Survivor…Is Vytas Odd Man Out or In?

Last night, Kat showed all young women how NOT to act.  Seriously, was that girl crying because she was voted off and concerned that this would make Hayden break off their relationship?  Then did her greedy little self want Hayden to step out of the game so she could go back in?  I thought Hayden handled the whole thing well.  It was surprising for me to see such a pretty gal with such low self-esteem.  Kat, I’m 99% sure Hayden isn’t dating you because of your Survivor skills.

What Kat said to Hayden when discussing switching places was that she knew she couldn’t win the challenge because she can’t do puzzles.  Talk about sealing your fate!  Of course you can’t win a challenge if you go in with that attitude.  So, needless to say she loses the challenge and is now out of Survivor.  Once again John wins and Laura M. finishes in second.  Once again, John gives the clue to Monica Culpepper and once again Monica throws it in the fire.  Ho-hum….

Teasers this week center around the two brothers Aras and Vytas.  Over at the guy tribe (plus Ciera), Aras goes off to meditate and while he’s gone the others plot his demise.  They realize that if the two tribes merge and Aras and Vytas are still both in the game they are going to be a mighty duo.  Meanwhile, over at the gal tribe, the gals are still targeting Vytas because he’s odd MAN out.  However, Vytas is working them gals!  He’s using every trick in the book to make himself look less mighty, more vulnerable, loveable, etc.  Laura B. is pulled in by his trickery and….wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Immunity Challenge doesn’t involve water!  Tribe members are shackled together.  They have to get through a course and collect bags.  Once through, a member of their tribe must put together three bolos (a chain with a ball on each end) and throw them onto rods.  It’s Tina versus Tyson.  Surprisingly, Tina keeps the contest tight.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t pull off the win.  Once again, Galang will be heading to tribal.  <sigh>

The winning tribe gets to feast on a fried chicken dinner.  I wonder how a fried chicken dinner sits in your stomach after having only minimal food for a week?  Anyway, on with the show…

Galang goes back to camp and then next thing we see is Laura B. telling Vytas in front of everyone that he will be the one voted off.  She explains that since they have all been together, blah, blah blah.  Okay, I understand that the woman was just trying to be…what the heck was she trying to be anyway?  Vytas isn’t stupid.  He knows that he’s the one on the chopping block.  Laura B got just a little too big for her britches.  She wanted to be in charge and guess what?  The other women are not amused.  They feel betrayed that Laura would spill the beans without even talking about it with them first.  All of a sudden, we are back to the “trust” issue and Laura is in big, big trouble.  Vytas has to have some kind of guardian angel on his shoulder since Laura B is voted off at tribal council and he lives to play another week!

The preview of next week gets me all goose-pimply!  Jeff tells the RI players that this is THE week and one of them will be returning to the game.  This also means that we are merging tribes.  Vytas and Aras will get to play together (or kill each other–I’m not sure which).  Tina and Katie are still in the game together.  Laura M. has a chance of returning to play with her daughter Ciera.  All other Survivors are on their own.  My suggestion to Vytas and Aras is to start searching for that HII before they find themselves with doused torches.  While everyone is gunning for Vytas and Aras, Tina and Katie are sneaking along.  You go gals!  But, there still is a powerful alliance of guys without partners to contend with, so stay tuned…Bloggergal

Survivor…Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You

As we left things, Laura M. was voted off her tribe with the hopes that she would win at Redemption Island and kick Culpepper out the door.  The RI challenge was well suited to a female.  It involved walking on a balance beam, untying a bag of blocks and assembling the blocks in order on a frame.  The blocks were numbers from 1 to 100.  Before it started, I was thinking the blocks were going to be all mixed up, but they weren’t, making this challenge pretty straightforward.  Laura M sailed through it.  Guys, I gotta admit…us girls love walking on balance beams.  We grew up doing it and pretending we were Olympic gymnasts!

So, we have Laura M finishing in first.  We see John struggle a few times.  Once, he falls off the beam and another time he drops his bag. We don’t see Culpepper with similar problems, but John still pulls off second place.  He gives a little inspiration speech to his wife…something like he was her anchor pulling her down and now she’s free and can fly and soar.  Awww….

