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Survivor Crowns Its Newest Millionaire Denise Stapley

Well, all that remains of Survivor Philippines is this recap.  By now I’m sure you know that the sole Survivor is Denise Stapley.  Here’s a quick review.

The final four contestants were Lisa, Denise, Malcolm and Mike Skupin.  The reward challenge gave the winner an advantage for the final Immunity.  Malcolm once again proved that he is a wiz at puzzles and wins the reward challenge and the advantage in the final challenge.  It turns out that the advantage is that he is able to get a second chance.  Let me explain.  I always find this challenge nerve wracking.  The contestants have to hold a series of pegs while balancing a little ball and of course, not dropping the ball.  Each time period involves more pegs making the challenge harder and harder.  You drop your ball, you lose…except for Malcolm.  Since he won reward, he gets a second chance.  This should hand him this challenge on a silver platter right?  Wrong.  Malcolm seems to have a bit of a tremor.  He cannot keep that ball balanced.  He drops it once and then yep, he drops it again.  He is first out of this one.  Denise is second to lose.  Funny how the two that needed to win the most are the first two to lose, huh?  It’s between Lisa and Skupin and Skupin eeks out the win.  I was disappointed.  I wanted to see Lisa win SOMETHING. Oh well.

So, with Skupin having Immunity the choice is between voting off Malcolm or voting off Denise.  Lisa is convinced that the right thing to do is to vote off Malcolm because they don’t have a chance against him.  Well truthfully, Lisa doesn’t have a chance at all so what did she care?  Skupin is up in the air because he has a final three with Malcolm, but in the end chooses to take Denise to the final three.  Oops!  Also, I don’t know if it occurred to Malcolm and Denise that they could have voted Lisa, thus making the vote tied 2-2.  In that case a final challenge is held to decide the winner.  In the past, it has been a fire starting challenge–remember Bob Crowley’s season?  Well, that’s neither here nor there because Malcolm is voted off and your final three will face the jury.

As usual, at the jury meeting some contestants are mature and handle it with aplomb and others show their feelings of regret and wishing they could get revenge.  On the whole, it was a pretty tame jury.  When the voting occurs, Lisa receives one vote and Skupin receives one vote and Denise wins with all the rest of the votes.  Lisa wins the fan vote and $100,000.

This morning I was able to talk to Gillian Larson from Survivor Gabon about her latest experience at the Survivor Philippines finale.  If you read my blogs regularly, you probably know that Gillian is the creator of Reality Rally, a fundraising event held yearly in Temecula California.  The event involves Reality Stars and Gillian makes a point to meet each and every new one and get them involved in her amazing charity work.  I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

Gillian was able to meet this season’s Survivors.  She makes a point of mentioning that she feels that this season’s Survivor was one of the best because the players were “honorable” with very little dramatics.  She is correct in that this season the players played Survivor. Everyone was interested in the game and wanted to win and they sure played that way.  Of course, it’s debatable about what the public really does want.  Do they want to watch sincere players compete honestly and with dignity and maturity or do they want to see players make fools of themselves, for instance…well you know who!

Gillian had only good things to say about this new batch of reality stars.  She was thrilled with Denise winning Survivor and felt that she was authentic.  Gillian used the words “delightful” “real” and “engaging” to describe Survivor’s newest millionaire.  All the other contestants were over any hard feelings they had on the show.  They were interacting well with each other and seemed to be enjoying their brand new fan base.

Gillian specifically mentioned that Denise and Abi-Maria have no hard feelings toward each other.  Gillian is from South Africa and she says she can understand what Abi-Maria is talking about when she speaks of cultural differences.  She admits that she had to make adjustments here in America also.  It’s good to know that Survivor helped Abi learn how to relate to us Americans!

One contestant that Gillian felt didn’t get to show his true self was Artis.  She says he is very outgoing and funny–not at all as serious as he was portrayed on the show.  Sometimes editing makes you look different than what you are.

