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Tarzan and Jane, the Odd Ones!

Marty is becoming more ape looking everyday, so I’m gonna call him Tarzan. That will make Tarzan and Jane the “Odd Couple”. He really pissed off Jane last week. This week she has decided to just call him Jack ass.

After Tribal council last week everyone has realized just how much of an asshole he really is and the target on his back has grown!

Everyone has been telling Jane to chill out and not worry about Marty. Even NaOnka hopes he starts some shit about her so she can cut Marty a new butt!

Marty was also trying to ask around and see who the other person was that voted for him. He’ll have no luck there; no one will reveal that info. He’s also trying to setup  a blindside to get rid of Jane. Jane is still pissed and wants to take Marty to the woodshed and straighten him out!

First up is the reward challenge. Teams were chosen and somehow it’s men vs. women with Chase sitting out because of the odd number of players. Chase must choose what team he thinks will win and will get what that team gets. The men wipe out the women by having enough strength to carry Dan thru the challenge course.

Guys get a cool reward of a zip line ride thru the jungle tops and then a meal.

Lots of talk about who to evict centers mainly on Jane and Marty, Brenda starts to complain to NaOnka that Chase is getting on her nerves. They decide Chase might be getting close to needing evicted.

When the tree mail arrives they get a clue that the immunity challenge will me a memory test. At the challenge site they see some objects on cards with objects on them. Jeff tells them he will reveal some of the cards and they must remember the order to win the challenge.

Jeff reveals the first six items. Ship, Musket, Anchor, Ships Wheel, Musket and Ship.

They all get the first two correct. Jane and NaOnka miss the third item.. Dan misses the fourth item. Holly, Kelly and Sash miss item 5. Everyone else gets the sixth correct

And move to round two.

Jeff reveals seven items this time: Musket, Ship, Coins, Anchor, Dagger, Musket and Ships Wheel.

Everyone gets the first one, Fabio misses item two, Chase misses item three, Benry misses item 4, Marty and Brenda get the fifth and then Marty misses number 6 and Brenda wins immunity.

The alliances seem to be weakening and no very strong groups look ready to take control.. It’s going to be a crap shoot as who will go. At TC, Marty doesn’t do anything to help his cause. Infighting among the group is getting hotter and heavier.

After a quick vote, Marty is sent packing. It’s about time the master dummy got the boot.

 Wednesday next looks like things are heating up as the camp burns down!! Can’t wait to see who is responsible for that one.

The alliance of  Benry and Fabio will now compete against Brenda and Sash for power of the tribe!

Marty Pt.1 Ponderosa

Marty Pt.2

Marty Pt.3

No news, no game play and no game leader!

Sorry I got this posted late. Wasn’t home and forget to set the Tivo!

After surviving last weeks most disastrous move ever, Marty is about his future in the game. Be afraid Marty, BE VERY AFRAID!

Fabio, after getting the tree mail and coming back to camp does his usually stupid character acting. Is he really that weird or is he playing the game? Hmmmmm! He announces that the merge is coming.

Meanwhile, over at Espada the plotting and scheming has begun when they learn that the merge is happening. They have the treasure chest but need to wait for La Flor who has the key…

Alina decides she has a plan to get rid of Marty but no one seems to care about it.

Cut away to La Flor walking in carrying in the chest. When it’s unlocked and opened it reveals the new red buffs for the newly merged team which Marty names Libertad. Go Marty, keep up the good work :- )).

Everyone congratulates everyone on the merge and chows down. Another strategy meeting is going on between Brenda and Naonka. Na told Brenda about Marty giving away the HII to Sash. They agree that Marty should be the one to go next.

Chase and Jane sitting around talking seem to work a friendly alliance because of their backgrounds from No. Carolina.

While standing around, Holly witnesses Naonka stealing flour and the pots, pans and fruit. Seems we have a “King Troll” want to be. Only problem, the Troll never got caught! Holly then starts telling everyone about Naonka’s shenanigans. Alina confronts Na about it and tells Na she needs to give it back. Alina’s first big mistake comes when she accepts some of the misgotten bootie!