So now it’s Laura’s turn to give away a clue to the HII.  She gives it to Vytas stating that “target” strategy again.  Stupidly, IMO, Vytas throws it into the fire.  Show some guts Survivors.  Geez.  Oh and yep, no one looks for the HII while on camera in this episode either.  Might as well just take that out of the game.  Actually, what would be cool is that the producers slap that sucker down right in the middle of camp!

As we saw in the teasers, Jeff says things are going to be shaken up again.  Buffs are dropped and new tribes are chosen by random pick of a new buff.  As always happens on Survivor the tribes come out kinda messed up.  We have all the guys on one tribe with Ciera and we have all the gals on the other with Vytas.  Hmmm….who will have an advantage at competitions I wonder?

This week we see a lot of Tyson and he comes out looking pretty annoying.  He’s once again stealing coconut milk.  He’s eating all the food in his new camp.  He’s trying to throw a big target on Aras’ back. For the billionth time, remember it’s all in the editing.

The Immunity Challenge seems to be the same every week.  This week we have the contestants diving in the water, untying a gate, retrieving a container with puzzle pieces and solving the puzzle.  I should just start copying and pasting that line!  Well, the first two up for the gals plus Vytas (yes…I can never remember the official names of tribes) is Tina and Laura B.  I don’t know if it was excitement, old age or lack of oxygen due to food deprivation, but they open the gate and start swimming back WITHOUT the puzzle pieces.  They can’t hear their tribe screaming and they don’t realize until they are all the way back to shore that they need to swim back out.  Big, big mistake.  In true Survivor fashion, they manage to get back into the challenge though.  Twice the gals complete the puzzle and think they’ve won only to have Jeff say that the picture isn’t correct.  The guys end up with the correctly finished picture first.

Vytas, at this point has got to be thinking “uh-oh” as well he should.  However, logically would it make sense to vote off your only male?  We have seen throughout this episode that Kat is annoyed with Monica Culpepper because all she wants to do is talk strategy.  I don’t know why Kat is annoyed with Monica, but she gets it into her head that Monica needs to go.  Instead of sticking to the all-gal alliance, she tells Tina that she thinks they should vote off Monica. At one point, Kat is shown saying that Monica should keep her mouth shut….uh Kat?  Who should keep their mouth shut?  Tina runs off and tells Monica. Monica confronts Kat and Kat does like that Shaggy song “It wasn’t me”.   Things quickly change and now the target is pointing directly at Kat.  Can you say “oops” Kat?

Kat begs at Tribal Council to remain on the tribe, but her lack of loyalty to the all girl alliance does her in.  I was very disappointed in her.  I thought she should have known better.

Here’s what she said on Facebook:  “On a scale of 1-10 I’m probly a -2.  Who wants to date someone who can’t make it to the merge! Survivor is a hard game guys!! But its not over yet!! Stay tunded for me to compete in the DUAL against my besties!! John Cody and Laura Morett  Will my boyfriend which places with me?!  (This is exactly what appeared–spelling errors and all.)

So you heard Kat…stay tuned…Bloggergal



Survivor…Tadhana Finally Wins One!

Would you believe, I forgot to write the blog this morning?  Yes, I was busy and all, but I think that Survivor just didn’t “do” it for me last night.  However, it was GREAT to see the other tribe win a competition wasn’t it?  It’s about time!

Brad Culpepper arrives at Redemption Island and tries to make nice-nice with John and Candice.  Candice, especially does not like him, but she is thrilled to see him on RI. The competition wasn’t really weighed towards men…at least I didn’t think so.  The competitors had to take apart a box of planks and then make a bridge with those same planks.  Next they had to take the bridge apart and complete a puzzle with those same planks. The returning players root “big time” for Brad.  What’s that about?  John finishes first, but Brad eeks out the win against Candice.  Candice’s buff is a goner.  I thought she had spunk, oh well.  John once again has a clue to give out and he once again gives it to Monica.  She once again throws it in the fire.  This CANNOT be making Survivor producers happy.  Teehee.

