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Survivor China: Another Look behind the Scenes with ENIGMA

Hello fellow Survivor fans! Once again I have returned from the far east with another “peek behind the scenes” of our favorite reality show Survivor. As I have stated in previous articles, Survivor has quite a large support system working long, grueling hours behind the scenes to produce the sleek finished product we all enjoy every Thursday evening. Sure, we all know that it takes quite a bit of effort to produce anything for television these days, but I thought you would enjoy another look at the what it takes to transplant a part of the “Hollywood” machine to a little known area of the most “enigmatic”, if you will ?, country on Earth.

Let’s take a look…

Ok gang, let’s talk toilets!
The video from a Survivor point of view was very informative and entertaining. But, and there must always be a “butt”, pun intended ?! When the clip reached the part about having to explain to the Chinese how to use a western style toilet, I just had to know why??? C’mon a toilet is a toilet right? Wrong? I did a little more peeking and found out why. I really do wish that I didn’t.

Please view at your own risk…!!!

Just another quick look……

And finally friends, if I have any after this posting, this one is not for the faint of heart. This final clip just makes you proud to own a proper potty ? !

There you have it. You may not want it, but I think we all have a better idea of what it is like to leave our comfortable homes and “go native” so to speak.
Now it is your turn to speak, did I look a little too far behind the scenes this time?
Tell me what you thought about Base Camp. And if you have traveled abroad and encountered a different way of taking care of business, please share with us……

ENIGMA signing off…

Survivor China: Countdown to the next season!

So I have been reading about the new Survivor and have found a few interesting things to share with everyone…

Survivor: China Logo

Here is the new Logo for Survivor China. First thing you may notice is that the words “Outwit, Outlast, Outplay” have been replaced with Chinese characters. Per the blog at, the characters translate to: Compete in intelligence, compete in skill, compete in endurance. Personally I think they look very nice on the new logo!

Second interesting fact is that since they are no longer on an island location but will be on the mainland of China they will no longer have an “Exile Island” but per Mark Brunett they will still have a hidden immunity idol!

Also some other interesting facts for you to chew on…

The tribes are roosting somewhere near the city of Jiujiang, on the shores of the Yangtze River in Jianxi province.

The tribes are Zhan Hu (which translates as Fighting Tigers) and Fei Long (Flying Dragons). Zhan Hu’s color is yellow. Fei Long is probably red.

As initially stated on and, at least one semi-famous face is thought to be among the castaways: WWE wrestler and Playboy cover girl Ashley Massaro.

…and from our Rumor Department

ALL-STARS Part Duex?
A report on a different website, claims that the filming of the 16th season, an All-Star edition, will begin immediately after “Survivor: China” at the same site. That has not been confirmed by additional sources.

I know that I did enjoy the first Survivor All Stars but I guess we will see how the 2nd round would go. As long as they choose the right Survivors from the previous shows it may have a chance!

Stay tuned to Survivor China Blog for all of the stuff we can dig up!

Jeff Probst

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Is WWE Diva Ashley Massaro a contestant?

WWE Diva Ashley Masaro

WWE superstar Paul London told that Ashley “was written out of the WWE storylines because she’s leaving to be a contestant on the ‘Survivor’ reality show.” Take this for what its worth now, until we hear some official announcement on Ashley being on Survivor. This could explain this week’s “suspension” of Massaro on “SmackDown!” Fortunately, it looks like she’s kept her spirit uplifted.

WWE reps had no comment.

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