When people start noticing missing property, the jig is up and Naonka is confronted. Trying to stay out of trouble, Naonka says she took it but she was going to portion it out. Fabio questions why she was putting it in her bag and she does one of  brush off moves to Fabio is amazed how much bullshit she keeps blowing on everyone. Marty starts his ranting about Jane needs to be evicted because she isn’t a competitor and a redneck. He is still a large butthead.

At the immunity challenge Jeff announces two individual idols, one for the women and one for the men. The challenge is simple, hold up a rod by applying pressure on two handles by pulling them apart so the rod doesn’t slide down thru the holes in the handles. When it does, a plate will be broken and the person eliminated from the game.

Jeff gets them all set up and they grab the handles and put on tension. Jeff has the cover boards lifted and the plates are exposed and the game is on. First out, Miss quiet Kelly purple. 2nd, good ol’ boy Handy Dan. Alina and Benda make it 3rd and 4th. To my surprise, Benry and Sash go 5th and 6th. Naonka makes it to 7th and when Holly drops at 8th, Jane wins immunity for the women but wants to stay in and kick Marty’s ass. After her brash statement that she wants to beat the men Marty and Chase go 9th and 10th. Jane keeps going but Fabio knowing he has won immunity drops his rod. Jane asks Jeff if it is really ok to drop and she finally quits. Jane’s a character but can sure play the game, look out boys. And no help from Tarzan!!

After the challenge the discussions center on who to eliminate. Infighting amongst the alliances can’t seem to agree who to eliminate. Marty and Jane seem to be on opposite sides of who should go but Alina’s association with Naonka and people who don’t trust her get her on a 10 – 2 vote. Two votes for Marty and everyone else voting for Alina.

At this point of the game the paranoia is rampant and no one wants to take the lead except Marty who it seems everyone wants out of the game but can’t quite seem to get the job done!

Going into next week, it seems NaOnka is going to one up my old Troll buddy. She manages to wave the flag of victory, or was she counting to one starting with the middle finger. Must have been the finger because Jeff is totally flabbergasted and stunned. Maybe we’ll have a little action in the midst of our mob!  We can only hope!

Ponderosa – Alina Pt.1

Ponderosa – Pt.2    Wait until you see Ponderosa this year, it’s more like heaven!

Survivor Fever, think they might catch it soon?

In A somewhat boring episode of Survivor, anyone new that was watching for

The first time was probably thinking, LAME!

After getting back from the TC last time, the young members of Espada were still doubting their decision about not getting rid of Dan.

Meanwhile at the La Flor camp, Marty is bragging about not playing the idol and surviving the vote. He says he has some big cahones! Then he proceeds to jump on Jane because he thinks she voted for him. She did you fool, who in their right mind would vote for you? Marty tells Jill he thinks they need to get Jane out of the game.

At the Reward Challenge they will play for a trip to a farm. Horseback riding, cow milking and FOOD! A very nice meal is on the line.

The challenge consists of the teams having to throw a ball across a small pool and into a net. In their way will be a member of the other tribe in the middle standing on a small platform who is able to block their shots. The blocker for La Flor will be Fabio and Chase will block for Espada. With Fabio in to block NaOnka jumps and scores over Fabio’s block. 1-0. Chase enters the pool as Fabio gets out. Jill is able to score over Chase and makes it 1 – 1. Next Benry makes point #2 while Marty misses, 2 – 1. Rd. three has Holly get blocked and Kelly P make it. 2 – 2. Rd.4 Dan is next and his is usual sorry ass self, he doesn’t jump and manages to hit Chase  in the crotch (sheesh) put Sash misses for La Flor. Rd. 5 Alina makes hers while Brenda misses. 3 – 2 Espada. During the switch in blockers, Fabio decides to have a bathroom break room IN the pool. What a nerd!!

Rd.6 – NaOnka makes another pt and so does Jill. 4 – 3. Benry is up to begin Rd. 7 and makes his shot to closeout the game 5 – 3.

Back at La Flor camp, Jane decides to go fishing alone. She manages to catch a decent size fish and goes into the woods to hide and cook her catch. She starts a fire and cooks her fish which she proceeds to eat in the privacy of the jungle! Way to go Jane!