Side note:  Once again this whole show goes by with NO ONE looking for the HII.  WTH?

We see footage of what the players are enduring while on the show.  I liked this part because I think we sometimes forget that these players are out in the wild with very little comfort.  The bug bites and Katie’s toes were…ouch!  You wonder how they are able to compete at all.

The Immunity Challenge is pretty straightforward.  Slide down a giant slide, pick up a tube, throw it on a post.  You are in competition with one player from the other tribe.  First tribe with five points wins. It really is mostly luck and good aim.  The newbies finally pull off a win.  They have a choice between immediate gratification with steaks, etc. or fishing supplies.  They take the steaks.  I’m not sure if they are able to fish without equipment so I don’t know if this is a good choice.  They don’t seem to be complaining about not eating or at least we aren’t seeing that.

You would think that Rupert’s wife Laura B, as the outsider will be the easy vote at Tribal, but that’s not what happens.  The alliance of Aras, Monica, Tyson, Tina and Gervase will make this call.  Okay, so maybe Aras made the call. He wants to vote Laura M. off.  His theory is that he thinks Laura M will beat Brad at RI and with Brad gone, Monica will be vulnerable and easily controlled.  Monica is smart enough to realize that this could do her husband in, but what choice does she have really?  At Tribal, the camera takes in Kat’s face a number of times.  She rolls her eyes repeatedly when Laura B talks.  She hides her face when Laura M is voted off.  Does she realize she is on the outside looking in?

Coming attractions for next week show Jeff telling us that everything is about to change.  Yay!  I love change!  LOL  See you then, stay tuned…Bloggergal

Survivor… Will the Mighty Fall?

Brad Culpepper’s first quote, “I hooked him in from day one.” referring to the just ousted John.  From the beginning Culpepper has been arrogantly running this game.  I knew his time had to be almost up.

Candice enters Redemption Island and throws Brad the finger.  I actually think that was below her, but I see her strategy.  The more Brad-bashing the better.

The puzzle in the RI competition is tough.  John completes it first.  Ironically, Brad helps him.  He says, it can’t hurt to try to stay friends–you just never know.  Marissa falls apart with the complexity of the puzzle.  Once again Dr. Candice remains calm and she finishes second.  I felt really sad to see Marissa leave the game.  She was just a victim of circumstance.

Now John has to choose who to give the clue for the HII.  His wife Candice immediately speaks up and suggests Monica Culpepper.  The idea being that Monica having a clue will put a target on her back.  Jeff asks John if he always does what his wife wants.  Husbands, what do you think about that loaded question?  So, of course, John gives the clue to Monica.  Her husband Brad tells her to throw the clue in the fire.  I notice Jeff DOES NOT ask Monica if she always does what her husband wants, but she does throw the clue into the fire.  The interesting thing about the HII’s this season is that we aren’t seeing anybody actually LOOK for them.  I’m not sure if that means they aren’t looking or if that means those parts are being edited out.

Culpepper’s new target is Caleb.  He thinks since Caleb is a loner in the game voting him off the tribe is less controversial and will send a signal to the other camp.  Caleb has been playing smart and low-key–he sees right through Brad (thank goodness).

Meanwhile, over at the “winners” camp, we see that Tyson is playing up his shoulder injury and lounging around camp.  Tyson and Gervase are buddy-buddy and we are shown that they periodically sneak off to drink coconut milk.  So is there a shortage of coconuts?  Why is it necessary for them to do this risking the wrath of their tribe?  Me thinks ratings perhaps?

The Immunity Challenge involves players diving and retrieving crates, getting those crates on the boat and of course a puzzle at the end.  As with almost all competitions, it comes down to that dang puzzle.  Mother Laura ends up pitted against her daughter Ciera (again) and (again) Laura kicks her daughter’s butt.  The newbies once again have to go to Tribal Council. <sigh>

As the two remaining gals point out, before Tribal Council there is a routine.  The guys all go to “fetch water” and discuss their strategy while the two remaining gals “make rice” and try to save their butts.  This time when the guys leave, Brad lingers back with the gals.  He tells them that his target this week is Caleb.  The guys want to vote off Ciera because she can’t do a puzzle.  Maybe she can dive?  Very little TV time is given to what goes on prior to attending Tribal Council.  Once again, I’m thinking editing.

