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In America we can be opinionated, even about Survivor!

Andy Dehnart of sums it up very nicely in his latest blog post! Please read it here…Shambo’s headless chicken nightmares fail to predict blindside; John says pie not a factor

If you think Coach is long winded, wait till you read Tallulah of The Huffington Post

 Survivor: Samoa: The Silence of the Chickens

Last week’s show was a recap via mostly previously unseen scenes, so recall that when we last had a new episode, Shambles’ plot to depose the Viper Queen had triumphed, thanks to the second-ballot flip-vote of Rocket Scientist John, done to avoid going to a random draw that might send any of them home except the vote-getters. This episode began with the return to camp, with Shambles gleeful and joyous.

Meanwhile, Not-Laura, whose alias is “Monica,” wanted to send Rocket Scientist John to the jury, for betraying the Queen of Vipers. I wanted to give him a medal, and Not-Laura is stupid, because:

1. If John hadn’t flipped, Not-Laura could have drawn the Death Rock and gone home herself, and

2. The Viper Queen is evil. She is a religious, female Dick Cheney, the worst of both worlds.

And John did the Viper Queen a favor. Now she can go to one of her idol, Sarah Palin’s, book signings, and for a mere $16, even get her picture taken with the Moose Slayer. So it’s wins all around
headshotTallulah Morehead

Award-Eligible Film Legend, Goddess, and Lush

Posted: December 4, 2009  Read the whole article!

What will Russell do?

Jeff Probst blogs ‘Survivor: Samoa': episode #12

by Jeff Probst


Once again history repeats itself. It always does. Especially on Survivor. Anybody remember back on Survivor: All-Stars when Boston Rob pleaded with Lex to save his soon-to-be wife, Amber, promising his loyalty in return? We all remember how that turned out… Lex was the next person voted out. Sound familiar?

John made a huge move last week when he aligned with Russell and Foa Foa and switched his vote forcing Laura out of the game. It was a big move that I fully appreciated. He risked alienating Laura and other Galu members to put himself in a better position in the game. Unfortunately for John, the big move was poorly executed.As always hindsight is 20-20, so ”with all due respect” to John (which my buddy Lopez says means you don’t actually respect the person at all), I offer this analysis of why John is no longer in the game.

John made three big mistakes that led to his ouster. The first mistake John made was in making a deal with the one guy you simply cannot trust – Russell. Russell is nothing if not consistent and he is consistently untrustworthy.

Russell is also a great player. Yes, I said GREAT. Russell used John like a mercenary. By convincing John to switch sides, he got what he needed which was another Galu member voted out. That was John’s second mistake. He should have insisted that in order to get his vote, they must first vote out a Foa Foa. He didn’t. That was a fatal mistake. Because once Laura was voted out, John was no longer of any use.

From Russell’s vantage point, it was an easy and extremely wise vote to get rid of John as soon as possible. In doing so, Russell and the rest of the Foa Foa tribe officially changed the game. Foa Foa (plus Shambo) is now in control of the numbers. Brilliant.

One of the best ideas we’ve had in recent years was in Guatemala when we introduced the ”advantage” to the auction. Danni bid on the advantage, it helped her win the challenge and she ended up winning the game. Jaison made a great move in buying the advantage. It’s money well spent and we (producers) always make sure that the advantage is significant enough that if you play it right, you have a very good chance of winning the challenge. It’s the biggest move Jaison has made in the game and it paid off big time.

To be fair, it’s easy to sit at home and say Jaison made the right move in buying the advantage, but when he saw Mick buy an entire meal moments later for the same amount of money, believe me he had 2nd, 3rd, 4th thoughts about how he had spent his money.

But by the time the challenge came around Mick’s meal had already made it’s way in, through, and out his body and it clearly didn’t help him in the challenge. Good move, Jaison.

Side note: Dave Ball, thank you for not bidding on the shower.

The biggest moment of the auction was not the $200 peanut butter and jelly sandwich that Natalie bought, nor was it Jaison buying the advantage in the challenge. The biggest moment of the auction was John deciding to not share the apple pie with the rest of the tribe. His third and final mistake.

John: I’m confident that nobody is going to vote me off because I didn’t give them a piece of apple pie.”