Espada rides horseback into the farm / ranch and dismounts and head for the cows. We then see Dan go first and does quite well at milking the cow. NaOnka is next and fails miserably and has to get help! Ah, Really? They then go over to the dinner table and sit down to a great meal. Cheese, Corn, veggies …. Yummy. And then there is watermelon, nice and juicy! They sit around talking and Kelly purple who hasn’t uttered a word in the game until now, she has a minor emotional moment and cries and actually speaks.

The next day the Immunity challenge is up for grabs. In a somewhat blasé game of bowling for tiles. The teams have to send two people send two people up on a tower and roll small or large cannon balls down the chutes and hit the tiles to break them. After some squabbling among the pairs at the top with the rest of team members holding the ropes to aim the chutes, everything seems to calm down and Espada casually wins the game 5-2.

Back at the La Flor camp a major play is being discussed to have Marty play the idol at TC. Make him play it or give it up is discussed and Sash will be the spokesperson. Sash goes and tells Marty what they are going to do and it is his choice whether or not to play the idol or give it up with the promise not to vote him out this week. He can also vote whatever way he wants nut that Jill will be the target.

Marty, Marty, Marty, you have no common reality game sense. You have made a mockery out of what you did with your Idol game play. Your are first class foolish ass. He now must be considered for the dumbest move ever in Survivor.

The talk around the TC fire is mostly about trust. Does Marty trust they won’t vote him out? Do Jill and Marty now have anyone they can trust? Does everyone trust that sash will give up the HII if someone else needs it? Specially after the Freudian slip about who he trusts. What might happen to the idol now that the merge is coming? My wonder is, what ever happened to Na Onka’s HII??

After a vote that everyone knew was coming Jill is voted out. Jill 3 votes, Marty 2 votes and Jane 2 votes.

Up next week, just watch the video at the beginning of this post!

Week Six makes for a weak showing!

A week after splitting the tribes up for the second time Survivor has made it a double eviction night and 2 people will be leaving. A double eviction just before the last week before the merge. That’s right y’all, next week is the last time teams compete in this years Survivor. It will be the 7th week of Nicaragua and the following week comes the merge.


We all know dumb butt Marty has an idol and should been evicted when they had the chance last night during the revote when he couldn’t use it. Lest we forget, there is another idol in some ones hands. Oh yeah, NaOnka has it in her grubby little hands. Brenda knows she has it, but will she tell anyone and try to get Na out of the game? ……… (Hmmmm, I just had a thought. They haven’t shown or heard anyone mention her idol since the switch. You don’t think we could be lucky enough for her to have left it behind at her old La Flor camp, do you?)


Last night was sort of boring after the the great challenges they had last week. To go from nearly drowning the players to digging up rope rings was pitiful. I want a 1 hour refund for my time spent watching that bullshit. I guess because it was a individual immunity challenge for of the double eviction at tonight’s TC that wasted a whole 5 minutes of time on it. All they had to do was dig up three rope loops and toss them up and catch them in a basket which was attached at their waist at their butts. Then all they had to do was flip it behind them and catch it. Dan looked like a fool the way he was going at things. Then the reward challenge was a simple ring toss. Hell, even I didn’t break a sweat.


Anyway, Holly won the first idol challenge on the Espada tribe. Jill took the prize on the La Flor side. In the ring toss throw off Jill won the feast for the La Flor’s. The not only won a feast but got to eat it in front of Espada at TC.


At TC La Flor does their vote split and brings about a tie and Marty not playing the idol, bummer! Now, instead of getting rid of Marty since he can’t use the idol for the tie breaker, the stupido’s get rid of Kelly B. The more I watch these morons, the more I wonder about their IQ’s! Great chance to get rid a player and an idol and they blew it.


After Kelly leaves, the La Flor moves over to the bleachers to eat and watch the Espada discuss the strategy for their voting. And, like most times when someone eats in front of others, they don’t get to finish their meal. Espada, after La Flor goes, gets down to vote and Yve gets a unanimous eviction.


Nothing great happened and I feel like I wasted an hour out of my day.


Next week on Survivor, will La Flor win one more immunity challenge and Espada lose 1 more member. I think  the split made it easier for the original La Flor members better able to get rid of the “Over the Hill Gang”.