Talk is pretty normal during Tribal until Caleb announces that HE is putting Brad’s name down.  So cool, Caleb.  Everyone seems shocked.  Brad quickly says he isn’t voting Caleb.  We quickly go to the vote.  Caleb, Ciera and Karen (I assume) vote Brad, while Brad, Hayden and Vytas vote Ciera.  Tie!  As you know, now they re-vote.  They are only allowed to vote for either Brad or Ciera and neither Brad nor Ciera are allowed to vote.

The camera shows Hayden starting to write “Ciera” and then scratching off the vote.  He then spends some time deliberating.  When the votes are shown, you clearly see Jeff hold up the card showing Ciera scratched off and then written down again.  In other words, this tells us that Hayden voted to save Brad.  However, he is the ONLY vote for Brad and with cheers (from me), Brad Culpepper’s torch is extinguished.  I can’t help but always root against the arrogant ones.

We see glimpses of next week’s show.  The most interesting moment is when Monica asks if she should take Brad’s place on Redemption Island.  Will she?  Wait for it.  See you all next week.  Guess where I’m headed?  I’m going to Woodbury to visit the zombies!  Actually, my DH and I are headed to Senoia Georgia where a lot of The Walking Dead is filmed.  I thought it would be a fun, silly way to spend an absolutely beautiful fall day in Georgia.  Here’s hoping y’all enjoy yours.  My thoughts are with those of you who are facing storms today :-(

Stay tuned…Bloggergal


Survivor’s First Blindside

Survivor saw its first blindside of the season last night, but first I guess we have to talk about crazy Colton.  Am I the only one who did not know that Colton faked the appendicitis in his first season to get off the show?  I seriously don’t know what to think about this guy.  Why did he come back on Survivor only to make an even bigger idiot of himself?  Was it just to get his partner on?  It is reminiscent of when Evil Dick went on Big Brother and then all of a sudden had to leave the show, but Danielle remained. With Colton out of the way, we can get back to playing Survivor.

The competition on Redemption Island was very much suited to three female contestants.  They had to stack domino-like blocks evenly and then knock them over setting a ball rolling.  When the ball reaches and breaks the plate, you win.  Once again, the top finisher would have the opportunity to pick a player to receive a clue to the HII.  The top two remain on Redemption Island and the third player leaves the game.  Contestants were Marissa, Candice and newly ousted Rachel.  Speaking of Rachel, as we all predicted, Tyson does not take her place on RI.  He and Rachel feel he should remain in the game.

Once again the steady hand of Dr. Candice pulls off an early win.  The competition goes back and forth between Marissa and Rachel.  Marissa tries to knock the ball down a few times only to have her blocks stop before reaching it.  Rachel hits her blocks, knocking a bunch over and must restack.  When all is said and done Marissa pulls off the win and Rachel burns her buff.  Of course Candice once again gives the clue to her husband John making the target on the guy’s back HUGE.

Have you noticed that up to this point everyone is pretty chilled in the camps?  There really isn’t any problems between tribe members, especially now that Colton is gone. This should be changing rather quickly as players realize that they can’t always play nice.

The Immunity challenge is what everyone has been waiting for.  It pits family member against family member in some cases.  Two players face off Sumo-style with the goal being to knock the other player off the platform.  Mother versus daughter is tough with Tina fighting against her daughter Katie and Laura facing off against Ciera.  I felt bad for these mom’s as I’m sure every mom out there did.  We put our children first.  But, this is the game of Survivor and I was really proud of the moms for kicking their daughter’s butts!  LOL  Sorry, but I was!