Let me take a few moments to promote Reality Rally–an amazing event that will be held on the first weekend of April in Temecula California.  Reality Rally raises funds for Michelle’s Place, a breast cancer resource center.  Michelle died at age 26 due to a missed diagnosis at 19 years-old. Reality Rally is produced by over 600 people who see the value of being involved. The event is in tribute to Michelle, Jenn Lyon from Survivor Palua and Gillian’s brother who all died too young of cancer. We have all been touched by this dreaded disease.  Reality stars from shows all over the world participate in Reality Rally to help fight this disease and help promote awareness.  Since my sister is a breast cancer survivor, this charity is very close to my heart also.

The reality stars participate in an Amazing Race type event.  This event gives fans a chance to not only meet and greet their favorite stars, but actually play a reality game with their favs!  Already signed up for this year’s event is this season’s Survivor contestant Mike Skupin.  A list of reality stars who have already signed up to attend Reality Rally can be seen by clicking here.  By donating to your favorite stars page you help not only the star but more importantly Michelle’s Place and breast cancer patients and survivors.  So please help by donating!

Gillian also tells me that she was able to get a piece of the ACTUAL SURVIVOR TRIBAL COUNCIL SET!!!!  This ornate (and heavy!) piece of wood has been signed by a large number of this season’s contestants along with the Survivor set designer.  This item will be auctioned off to benefit Michelle’s Place so keep checking the Reality Rally website or better yet–like it on Facebook so you are sure to know when this item is available.  If you are a Survivor diehard fan, this item will be very cool to have!

If you are looking to have some fun, raise money for charity and soak in some southern California sun, please consider attending this year’s Reality Rally.  Not only do you get to meet over 100 reality stars, but you even get to meet me!  LOL  What more can you ask for?

I’ve once again enjoyed hanging out with you here on the Survivor blog.  I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful winter, Holiday season and healthy happy start to 2013.  I’ll be back here, along with BBBlogger in February for the next Survivor season of Fans versus Favorites.  Until then…Bloggergal xxoo


Who is the moron now, Abi-Maria?

With Sunday’s finale looming right around the corner, this Survivor episode should have had us sitting on the edge of our seat, but instead it was ho-hum.  Surviving are the two duos of Lisa and Skupin and Denise and Malcolm along with the loner Abi-Maria.  IMO, Abi-Maria has done everything in her power to NOT win Survivor Philippines and tonight she proved successful in that goal!  Here’s a quick rundown.  I say quick because it’s cookie baking day in Bloggergal’s house!

The Reward competition comes down to Malcolm and Skupin.  I know, surprising right?  Skupin pulls this one off.  If you remember, last week Reward went to Malcolm.  The Reward is a helicopter ride to a boat with pizza, etc. and a chance to swim with the fish–with scuba gear, not the gangster way!  Skupin is able to take two others with him.  He chooses Malcolm because Malcolm picked him last week.  He also chooses his buddy Lisa.  This leaves Abi-Maria and Denise back at camp alone. (tee-hee)

While at the Reward, Malcolm asks Lisa and Skupin to form a new alliance for a final three.  In other words, he plans to turn on his partner from the beginning Denise.  Well, from a game point of view, yeah…not a bad move.  Denise is one helluva player.  Of course Skupin is no slacker either!  Lisa agrees but she knows having Malcolm in the final three is a no-no.

Back at camp, Abi-Maria is talking and talking and talking to Denise.  The Survivor editors do a cute job of this and you can hear and feel Denise’s discomfort.

The day of the Immunity Challenge, Denise wakes up with a bite on her neck and severe pain.  Denise is tough, but you can see that she is really suffering.  It looks to me like she was bitten by a vampire–just sayin’.  Skupin and Lisa pray over Denise to help heal her.  Survivor sure has become a religious show in the last few seasons, hasn’t it?  I always picture God sitting somewhere saying, “NOW, what do those Survivor contestants want from me?”

The Immunity Challenge involves a physical as well as a puzzle part.  Surprisingly, all contestants, except for Malcolm get through the physical part around the same time.  Malcolm falls off and has to start over.  You would think that would put him out of the competition, but this is Malcolm we are talking about!  Denise seems to fly through the puzzle, but then has difficulty at the end and has to readjust some pieces.  Malcolm catches up with the others and then puts the puzzle together as if he’s done it before.  Once again, Malcolm wins Immunity.  This means that not only does Malcolm have immunity, but he also has a HII.  He could, conceivably use it on one of the players, but why stir up a bees nest?