Well, until next week!

 It’s F..tb..l !    @¿@

Video on Brenda

Twist and Shout, we got new teams. AGAIN!

As the Espada tribe returned from last weeks Tribal Council, discussions about Jimmy T’s eviction were the main topic. Jane and Holly were surprised he was voted out! C’mon ladies, didn’t you realize know one discussed keeping him with y’all. Marty’s running the show as supreme Emperor. He controls with his magic wisdom of game play. WHAT, wisdom from a man who openly displayed the HII! In the past, if you showed everyone you had the idol, you were immediately put at the head of the list for eviction at the next TC. At the least, Dan’s deadbeat butt should have been sent home. Jimmy T should have been kept for his strength, and then told to shut his trap and just play the game.

Ok, daylight brings a fresh day. The tribes meet Jeff for todays challenge but there is a surprise in the waiting. Standing and waiting to start the game, Jeff says “Drop your buffs”. They drop their colors and must draw aw colored rocks. After drawing and exposing the rocks they picked, Holly and Brenda will be temporary captains and have to pick players for the new teams.

Holly is to pick 4 players from the La Flor tribe and Brenda is to pick 3 people from Espada to make up the new teams. Holly chooses, Alina, Benry, Chase and NaOnka to go with Tyrone, Dan and Yve to become the new Espada tribe. Brenda takes Jane, Jill and Marty to go along with Fabio, Kelly B, Kelly Purple and Sash to complete the new La Flor tribe.

The MOP is also gone from the game as Jeff collects it from the Espada tribe.

Jeff asks if anyone has a comment on the new tribes and Marty says he is glad to be part of a winning tribe and he feels good about who is on his team.

Proceeding into the challenge, is now revealed that it’s a reward challenge. Two hens and a rooster are up for grabs. I wonder if they’ll lose them like last season?

The challenge is a giant “Plinko” game. The tribes will throw balls up a ramp and 2 players from the other team must catch them before they drop off the board. The challenge begins and the balls are bouncing crazily down the Plinko side with players jumping around waiting to catch them.

Espada takes the early lead as La Flor drops the first ball. The game is to three points. La Flor makes a comeback as Espada drops the next two; however there is no need to fear, Marty’s here. Mr. Macho just manages to drop the next two and Espada wins the challenge and the chickens. What was that comment about “I’m on the winning tribe”? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, better watch your back Marty.

Back at camp, Jane lets everyone in La Flor to keep an eye on Marty and Jill because they are as tight as ticks! Mr. Macho then announces he has an immunity idol. What, WHAT, he did what?? The man is a fool and is looked at as a complete idiot (which he is). Brenda makes the comment that he’s an arrogant fool.

Later that night in the La Flor camp in the cold, windy, rainy weather, NaOnka Donk is crying because she is cold. What’s wrong girl, all that big and bad homey talk that you been spouting has suddenly disappeared. And you’re ready to go home to mama, my, my, my!!!

The next day at the Immunity Challenge ……. YESSSS. Look at the neat game, I loved it!

Let’s see, we’ll strap three people this big wheel, we’ll have three people spin the wheel. As the people on the wheel get spun around they get dunked into a tub of water where they must take a mouthful of water and when they get to the top must spit it into a funnel, and the water fills a tube with a ball in it. After filling the tube the ball is released and two members must use the ball to break five plates to win the game.

The game starts evenly but suddenly the Espada tribe realizes they need to go slow so their players can hit the funnel with more of the water that gets spit out.  With that plan they fill the tube and get the ball first. They break the first plate just as La Flor fills their tube and begin throwing at their plates. Even with that advantage, Espada falls under the “kiss of death spell” and end up losing another immunity challenge.

Back at camp, Espada is deflated about another loss, but they are also HUNGRY! Tyrone says they need t save the chickens so they will get eggs to eat. Hunger wins out and the rest of the tribe decides to cook and eat one. While cooking the chicken Tyrone makes the comment to “be aware” of your neighbor when you eat. When it’s cooked, everyone begins to chow down except Tyrone who sits back while hey eat. Finally he gets up and gets some chicken. Chase proceeds to comment that Tyrone took the biggest piece of chicken and the editing department shows cleaning his chicken down to the bone!

