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Survivor 20

Stephanie’s final words!

Stephanie explains why she got eliminated! Seems James thinks she backdoored her entire team during her earlier appearance. I also think her spat with Parvati didn’t help much.

In this game it isn’t wise ti tick someone off. Better to just let a difference of opinion just slide than argue about it. At most times it is definately better to be seen and not heard.  Play hard in the challenges and chill out in camp! And, if your Russell, look for the HII’s.

Post warning, this post is getting put up late. Next post comes up in the afternoon today!

Fight Night on Samoa!

Well,  from the looks of it,  the Immunity Challenge is  a push and shove type  match on a pier .  I would say James looks like he is going to let loose his rage! Mud, Sweat and maybe some Tears will be played out Thursday night. The Physical challenges seem to keep getting into real fight situations. James is big enough, but in the previews they show some kind of pillow they will be using to try to push each other off a pier into the mud..

No clips of what the Reward challenge might be have surfaced on the Internet or a TV release, so we have a surprise in store.  Might be some food for whomever wins the challenge.

I also have to believe they need to start giving out clues to the HII’s. C’mon CBS, give us some clues and show the Troll King looking for them this week. From what CBS was saying after last season that the Idols would be just dropped around liberally, I thought someone would have tripped over one by now!

Odds say Heroes win the immunity idol this week, so start picking your Villain for eviction.  I know of at least 3 annoying people I’d like to see go! If Russell plays the same game he’ll show who his one female he wants to hang around the game tonight. And, if The Troll King is on his game I’m willing to say he finds an idol!

It looks like it’s pick on Russell week. Don’t go near the Troll if he’s under a bridge! He’s gonna getcha!!

After 2 weeks, all we have is an increasingly violent show!

Both sides in Heroes vs. Villains seem to have the muscle; however the Village People have more rhythm and groove to the music. The Hobos are acting like a car load of kids during a Chinese Fire drill.  

          The Hobo’s have been winning the physical parts of the challenges but have no leadership when it comes to working out the minor mental games which have been part of the challenges. Infighting has people calling this the Villains vs. the Villains Survivor.

Trust me, there are too many hard headed people on both tribes but the V.P. seem to be demonstrating a little more self control during the mental phase of each challenge.

Rob seemed to come very close to repeating Jaison’s dehydration episode of SS19. However, his eyes were normal but unresponsive were Jaison looked as if he had seen a ghost. I wonder what the ruling is if only the camera man is following a contestant. How long do they wait before they can call for assistance?

Rupert and Stephanie appear to be the first true cat fight, ending with Stephanie going home. James was po’d at her and a few others for screwing up the last part of the challenge when there was no clear voice guiding them to stack the blocks. JT was supposed to be doing all the guiding of where to put each one, however about 3 or 4 others chimed in and made it confusing.

The VP had a stroke of luck in winning the challenge. They received the tarp and supplies so they can now make a hut with a leak proof roof. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sure getting tired of everyone bitching about the rain.

Russell is being himself again; he won’t lead but will work when someone comes up with an idea. He has to be looking for the HII but they still haven’t shown him looking or finding them.

I didn’t see much of Coach and his girlfriend this week. Amanda and Stephanie were taking all the heat in the Hobo’s camp for what they did or didn’t do. Cirie is getting those crazy thought idea eyes as if she is working on her next move. James is hot to trot and ready to take out the first person that crosses his path. He has always seemed calm and collected, but look out world; he’s on the war path. Tom might have wished he didn’t start something with James. That disagreement might not help with the morale in the tribe!

Not much action from others in either tribe seems like we have a few coasters in this Survivor.

Myself, I don’t like the combined challenges were immunity and reward are won in the same challenge. Moneys tight, but Survivor has to be raking in the some dough. I’d love to see a challenge were each member of a tribe has to complete a task before the next member can start his task. Alternate a mental task and then a physical task. This would allow each tribe to find their week links.

Speaking of the VP’s problems with their hut, what gives man, C’mon y’all are a bunch of all-stars and you can’t build a simple hut, DANG!

Nightmare on Samoa Island!

