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Flight Attendant Todd Flies Out Of China With One Million Dollars!

Yes it is true.  The schemer schemed his way to victory in China.  22 year old Todd Herzog was able to scheme, lie and backstab his way to a 1 million dollar payday.   The vote ended up 4 for Todd, 2 for Courtney and only 1 for my personal favorite Amanda.  Basically when all was said and done, Todd was ready for the jury, had answers for everyone, gained respect from the Jury for playing the “game” and playing it off as it was just a game an nothing personal.

Todd was only 14 when Survivor premiered and since then studied the game and knew what he was doing.  He got an alliance from day one (which all of us Big Brother fans know did not work for Kail in Big Brother 8) and kept someone weaker close just in case. (Courtney)  His planned worked like a charm.  The only complaint I have at the end of the reunion show was…WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR HAIR?!?  Oh my….

Anyway…James was voted the most popular member of Survivor China and walks away with 100,000 dollars.  Not bad for looking good and not being smart enough to play the Hidden Immunity Idols that he had!  UGH!!  Denise the Lunch Lady was gifted 50,000 dollars from Mark Brunett (who I am guessing can afford it quite easily) for sharing a story about how she is no longer a lunch lady but a janitor now and not able to be with her family for meal time and all she wants is her job as a lunch lady back. 

Ironically, there have been reports (thanks Big G) that he statement seems to have been a little misleading…

Press Release: Mrs. Denise Martin
December 17, 2007
Douglas Public Schools

On the “Survivor China” television program that aired on December 16, 2007, Mrs. Denise Martin, an employee of the Douglas Public Schools, stated that she was demoted from her position as a cafeteria worker upon her return from taping the show. This statement is false. In fact, Mrs. Martin held a full-time position as a custodian prior to her participation in the series, and she returned to this same position upon her return from China. Mrs. Martin was granted – at her request – an unpaid leave of absence so that she could participate in the “Survivor” program. We were pleased and excited to support Denise, and have enthusiastically cheered her on throughout the duration of the show.

Although Mrs. Martin was a cafeteria employee prior to her selection as a contestant, she asked to be considered for a promotion to full-time custodian, and was promoted to this position on March 30, 2007. This promotion came with additional benefits and a higher salary. Following her leave, she then returned to this same position.

Regretfully, the Douglas Public School District was inaccurately portrayed as failing to be accommodating to an employee during what the District viewed as a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. This is far from the case. On the contrary, we granted all requests made by Mrs. Martin so that she could participate in the “Survivor” series. Since Mrs. Martin was on an approved leave, her position was held open for her, and she returned to this same position upon her return from China. As a District, we make every effort to support our employees, and will continue to do so.

Nancy T. Lane
Superintendent of Schools

And since this press release CBS News has offered this interview on their website where Denise admits to being a Janitor and not trying to mislead anyone with her comments on the Live Finale.  (she does need a hair cut…..dang mullet)

So after all is said and done, another Season of Survivor, another Season where I guessed WRONG on who would win.

What did you think?  Was Todd your pick to win?  Let us know who you wanted to win and what you thought of the finale!

Peace,  Jeff Probst

The Big 8

Sorry I have been out of town for the past week….glad to see you are all still hanging in there.

As posted in our last post comments section… is the current state of the Survivor China game.

The Big 8

Name —- Our Nickname for them

Amanda ——– Impatient
Courtney ——- PITA
Denise ——— Mullett Madness
Todd ———— More-man (or less)
Frosti–———– Monkey Man
Erik ————– Virgin
Peih-Gee —— Serious Asian Chick
James ——-— Muscle Madness

Bootee List
Chicken ——- Chicken Farmer>>>>>Booted 1st
Ashley ———- Professional WWE Wrestler>>>>>Booted 2nd
Leslie ———- Christian Radio Talk Show Host>>>>>Booted 3rd
Dave ———— Former Model>>>>>Booted 4th
Aaron ——–— Surfing Instructor>>>>>Booted 5th
Sherea -——– Elementary Teacher>>>>>Booted 6th

Jury List

1. Jaime —— Blondie
2. Jean-Robert — Tool
3. TBA
4. TBA
5. TBA
6. TBA
7. TBA

I PROMISE to watch the last episode tonight and try to get a review post up soon.  I miss you guys and promise to end the season strong!