There were some other noteworthy face-offs.  Culpepper faced off against Gervase.  Gervase’s height was a disadvantage and Culpepper’s strength gave him the win.  Maybe that will shut up Gervase for a day or two?  Brothers Aras and Vytas brought a lot of baggage up there on that platform.  Aras feels that his brother picked on him since he was little and Vytas thinks that Aras has always been the winner in the family.  Aras quickly has the upper hand, but then he lets up to give his brother a chance to stand up to fight again. Vytas tries to use that to his advantage and takes a shot at Aras when he wasn’t expecting it.  Not nice bro!  Aras doesn’t fall and instead gets the win.

I really didn’t want the returning players to win, but in each individual competition, I found myself cheering for the returning player–okay, except for Gervase and Culpepper.  I wanted both of them to fall into the water.  Hayden versus Tyson was a draw in my mind also.  I always stick with the older, seasoned players probably because I can relate to them better.  Anyway, the returning players pull of their third straight win in a row.  Yo, producers….this is getting a bit monotonous!

We have five guys and two gals remaining on the newbie tribe.  In the beginning, it looks like one more of the gals will be snuffing their torch this week, but then Culpepper has an idea.  Why not use this opportunity to get rid of John?  After all, he has two clues to the HII and his wife is kicking butt over on RI.  The other guys don’t look too sure of the plan.  There is a hint of talk about turning on Culpepper to which I was screaming “YES” at my TV set.  In true Survivor fashion though, the followers keep on following.  John is blindsided and voted off his tribe.  He’s PO’d to say the least.  Teehee.  Seriously though John, two clues and you couldn’t find the HII?  You should be voted off.

Some random moments…

Did you see the looks on the contestants’ faces when Colton went to sit baby-style on his partner’s lap?  Did you see his partner’s?  :-)

Seriously, were the men going to vote off the woman that didn’t cook for them?  No comment.

Prior to Hayden facing off against Tyson, they shook hands like civilized, good guys.  I know Hayden is awesome, I’ve met him and watched him at reality events.  Now I need to meet Tyson.

Did you see how quick Kat defeated her opponent?  I’ve watched this gal work out, she’s one tough cookie and seriously beautiful, both inside and out.

With the newbie tribe dwindling down week after week, I think we should see some kind of change up very soon, so stay tuned…Bloggergal

The First Person Voted out of Survivor Blood vs Water is…

I know a lot of people were against former players returning to Survivor, but this season is shaping up to be a good one.  Survivor producers should be very proud of coming up with all the little twists and turns, holding our interest and making the Survivor players think long and hard about every little thing.  Redemption Island is back in the game, but with a new twist–the voted off player can get back into the game by switching with their “blood”. As you see during yesterday’s show, the players are taking that into consideration (big time!) when deciding who to vote off at tribal.

When Marissa arrives at camp, she explains to Rupert and Candice that she was blindsided because her Uncle Gervase is a show-off.  Rupert welcomes her to Redemption Island “a bunch of people sitting around pissed off”.  That has to help you get pumped for the competition, right?

The Redemption Island comp involves moving a disk through a wire maze and then piling those disks up without letting them fall.  It requires patience and a steady hand.  Dr. Candice has what it takes and finishes first.  Rupert does not and drops the stack.  Unless Marissa makes her stack drop, she’s pretty much a winner.  She doesn’t and so she does.  Huh?  In other words, remaining on RI is Candice and Marissa.  We say goodbye to Rupert very early in the game.  His choice…oh well.

Candice is given a clue to a HII and she is able to pick one player to give it to.  Of course, she gives it to her husband John.  She thinks she’s helping him, but this definitely puts a huge target on him. He better find the HII pronto!

The camps do have some interesting dynamics.  The newbies are mostly all young and mostly all guys.  The veterans have maturity and of course, prior Survivor experience.  The vets are getting along well, using some team building tactics etc to build up their tribe.  Oh wait, is Colton on that tribe?  He made it a few days and then the REAL Colton started coming out with a vengeance.  His one on one interviews show him bitchin’ and bitchin’ about everything.  He immediately starts causing problems between tribe members, in particular Tina and Kat.  The tribe is zeroing in on him and I would not be surprised if he is the first voted off Galang.

