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Survivor 20

Survivor 29 — The Two Hour Anti-Climax

I have to admit that I was excited when I heard that this week’s episode of Survivor would be two hours long.  I figured that this meant something big was bound to happen!  Alliances would change.  A major player would be blindsided.  The game would never be the same again…

Uhmmm, not so much so.

Tonight, we got two episodes of Survivor in one.  At the end of the first hour, Reed joined the jury.  At the end of the second hour, Alec did the same.  That’s not really surprising.  As always seems to happen after the merge, the main alliance is concentrating on getting rid of outsiders.  Reed, being the biggest threat among the outsiders, was an obvious choice to be voted out.  The strategy leading up to Alec being voted out was a little bit more interesting but again, it wasn’t totally unexpected.

Still, there were a few interesting developments in the group dynamic that might (or might not) affect the way the rest of the game plays out.

During the first hour, we discovered the following:

1) Natalie, Missy, and Baylor are an alliance within the alliance.  This was made obvious by their decision to send Jon to Exile Island and by Missy’s decision to take Natalie and Baylor horseback riding while forcing Jaclyn to spend the day alone with Alec, Reed, and Keith.

2) And, while I can understand why Missy picked her daughter, it would have been smarter to send her to Exile so she could have looked for the idol.  Later, at the reward, Missy found out about Natalie’s idol and exclaimed, “I’m so proud of my daughter for finding an idol!”  Uhmm, Missy — Natalie found the idol.  Baylor was just standing there.

(Of course, Missy has said that she considers Natalie to be her daughter so maybe she was speaking metaphorically…)

3) Speaking of idols, Jon found a new immunity idol on Exile Island.  Considering that Jon isn’t exactly a genius and doesn’t strike me as being particularly observant, the Survivor crew might want to put more effort into hiding those idols.

4) When Jon came back to camp, he ended up rebuffing Jaclyn’s attempt to talk strategy with him and, as a result, he and Jaclyn spent the next five hours fighting.  And while it was fun to watch the Golden Couple fight, it was also pretty stupid on both of their parts.  If Jon and Jaclyn hadn’t been fighting, they very well could have realized that it would be smarter to get rid of Missy than Reed.  But since they were too busy not speaking to each other, there was no time to strategize before Tribal.

5) Keith sucks at handling Tribal Council but he certainly won the immunity challenge in grand fashion.

6) I was sad to see Reed go.  Over the past few, he had really won me over.  With him gone, Natalie is probably the only real strategist left on the beach.

7) And, finally, Reed was absolutely correct.  Baylor is a brat.

As for the second episode, we discovered the following:

1) Natalie really does not like Jon!  Some of this is because of his role in getting Jeremy voted out.  And a lot of it appears to be because both Jon and Jaclyn have a real sense of entitlement about them.

(Then again, the same could be said about Baylor and Missy…)

2) In fact, Natalie so disliked Jon that she and Baylor came up with a plan to blindside him.  Interestingly enough, Baylor had no problem with not letting her mom in on the plan.  You know that Missy would never have attempted a blindside without letting Baylor know first.

3) However, Jon won individual immunity.  At first, it seemed like Keith would be the one voted out but Natalie decided that she wanted to keep Keith around.  Why?  Because Keith is good at immunity challenges and, in theory, he possibly beat Jon in the next immunity challenge.  That shows that Natalie is thinking about the game but she may be overthinking.  When she and Baylor voted out Alec, Jon, Jaclyn, and Missy were obviously shocked and will obviously want to know what happened.  Natalie has to hope that Keith doesn’t let on that she kept him around because she wants to use him to get rid of Jon.  (Not to mention that Natalie’s two main allies — Missy and Baylor — are two of the least trustworthy people on the beach.)

4) Then again, that’s assuming that Jon will be smart enough to try to figure out what happened.

5) We finally got to see a little bit of Alec tonight.  Alec spent most of this season under the radar.  Tonight, we discovered that he’s likable in kind of a dumb way.  And then he got voted out…

6) Finally, the way that Baylor and Missy reacted when they didn’t get selected to take part in the reward just confirmed why a lot of people consider Baylor to be a brat.

