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Prince Ralph survives, the takeover begins!

Having survived the attempt of the King to retain power, Prince Ralph begins his reign on Survivor! He has the power and the Idol. Now he must gather up his troops and maintain peace in his tribe. As Russell’s ego deflates, Ralph’s is growing! It took the biggest move in Survivor history to get Russell out of the game! But, what are the consequences? He’s not totally out of the game. What happens now that Omtempe has confidence and Zapatera is short one strong player? Can Zapatera get back on the winning ways and not deplete their team?

Redemption Island will now create a new threat in the game. Who will survive the duels? When will they be brought back into the game? Hmmm, intriging. And the ability of the viewers from the teams to lie about the outcomes of the duels and/or  worry if someone goes on a run and looks like they will get back into the game!

Ok, The first ever duel on Redemption Island. With Matt going to RI we are now in line for the first duel. Another twist in the game also comes when it is announced in tree mail that 2 members of each team will be allowed to watch the duel.

At Omtempe they are beginning their plan for their alliance and who to trust. Rob leads the way and makes sure he has everyone where he wants them. Putting Andrea at ease after breaking up her alliance with Matt is a priority.

Steve and David select the stone to go for Zapatera while Andrea and Ashley get the rocks to go for Omtempe. At the Arena it looks like a simple challenge for this duel. The need to build a pole from short pieces tied together. They then reach threw a gate to reach 3 keys which will open the door and win the duel.  Francesca took a big early lead and gets 2 keys quickly. While she works to get the third key, Matt slowly but surely makes a comeback. While struggling for the third key Francesca lets  Matt quickly catches up. After a few misses Matt gets the third key and wins after opening the door. When Francesca leaves she has to burn the her buff. That is an interesting move, burning the buff. Not sure feel about that move!

Back at camp Steve lies to Russell about Matt winning the duel. He lets everyone also know the truth. The girls and Russell make an attempt at finding the HII but can’t decipher the clue, hmmm, another sign Russell is in trouble! They make a move and pretend to have found the HII. The rest of the team makes plans to throw the immunity challenge so they can evict Russell. However planning to due it with a split vote is dangerous. He tries to get Julie to side with his alliance to blindside Ralph. Stephanie seems to have some smarts but is in the wrong alliance.  The ploy to have idol in the bag Steph is carrying doesn’t seem to have anyone fooled.

Russell has an ugly rash in his armpits and is laying around letting everyone talking about him and begin there talk of throwing the challenge to get Russell out. At the challenge they give the thumbs up signal that the throw is on.

It’s a challenge from last season. Three people are attached to a water wheel where they collect water, then spit it out to release a ball. When the wheel gets down the chute the person down there must complete a slide puzzle and then move the ball threw the puzzle to win. With the fix in Ometempe easily wins the challenge.

The reward was a basket full of tarps, blankets and comfort items including two chairs. Back at camp, no one seems to be looking for the clue really well but Rob. After a thorough search Rob comes up empty. He then checks under a chair. Not finding it he sees Phillip in a chair that’s almost breaking. He gets Ralph to move and when looking under it he finds the clue. The clue isn’t specific enough to find the idol.

Russell made a last ditch effort to get a vote and Julie is his target. He hope she will hope them vote Ralph out. She doesn’t really commit and we”ll have to wait.

No major talk at the Tribal Council and the vote is on. 3 votes Russell, 3 votes Steph, 3 votes Ralph,  After a tie vote it’s simple because Russell, Ralph and Steph don’t get to vote and it’s a whitewash and Russell is headed for RI.

All hail the new Prince! Ralph is lead man.

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Old McDonald had a farm, Eei, Eei, Oh …..

and on his farm he had a chicken, wait, Russell let it go, Eei, Eei, Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Russell is one mischevious dude!