NOTE TO ALL FUTURE SURVIVORS: Whenever you are given a selfish vs. selfless choice, you ALWAYS choose the selfless option. Always, always, always. Survivor is a social game. John could have used that pie to buy a lot of good will from a lot of people, and I absolutely believe had he done so he would still be in the game. Instead he lost even more favor because he was seen as selfish. The truth is it was a golden opportunity that he wasted. Then again, I say that as I am finishing up a pizza while I write this blog. It’s a tough position to be in for sure, but that’s why we do it – to force the Survivors to make tough decisions.

We’ll never know for certain how much of a part it played in him being voted out, but it definitely did not help him, and had he given up the pie he might have saved himself. You never want to give anybody a reason to vote you out. Never.

While we’re at it, if you ever find yourself playing Survivor and muttering something that begins with: ”I’m confident…and ends with ”won’t get voted off” start packing your bag, cause the blindside is already in motion.

Admittedly, Shambo is a bit of a kook, but you have to find a soft spot in your heart for a woman who shares a clearly heartfelt goodbye to an about-to-be slaughtered chicken and promises to see them in heaven when they’re back together… only moments before she cooks them over an open fire.

First off, Natalie was impressive. A major effort. I tested this challenge myself and those wooden planks were very heavy. Natalie dug deep and outlasted everybody except Dave and Jaison and Jaison had an advantage.

I was so happy to see the advantage pay off for Jaison. Not because I’m rooting for him but because I respect big moves. Spending all of his money for one advantage was a big move.

The look of shock on John’s face was one of the best of the season. It was almost, not quite, but almost, hard for me to watch. He never ever saw it coming.

Also, I’m not sure why Laura is so concerned with whether Shambo knew what was going on or not, but it says to me that there is clearly still some bitterness between the two and if Shambo makes it to the final you can bet she will not have Laura’s vote.

So where do we stand now? Well, this much we know for sure: It is a new game. Foa Foa is now in charge and you can bet that Monica, Dave and Brett are very worried about their future.

The good news is that once again the numbers are uneven and that means that somebody on Foa Foa is now a potential swing vote. The remaining Galu members have to find the crack. They have to find out who is on the bottom of the Foa Foa totem pole and convince them that joining forces is in everybody’s best interest.

The only shot they have of pulling that off is if they start thinking like Russell and ask themselves, ”What Would Russell Do?”

Don’t forget to check out the deleted scene below and read Dalton’s recap.

Fall of the Peacemakers

A wise man told me once that the way to judge a man is to look into his soul. What do you see when you look  into  Russells soul. I see a good man that is playing the worlds worst game for playing it truthfully, honestly and with compassion. The only way to stop the madness is to end the game. Russell may be starting to seem like a snake  but he has faithfully carried his alliance into a position that the finish line is in site. If you want him out it’s not until the enemy is gone before you turn on your friends in this game. I’m sure he will keep the FF4 alliance strong into the end of the game. Two evictions seem possible this week as the video seems to imply. The next two to go should be Monica and Brett. Dave couldn’t lead a horse to water and Shambo can be knocked out at any time. Mick, Jaison and Natalie can outnumber The Mighty Gnome from his perch then, unless of course he manages to retain the HII. If I remember correctly he has the ability to use it as far as the F4. That would be the only possible reason to try target him and get the idol out of his pocket. But beware, to awaken a sleeping Gnome is to put the curse of Russell into play. He has said that to cross him is instant death. He has proven he can do  it a few times.

Take a look at the game at this point. The only real alliance is the FF4 led by Russell. No one else trusts each other enough to form a formidable group to act out a overthrough of the game. The Foa Foa without Russell could soon end up in chaos also. The game odds favor Russell and his friends to go far into the finals. They get rid of the Galu dummies and it’s all over. The infighting to the end can begin. Good luck on Thursday for two more are on their way to Ponderosa and the now quarreling Jury.  


Survivor: Samoa – John’s Final Words


Survivor: Samoa – John the Day After


Survivor: Samoa – Life at Ponderosa – John Part 2

Shambo Stew 0r The Saga of Survivor 19

Well, looks like Shambo is fit to be tied. After voting John out with 7 votes, and only 1 (Shambo’s) vote for Dave.  Looks like dreams no longer come true for the Shamster. After thinking Dave would go next, the blindside of John took place. Daves vote for Mick was no suprise. And again, the old Galu tribe ousted another of their own. Eric enjoyed the vote from his Jury seat as 1 after 1 the votes mounted on John. Suprise John your the 10th person evicted and 4th member of the Jury.

