tribe is on a tear right now.  They’re strong physically and mentally.  Well… there is always an exception to the rule.  In this case, Jean-Robert.  He thinks he has his strategy down pat.  Work less, sleep a lot.  Yet, do well in the challenges.  We’ll see if it works for him.

Booted Out:  Ashley

Okeydokey Folks… another one, same tribe, bites the dust.  Her and Dave’s little tiff didn’t help.  Dave is in a tough spot right now.  Either he takes the lead and gets the heat for it or noone leads and they’ll continue to drop like flies on that tribe.

As Promised….

My Weekly Confession:  I still love James.  I wasn’t sorry to see Ashley go.  She was mox nix for me.  (that’s German slang – English version of spelling) for ‘Whatever’.  She wasn’t one of my favs…but, had nothing for or against her.  So,  I wasn’t happy or unhappy to see her voted out.

Your Thoughts on This Weeks Episode Please!! - Give it up.  Talk it up!  See Ya’ll on the blog………..

Following The Brawn and Bikinis

Agree?  Ya gotta love Survivor for the scenery.  Inclusive of the Location, Nature, Culture and the Human eye candy.

There’s always a couple of guys who make the girls drool and a few girls who gets the blood pumpin’ for the guys.  We love to love some.  Others We love to hate.  Then, there are those who just blend and fade away.  It’s the law of the jungle.  We shall explore all avenues on this blog.  Your place to holler, speak out, converse and become a Survivor Family all our own.

NOTATION:  For the newer Readers of this Blog…Please know that the most recent Comments will be at the top.  Buttttt… Do scroll down the page for the other Commentaries being sure to read (or, at least, skim through) the Posters comments.  We have a diversified array of Characters.  Entertainment value can be found right here on this site.  Chat, Spoilers, General Blogging.  We’ve had Big Brother.  Now, we’re entering Survivor, The Bachelor, etc. territory.  And, we’ll have fun fun fun till Daddy takes the T-Bird away.  Speaking of T-Birds.. I actually have one.  For those of you too young for the previous 2 sentences to make sense, do a search on the words.  It’s a song by the group ‘The Beach Boys’.

Do you think it’s time for a Survivor brain teaser yet?  Let’s make this an ego trip.  Everyone pick three Survivor participants and let’s see, at the end, which Poster has chosen the winner.  I say do a Pick 3 because…well… just cuz it was the first number to come to my mind.

WEEKLY CONFESSION:  Each week, I’ll provide a Personal Confession.  For real.  No ‘tongue in cheek’.   This past week’s confession.  I was one of the few who did not require a translator to understand the dude Chicken’s talk.

Now…. Everyone… get to blogggggin’.

:)  ……………..  RHSC  (short for Redhead Survivor Chic)