This game has definately come to the point were is is Russell’s to lose. He does  look to be in total control. Now that Foa Foa cast-a-ways have the numbers inside the Aiga tribe with Shambos aid it will be tough for the ex-Galu’s to mount a charge. Russell seems to have the trust of all the ex-yellow’s. The re-cap show verified just how much control  and trust Russell has from with-in. Russ has the Galu’s so paranoid that they picking each other off. Can he do it again this coming week?

Just what is it that this little man from Texas has that so many previous and current cast-a-ways have not figured out. He’s been a pest, an amazing HII finder, 2 with no clues, 1 with 1 clue

‘Survivor: Samoa': Recapping the recap!


Ah, the formerly-dreaded Survivor recap episode. We used to mock it even more than gratuitous Palm Pre product placement. But then something unusual happened during the Tocantins season. The recap episode became less of a recap and more of a collection of deleted scenes and storylines. And some of those deleted scenes and storylines were actually pretty decent. So it was with moderate hope as opposed to unwavering boredom that I approached the Survivor: Samoa Thanksgiving recap episode. And that moderate hope was rewarded…with moderate entertainment! In case you were too busy stuffing your face with, um, stuffing, click below to read the full post and see what you missed, as we were treated to previously unseen sabotage, threats, tears, and vomit!  

• We always assumed Mick was a crappy tribe leader since the only things we saw him leading were Jack and s#&@. Well, we were presented with irrefutable visual evidence as we saw Mick offering no direction whatsoever at the Foa Foa camp, stammering on and on to Ashley and Natalie about, well, nothing. “He sucks,” said Russell.

• Yasmin called Shambo “Shamu.” That’s mean, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh.

• As far as I could tell, every single member of both tribes was hoarding secret stashes of papaya. Erik even cut a whole tree down and was hauling it away to God knows where. Now, I’m now arborist, but wouldn’t it have been a tad more inconspicuous to just leave the tree standing there camouflaged by its buddies as opposed to plainly dragging the entire thing across the beach? Just sayin’.

• Very interesting exchange after the basketbrawl challenge (the one Ben was kicked out of). We saw Jaison spanking John and complaining about getting kneed in the chest. But he wasn’t done. Just as Probst was about to award victory to Galu, Jaison interrupted him and gave a speech about playing within the rules and how “I’m coming for John. I’m coming for him.” This caused Shambo to say she was “disheartened” by Jaison’s comments, to which Jaison actually concurred, talking about all the obstacles his dad had to overcome in his life and how he never
complained once about them, and therefore neither should he. It was a combative moment that turned into a touching one as well. Good stuff.

• I always wondered what happened to Daisy the chicken after Shambo accidentally let her escape. Well, we now have our answer. Erik was a man on a mission, trying to capture the bird and even comparing himself to Rocky trying to catch the chicken in preparation for fighting Apollo Creed. The persistence paid off, as he set a trap with a net that Shambo used to finally catch Daisy and return her to the coop. Erik was so out-of-his-mind thrilled after that he was acting like he had won the damn Super Bowl. Seriously, I half expected him to dump a cooler of Gatorade over himself and proclaim that he was going to Disney World.


Stormy weather, I just can’t get myself together..

Looks like Samoa had a precurser to the tsunami, and boy is it gonna bug the hell out of our cast-a-ways.

Wet doesn’t even come close to what these guys are gonna go through. This completely alters anyones game plans. Just surviving thr weather becomes #1 priority for all the players. Don’t bitch and moan now or you just might go home!!

Lets see how well those pillows and blankets work now, hmmm, wet chicken, time to make chicken soup!!!

The tribes top two priorities now are staying dry (ggod luck) and getting a fire going (fat chance) and then keeping it going (was that 3, oh well).

Imagine the BB players trying to do this challenge, keep yourself dry while being lockdowned outside the BB house. Can you inagine those wimpys crying, boo hoo hoo!!