At TC comments are made that Tyrone was bossy when they how tribe had been operating and everyone thought he was laying down the law! Therefore, bossy and overeating gets you evicted. Oh well, lets see what happens next week!

Looks like everyone thinks NaOnka Donk will quit soon. Let’s take a poll and see who thinks she goes before or after the merge of the tribes.

Will Kelly B. take off her leg and give N.D. a beat down?

Will Marty be blind sided and not use the HII?

What’s the new twist going to be?

The Jimmy T Show with his sidekick NaOnka

The dude needs to be a talk show host. He wants to be in control and he loves to talk. Talk, talk, talk, talk and talk until it’s annoying. You know those kinds of people, the ones that you must excuse yourself from so you can do something important.

From the beginning of the episode until the bitter end he would not quit talking.


The Espada tribe has no clear leader. Marty asserted his power to get rid of the Coach last week and now he’s a big weenie and won’t take charge. He is going to just sit back like a wuss and let everyone disagree on who is in charge. Tyrone would be good, but, poor old Jimmy T says he is a leader and can contribute more to the tribe. The only thing he is contributing is one big headache. The Espada tribe has been sitting around complaining about the lack of leadership but, it didn’t stop them from evicting a true leader out of the game last week.


Brenda solved the HII clue and of course just like Marty, NaOnka picked it up and declared it was hers. Later Kelly and Alina go to look where NaOnka and  Brenda found the Idol. NaOnka wanted to know what they were looking for. Kelly said “you know damn well what were looking.”

Nay started talking her usual trash talk and again threatened to knock her artificial leg off. The Queen Bitch has no honor or respect for the others in the game. I still find it hard to believe she trusted Brenda enough to tell her about the idol clue, but when your dumb, you have to find a sucker to find it for you.


At the daily tree mail the Espada found a clue to the immunity challenge and some blind folds. They decided to practice with the blind folds while someone directs them around. At the challenge the La Flor decides to use the MOP and get a head start in the game. The object of the game was to go out and collect ten items and them bring them back. The people looking for the items were blind-folded and tied to another. Each tribe sent out two teams at the same time while one other person directed them where to go. Even though they practiced, the Espada looked like bulls in a china shop. Meanwhile, the La Flor team aided by the head start they received when they used the MOP quickly made short work of the items. After all the items were found the last pair had to go out and locate some keys. Once they had the keys, they then had to find the chest and unlock 3 locks and return the chest to their starting area. La Flor again made quick work of the chest and won the game. For twinning the La Flor also won the reward. They got to chose 3 items for a Sears store pile of goodies. They selected the tarp, some cooking supplies and a tackle box of fishing gear. Upon arrival back at the camp, Chase, who had been carrying the tackle box discovered the next clue and pocketed it without being noticed. Later he went walking to find and took Brenda with him, only to discover that Brenda also had an alliance with NaOnka and that she had already found the HII. Brenda tells him to  keep it hush hush or Nay will come after them.                            


Well, well, well, the Inept Arthritis Crowd has taken loser to a new low! I’m guessing they will not win another challenge even if they use the MOP. These guys just plain suck. Tyrone giving the direction was at a loss as to why no one was listening to him. I know why, they all had their hearing aids turned off so they wouldn’t get wet. They tripped over everything there was to trip over, they ran into each other and for the most part never went the way Tyrone told them to go. Dan needs to be evicted. Like I heard Jeff say at the TC, if your worried about your leg in the mud, what the hell are you doing out here in the Rain Forest/Jungle. Also, these guys have too many floaters who don’t want to make any decisions and are only following along. We finely had a close split on who to evict and I was hoping it would be Dan. He hasn’t contributed a damn thing in the challenges having sat out 2 of the 4 they played. Jimmy T got evicted but he has contributed. He has contributed enough B.S. to last the rest of the game and he says he has lots more to give the tribe! @Y@ I’m looking for someone to replace his noise in he tribe. I guess the monkeys will have to lead the fools!


I’m laying odds that at least five members of the La Flor tribe make it into the last seven of this game by default. Default will be the ineptitude of the lousy old way the old folks are playing. I’m wondering just how much more embarrassing they can look as a team. No leaders and no strong players. Sorry Tyrone, your playing with a bunch of foolish whiners. He has to outlast his own tribe to make it to the merge.


