Survivor Blood versus Water…Let the Competition Begin

Last night was a big night for Reality TV fans with the finale of Big Brother following the premier of Survivor.  I had to stay up all the way to 11:00 p.m.!  Looking back, I guess I have to give props to Andy.  He played the game he wanted to and it got him the win.  Of course, it comes as no surprise that Elissa was able to pull off America’s Favorite Player.  Did you take a look at Spencer’s face when it was announced?  Teehee.

Okay, so on to Survivor.  We have two tribes…one with the newbies and one with the returning Survivors.  Thus, blood versus water…right?  Jeff surprises everyone, yep even me, by announcing that each tribe must immediately vote off one of their players.  They don’t show the tribes getting a chance to discuss this.  I don’t know if they had a chance or not, but the newbies seemed to be in consensus when they voted off Rupert’s wife Laura.  The returning players votes are split between Candace, Laura and Gervase.  Candace is voted off.  Jeff announces that the voted off players are heading to Redemption Island which is back in the mix this season.  Okay, move on right?  Nope!  Jeff then announces that their “partner” can switch places with the voted off contestant.  Rupert immediately takes Laura’s place.  Candace’s husband stays in the game, sending Candace to Redemption Island.

The returning contestants are very upset to lose Rupert and gain his wife Laura.  I think he made a huge mistake.  As soon as that tribe goes to tribal, I think Laura will be off to RI.

As you can easily predict, the returning Survivors have no difficulty setting up their camp.  Fire started, shelter built and food cooked.  The newbies are not having such good luck.  They can’t manage to start a fire.  Here’s my question.  If you were going to be on Survivor, what is the first thing you would Google?  I know I would learn to start a fire, make a shelter, memorize which nature products help with what, etc.  It’s hard to imagine that not one of them could start a fire, isn’t it?

The newbies tribe is made up of mostly athletic and young contestants.  They have five healthy, strapping men who, btw, form an immediate alliance.  The returning Survivors are mostly older, but of course they have had the experience prior.  I thought the newbies would sail through their first competition.  Well, they almost did.  Evidently, puzzles are going to be a problem for them.  It was also evident that Gervase is going to be a problem in general.  He can’t swim.  He’s out of shape.  He’s a big mouth.  Maybe Rupert’s Laura has half a chance after all!

The returning players tribe (Galang) has a very hard time getting to the puzzle section of the comp, but once there, they rule.  I guess having done puzzles prior makes the difference.  The newbies (Tadhana) will be the first tribe to go to tribal council.

Discussion at camp Tadhana consists of which of the gals will be voted off since the guys hold all the power.  High on the list is Katie.  She was one of the puzzle do-ers and she was useless at that task.  However, the other contestant being considered is Marissa.  Why, you ask?  Yep, because her Uncle Gervase celebrated too much when they won the competition.  Different dynamics in this Survivor!  You need to think before you act for sure.

Marissa is voted off to send a clear message to Gervase and the rest of the Galang tribe that the newbies are serious.  One good thing about going to tribal is that they have their torches lit and therefore get to take fire back to camp.

I guess this blog wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Colton, right?  Colton swears that he’s a different guy this time around.  He breaks down in tears (alright often) while explaining how difficult it is to grow-up in the South gay.  I do feel for him on this one.  So far he’s been pretty quiet and he has also apologized to Monica Culpepper for his actions in the prior Survivor game.  She isn’t totally convinced that Colton has changed.  Actions are always more convincing than words.

Over on Redemption Island, Candace is doing all the work.  She’s annoyed at Rupert, but letting him get away with it.  Why, I wonder? If it were me, I’d tell him to go find his own fruit, etc.  She doesn’t owe him anything.  Rupert’s plan is to conserve all his energy to play in the competition to remain on RI.  The first Redemption Island competition will be between Rupert, Candace and Marissa.

My vote for biggest PIA is Brad Culpepper.  He’s very full of himself.  My husband says he doesn’t even remember him playing in the NFL.  Evidently, he wasn’t a star player.  By attempting to take control of everything, he should be placing a big target on his back.  I guess it depends on how quickly he pisses off or annoys the other guys on his tribe.