With the four still (supposedly) strong, it looks like fire out for Abi-Maria at tribal.  She makes sure she says some really stupid things to insure this!  For instance, she calls Skupin a moron.  LOL  How she’s made it this far in the game is unbelievable to me.  Abi-Maria is voted off the tribe.  Can you say…it’s about time?  The only thing is from a player strategy…was this the way to go?  Wouldn’t it have been better to blindside Denise and get rid of one of the strongest players?  Or even better, Denise and Lisa could have gotten together and blindsided Skupin.

So now we have our final four.  It looks pretty obvious that Lisa is going to make it to the final two.  I know if I were Malcolm, Skupin or Denise, I’d want her next to me in the end.  It all comes down to who wins Immunity at the next challenge, doesn’t it?  See you on Sunday.  I can’t believe another season of Survivor is coming to an end.

I have a Survivor Finale party interview scheduled with my dear friend and Reality Rally guru…Gillian Larson.  Stay tuned for all the inside information!  Bloggergal

Survivor..And Then There Were Five

Last night was family reunion time on Survivor.  Each of the remaining six contestants were able to meet up and compete with a member of their family.  Malcolm was teamed up with his younger brother.  Skupin was teamed up with his oldest son.  Abi Maria was teamed with her mother, who by the way hardly spoke a word of English.  Lisa was teamed with her younger brother.  Carter was teamed up with his mom.  Denise was teamed up with her very tall husband.  My husband was rolling his eyes when the families were introduced.  You would think they hadn’t seen a family member in years instead of just 30+ days.  Lisa was totally ridiculous in how she carried on.  The only two that I think should have been so emotional was Denise and her husband. Do I think that Survivor makes them play this part up?  Yup, I do!

The competition was a bit hard to watch since Abi-Maria’s mother was so out of her element.  I’m not crazy about Abi but that was just silly.  Of course Malcolm and his young strapping brother won.  Prize was to spend the night with your family member at camp.  Malcolm was able to pick two other contestants to do the same.  Surprisingly, at least to me, Malcolm picked Lisa and Skupin.  He says it was his way of thanking them for sticking by him last week at Tribal.  I think he was totally unfair to his partner from the start Denise.

This almost backfired big time on Malcolm because Lisa’s brother convinced her to start playing the game like a..well like a gamer.  He had her in agreement to blindside Malcolm at tribal.  Fortunately for Malcolm, he won Individual Immunity.  Teehee.  I love Malcolm and am pulling for him.  This left the choice of who would be voted off between Abi-Maria and Carter.  Carter is the stronger player, but Abi-Maria is a royal pain in the butt.  The players decide to play smartly and vote off Carter.  Every single one of them knows that taking Abi-Maria to the finals will insure a win.

So, do you think it would have been better to get rid of one of the stronger players like Skupin or Denise instead of Carter?  Tell me what you think!

Have a great rest of the week.  Bloggergal


Abi Maria May Be Down But Don’t Count Her Out!

After last week’s Tribal, Abi-Maria realizes that her days on Survivor are numbered.  Everyone is expecting her to be the next voted off, so of course that’s not what happens, right?

This week featured the Survivor auction.  Each contestant receives $500 to use to bid on items that Jeff presents.  Denise uses her whole $500 on a complete breakfast.  Malcolm gets a plate of donuts and iced coffee.  Skupin buys a plate of cheese and wine.  Penner wins a covered item…fried chicken and fries.  Carter wins another covered item.  This one is a baked potato with all the fixings, but he is given the option to trade it for rice and beans for the whole tribe.  Carter unselfishly trades.  Lisa wins a covered dish which turns out to be a gigantic sandwich and soda.  Carter once again wins and this time gets veal shanks.  The whole tribe gets to share, but only for sixty seconds.  This is truly a caveman/woman moment.  Abi Maria has been sitting quietly throughout this whole ordeal.  When Jeff asks her why she isn’t bidding, she says that since she will be voted off soon, she will get to eat then.  This girl has such a ‘tude, but doesn’t seem to realize it.  Well, she bids her whole $500 when Jeff says the item up for auction is an “advantage” in the game.  Those donuts aren’t looking so good now are they, Malcolm?