A hint at next weeks show makes it appear some kind of switcheroo is going to take place, but not sure who will end up where!


Does anyone see any hope for the Old Folks, or do you, like me, think they are toast?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Probst’s Position to Ponder!

Jeff’s opening statement makes it clear that he is unclear!

“Okay I need to preface this blog by saying that I’m very frustrated at the moment and therefore may very well write things that I later regret. Which really means that I’ve already considered if I’ll regret the comments and have decided I don’t care if I do regret them, which means I really don’t/won’t regret them at all. I know what I’m writing it and my intention is clear.”

Here is the link to Jeffs blog for this week: 

“The two big reasons for my frustration: 1. Naonka 2. Marty”


My distaste for NaOnka goes way beyond Jeff’s being disturbed. The QB is one slimy, socially ugly “BITCH”. There is no other word to describe this shell of a women. (And Ted, if your rooting for her my respect for you is out the window) Her picture would have to be beside so many irrevellent words in the dictionary!

Jimmy “Coach” J.  The man got a raw deal because of his celebrity. If he was an unknown commodity going into the game I believe he would still be around to play a few more episodes.

Marty is a egotistical SOB who has know idea what he is doing. He has a maniacal sense of leadership and does act like he is a “Godfather”. After having someone help you find the HII, there is no way in hell you show it to anyone, let alone the whole damn tribe. Golly what fool you are Marty. I hope these fools realize they have no chance at being able to use it for themselves and trick you into using it so it won’t be around for you to shove in their faces!

After helping Marty get the HII, Jill has totally being hiding in the woods. and is one of the strongest non-players ever to play the game. She is a total wuss. She needs to put on her push-up bra and start shoving her team mates into some meaningful game play. Nah, it won’t happen.

Fabio, if you don’t know the “real” Fabio, google him and you’ll understand how Jud got the nickname. Fabio(Jud) is one dumb air-headed, blondie. He should have been a girl!

Dan ….. all I have to say is, your dead in the water and your canoe has a small hole it …. ie, your sinking fast buddy!

I don’t think I’ve said enuff about you know who, after finishing Jeff’s rant. NaOnka is just plain pushy when she has to pick on a cripple by knocking her on her ass so you can get the clue she saw first. As for the apology for smashing the bananas, there was no reality behind that apology, just a i smashed the bananas, oh well, tuff shit. It’s a game and I”M playin it from the hood! Don’t try to be ghettoing me, I’m not dumb. No, but she sure is an a-hole.

The rest of the crew will feel my wrath later. For now, lets get the game on and whup some butt!

From Clint Eastwood to the Wizard of Oz ….

The comparisons are wild and wacky this year. The bozo’s running the circus have literally gone bezerk with the game-play they seem to be using. Crazy, nuts, loony, goofy, wild and on and on. You can fill one of the rewards chests they win with the descriptions people are using.

First, there is Dalton Ross, with an article entitled “The Hood, The Bad and the Ugly”! He goes on to say “Ding dong the Coach is dead …….” read it for yourself here. I couldn’t have expressed my feelings any better than Dalton. Most of these people should be evicted! Dumb, dumb, dumb …….

We can only hope for a merge that has an equal number from each tribe making it. My feeling however is that the Espada tribe is doomed to fail and only have 2 or 3 left at the merge. It’s looking like the La Flor Young Guns are gonna move along easily till merge time. My hope is they bury NaOnka along the way in a private cove, deep in the sand with her head sticking out so the hermit crabs can keep her company.

NaOnka is Out of Control!

