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The Favorites Fall Apart on Survivor Micronesia

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The night began with a return to the fans beach after they get back from Tribal Council. Mikey obviously knows that Joel pulled the strings for Mary to go and it seemed like he wasn’t too happy with that decision. Over at the Favorites camp we saw the division move even further as it seemed Cerie has joined Jonathan, Yau, Eliza and Ami but she let us in that she isn’t deciding which side she’ll move to until she figures out which side is best for her.

The reward challenge was a brand new one for the show and was very dramatic and crazy. Basically they had to steal pillows from each other, kind of like a hardcore pillow fight in the water. It was great to watch them fight it out and I have a feeling that challenge took forever and we only got to see 5 minutes of it. I wish they would put the full events online for us to watch, like challenge and Tribal Council, but alas we must put up with their cut out version. Of course the challenge was put together very well and made for a great showdown. The favorites pulled out another win and a very needed one for them I felt.

We then saw a few clips from both beaches. At the favorites beach we saw Cerie playing the game much earlier then she did last time. She began to favor the love foursome and told Amanda and Parvati that its them three to the end, screwing over the other four she just minutes ago claimed to be a part of. At the fans beach we saw their lack of shelter help them oh so much during the worst down poor yet. They basically have no idea what they are doing as they claimed to have not slept at all through the storm. They have been there for at least a week now in episode three, so you would think they would have things at least a little under control. Guess not.

It then came down to another physical challenge for immunity. Four of the tribemates had to hold a suspended net, while the other five had to shoot coconuts into the other tribes nets. It was another brand new challenge for the show and a very fun one to watch! Jonathan commentated the entire time which probably contributed to him losing. You would think James could have held that net all by himself, but the favorites struggled for a large portion of the challenge while the fans didn’t move a muscle. It was a no brainer for a win as the fans gained another victory, even on their lack of sleep. It was then off to Tribal Council for the favorites who had a lot of drama going on so it was kind of good they went so we could see it play out!

Cerie was the start of last nights pre-TC and during the Tribal Council. She basically told everyone she’s voting one way and one way only, and that was for Yau Man. This made the foursome love alliance vote with her just so they had her vote in the future, even though they could have voted off whoever they wanted actually. Jonathan wasn’t happy that Cerie (or as he calls her Sherie) wasn’t voting who he wanted her too and basically blabbed about his entire alliance to the entire tribe, good work Jonathan. I like both him and Cerie but I think they made majorly bad moves by voices such strong opinions and both trying to control the game so early.

When it came to the Tribal Council both Jonathan and Cerie fought once again, but this time in front of Jeff. It is kind of expected from Jonathan that he’d act like this but nobody really saw it coming from Cerie. Last time she was very subdue and really didn’t get into the fight but just sat back and watched. Yau Man took the fall in the end and wasn’t really shown much, meaning they were probably happy he went anyway.

Next week looks to be another showdown between Cerie and Jonathan and yet another one between Mikey and Joel. Plus someone apparently finds the Hidden Immunity, thanks for ruining it in the preview Burnett!

Fans Pull Off Their First Blindside in Micronesia

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Survivor Micronesia is just beginning but the blindsides are already starting. But before we get to that lets start off with the “lovers square” that are trying to become the new Romber. It seems like Amanda/Ozzy and Parvati/James are becoming too tight for their own good. Their games are seeming to get screwed up by their “love” found on the beach and they probably don’t realize they are a huge target. Cerie FINALLY came into the episode and the game and plans to pull that alliance apart. Her and Jonathan began talking and it seems they are now aligning and my perfect alliance was born! Let’s hope they go all the way.

Over at the fans we seem them in more trouble then before. They can’t get fire started and the tribe is split 7 to 3 with another old/young split. Kathy, Tracy and Chet were basically kicked out by the youngins and ended up building their own shelter, which ended up being better then the first one! It was actually funny to see as they kick them out of the shelter, they then build there own and then they ask the three to help them build a new one just like it! I don’t know how long this split can last, but I hope the three of them can take it at least to the merge. I’m always up for a good underdog story.

At the challenge I was really rooting for the favorites as I didn’t want any of them to go. The challenge started off fairly even with everyone basically right behind each other with the key. When it came time for Chet to swim out, he lost the key and came back to the beach empty handed, putting the fans one rotation behind. Ultimately they couldn’t catch up as the puzzle was solved before the fans could even open their chest. Thankfully the favorites won!

 Then we found the new twist to the game as Exile Island returned. The favorites sent Kathy, which was odd, to Exile and then were told to send one of their own. Cerie said she would go and off they went. I think Cerie wanted to experience Exile Island since it started on her season and she wanted to prove she could go there. At Exile her and Kathy quickly bonded and found out they had to first search for clues to find the hidden idol. They swam across the ocean 4 different times and ultimately never found the idol. At least Cerie was on tons more then last week though!

