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Survivor 20

After getting handed an HII, what’s next?

The biggest thing to remember at his point in the game, “Don’t Trust ANYONE!”

Courtney- Final words                        Courtney – The day after

The paranoia will run deep, 2 Idols will complicate things and Russell is at his mojo best. Can the troll work his wonders among the Heroes lik he did the in Villains camp. I doubt anyone will trust him even though he’ll promise them all he’s on their side and will the villinous girls backstab him and look to blindside him at tribal. How well will he trust Parvati when it comes down to an eviction vote? Immunity will now be individual and will add a 3rd Idol into play. With possibly 3 people having idol protection, who will go home? Can Russell pull the villains together and get another hero sent home? Are there now alliances with past players getting together and changing the whole complexion of the game?  We shall see and hopefully the game will take a turn into some exciting game play! 

Tonight on Survivor

You can fool me once, but did I have to give you an HII?

Can it be true that JT will actually give the King Troll an Immunity Idol? Do the villains really have the heroes fooled that the villains have an all girl alliance? This may be a wild week! I can’t wait to see Russell get the HII from JT and then blindside someone at tribal council, for as we know, the villains have no way of winning anymore challenges!

Coach the day after                                                           Who voted out Coach?

                         Tonights Preview

With the combining of tribes in the merge which I believe will happen next week, the HII’s will come in to play big time. There was word that up to 5 or 6 idols would be found. No confirmation on how many would be played.

The villains will undoubtedly lose again this week and Courtney is the odd girl out. Russell may or may not need to play the idol if he does get it. A blindside may not be necessary because Courtney is such a weak link and non competitor in the game. Next week has to be the merge and old alliances from the past will need to be watched. Soooooooooooo, bring it on Survivor!!

Sorry Rob fans, he “IS” gone!

So Long, Boston Rob                                Rob’s Final Words  

    Secret Scene with Rob & Coach                                 Coach and the Round Table


My thoughts after last week!

I think the villains will lose all challenges until the merge. Their numbers benefit the Heroes team.
The heroes have 3 guys (Rupert, Colby and JT) and 2 women (Amanda and Candace) vs 2 guys (Russell and Coach) and 5 women (Parvati, Sandra, Courtney, Jerri and Danielle). There is no way the villains can compete and the next 2 or 3 challenges go to the Heroes by default. The villains voted out all of their best players and now suck as far as I’m concerned going into the next challenges.
Russell rules and I also believe Coach goes next, further making the villains non-competitive. Russell has his alliances but they are all women. He needs the merge so he can regain some advantage, or of course it’s HII time for King Troll.

The Robmeister vs. King Troll

Sooner or later this match up has to end! Russell seems to have a slight advantage at this point. Rob was definitely surprised when Russell played his move and got Tyson evicted with the HII move. If Russell can shift the alliances or just find another HII, Rob will be gone. Of course all this is mute unless Colby can lead the heroes to a win!

At this point in the game the Heroes are trying to survive losing any more members so they have a chance at the merge. The villains are sitting around trying to decide who to side with, Russell or Rob!

I’m hoping for a Heroes win at the immunity challenge so that the drama between our boys will play out! Only time will tell, lets hope for a good fight!

The sixth and seventh players voted out!

Tyson after the vote.                               Tyson the next day.

James after the vote.                            James the next day.

Russell definitely has a better game plan going than Rob. Russell is building his alliance while Rob is doing nothing other than worrying about the Troll King. Russell calculated well what the others were up to and played right into it to keep his alliance strong.

The heroes at this point are trying to keep from drowning in their own sorrow. Their whipped so bad it is going to be tough to make it to the merge with more than 2 people.

The villains are definitely in control as long as they don’t self destruct while the Rob/Russel tug of war goes along!

King Troll Robs Boston

Boston Rob thought he knew the game. Russell showed him how wrong he was. Did you catch the look on Robs face as Jeff read the votes? Do you think he saw it coming? NOT! In a game where Rob thought he was running things, Russell talked Tyson into a vote the would end up eliminating himself by default! By voting for Parvati, Tyson’s vote didn’t count when Russell gave Parvati the HII and let her play it. Russell correctly predicted what Rob was getting the tribe to do with the  split vote between Russell and Parvati. Knowing this he managed to correctly find and play Tyson into voting for Parvati. The King strikes again and I’m willing to lay odds he finds the next HII without a clue.

Oh yes, there was a challenge somewhere in the game tonight. They played for individual immunity in the first half of the challenge by climbing up, down, over,under, around and through a fence laced with a rope while moving the loop they had on a belt attached to their waist along the rope . Rob and Candice won individual immunity and moved on to the challenge for reward for their tribe.

In the second half of the challenge Rob and Candice did the same thing they did in the first half except they went climbing up, down, over, under, around and through a three level monkey bar setup. Rob out climbed Candice and won hot dogs and sodas for the Villains while they sat in on the Heroes tribal council. After the discussion the Villains had to quit eating and leave the tribal council. The Heroes then voted and James was sent packing in disgust saying he’ll be drunk in five minutes! Well now James, we thought you were more amiable than that. I guess losing 3, yes 3 times at Survivor would tick me off also. Injuries seemed to be James demise!

OK, Survivor is back next Thursday and Rob will have to try again at removing the King from his throne. Good luck ol’ Robby Boy, the troll will be lurking in the woods.

Don’t forget —- Survivor is on TONIGHT!

It’s double elimination so there will be a member from each tribe going home tonight. That means we should be 3 weeks away from the MERGE!

Will Russell need to play his idol tonight? Do the heroes know that their HII has been replaced and they need to look for it?

Who is going home tonight? (Need to pick 2)

Will there be a reward challenge?  Who wins it?

I’m ready to go home and set up my tv and chair!

See ya there!