Jeff Probst

Procrastinator,grave digger, and a mullet :)

OK, OK. So it took me awhile to catch up I admit I watched all 3 episodes on inner-tube last night. Ready for the equivalent of my Evil Dick from BB8, I sit down, daughter out with husband at softball, glass of wine in hand ready to be amused and shocked????

By the 2nd episode I’m asking myself “Why in the world did they get rid of Chicken??” Where is the oomph here. This guy gets naked in a competition wait at one point weren’t they all getting naked?? Then I am watching a cafeteria lady (who BTW reminds me of the lady Adam Sandler sings about 20 years before her prime)get-pushed off a dock by a bunch of anorexic Nicole Richie’s (sorry Lionel). My gosh are you kiddin me here?

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I am flabbergasted is that a word??? That’s my excitement? Maybe ED just set the bar a little to high for me, because the anorexic girl and the gay flight attend overhearing the grave digger and poker player saying who they want out is not giving me a choke hold here?? Is it just me?

I tell you I was glad to see Sister Christian go and the blonde smaller pocket size version of “China” go. Maybe it’s just to early, maybe the Sangria was too sweet but Survivor be it beautiful in China isn’t grabbing me by the Buddha if you know what I mean..

I am favoring the gravedigger and NO Jeff NOT BECAUSE his body is “Greek god-like” lmao… I like how he is quietly working and winning or at least doing his part for his side. Yeah so what he said to Jean Paul or Pierre or Robert whatever who he wanted gone. Those little sniveling rats shouldn’t’t have been listening. The poker player picked up on Todd from the giddy up..

My predictions or favorites??? The grave digger and the poker player. I like them both. Now why Jean Robert would think James would want the 70 pound cynical freak from New York I don’t know, but he is good at reading people. Maybe James is just used to seeing that sunken in cheek chic look?? How can a woman let herself get so little before going on survivor knowing you aren’t going to be eating. Hey maybe that’s her strategy she knows how to starve already sooo???

Anyways looking forward to hearing your opinion guys and girls.

Just a Jersey girls opinion anyway


Random thoughts on Survivor China’s debut

Do you ever wonder if the people who are starting a new season of Survivor have ever WATCHED the previous season before?  It just seems like sometimes they just do not have a clue.  For example, when I watched them walking with their luggage I was like well that is odd…I would bet they get rid of all of their luggage soon and sure enough after the Buddhist ritual they left “all their worldly possessions”  (well at least what was in the suitcases) behind and started the new season of Survivor.

Overall I was impressed.  This looks to be an interesting season with some dynamic individuals.

The NY waitress is hot in a “you really need to eat more” way but her mind is just not firing on all cylinders.  She will not win the game but may do ok with others carrying her since she is clueless.  (Just like our girl Dani from Big Brother!)

The Christian Talk Show host is taking a stand for what she believes.  I wish she would know that she entered a game and that sometimes God understands.  I did think that the ritual, although claiming to not be worship, sure had worship types of things: candles, bowing, kneeling, incense, folding hands.  I can see why she would be uncomfortable but still….kind of an in your face statement to the others and may hurt her in the game if she really is in it to win. 

The professional poker player calling the tiniest man in the world shifty because he is an airline attendant…so much for just putting it all out there.  I also think he should keep his shirt on. 

Speaking of keeping their shirt on, I think the world would love for the hunky grave digger to keep his OFF.  He seems to be all the rage on my blog (and I am sure other blogs around the world)!  It takes a good man to be a gravedigger and I guess he is it! 

Is it just me or does the lunch lady have one serious mullet going on?  I hope there is a cut your hair off challenge this year for her sake…and ours.

Chicken…sigh….not even fun to watch.  I am ok with his early exit.  I like to understand people but man…I just did not get him at all! 

Oh well…More to come soon….

Jeff Probst

Survivor China Premier is Thursday

This year’s 16 Survivor Contestants are a very unique group ranging from a Christian Talk Show host to a WWE Diva.  Should be a very competitive season and should have some unique things that we have not seen from Survivor past since they are in China. 

This year's cast of Survivor China.

 Here is our banner of the 16 new survivors.  We will get into each one more and more as the season progresses.  I am curious as to your early guesses as to who will be the Sole Survivor of Survivor China!

Jeff Probst

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