At the fans tribe they had to decide who was going. Mikey made up some huge plan to vote where they would split the votes for Tracy and Chet, since Kathy could give them the hidden idol. It was kind of crazy and put a target on him actually and his new showmance Mary. At Tribal Council the votes were switched up since everyone though Mikey was running things and had Mary at his side to do anything. Mary ended up taking the fall for Mikey, who would have gone if the fans didn’t need him for the challenges.

I must say Micronesia is getting very interesting very fast. I can’t wait to see how this season turns out and can’t wait to see how Cerie switches up this game next week! Can you tell who my favorite is yet? I bet you can!

Fans 1 Faves 0

I watched my Tivo’ed Surivivor Micornesia Fans vs. Favorties last night and I have to tell ya….this is going to be quite the season.

Not quite an “All Star” show but taking 10 contestants and match them up against 10 fans of the show is seeming to make for an interesting mix.

First off, I am very happy to see Amanda back. I think I am still in love with her since Survivor China and I am hoping she goes far….now as far as Ozzy is concerned….chill out. This is not Big Brother and I will NOT TOLERATE a SHOWMANCE on SURVIVOR! (Jeff Probst has spoken!) ;)

Do you think the “Faves” are a little cocky and not really focusing on the game…I mean….between 2 obvious couples, losing the first challenge and just a weird we rock and have nothing to prove attitude….they just seem to be coasting by…

….meanwhile the fans seem to be more focuses on winning the challenges which we all know is really what matters. They may have not had shelter and had a learning curve for most things but when it comes down to winning….they DID and ended up sending JFP packing!

Speaking of JFP…was it just me or was he “trying” (and very poorly I may add) to fix his bad reputation.  I have to admit that I was very unimpressed with him.  He had no game and came off as a whining spoiled brat…..I want to go home, I want you to vote me off, I dont have it in me.  Obviously you dont….YM has more game then you ever will!

So tomorrow night, Valentine’s Day, round 2….who will win?  Fans or Favorites?

Peace,  Jeff Probst

Survivor Micronesia begins TONIGHT!

Call your neighbor, tell your friends set your TIVO or your VCR!  (remember those things)

It starts tonight at 7:00pm CST!  Who will be the first one to go….will it be one of the 10 Super Fans or will it be one of the returning Favorites from Season’s Past?

I will be watching.  I will report on the show tonight after it airs on the West Coast so be sure to sign up for the email newsletter so  you know when the new post is up!

I am looking forward to a great Survivor season (along with American Idol and Big Brother 9)

Peace, Jeff Probst

Survivor videos to keep your excitement growing!

I saw that there are a couple of new Survivor Videos available getting everyone ready for the next Survivor season.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure!

The first one is very “movie trailer” in it’s presentation.

For the second video, get to know the contestants…in case you do not remember some of the Favorites!

Survivor is looking good once again….who do you want to see WIN?

Peace,  Jeff Probst

Just 2 Weeks Til The Survivor Premier

Have you seen the CBS advertisement for Survivor? The “Fans” are really going to be challenged this year. Questions to ponder; will there be more than one hidden immunity idol (James..), will there be exile island againwith the clues (maybe Fairplay should be on this island all the time), and will the “Favorites” just be to smart for their own good to even come close to the other tribe. What are your thoughts? Please send in your comments and let us know what you think. This is your site and as a new “Blogger” I want to make this as interesting and informative as possible. But I want your input. Lets have fun with this and watch Johnny go down!!

Til Next Time: SBlogger

Fans Vs Favorites

Ok the time is getting closer and Johnny and his pals are acting like they will be the tribe to beat in this seasons Survivor. Let the countdown begin to only 19 days to showdown and already Johnny Fairplay is talking smack. So, let’s take a poll; with 19 days to go, go on the cbs website, take a look at the Fans of the show and vote for who you think will be the first to go to Tribal Council. Also, send in your comments and let us know about what you think of the upcoming season.

Til next Time, SBlogger

Just 3 Weeks Til The Survivor Fans Vs Favorites

Hi! I hope everyone is ready for a very interesting season of Survivor. I will be writing for the Survivor Blog and what better season to write for then when Johnny Fairplay comes back to town. What will he do this time to try and win? Then we have James back and we hope he remembers to actually use the Immunity idols. Well, just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone for staying with the Survivor Blog. We will keep these blogs full of information as often as we can. Feel free to let us know how to make this blog better for all of you.

Later, SBlogger