When she gets time alone, Abi realizes that she has received a move directly to the finals in the next Immunity Challenge.  She tries to put one over on the tribe by saying she has another Hidden Immunity Idol, but I’m not sure if the others believe her or not.  The Immunity Challenge involves untying knots and climbing through an obstacle course.  The finals come down to Carter, Penner and Abi.  Did anyone else notice that the knots in the third round were all small–like in perfect for a girls fingers?  Abi wins the Immunity Challenge sending the tribe into a tailspin because now they must vote out one of the “final six”.

Abi has Carter and Penner voting against Denise.  Malcolm and Denise are planning on voting for Penner.  Up for grabs are the twosome of Lisa and Skupin.  Lisa is still playing the “I can play this game with morals” card and tells Penner that since she made an agreement with Malcolm and Denise to go to the end that she is voting Penner off.  This leaves Skupin who seems to be up in the air about which way he should vote.  Personally, I think he should have voted off Denise because she is such a strong, strong player.  However, he sticks to his final four deal and votes off Penner.  Penner puts on a bit of show as he exits.

This leaves us with Abi hanging out there with no true alliances.  Malcolm and Denise are as solid as ever and still in an alliance with Skupin and Lisa who are also a tight-twosome.  Carter has to realize that he’s in a bit of trouble, especially since he voted against Denise.

Thanks to BBBlogger for filling in for me once again!  I had a great time with my family in the fabulous Las Vegas.  See you next week!  Bloggergal

You Could Get Hit By A Car…Even On Survivor!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our friends who follow this Survivor Blog! We are very thankful for each and everyone of you!!

One of my favorite things about this season of Survivor is Penner! He is by far one of the most entertaining, witty, funny guys to play the game. He started talking about Abi and how she is going home this week if she does not play the idol. He then made a comment about getting hit by a car when crossing the street…referring to the idea that ANYTHING could happen to anyone at anytime.

So with that I pictured Jeff Probst driving a golf cart around the island and running into people…made me laugh a little bit on this Thanksgiving Thursday! :)

***pausing to let that image sink in some!**

So let’s get to yesterdays episode. Reward challenge. Break up the 8 into 2 teams of 4. Younger vs Older is how it shook out and they played a game called flip the giant coin. 3 of them in 3 circles. Looked like a fun game and some of the castaways were confused and ended up flipping a coin at the wrong time or forgetting to flip their opponents coin. Basically…the younger team of Malcom, Abi, Pete and Carter prevailed. They won a spa day on a different island. Not sure which guy it was but he wiggled his fingers when he said he needed a pedicure. LOL…good thing he is a boy! :)

Spa time was nice…nice bath, clean hair, FOOD, all the things one could want.

When it was over, Abi was glowing and not just because she was clean…she wanted to share her experience with everyone…which made the old school people who did not get a spa day a little jealous.

On to the immunity challenge, which is a fun 3 part elimination race where the castaways needed to push a buoy on a rope. First round is through a complex maze and first 5 go to round 2. Penner, Carter, Malcom, Denise and Skupin. Now lets add some more difficulty to the challenge. Lets make sure we keep the people off of the ground. On the balance beam and pushing the buoy around it. Good stuff. Final 3 for the round is Carter, Skupin and Denise. (is it just me or is Denise rocking this challenge!)

Final leg is where we add water to the mix and in a close finish Carter gets by the last knot before Skupin and won individual immunity.

So with 2 hidden immunity idols in the mix and Abi and Pete looking like they are gonners there is one interesting idea.

Split vote, flush out Abi’s immunity idol, and maybe flip Skupin and get Malcom out and have him walk out with his idol in his pocket. But in the end, Skupin stayed loyal and Abi played her idol so Pete was eliminated.

Bye bye Pete! It was fun but your time is up….buh bye!

There was some awkwardness with Abi and it ended up almost coming off as mean toward Abi. I am still not sure what to make of it. Just left me with a weird feeling afterwards.