Well, well, well, it looks like the VooDoo Queen will start her chants tonight. Poor Rob, from the previews it looks like he drank some date rape drug. He’s donw for a 9 count and gonna be weary for awhile. Russell needs to start looking for the HII because there should be a clue to where it is tonight.

While it’s still early in the game it seems we the audience are beginning to pic out favorites.

Based on the CBS Site Fan Poll:

20) Randy ………… 143

19) Danelle ………… 164

18) Candice ……….. 200

17) Sandra ………… 226

16) Coach ……….. 235

15) Courtney …… 275

14) Tysom ……… 292

13) Jerri ……….. 355

12) Parvati …….. 470

11) Amanda …….. 551

10) Cirie ………… 764

9) Tom ………… 812

8) Sugar ………. 863

7) Stephanie …… 875

6) Rob …………… 1027

5) Colby ………… 1153

4) Russell ………. 1379

3) JT ……………… 1422

2) James ………… 1423

1) Rupert ……… 1904

Where is you favorite and why don’t you think they weren’t rated higher?


Wow, 2 hours of non-stop yawning! IMHO!!!


My personal thoughts on the first night of Survivor 20 Heroes vs. Villains was more like a high school reunion and everyone is trying to impress everyone else, except Sugar who for some reason was totally out of her element. After basically being ignored by everyone especially Colby, she just wasn’t all there. Maybe she needed to go to exile island and stay out of the way of the crowd. (No there isn’t an exile island on Samoa). I believe that there were more first day alliances made in the history of Survivor, and I believe in the next few weeks that there will be more broken alliances once the positioning begins. The rivalry between the tribes was set into motion with the first challenge. Complete and utter chaotic violence that almost sent 2 people home. I think the challenges should be physical but not violent. Stress more puzzle solving with a physical challenge in every competition before we get into a downright war with these challenges that allow contact.  If that first challenge was an NFL game there would have been penalties for Holding, Roughing the QB, Unsportsmanlike contact ( removing an opposing players clothes), and probably a few more we never saw on camera.

I was actually bored for most of the 2 hour special episode. I know they spent time letting viewers getting used to who the characters are, but pleaseeeeeeeeee, show some more action around the camps, what the hell is everyone up to. I know Russell had to be looking for the HII, so lets see him searching. Show Rob more with his pissed off attitude of no one wanting to help build the camp. C’mon man, lets get some bullshit going out there.  I know a lot of you won’t agree with me, BUT, i want some action. Hell the Village People with no flint started a fire easier the Hoho’s with flint.

OK, some info from the snake pit.  I probably won’t post daily this season since we only have a show 1 day a week. However if I get some special news or I just get an itch i’ll put something up. Thats all for now, before I really tell you how I feel about the Village People and the Hoho’s.

Survivor 20 Heroes vs. Villains starts off with a BANG!

…and a dislocated shoulder,
…and a broken toe,
…and a topless Sugar.

Wow. After watching the 20 returning Survivors come out of their helicopters and looking at who they are playing with and smiling and being a little “star struck”, I think this could be one amazing season!

I was surprised at how old feelings came up from past survivors. I was thinking that Coach is still the best thing for TV and ratings ever. Watching him is like watching a train wreck. For CBS’s sake I hope he stays for a long time.

And man…I still remember Cobly from Survivor 2 in Australia. I wanted him to win but he came in 2nd to Tina. He was my fav back then and I do still like him….but wow….Coach sure owned him in that challenge.

Is it me or do all the returning female survivors look AMAZING. Dang!

I am glad it was a 2 hour kick off show. It is nice to see how they talk and connect at camp. I do not think Sugar was THAT much of a threat to kick her off first but she was also not that much of a player so I guess it makes sense.

So no more Sugar. All of us diabetics (BBBlogger has been type 1 diabetic for over 20 years now) can be happy that it is a Sugar Free Survivor.

My promise to all of you is that I will be more available this season of Survivor then I have the past couple. Snakebit Sal is still going to be blogging…since he has done an amazing job!

So what do you think? Was Sugar a smart first out? Or should they have taken out someone who is MORE of a threat?

The comments as always are yours! Welcome back to Survivor Blog!

Peace, BBBlogger

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