It is simply amazing after such dominance in the first half  of the game that the now wimpy dumpies can’t keep themselves in the game. Unless there is a total breakdown in the FF4’s alliance(and I doubt it) the remaining Galu’s will drop in order. I don’t believe Shambo will make the F4, she has served her purpose and Russell can now dump her.

The remaining threats, Dave, Brett and Monica are at best minimal without help from the FF side. Russell has treated his alliance good and they appreciate it. Thinking of him as a snake is hard to beieve, so we again wait for next week to see what the file editing didn’t show us.

The Kingdom of Russell, …….

As he sits on his throne he says I’m in charge of  this Kingdom. 

His loyal subjects wll follow him to their deaths(unbeknownst to them). The rebel forces are dwindling in numbers as the King has them evicted from the kingdom.

The king checked the tree mail and found there was some. He brought it back to the castle and distibuted it amongst the subjects. In the envelopes, money to spend in the Kingdom of Jeff at the yearly Survivor Auction. Jubulation explodes amonst the subjects as they realize whats in the envelopes. The king march everyone over to the Kingdom of Jeff and the auction began.

As the first item is put up Jeff asks if they want  to uncover it. A unanimus yes goes up. Jeff uncovers a PB & J sandwich. Natalie immediatly bids $200.00. Jeff questions her bid, but no one outbids her and the sandwich is hers. Next up a covered item.  Jaison starts the bidding at $80, after a few bids Shambo wins with a $240 bid. Jeff lifts the cover to display sea Noodles and Slug Guts and he adds Parmisean Cheese. Shambo takes a bite and declares it tasty. Next up another covered dish. Dave bids $300 quickly, Jaison raises it to$320 and Monica follows with a $340 bid. With no raises Monica wins. Everyone thinks it’s another Junk item but Jeff uncovers a whole roasted chicken. The uhs and ahs and moans were load. Monica digs into the leg. Next, an advantage at the next immunity challenge is brough up. Bidding started at $100 and quickly got to $300. Jaison questions tie bids. Jeff tells him first one to bid it wins. Jaison thinks momentaily and bids $500 to win the clue. Jaison gets his clue and sits down. Jeff brings up the next item and pulls off the lid. Before he can announce what it is, Mick bids $500 bucks. He gets a Cheesebuger, Fries and a cold Beer. And it’s a monster size burger, Jaison’s jaw drops as he sees it and realizes he could have had it. Next item up is the clue to the HII (which Russell has). After few bids between natalie and John, John wins it with a $200 bid.  One last item, a shower with soap, shampoo and clean underware. Natalie wins with a bid of  $120. The  shower show begins with wolf calls. However rhe next item is up and uncovered, a monster size piece of apple pie. John wins with a bid of $300. As John goes up to get it Jeff brings up another item. John gets the choice of his pie or the next item, a whole pie he can give to 4 people.  Johngets greedy and keeps the single piece for himself. That is strike 2, 1 being the Laura vote. The auction ends and the King didn’t bid on anything. Brett, Dave and Russell go away with nothing. Except for Jaison eveyone else got something to eat.

Back at camp, John reads the clue and begins looking for the HII. After a little looking and finding the rock formation he realizes that some one has found the idol and assumes it’s Russell.  Around the campfire it’s time to get the chickens and cook them because they aren’t producing eggs. Shambo says someone else will have to kill them because there is no way she can do it. The guys getthe chikens and kill them. Sham cleans then up and decides she is going to boil them. Dave walks into camp and asks what the hell she is doing boiling them. She tells dave to shut up. He tells her she is going to ruin them and she doesn’t care what he says. Dave tells her he won the chickens and has the right to say how to cook them and she tells him she doesn’t care what he says.

The immunity challenge is up next. They have to stand on a platfoem and hold a log up by a rope with one hand. After 3 minutes they must switch hands and move down the rope 1 knot.  At the fourth knot they start to drop,Jaison took his advantage to move back to the 2nd knot. Shanbo dropped first, followed by Russell who said he had a charlie horse in his arm. Third to go was Monica, John fourth, fifth was Brett, next was Mick and then Natalie.  Dave looked like he might outlast but the advantage helped Jaison hold on for the immunity win. 