So will the final 4 alliance of Malcom, Skupin, Lisa and Denise stick? Will the final 6 keep Abi around for a little while longer?

Survivor Phillipines: Artis is Blindsided

Do you all agree with me that Survivor is starting to get good?  I was away last week, but I did sit and watch the show.  I can’t decide if Lisa just keeps playing the innocent card and is really a shark or whether she’s genuine.  You just never know on Survivor!

This week’s reward challenge pitted Denise, Malcolm, Penner and Carter against Artis, Skupin, Lisa and Pete.  Penner really gave his team an advantage when he dug out all four bags that were buried in the mud so that his teammates didn’t have to search.  They received reward which included bringing gifts to the village children and sharing a huge feast with the village.  It was really a nice touch to involve the locals and have the Survivors give instead of always just taking.  Hopefully this will become a regular part of the game.

Did you ever notice that we rarely see how teams are picked?  Evidently for the reward challenge one player was picked to be in charge and then they chose the other players on their team.  Actually, I’m assuming this is what went down because Jeff mentioned that Abi-Maria was “not picked to compete”.  Let’s face it Penner’s team was stacked.  Denise is an amazing competitor and my newest idol!  I wish I could be in that condition <sigh>.

The Individual Immunity challenge involved balancing balls on a paddle and getting them to sit in slots.  The first one to get all six of their balls in the slots on their paddle wins.  Skupin kicked butt on this challenge and was quickly in the lead.  His only competition was Pete, but I think Pete started feeling the pressure and before you know it his balls fell.  <s>  Skupin won Individual Immunity.

Of course, this scared the crap out of Penner.  He doesn’t have a HII anymore and he knows it could be him going to jury this week.  He starts working on Skupin and Lisa to get them to switch over to his side.  Lisa is wishy-washy because she doesn’t want to go against her word and her alliance.  However, Skupin doesn’t have a problem switching sides.  The decision is to blindside Artis and by the look on his face when the votes were read…that they did!  Penner, Denise, Malcolm, Carter and Skupin vote to oust Artis.  Abi-Maria and Pete are sitting ducks.  I personally think they should have blindsided Abi-Maria to flush out or eliminate the HII.  I know that everyone wants to keep her because they see her as absolutely no competition in the Finals.  She really is a PIA, isn’t she?

That’s it gang!  Unfortunately, I won’t be around next Wednesday again.  I’m going to Las Vegas for a family reunion for Thanksgiving.  I’ll ask BBBlogger to fill in.  Hopefully, he will have time.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!  xxoo Bloggergal

How to play a hidden immunity idol class is now in session

So yesterday I watched two different tribes battle it out. But enough about politics…

Glad we all made it through election season and glad that Survivor is back on. I just finished watching and I am still scratching my head. When did open discussion about who to vote out at tribal council become common place? When did people start showing off their hidden immunity idols BEFORE the vote? Why did I think there were 10 people on the block??

Well it all starts with a returning castaway..Penner who did play an idol last week and now this week is sweating bullets…he is in trouble and he HAS to win individual immunity or his time on the island will be done faster than an infected leg! (what…too soon?) He wants to play all coy and sit back but he was part of the 5 who won the reward challenge and got to roll on down the river…end of the day….he wants to win so He tries to talk his way into some background role. Everyone can see through it and they all want him gone.

Then the final 10 compete for immunity. They race with knots, obstacles and puzzle pieces. Top 3 who win get to try the puzzle. So Jeff and Pete are the top 2 but then it is a race and Penner barely gets across the line before Michael. It was close…so everyone does not want Penner to win.

SO guess who won!! Yep. Penner …he pulled it out. Made his snake first before and won individual immunity before Jeff or Pete. He even kissed the snake after. (Weird or what??) So there you go.

Now the plan is Michael right…..wrong. Lisa takes the good, and takes the bad, and starts to think Malcom needs to go….since he is Mr. HI. Flush out the idol…smart move in my head! So one Malcom shows his idol then Jeff asks…Anyone else? For some odd and weird and crazy reason….Abi pulls one out too and shows her hand. (WRONG MOVE!)