My favorite quote of the night regarding Colton was from Aras, “He’s like a gay Russell Hantz.”  Oh, I couldn’t wait to run on over to Twitter to see the real Russell Hantz’s remarks on this.  Remember, like Miley Cyrus…any publicity is good publicity and even though Russell is outraged, he’s also still in the limelight. “No you just didn’t referred me to a gay Colton!! ” and “”A gay Russell Hantz” wtf !! No I’m not stupid ! Is a tremendous difference between me and Colton!!! ”  If you watched all the way through to the previews of next week, you see Jeff asking Colton if he is quitting the game and Colton running over to sit on his partner Caleb’s lap.  Yep, pitiful.  Russell’s response? “You may love me or hate me but quitting is one thing you know I will never do! Colton Doesn’t even compare to the sweat off my ass crack!”  Sorry, if this offends anyone, but what do you expect from Russell?

Okay, I’m moving on.  Time for the Immunity challenge.  I have to admit, I’m lazy and don’t really think its necessary for me to describe each and every challenge.  Y’all are watching the show, right?  This one involves some strength (rolling a barrel), some equilibrium (rolling in the barrel) and some accuracy (like skee-ball).  The veterans are a little bit ahead in this one, but it comes down to the skee-ball part.  We have Gervase throwing for Galang and Hayden for Tadhana.  Gervase squeaks out the win and the newbies are once again going to tribal.

Going to tribal isn’t a good thing for the three remaining gals on the Tadhana tribe.  You can clearly see that the men have bonded and built an alliance around their testosterone.  However, John does have that clue AND he has a connection with Rachel.  The guys decide they are going to target Rachel because they really want Tyson to take her place on RI.  John balks bringing suspicion down on himself.  John receives a couple of votes, but Rachel is voted off.

The previews show Tyson being asked by Jeff if he will take Rachel’s place on RI.  His quote is “Okay, none of you have a chance in hell.”  Whether that means he goes to RI or he doesn’t go to RI, I guess we will have to wait and see.

I spoke to Gillian Larson, former Survivor contestant and creator of my favorite charity fundraiser Reality Rally about fire and the newbies.  She tells me that prior to going on the show, she studied as many ways to make fire as she could.  Remember, you don’t know where you are going so you don’t know what will be available.  Gillian says that using bamboo to start a fire is one of the easiest methods.  Neither of us could figure why no one knew how to do this.   Perhaps, they were assuming they could depend upon their partner?

That’s it for this week.  Now it’s your turn.  See you in the comments!  Stay tuned…Bloggergal

Survivor Blood versus Water…Let the Competition Begin

Last night was a big night for Reality TV fans with the finale of Big Brother following the premier of Survivor.  I had to stay up all the way to 11:00 p.m.!  Looking back, I guess I have to give props to Andy.  He played the game he wanted to and it got him the win.  Of course, it comes as no surprise that Elissa was able to pull off America’s Favorite Player.  Did you take a look at Spencer’s face when it was announced?  Teehee.

Okay, so on to Survivor.  We have two tribes…one with the newbies and one with the returning Survivors.  Thus, blood versus water…right?  Jeff surprises everyone, yep even me, by announcing that each tribe must immediately vote off one of their players.  They don’t show the tribes getting a chance to discuss this.  I don’t know if they had a chance or not, but the newbies seemed to be in consensus when they voted off Rupert’s wife Laura.  The returning players votes are split between Candace, Laura and Gervase.  Candace is voted off.  Jeff announces that the voted off players are heading to Redemption Island which is back in the mix this season.  Okay, move on right?  Nope!  Jeff then announces that their “partner” can switch places with the voted off contestant.  Rupert immediately takes Laura’s place.  Candace’s husband stays in the game, sending Candace to Redemption Island.

The returning contestants are very upset to lose Rupert and gain his wife Laura.  I think he made a huge mistake.  As soon as that tribe goes to tribal, I think Laura will be off to RI.