Back at camp all the talk centered on who to evict. no clear choice seemed to be presented. John seemed to be logical but Shambo wanted Dave. After the vote which was 7 for John, 1 for Mik and 1 for Dave, John and Shambo were both surprise at the vote. Bye bye John!

The King (Gnome Prince) rules again

sorry Ted

Tonight’s the Night, won’t be just any night ………

Because Russell will send his next victim home!

Tonight, tonight won’t be just any night, cause i’ll be watching football instead of Survivor (NOT). Tonight, Galu gets whittled down to 3 (Shambo excluded). Countdown is on!

Jeff Probst blogs his Thanksgiving thoughts

No blog this week.  I’m having Thanksgiving with the family. Hope you are all having a good holiday and enjoyed the “recap” show.

If you didn’t enjoy it, don’t blame me!  I don’t really like them either but sometimes they’re a necessary evil, because…
INSIGHT: In the television world, Thanksgiving evening is a tough night to get people to watch television.  So often networks will air re-runs or “specials” and save their original episodes for the following week.

Same thing often happens with Survivor during March Madness when college basketball takes over the airwaves.

We just don’t want any of our loyal fans to miss out on an episode of Survivor. Especially this season with so much great stuff happening.

I hope you’re ready for a great finish.  So many questions…

Can Foa Foa continue their run?  Or is Galu going to figure out a way to stop them?

How much longer can Russell avoid the vote?

And the big one….

Will Shambo cut her hair for the live show?

Talk next week.

Recap of the Recap of the Season!

The Immunity Blog With Coach and Debbie

Once again from Wind Bag and Aerrie!



Coach  |  Top Ten, David Letterman Style

November 30, 2009

As we watched the recap of the season this week I was reminded of my own dynamic, polarizing and sometimes comical memories so far. I hope this will spur a pinpoint of recollection in your own memories. Here are my top ten in David Letterman style.

10. Shambo revealing that she is not the sharpest tool in the shed by saying so on the first day.
As Mark Twain once said “Its better to keep your mouth shut and for people to think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

9. Russell the troll dumping out the water of everyone’s canteen.
As the Dragonslayer once said “Evil dwells in the hearts and minds of the most unworthy opponents who are too short and insecure in developing brain matter and a sense of honor and dignity while growing up.”

8. Danger Dave starting a fire not once but twice when Shambo and Russell maligned him saying he couldn’t.
Coach Wade once said “If at first you don’t succeed, move over for cryin’ out loud and let someone else try!”

7. Russell “Gollum” Hantz using a national disaster to his own discredit, disgrace and disparagement.
Mahatma Ghandi said “Remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won.” Are you listening gnome?

6. Shambo losing the snorkel mask and sheepishly walking back into camp.
Mr. D. Slayer also said “Ownership of your own actions is the key to self improvement and discipline.”

5. Good Russell almost going in to cardiac arrest.
One of the most dynamic and dangerous moments ever seen on Survivor. He went out as the noble warrior. As Dan the Man said “Give it your all no matter what. Push past the threshold and find a new level, a new limit. Never be satisfied.”

4. Everyone walking around like chickens with their heads cut off letting Russell H. outrun them in the pursuit of the idol.
One of my heroes Martin Luther King once said “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to penetrate it.” How could you all let him do that!

3. Mother Nature. Showing everyone who’s boss by pouring a deluge of water for the first two weeks straight.
Charles Bronson said “Mother nature throws you a curve ball.” You said it Charles!

2. Ben telling Yasmin to go back to ketchup sandwiches and kool-aid.
By far the most racy and daring line ever uttered on the show. See quote above from Mark Twain.

1. Erik the Viking. The warrior. The new dragonslayer of Samoa.
Brooking no compromise at tribal. Using his sixth sense to ferret out the truth. And falling on his sword at the end, leaving with his head held high and proving once again that unless you are an evil conniving backstabbing minion of evil, you cannot win survivor.

Dragon Slayer over and out!


Debbie  |  Deb’s Top 10 Favorite Samoa Moments

November 30, 2009

While recapping this season of Survivor Samoa, I have several quick thoughts. Hey Coach, did you hear that, QUICK thoughts?