Why do I get the feeling that these people are Big Brother rejects? Do any of these players ever watch and pay attention to how this game should be played? Helping people solve the clue to the HII, WRONG . Helping people find the HII WRONG . Showing the whole tribe that you have WRONG . What the hell is wrong with these fools?
That’s just the old folks! Lets consider the young, dumb and full of their own bullshit. Two of the women find the clue and can’t figure out the answer and hide the clue in a tree. Even after a week of brain wracking they are still “clueless” to solving the “clue”. This week we have two others see the clue and fight over to get it. Of course “Queen Benonka” grabs it before Kelly B. can take off her leg and beat QB back! I’d like a show of hands, didn’t Russell seem to conquer the HII trade a bit better. Love him or hate him, he did “GO and LOOK” for them. No one else seemed to worry about them. Almost as if they never heard of an HII. After seeming like a selfish bitch, QB is stumped (even with a 2nd easier clue) and seeks help from Yve. They seem to have a lead, but will they go get it together or will they go alone. We shall see!
After tribal council last week when La Flor got back to camp everyone was talking about unity. Of course QB dissed that whole idea! Alina, Kelly B., Fabio and Benry are on QB’s shitlist. I expect it to get longer when someone else pisses her off. Fabio however is one strange dude. He is just one crazy piece of work and is funnier than he thinks because of his naivety.
On the beach Chase, Brenda, Sash, Kelly Purple and QB discuss who they want out next. Alina lays on the beach a short distance away listening to it all!
Espada decides to go food hunting and end up at the holler monkey camp. Coach makes a fool of himself by screaming at the monkeys. When asked what the monkeys were saying, Coach says the monkeys said “Get the hell out of here”, which brings some laughter from the tribe.
Marty is jealous of coach and makes plans to get him evicted. I swear Marty is making plans to announce that he wants to be know as “The Don” of Survivor and everyone should kiss his hand and kneel before him!
The IC/RC (immunity/reward) combined challenge was somewhat exciting I’m sure because of the good old editing crew! The game was to run out in the field of mud and water and retrieve 10 barrels and bring then back to your tribes area. After all ten barrels are in the area they need to stack them into a pattern on wooden pads. After all are in position, one member is in charge of throwing some waited bags and having them land on top of the barrels. After Benry takes an early 2 – 1 lead, Tyrone runs off four on a row and Espada looks like they will win a challenge. Benry swaps out with Chase who doesn’t make anything and Benry goes back in and gets another point. Meanwhile Tyrone has been struggling and only makes one more for a 6 – 3 lead. Benry goes on an 6 – 0 run and and La Flor take an 9 – 6 lead. Tyrone makes one more before he is switched with Jimmy T. who makes one before Benry scores the winning point.
La Flor take their winnings and start heading back to camp. When Kelly B. goes to pick up the fruit she sees the HII clue, and of course so does QB!! Upon arriving back at camp, QB jumps in Kelly’s face and attacks the basket for the clue. After grabbing it she runs off like the true bitch she is. One plus this should make more enemies who will want to get rid of her. After not figuring out the clue she confides in Brenda who helps out. It seems they have it worked out but we don’t know if they find the HII.
Back at the Espada camp it’s a forgone conclusion who will be the evictee. Coach’s time has come and an 8 – 1 vote sends him home.
A few thoughts they have been rambling around in my mind.
1)The old tribe deserves a new name. Old Fools seems to fit them perfectly.
2)NaOnka (QB) is getting bitchier every moment she remains on the in the game!
3)Marty (Don Survivor) has given Dan and Holly the kiss of death!
4)The young guns are actually and bunch of high school kids who were voted most popular and most likely to succeed and it went to their head!
I don’t know why, but these people seem to be as clueless as the Big Brother crew from this season!
OH, and guess who is coming to Houston? Heydan will make an appearance at a charity event based loosely on Survivor. Others attending are listed as ….. Earl Cole / Fuji winner, Sandra Diaz / Pearl Island & Heroes and Villains, Bobby Jon / Palua & Guatemala, Eliza Orlins / Vanuatu & Micronesia, Jolanda Jones / Palau and a Council women in Houston and Uchenna Agu / winner T.A.R. #7.
Maybe I’ll go take some pics when it happens, Maybe!

Down but not out, Espada makes a comeback!

Day 4 and Holly appears to be breaking under the pressure of being isolated in the jungle. The Espada tribe decides to rework their shelter. Jimmy J. seems to leading the group and handing out assignments. Jimmy T. is miffed that he wasn’t given an assignment and starts to head out to go fishing. Not much of a rift in the tribe after evicting Wendy.