Then the weirdest thing happened. People talked about who they are voting for very open and what “THE PLAN” is. I was like…OK. Guess we will see what happens.

Sure enough there are 3 people who have their names on the paper. Jeff, Pete and Abi. Jeff had 5 votes and Jeff was blindsided. I think Probst enjoyed saying “Jeff, the tribe has spoken!” lol

So Blair Warner caused some controversy this episode. She said and we can all agree…”The rules of survivor are much different than the rules of real life!” I guess she knows the Facts of Life after all! :)

So what do you think. Now that Jeff and RC are on the jury…what will happen next? Comment below and thank you for being a part of Survivor Blog!

Peace, BBBlogger

PS: Bloggergal is on vacation but she said she will be back next week with her (in my opinion) better recapping skills! :) See you in the comments! Peace!

Survivor Tribes Merge…Not One Big Happy Family!

Finally, all the remaining Survivor contestants are on the same tribe.  In essence the four remaining members of  Kalabaw  joined up with the still intact tribe Tandang.  Immediately players began to scramble to have the merge be to their best advantage.

All new Survivor contestants are dead set against a former contestant winning this game.  That puts a huge target on Jonathan and Michael.  Since the tribe has figured out that Jonathan has a HII, they decide very early on to vote for him at the tribal council.  The plan is to divide the votes between RJ and Jonathan.  If Jonathan uses the HII, then RJ will be voted off.  If he doesn’t, then it would Jonathan voted off.

Kind of up in the air about whose side they are on is Jeff and Carter.  They realize that if they team up with the 4 from Kalabaw they will have a solid six.  Jeff isn’t too sure about this because he doesn’t like the idea of playing with past Survivors over new contestants.  Carter just sits there with his mouth hanging open most of the time!

The Immunity Challenge comes down to pure strength.  Each member of the tribe must hold up a bucket that contains 25% of their body weight.  There will be one female and one male winner.  Denise wins for the women handily.  The final two on the men’s side are Jeff and Carter.  Jeff tells Carter that he will owe him one if he drops and vice versa.  Carter agrees and says that he really wants Immunity, so Jeff drops.  Since all the tribe is after either RJ or Jonathan, the main goal was not to have either of those win Immunity.

At Tribal Council, Abi-Maria is still carrying on about how RJ betrayed her.  No one, but us knows that it was really Pete setting up RJ.  I can’t wait to see Abi-Maria and Pete get ousted from this game. I do not like those two.

The vote comes down to three getting votes…Pete, RJ and Jonathan.  Jonathan intelligently uses his HII and so his votes don’t count.  RJ is voted off the tribe.  I suppose this setup served a purpose because now Jonathan doesn’t have a HII anymore and he’s left out there dangling.  I don’t really understand why they chose RJ as the one who would go home if Jonathan used the HII.  I would think Skupin would have been a good choice?

That’s it for this  week.  Unfortunately, but actually really fortunate for me! I won’t be around next Thursday.  We are taking a vacation!  Hopefully BBBlogger will show up here to update you.  Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon…Bloggergal

Also, my thoughts and positive energy to all of you in the East who were affected by the hurricane.  Let us know if we can do anything to help you recover!

Survivor…Yesterday’s Recap

I read through your comments and I have to agree this is REALLY a boring Survivor season. I think it has to do with all the contestants seeming to get along and mostly just enjoying their days on the beach!  I guess as the season gets further along, the contestants will realize what’s at stake and start playing for real.

Last night, we saw another challenge for reward.  Was this a weird thing or what?  The teams had to move a ball through mud to their side of the playing field to score points and thus win the challenge.  However, from the very first, it became obvious (probably to the producers as well) that this wasn’t going to happen.  The teams were so evenly matched that the ball just sat there in the middle of the mud with the contestants at standoffs.  I was very impressed with Facts of Life Lisa’s strength display in her match-up with Denise.  So the next thing you know the two teams are in negotiations.  Tandang agrees to give the Reward to Kalabaw in exchange for all their rice.  Huh?  Tandang…have you lost your mind?  You think a letter from home and some treats are more important than your rice?  So that’s what goes down.