As you can easily predict, the returning Survivors have no difficulty setting up their camp.  Fire started, shelter built and food cooked.  The newbies are not having such good luck.  They can’t manage to start a fire.  Here’s my question.  If you were going to be on Survivor, what is the first thing you would Google?  I know I would learn to start a fire, make a shelter, memorize which nature products help with what, etc.  It’s hard to imagine that not one of them could start a fire, isn’t it?

The newbies tribe is made up of mostly athletic and young contestants.  They have five healthy, strapping men who, btw, form an immediate alliance.  The returning Survivors are mostly older, but of course they have had the experience prior.  I thought the newbies would sail through their first competition.  Well, they almost did.  Evidently, puzzles are going to be a problem for them.  It was also evident that Gervase is going to be a problem in general.  He can’t swim.  He’s out of shape.  He’s a big mouth.  Maybe Rupert’s Laura has half a chance after all!

The returning players tribe (Galang) has a very hard time getting to the puzzle section of the comp, but once there, they rule.  I guess having done puzzles prior makes the difference.  The newbies (Tadhana) will be the first tribe to go to tribal council.

Discussion at camp Tadhana consists of which of the gals will be voted off since the guys hold all the power.  High on the list is Katie.  She was one of the puzzle do-ers and she was useless at that task.  However, the other contestant being considered is Marissa.  Why, you ask?  Yep, because her Uncle Gervase celebrated too much when they won the competition.  Different dynamics in this Survivor!  You need to think before you act for sure.

Marissa is voted off to send a clear message to Gervase and the rest of the Galang tribe that the newbies are serious.  One good thing about going to tribal is that they have their torches lit and therefore get to take fire back to camp.

I guess this blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Colton, right?  Colton swears that he’s a different guy this time around.  He breaks down in tears (alright often) while explaining how difficult it is to grow-up in the South gay.  I do feel for him on this one.  So far he’s been pretty quiet and he has also apologized to Monica Culpepper for his actions in the prior Survivor game.  She isn’t totally convinced that Colton has changed.  Actions are always more convincing than words.

Over on Redemption Island, Candace is doing all the work.  She’s annoyed at Rupert, but letting him get away with it.  Why, I wonder? If it were me, I’d tell him to go find his own fruit, etc.  She doesn’t owe him anything.  Rupert’s plan is to conserve all his energy to play in the competition to remain on RI.  The first Redemption Island competition will be between Rupert, Candace and Marissa.

My vote for biggest PIA is Brad Culpepper.  He’s very full of himself.  My husband says he doesn’t even remember him playing in the NFL.  Evidently, he wasn’t a star player.  By attempting to take control of everything, he should be placing a big target on his back.  I guess it depends on how quickly he pisses off or annoys the other guys on his tribe.

That’s it for this week.  I’m very glad to be back.  I’ve missed my friends here at Survivor and also over at BB.  I was away all last week so I wasn’t able to approve comments.  As always, your very first comment must be approved.  After that first is approved, you are good to go!  I should be able to stop over there at least once a day to make sure comments are approved quickly.  See you next week….Bloggergal

Survivor Blood vs Water is One Week Away!

With Big Brother winding down, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the 27th season of Survivor.  Think about that…27 seasons!!!

I know a lot of you aren’t happy about it, but once again Survivor will be bringing back past contestants.  There are some interesting characters returning so it should make for good TV.  I don’t agree with bringing back the money winners though.

The idea behind this season is that Survivor past contestants will be pitted against a family member, a spouse or a partner.  Will they vote each other off?  Will they turn on each other?  Will marriages break up over this?  We shall see!

It will be fun to watch Rupert return to Survivor.  When I think of Survivor, I always think of him.  He’s what I think a Survivor contestant should be.  Then totally on the other end of the spectrum, we have Colton.  I didn’t like him the first time and I won’t like him this time either.  I really think that he is just putting on a big act, but after this season of Big Brother, I’m not up for it.

The show premieres Wednesday, September 18th.  In the meantime, you can check out the entire cast by clicking the link or watch it below.