So, that’s it for this week.  Before I end this post, let’s consider who is left on the beach.

We’ve got:

1) Jon, who is not that clever but is good at finding idols.

2) Jaclyn, who is smarter than she lets on but who is basically being held back by her boyfriend.

3) Baylor, who is this season’s brat.

4) Missy, who is more concerned with defending her daughter than really playing the game.

5) Keith, who needs to stop spitting so much


6) Natalie, who is actually trying to play the game but who might be overthinking things.

Out of our six remaining players, who do you want to win?  I actually have to go with Natalie.  I’m as shocked as anyone.

Lisa Marie



Baby Boomers vs. The Pepsi Generation


The Espada Tribe

     From a swim coach to a goat farmer,  the boomers seem a wild and varied bunch. It will take some work to beat the Pepsi Generation.



The La Flor Tribe

The young guns look ready to kick some butt. Inexperience may be their only drawback. They are a true California fun and sun group, from a cheerleader to a country musician!

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends……

……… We’re so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside!

Well folks, it’s not Brain Salad Surgery but another season of Survivor.

Young vs. Old, can some over 50 people take advantage of some young guns that have misconceptions of what old people are about?

On the Showtime series “Bullshit” with Penn and Teller, young people thought older people smelled bad, BULLSHIT. They both did, young and old.

Old folks have experience and are better judges on how to pace yourself. Young guns are super energetic but make stupid mistakes because they can be impatient.

TV Guide is calling this season “Outwit, Outplay, Outlive”! Ok, whose going to die? No one or we would have heard about it by now. Lets see, we have a burly Massachusetts fisherman, a dog trainer, a former Yahoo! executive, a former college/NFL football coach and that’s just the Espada tribe(oldies but goodies). The young guns will be the La Flor tribe.

Probst was quoted as saying “We actually have a tribe that’s strong enough that they can compete and colorful enough that the audience will root for them”.

The Espada range in age from 41 to 67.

The violence in the challenges will be toned down and some new games are in store for the cast-a-ways.

A new twist this year is the Medallion of Power. The tribe that has it will have a distinct edge in that  immunity challenge. However, after using it, the option of power is given to the other tribe to use it in the next challenge, hmmmmmmmm.

La Flor will sport an ex-Miami Dolphins cheerleader, 27 year old paddle board company owner, 30 year old pest control company owner.

An early decision about the Medallion of power by the La Flor tribe tends to make them look cocky!

Probst, “In most cases on Survivor, I would still say that the youth probably have an advantage, but with this group, I think the older people do”!

So, on September 15th at 8pm/7cent. CBS will air “Survivor:Nicaragua”.

It all comes down to immunity!

Rupert the day after.

Ponderosa – Rupertized!

Rupert pt.#2

Rupert wears out his welcome!

Is there a human under the Troll skin?

Lots to think about before Sunday!

The only thing for certian that can save them now is the immunity necklace. Trust no one and keep your enemies close so you know what their up to!

It looks like it’ll be the Troll vs The Sea Hag. 10 rounds of boxing for the Survivor championship. I don’t know why the guys didn’t go after one of the other girls in a blindside.

Russell is doing a shitty job of sizing up his chances against the girls. Colby is a wimp and will be out soon, he has no self preservation. He should have aligned with someone from the Villains when they merged to have a chance.

Jerri, Parvati and Sandra have the power in the game. Russell if anything has Parvati’s alliance which is in doubt now. Do the girls take out the guys or will the boys win the last 2 immunities and weasel into the final 3? It’s gonna be all out war with Russell on the warpath to the end. Will he cry again if he loses?

I feel a blindside coming on!

Blindsided and backstabbed! Whomn is gonna get it in the back and not see it coming?  With the Villains starting to disintegrate it’s gonna be a free for all.

Sandra is after Russell and he knows it. Sandra is playing with the girls in a plot to oust Russell. Russell is going over to the boys side σ¿σ! Really, or is he just dissing them again to get rid of  one. Is there a secret alliance between Russell and Sandra that production doesn’t know about?