Kalabaw enjoys its reward (I guess).  Jonathan swears that he can catch enough fish to keep the tribe’s tummies full.  Of course, next scene shows Jonathan returning to shore with a little tiny bit of fish!  LOL  Editing?  Probably…

The Immunity Challenge is relatively simple.  One member of each tribe launches a ball.  The other tribe members have nets.  You get one point for each catch.  Five points win the challenge.  Malcolm outshines everyone in this challenge.  He seems to be the one to beat this season.  He helps Kalabaw win its second Immunity Challenge since the merge.  Tandang once again must go to Tribal Council and eliminate a player.  There is some talk (although I think forced) of them blindsiding Jonathan, but it’s pretty obvious that Katie won’t survive the night.  She barely survived last week, so this week is pretty much a no brainer.  Tandang is down to four players who are all in an alliance.

The tease of next week’s show mentions a “shake-up”.  I assume that means the teams will once again change.  I hope that Denise and Malcolm end up back on the same tribe.  I love those two and am rooting for them!  Have a great week all.  Bloggergal

PS  The site is under construction…bear with us while we improve this thing!

Dana Doesn’t Survive Survivor

I am so sorry to let my gang down last week and not get a blog done.  Would you believe I still haven’t found last week’s episode in full on the Internet?  I started watching Survivor last week and received a phone call that I couldn’t ignore, so technically I “watched” Survivor but I didn’t hear a word of it.  I did see “baby” Russell throw something in frustration when his tribe lost AGAIN.  It reminded me of when my kids were little and they’d strike out in baseball and get all puffy mad to hide their feelings of failure.  Oh well…bye, bye Russell.  Maybe you should try Amazing Race next time?

To be honest, it is very difficult to blog this season of Survivor because there really isn’t much to say!  Denise and Malcolm were the only two members of their tribe left so they were split up and put on the other two tribes.  Denise ended up on Kalabaw and Malcolm is on Tandang.

Next was a reward challenge which involved one player from each tribe facing off and attempting to knock an idol of a pedestal.  Reward was fattening sweets but also coffee and tea.  Caffeine has to be a plus when being on Survivor.  Tandang won the challenge and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is the way it would be for awhile now that Malcolm is on a new tribe.  The man is a fierce competitor.

Dana couldn’t survive Survivor.  She became very ill with dehydration, stomach pains, etc.  The medic said that she was physically able to continue in the competition, but she opted out.  I suppose it’s disappointing to realize that you don’t have what it takes to be a Survivor, but we all aren’t equal in physical and mental strength and stamina.  Her tribe felt bad for her, but they are also upset about losing a player.

The Immunity Challenge involved racing through an obstacle course and eventually solving a puzzle.  Since Kalabaw is down a player, Tandang had to sit out one of theirs.  Once again Abi Maria does not compete in a challenge.  Jeff asked her how many challenges she has competed in and she admits only two.  Since Abi Maria showed up at the Big Brother rap party wearing a knee brace, it’s obvious that she’s hurt and won’t be much help in competitions anyway.

Kalabaw’s Katie has a difficult time on the obstacle course and slows her team down.  They seem to eventually catch up, but Tandang pulls out the win.  Kalabaw now must head to Tribal and lose another player.  At first glance, it seems obvious that Katie should go since she was the reason they lost the competition anyway.  Denise is now included in the male alliance bringing their numbers up to 4.  The four, okay actually only the guys decide between Dawson and Katie.  Denise has no choice but to follow their lead.  In fact, Denise’s only chance is to hope she survives until the merge because those guys will turn on her quickly.  Dawson is the one that knows that Jeff was a professional baseball player.  From the tape edit, we see Dawson bringing up conversation about professional baseball just to see if Jeff squirms.  This could have been her downfall because Jeff wants her out of there to keep his secret safe.  Once again, I have to say…it’s all in the editing.  Nonetheless, Dawson is voted off.  She is very surprised as well she should be.  Katie smirks which annoyed me to no end.  I wonder why Dawson doesn’t turn around while leaving the area and yell back to Jeff that she knows he was a pro baseball player?  Maybe, she isn’t allowed to?  I sure would have.

So that’s it for this week.  Have a happy, healthy, safe week.  Bloggergal