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Hints to the clue!

1) X crossbones over CAVE with 8 hatch marks =
2) E = V (Roman numeral 5), J = X (10) therefore
3) It’s a ship’s YARDARM (used to support a sail) – ARM =
4) The location of this set is on the Pacific Ocean side of Nicaragua, therefore this would be a graphic of SUNSET =            5) TREE with MALE in front =

Final Solution:
Ask Sal if your still stumped and I’ll e-mail it to you!

Me, Tarzan …… You, Jane!

Jane became the “Queen of the Jungle” on day 1. This little country lady had a fire going within 30 minutes of getting to camp. She looks very resourceful for someone who, excuse the expression, sounds like a “hick”.

She proved herself worthy to be in the game, however, does this make her a target or do you try to keep her on your team? What are the plus and minuses for her in the game?

OK y’all …… it’s wanna be Survivor game time. CBS has kindly given us a copy of the HII clue found on the rain barrel. Just how good of a player are you? Can you solve the clue? Does it lead to the idol or possibly only to another clue? Ok, here is the clue! Get solving!

Click on the picture for a larger view!

 I wonder if Russell would have been able to solve this one?

Break out the WD40, I hear some old bones creaking…

In typical fashion Survivor opens in their normal dramatic way. as the tribes marched thru the  “Remote, Mysterious and Dangerous  jungle rainforest of Nicaragua”. Jud equated it to a zoo with no  cages..    

 Jeff asked and had various responses about first impressions people got on the way into the  jungle. Marty has been named by two people as a early target, along with Jimmy J.

 The tribes weren’t seperated into young and old until they got to the beach and had searched for the Medallion of Power (MOP). BTW, the MOP isn’t  the bust, but an ornate cross with a black and gold cloth rope.

 After Brenda found the MOP, they came back and Jeff remade the tribes into young and old.

The La Flor tribe is made up of 30 year olds and younger while the Espada is made up of 40 and older people. My first impression of the older “Antique tribe is most don’t look like they could make it 30 days with without comps to wear them down. The young guns look very athletic but do have some nieve looking girls. And then we have “Fabio”. That’s what Jud’s tribemates are calling him.

 After the MOP was given out, Jeff explained they could keep it or trade for flint and fishing gear and the La Flor took the merchandise and gave away the MOP saying they needed to make fire early and have gear to fish with.

 Back at the La Flor Camp:

 Kelly B.’s artificial leg was noticed so see called the tribe together and showed everyone her prosthesis.  Brenda plans on flirting to get ahead if she has to. Sash seems cocky and pretty confident that the  younger group will kick butt in the game.  The guys notice that Jud aka Fabio is kinda goofy., he does seem liike a flaky dude to me. Nanonka seems like she could have  a little bitchy attitude at times.

Alina and Kelly B. find the first clue to an HII and hide the clue in a tree till later. The clue seems cryptic and I don’t think they understand it at all.

 Meanwhile at the Senior Citizen Center:

 Jimmy J. was sick from overworking himself on day1.

Espada seems to have all alpha males and I foresee some major disagreements. during the times when  they struggle.

 It was not shown if the older guys found the HII clue when they got their tree mail.

 When the tribes got to the Immunity Challenge it wqs revealed that the Conquistador bust is actually the Team Immunity Idol and not part of the MOP that most people from previews assumed.

The challenge was simple. Fill a half barrel with water by pouring water down gutters held by team members until the barrel fills and drops your puzzle pieces. The Espada had a chance to use the MOP and get a 1 bucket of water head start put in their barrel but decided not to use it. The La Flor tribe finished first but only by 10 seconds and were able to start their puzzle first. The Espada women doing the puzzle struggled way too much and lost to the La Flor tribe. La Flor wins the first Immunity Challenge.

 Back at camp the talk centers on evicting Jimmy J or Wendy Jo. At Tribal Council the usual discussion takes place and people remark about Wendy and Jimmy J. Just before they go to vote, Wendy speaks up and wants to make a statement which further seals here fate. In a 9-1 vote (essentially unanimous) Wendy becomes the first to be evicted. Her Husband was correct!!

 My early prediction is that more than half of the older tribe will be gone before the merge which should happen around week 8 or 9. and the young guns will dominate the final 4 or 5 people. It’s going to be a tough road for the old folks to win this year.

So here’s to all the BB folks who came on over to Survivor and we hope you enjoy the show and the    blog!

Early insight to Survivor: Nicaragua

From early photos taken it appears the La Flor women plan on being stylish in their hip neon bikinis.

Hot Mama's in the young gun tribe.


In the diametrically opposite style come the Espada women who are in their Friday casual wear.

Cool, Calm and way to normal looking!

For the ever so misunderstood Medallion of Power which will become known as the “MOP”, E!Online called it “some godawful contrived twist”. Also, people are saying that it’s a bust of a Conquistador that looks like Russell Hantz!