This is an excerpt from an article on weathers effect on health. Most people have experienced difficulty conjuring up energy on cloudy days. For some, that difficulty hits a lot harder than for others. Those exhaustive sunless days affect us as immediately as they come. Calm tranquility is a staple of rainy days, so much so that people listen to tapes emulating that noise just to fall asleep. Sleepy cloudy days plus the therapeutic sound of rain on the rooftop amounts to ultimate relaxation! And think about how energetic you feel when there’s a storm screaming outside. Our bodies reflect the very energy of lightning, just as they reflect the energy of the sun or lack thereof. Storms excite some people, filling them with adrenaline while they fill others with an apprehensive fear. Even this nervous energy is energy though, and it gets the heart pumping faster than do those calm, cloudy days!        Here is the link to the complete article!  It sure gives you something to think about.

It was a Galu kind of week on Survivor!

Well, well, well, it coulnd’t have been a much better week for the Galu tribe in my opinion.

Galu wins the reward challenge, Shambo loses part of the reward(1 chicken). Galu loses immunity challenge, Eric finds the Hidden Immunity Idol, Yazmin is evicted!!!!!


The show started out slow, with cameras in the Foa Foa tribe as Jaison was complaining about being tired, cold and hungry, hmmmmmmm, seems to me that is a common problem that happens every year, Suck It Up J. Russell is ready to get rid of Jaison even though they have an alliance. Why is Mick(chief) hardly ever seen making decisions in the Foa Foa camp.

After talking to Shambo, Eric starts to get an idea where to look for thew Idol when John walks up and starts asking what the clues are from Shambo and now 3 people in Galu have an idea of where to look.

Each Chief has to pick 3 people to go on a mission. Galu has Russell picking himself, Shambo and Dave. Foa Foa has Mick picking himself, Russell and Natalie.

Mick took an early lead in a combination bocce ball horse shoe type game. Closest to the stick wins. Shambo and Natalie go but neither one gets any closer than Micks ball. With the last 2 going, Russell H. gets one a little closer, then on the last ball Dave puts one right next to the stick and Galu won the reward, 3 chickens.

While the mice were away from the Galu camp, Eric had the girls go look for fruit and wood, some of the others slept and Eric started hism quest for the HII. After 10 minutes or so he finds it in a tree. That now gives both tribes the idol each other were supposed to find!!  Hmmmmmmmmmm, the plot thickens.

The winning Galu team returns with the chickens and Shambo is put in charge of their care because she says she is a country girl. Later that day your here, HELP, Emergency, 911 a chiken has escaped and is on the loose. Shambo now has a small target on her back for that incident. no one can catch the chiken and it flies up into a tree, Shambo comments, “I didn’t know chickens could fly”!   chicken = bird/ bird = wings/ wings = fly, OK!!!

Galu is now frustrated that they lost a challenge! They are sitting around dicussing who to evict and why. Shambo, Monica and Yazmin are the hot commodities of the day for eviction. Monica and Yazmin turn out to be the two most talked about and argued who they should send out of the game. Russell is po’d that not too many people want Monica out like he does and they wany Yaz gone. Looks like they talked him into their way of thinking  as the vote is 8 – 2 to send Yaz home and keep Monica.

With a Foa Foa win lets hope they can win some rewards to go with the immunities I think they can win while Galu is shaken up.

Lets win one for the Gipper, Go Team Yellow!!

How can Foa Foa survive without a win next week? Can Russell H. help push his tribe to victory so they don’t lose another member? Whats needed to get them motivated. They haven’t won a challenge but they seem to have a better camp than Galu. The seem to have a better setup for their hut, fire is a new problem since Ben was voted out and a weeks worth of rain is on the way. Can Mick step up his leadership(Chief) role and get Foa Foa in second gear.

And, can Galu maintain there dominance. Shambo shares here info and someone gets the idea there may be a HII in the Galu camp somewhere. Hey George, George, George of the Jungle watchout for that tree(branch)… uhhhh, I bet that hurt!!

It’s not known if the challenge is a combo event again next week, but here are some seens od the game.




It looks like another close finish, lets pray Foa Foa gets lucky for a change. I’m interested to see who is on the short list for eviction on team purple!!