A few people are eating snails they had caught and were in a pot.  Holly, while watching them decides they’re not edible because of the faces being made while they eat them. For no reason she decides to dump them out because she thinks they aren’t edible. Everyone wonder what’s going on with her.  Holly gets mad at Dan and decides to get even with him. She takes his alligator shoes (why he wore those into the jungle is beyond be me) and proceeds to fill them with sand and sink them in the water along the beach. Holly really looks like she is getting ready to give up on the game and quit. She talks to Jimmy J and he convinces her to stick it out awhile longer.                                                                        

          Sash and Naonka are talking about becoming an alliance. They think they have some things in common. Naonka says she doesn’t like Kelly B because of her artificial leg. Naonka can’t find one of her socks which she said were in her shoes and makes an accusation that someone has taken it. After wandering around she steals a pair of Fabio’s socks. After someone tells him what she has done he goes to confront her about it. She starts giving him some mumbo jumbo that he has it out for her. I personally believe she is the biggest “BITCH” in the game this year. However, Fabio does seem to have a few screws loose in his brain. Lots of gossip and rumors start to float about everyone and it seems the Young Guns are showing signs of trouble.

          At the Immunity Challenge the game looks interesting. They must crawl thru a mud pit and then dig thru a pile of hay to find a ball. Four members of each tribe must do this until they get four balls to the next member on a mat. After all four balls are found, the next person must unravel a ribbon from the balls before they can be passed on to the next group who must pass them from one to the next person by catching them on a small wake board looking thing. The last person must try to get it into a barrel. The first team with four balls in the barrel wins immunity. The Espada tribe still has the MOP and decides to use it. Naonka sits out for La Flor because they have an extra person. Dan gets to sit out because of the MOP advantage that the Espada tribe gets. It gives them the advantage of 1 ball already in the barrel. This means they only have to use 3 people in the mud pit and only have to get three balls into the barrel.

          Both teams get off to a good start and are even for awhile. Holly has trouble finding the third ball and La Flor gets all four of theirs to the mat first. La Flor gets their first ball unwrapped and start passing it when Holly finds the third ball. La Flor gets a big lead by getting two balls in the barrel before Espada can get their second one. Benry then starts having trouble getting the third ball in the barrel. Tyrone is able to catch and pass the La Flor team when his third ball is made. Benry again has trouble with his third ball. Tyrone puts in the fourth ball just after Benry finally puts in his third. Espada wins immunity and reward.

They get their choice of fishing gear or tarp w/rope. They decide to take the fishing gear and head back to camp. La Flor must go to TC and evict their first member.

          Back at camp the Espada tribe discovers the clue to their HII. They don’t decipher it correctly and are looking all over the place. A little while later Jill rereads the clue and discovers the last part of the clue means tree mail. She goes to Marty and tells him what she learned. Dan is there and he hears it also. They go to the tree mail site and start looking. Dan and Marty move apart while searching and Jill helps out Marty. They find it without Dan seeing it and decide to share it. The clue was tuff but it didn’t seem to have been buried very deep.

          Over at La Flor the wheels seem to be coming of their finely tuned wagon when they start talking about who needs to be evicted. Two sides are working different angles on who to evict and Brenda and Shannon are being mentioned for eviction and it looks like it might be a 5 to 5 vote at TC.

          At TC Jeff asks Shannon what is going on. Shannon proceeds to tell all about the divisions forming in the tribe and that Chase is breaking his alliance. Chase admits he had an alliance with Chase and Brenda and was divided on who he was going to vote out. Shannon went way overboard with his comments and started a rift in the tribe which might endanger it further down the line. Jeff remarks that in 21 episodes that it’s the first time that an opening question has opened such a big case of whup ass! After the voting the results are 7 to 3 and Shannon gets evicted.

          It seems after the past 3 days that the Espada may becoming together and stronger and the La Flor are starting to self destruct. What do y’all think? Can La Flor recover and mend their mental wounds or will the “The Antique Road Show” get some gumption and start kicking some but. Will the girls in the La Flor tribe look for help to solve the HII clue? The MOP has been transferred to La Flor. Will they use it in the next challenge? Many, many questions are starting to develop they can change things in a hurry.

          Can’t wait till next week. Seems Naonka is getting even madder at someone!