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of a survivor contestant? Just what is going to hppen?  Who will win the immunity necklace? Will Sandra use the HII and someone else get bit in the back?  Not much time left from them to play their cards before the Juty decides who will win this season.

Lets strap on our boots, get our drinks and eats ready for our Thurday visit to Samoa and see what goes down and out!!

It’s time for Survivorrrrrrrrr!!

Oh, btw …… it’s family visit week. Who is gonna see their reltives?

Back to Back Survivors

Filming for Survivor 19 took place from June 11th until July 19th which was the day of the Final Tribal Council filming. Starting August 9th and filming until September 16th which was the filming date for Survivor 20 Final Tribal council.

The television broadcast of Survivor 19 took place beginning September 17th, one day after filming of Survivor 20.

Because of this fact no one knew about Russell’s game play, “except” from sources unknown, Parvati somehow learned about Russell. Either from Russell himself or some of the production people whom Parvati knew from her past shows.

Russell actually only had about 20 days between shows and didn’t know about the outcome of his first game until well after S20 was done filming. He had been in two consectitive games but didn’t even know the outcome of the first one until well after the second one ended.

I believe it worked against him because he never had the chance to see how the jury voted and why until after he filmed S20. He plays a good game but his attitude toward the people in the game sucks. Piss everyone offf and you’ll get no votes. Game play is just part of the game. Also, he has finally had the game played against him and now has very little control of his destiny without finding a HII or winning individual immunity. He haas been lucky so far and may stay that way,BUT, he will again have trouble with the Jury at the end of the game.

Sandra with the HII should make it at least to f5 ans possibly beyond if she aligns with the girl power.

Parvati still reigns as Queen bee of the girl alliance and might be Russell’s downfall.

Colby and Rupert are in trouble, even if they get help from Russell as shown in next weeks preview, they are on thin ice!

Jerri will have to stay in the background to make it to the end, no ifs, ands or butts about it! (pun intended)

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

Then the Troll evicts you because he found out too much about you. It’s going to be tough for Russell to trust any alliance he makes now. He was blindsided by Parvati when she gave away 2 HII’s without telling him. There is lots of talk going on about getting him out of the game between Sandra and Rupert. Trust is fleeting as we get close to the end.

Russell wasted an HII last week when he wasn’t sure what was going down with the votes. Amanda unfortunetly got bit by the eviction bug. With double evictions tonight things are going to be dicey. After this evenings show we will be down to 6 castaways and an interesting combination of people. Just who do you trust to keep you in the game? Who will find the next HII? Will they need to use it? Whose going to win the immunity necklace and be safe?

Depending on the challenges, whether they be skill or strength, they will be the most important thing that changes strategy as the competition tightens. Russell has never won and individual immunity so he must find another HII or trust an alliance to keep him in the game.

I believe the girls on the heroes tribe are the most vulnerable tonight. Then some of the girls on the Villains tribe will be at risk. With three men and five women you would think otherwise. S0000, as we near the Thursday night Survivor hour, wish your favorite good luck, they’ll need it!

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

The Troll King was played for a baffon. What in his wide eyed amazement did appear, a shiny brunett Claus and her mighty reindeer. Christmas came early for Jerri when to everyones surprise, she produced “2” count em’, 2 HII’s and gave them away from Christmas bag of goodies. I thought Russell waas going to fall on his ass when she gave away 2 idols. Where oh where did the 2nd one come from ol’ Russie? Russell’s control of the game just slipped out of his greasy little paws. He no longer controls the game and Sandra is getting in good with the heroes! Trouble is, she wants Russell gone bad. She better watch out for those other cut throats hiding behind the bushes!

Individual immunity is now the big saviour in this game, unless of course Russell goes idol hunting and finds another one. Those idols are now very important to everyone who wants to hang on in the game.

Sandra and Rupert might have the get rid of Russell aliance started, but what kind of an alliance does everyone else have. It’s looking like everyone is looking to pair up and seek help these next few weeks.

Golllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly, Sargent Carter, whats gonna happen next?