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Survivor Caramoan…Soon to be just a memory

There really wasn’t any question that once the final Tribal was held that Cochran would be the winner, was there?  It was really sad to see Erik get pulled from the game at such a late date.  I thought it was strange too because even though he had been complaining throughout about not having enough food and water, he was one of the lucky ones to get to picnic with his family just a few days prior.  Dawn, on the other hand did not get that opportunity.

I think Cochran played a really good game and deserved the win. I was very upset with his attitude once he won final Immunity though.  He’s lucky we were the only ones who got to hear him.  Humility, young man!

I hate to even talk about that whole Brenda and Dawn thing.  Seriously?  Grow up Brenda.  Survivor producers…you need to grow up too.  Uncalled for–definitely uncalled for.  I do get credit for knowing about the pregnancy in advance though!

The reunion show has multiple Survivor fans and past contestants up in arms.  Everyone is wanting to know why a little kid from the audience gets to talk, but the contestants from the show didn’t.  What the heck was that part with Rudy and Richard Hatch?  I guess they were going for funny?  It wasn’t.  Did I really hear the word “queer”?  What the heck?

So did you hear Jeff refer to Sherri as a “millionaire in her own right”?  I’m not feeling too bad that she didn’t win.  I’m actually wondering why she really went on the show.  What is her post-Survivor plan?  Watch for it.  Also, by the end of the show, she was skin and bones.  She looked good at the reunion show.  Maybe I should go on Survivor to lose some weight? Speaking of weight, my husband and I were talking about the way Dawn looked at the reunion.  She was unusually puffy-faced, wasn’t she?

I’m happy that I don’t have to watch Malcolm sweep his hair back out of his face anymore. How annoying is that?  I wonder if it annoys him as much as it annoys me?  He did have his hair tied back in a ponytail at the after party.  Check it out:


If he comes to Reality Rally next year, I’ll ask him about the hair!

Finally, the blood versus water theme was announced for the next Survivor season.  Oh no, what could that mean?  Please don’t let it mean another season of the Hantz clan.  Seriously, enough is enough.  I have this funny feeling we will be looking at Russell along with his still to debut on Reality TV brother Shawn next time.  I hope I’m wrong.

Since I’m on the East Coast, it’s still pretty early out in sunny southern California.  I haven’t heard anything from my contacts about last night’s finale after party yet.  If I hear anything worth repeating, I’ll comment under this blog.  Have a great summer.  I hope to connect with you again really soon at our Big Brother blog.  Bloggergal


Survivor Caramoan Finale…Who will be the Sole Survivor?

There is less than an hour here on the East Coast until the beginning of the Survivor Caramoan Finale.  Here’s what I know…

For the first time, only those Survivor contestants that are ON the Jury will get to sit up on the stage.  In past finales, once the reunion show gets going ALL the contestants were together.  A number of contestants are PO’d and frankly, I don’t blame them!  They put in the time and effort to play the game, they deserve to be all equal.

As I’m sure you have heard, Brandon will NOT be attending the Survivor Finale because he isn’t wanted there.  Word is all over the Net that this is because Phillip is afraid, etc., etc.,  My guess would be that they don’t want the finale being about Brandon.  Makes sense to me.

Unfortunately, the pre-finale party last night was pretty much of a bust!  The only contestant spending any time there was Andrea.  Here is a picture of her with my sister Charlene and Murtz Jaffer.  Murtz is a Reality TV journalist.

Survivor Finale Pic2

I’m not sure if this is related to the contestants not showing up last night, but there has been a good deal of cyber-bullying going on since the last episode.  Dawn and Cochran are taking a lot of heat about blindsiding Brenda.  People in Reality TV Land…get a grip!  It’s a show for goodness sake! Speaking of Brenda, I’ve also heard the rumor that she won’t be at tonight’s live finale show because she is nine months pregnant.  Not sure if this is true or not, but I do have some good inside sources!  ;-)

Okay, I have to go prep for the big finale!  Talk to you (for the finale/final) time tomorrow.  Bloggergal

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