What do you think?

Notable characters to keep track of this year begin with:

Kelly Bruno / La Flor
25 yr old med student
An amputee since a childhood disease cost her a leg
She plans on hiding the fact and then surprising everyone at the first challenge by putting on a specially made prosthetic leg made specifically for Survivor.
Buckle your seat belts y’all. We appear to be in for a wild ride at least to start the show!
 SB Sal

The Medallion of Power!

The newest twist to Survivor this year will be the “Medallion of Power”. It is being said that it will give a distinct edge to the team that uses it in an immunity challenge. However, if used the ownership is turned over to the other tribe. This will definately be an interesting item in the game play. Also, the HII’s (Hidden Immunity Idols) are  said to be better hidden so that even Russell would not be able to find them without clues! We shall see.

OK, thanks to BBBlogger we now have an updated header and gameplayer photos. So a big thanks to the man with the plan.

Lets get ready for this seasons “Rumble in the Nicaraguan Jungle”.

Baby Boomers vs. The Pepsi Generation


The Espada Tribe

     From a swim coach to a goat farmer,  the boomers seem a wild and varied bunch. It will take some work to beat the Pepsi Generation.



The La Flor Tribe

The young guns look ready to kick some butt. Inexperience may be their only drawback. They are a true California fun and sun group, from a cheerleader to a country musician!

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends……

……… We’re so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside!

Well folks, it’s not Brain Salad Surgery but another season of Survivor.

Young vs. Old, can some over 50 people take advantage of some young guns that have misconceptions of what old people are about?

On the Showtime series “Bullshit” with Penn and Teller, young people thought older people smelled bad, BULLSHIT. They both did, young and old.

Old folks have experience and are better judges on how to pace yourself. Young guns are super energetic but make stupid mistakes because they can be impatient.

TV Guide is calling this season “Outwit, Outplay, Outlive”! Ok, whose going to die? No one or we would have heard about it by now. Lets see, we have a burly Massachusetts fisherman, a dog trainer, a former Yahoo! executive, a former college/NFL football coach and that’s just the Espada tribe(oldies but goodies). The young guns will be the La Flor tribe.

Probst was quoted as saying “We actually have a tribe that’s strong enough that they can compete and colorful enough that the audience will root for them”.

The Espada range in age from 41 to 67.

The violence in the challenges will be toned down and some new games are in store for the cast-a-ways.

A new twist this year is the Medallion of Power. The tribe that has it will have a distinct edge in that  immunity challenge. However, after using it, the option of power is given to the other tribe to use it in the next challenge, hmmmmmmmm.

La Flor will sport an ex-Miami Dolphins cheerleader, 27 year old paddle board company owner, 30 year old pest control company owner.

An early decision about the Medallion of power by the La Flor tribe tends to make them look cocky!

Probst, “In most cases on Survivor, I would still say that the youth probably have an advantage, but with this group, I think the older people do”!

So, on September 15th at 8pm/7cent. CBS will air “Survivor:Nicaragua”.

It all comes down to immunity!

Rupert the day after.

Ponderosa – Rupertized!

Rupert pt.#2

Rupert wears out his welcome!

Is there a human under the Troll skin?

Lots to think about before Sunday!

The only thing for certian that can save them now is the immunity necklace. Trust no one and keep your enemies close so you know what their up to!

It looks like it’ll be the Troll vs The Sea Hag. 10 rounds of boxing for the Survivor championship. I don’t know why the guys didn’t go after one of the other girls in a blindside.

Russell is doing a shitty job of sizing up his chances against the girls. Colby is a wimp and will be out soon, he has no self preservation. He should have aligned with someone from the Villains when they merged to have a chance.

Jerri, Parvati and Sandra have the power in the game. Russell if anything has Parvati’s alliance which is in doubt now. Do the girls take out the guys or will the boys win the last 2 immunities and weasel into the final 3? It’s gonna be all out war with Russell on the warpath to the end. Will he cry again if he loses?

I feel a blindside coming on!

Blindsided and backstabbed! Whomn is gonna get it in the back and not see it coming?  With the Villains starting to disintegrate it’s gonna be a free for all.

Sandra is after Russell and he knows it. Sandra is playing with the girls in a plot to oust Russell. Russell is going over to the boys side σ¿σ! Really, or is he just dissing them again to get rid of  one. Is there a secret alliance between Russell and Sandra that production doesn’t know about?

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of a survivor contestant? Just what is going to hppen?  Who will win the immunity necklace? Will Sandra use the HII and someone else get bit in the back?  Not much time left from them to play their cards before the Juty decides who will win this season.

Lets strap on our boots, get our drinks and eats ready for our Thurday visit to Samoa and see what goes down and out!!

It’s time for Survivorrrrrrrrr!!

Oh, btw …… it’s family visit week. Who is gonna see their reltives?