First of all, this season had a slow start and now is spinning out of control. What a turnaround! I eagerly wait to see what will happen each week. Because of the unknown, I look forward to watching this season’s show more than watching Tocantins. Since I had insight to our season, there were few surprises. With the exception of the private interviews…Yea, JT and Stephen I heard you talk smack about me!

As we all know, Russell is the main character of Samoa. Coach, you were the character of Tocantins. Well, maybe Tyson had that title a few times! However, our “characters” played a completely different game. I cannot compare Russell’s game to anyone in our season. I started this season’s blog loathing Russell. His comments about Katrina really struck a nerve. I still stand strong on my thoughts regarding using a natural disaster for your sympathy vote; however, this guy is amazing. I cannot wait to see what he is going to do each week. His comments, his moves, and his strategies are so entertaining. I was actually cheering for him last week.

Jaison is still my pick to be the winner. I know he is not standing out in any area, but in this game, that can be the best move until the end. I saw something in Brett last week that made me take notice. He reminded me of JT, our winner- cute, quiet, and can win a challenge. For some reason, I still think goofy Dave is funny to watch. His expressions and comments are hilarious. He could be a threat as well. Time will tell.

Deb’s Top 10 Favorite Samoa Moments (not to be confused with Dave’s Top 10)

10) Mick, weekly eye candy
9) Yasmine and Ben’s nasty-crazy-mudslinging- verbal altercation
8) Yasmine exiting tribal in high heels! Still styling and profiling for Jeff.
7) Erik and Shambo chasing the chicken while everyone else watched.
6) Shambo loosing the fishing equipment and telling the truth! (and not seeming to care)
5) Dave’s “Gallagher” face when Laura was voted off (did you see his hair?)
4) Natalie killing a rat with a stick- You go girl!
3) Dave chasing “The Troll”, Russell, through the “forest” and not being able to keep up with him!
2) Shambo claiming to be the chicken “expert” and not knowing they can fly!
1) Russell finding NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE IDOLS. Genius!

This is shaping up to be a great season. Hey, it is up for a People’s Choice award. GO VOTE!


“When in the course of human events ….

…………We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We are pursuing our right of Happiness to root for our favorites in these games. They call them Reallity but I belive they should be called harsh, brutal and sometimes inhumane. People for the love of fame or money get themselves subjected to UNreal events, games and punishments for the sake of entertainment. Broadcast networks make large advertising income from them, we blog about them. The participants sometimes suffer through them. We patiently and/or impatiently await the night they are broadcast so we can watch them and yell at the screen when they do something stupid or sit in disbelief when a little rotund man finds HII after HII, without a clue. Then as his competition sits around he finds the third one when a clue shows exactly where it is and gets overpassed by a tall balding skinny man.

Now, as the game renews is efforts, they get to bid for the right to win a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Pleeeeeease give me a break!  Hold on to your dough and wait for the really, really good item at the end of the auction!

Twists, turns, challenges and a peanut butter sandwich are awaiting us as the next installment of  .. “As the Suvivor Samoa Turns.” Get ready for Jury member 4 to be elected (or evicted) on “The Gnome Knows”

Two more days, 60 hours till the Harsh , Brutal and Inhumane action begins again. “Lets Get Ready to Rumble in the Jungle”

Lets all learn to survive together!

Lets be more Friendly, y'all!
Lets be more Friendly, y'all!


Survivor Samoa Blog Code of Conduct


It has become evident that we need to establish a code of conduct for the blog. This is not a private Blog and as such the public has access to our comments.

Therefore they should not be subjected to some of the past/recent comments that have been posted on this blog. As adults y’all should be able to conduct yourselves as such. The nature of some of the sexual content has gotten out of hand and needs to stop. Please refrain from such in the future, if need be taking it to a private chat.

The arguments should be held to a civil tone and not a bantering by all sides of the discussion.

I have refrained from doing so until now. I have had too many complaints from people who are just come and goes and old regulars. This is supposed to be a Survivor Blog, but it is hard for the people who frequent it to continually talk about the game with just a 1hr episode each week. For now try to maintain civility and discuss Survivor and other Reality shows that y’all seem to enjoy. Keep all off topic discussions to a minimum, please! If need be I will delete all inappropriate or offensive material and warn the commenter.


Please try to keep this a friendly place to hang out and be civil to one another when arguing a point.




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