That’s it for this week.  I’m very glad to be back.  I’ve missed my friends here at Survivor and also over at BB.  I was away all last week so I wasn’t able to approve comments.  As always, your very first comment must be approved.  After that first is approved, you are good to go!  I should be able to stop over there at least once a day to make sure comments are approved quickly.  See you next week….Bloggergal

Survivor Blood vs Water is One Week Away!

With Big Brother winding down, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the 27th season of Survivor.  Think about that…27 seasons!!!

I know a lot of you aren’t happy about it, but once again Survivor will be bringing back past contestants.  There are some interesting characters returning so it should make for good TV.  I don’t agree with bringing back the money winners though.

The idea behind this season is that Survivor past contestants will be pitted against a family member, a spouse or a partner.  Will they vote each other off?  Will they turn on each other?  Will marriages break up over this?  We shall see!

It will be fun to watch Rupert return to Survivor.  When I think of Survivor, I always think of him.  He’s what I think a Survivor contestant should be.  Then totally on the other end of the spectrum, we have Colton.  I didn’t like him the first time and I won’t like him this time either.  I really think that he is just putting on a big act, but after this season of Big Brother, I’m not up for it.

The show premieres Wednesday, September 18th.  In the meantime, you can check out the entire cast by clicking the link or watch it below.

Stay tuned…Bloggergal

Survivor Caramoan…Soon to be just a memory

There really wasn’t any question that once the final Tribal was held that Cochran would be the winner, was there?  It was really sad to see Erik get pulled from the game at such a late date.  I thought it was strange too because even though he had been complaining throughout about not having enough food and water, he was one of the lucky ones to get to picnic with his family just a few days prior.  Dawn, on the other hand did not get that opportunity.

I think Cochran played a really good game and deserved the win. I was very upset with his attitude once he won final Immunity though.  He’s lucky we were the only ones who got to hear him.  Humility, young man!

I hate to even talk about that whole Brenda and Dawn thing.  Seriously?  Grow up Brenda.  Survivor producers…you need to grow up too.  Uncalled for–definitely uncalled for.  I do get credit for knowing about the pregnancy in advance though!

The reunion show has multiple Survivor fans and past contestants up in arms.  Everyone is wanting to know why a little kid from the audience gets to talk, but the contestants from the show didn’t.  What the heck was that part with Rudy and Richard Hatch?  I guess they were going for funny?  It wasn’t.  Did I really hear the word “queer”?  What the heck?

So did you hear Jeff refer to Sherri as a “millionaire in her own right”?  I’m not feeling too bad that she didn’t win.  I’m actually wondering why she really went on the show.  What is her post-Survivor plan?  Watch for it.  Also, by the end of the show, she was skin and bones.  She looked good at the reunion show.  Maybe I should go on Survivor to lose some weight? Speaking of weight, my husband and I were talking about the way Dawn looked at the reunion.  She was unusually puffy-faced, wasn’t she?

I’m happy that I don’t have to watch Malcolm sweep his hair back out of his face anymore. How annoying is that?  I wonder if it annoys him as much as it annoys me?  He did have his hair tied back in a ponytail at the after party.  Check it out:


If he comes to Reality Rally next year, I’ll ask him about the hair!

Finally, the blood versus water theme was announced for the next Survivor season.  Oh no, what could that mean?  Please don’t let it mean another season of the Hantz clan.  Seriously, enough is enough.  I have this funny feeling we will be looking at Russell along with his still to debut on Reality TV brother Shawn next time.  I hope I’m wrong.

Since I’m on the East Coast, it’s still pretty early out in sunny southern California.  I haven’t heard anything from my contacts about last night’s finale after party yet.  If I hear anything worth repeating, I’ll comment under this blog.  Have a great summer.  I hope to connect with you again really soon at our Big Brother blog.  Bloggergal


Survivor Caramoan Finale…Who will be the Sole Survivor?

There is less than an hour here on the East Coast until the beginning of the Survivor Caramoan Finale.  Here’s what I know…

For the first time, only those Survivor contestants that are ON the Jury will get to sit up on the stage.  In past finales, once the reunion show gets going ALL the contestants were together.  A number of contestants are PO’d and frankly, I don’t blame them!  They put in the time and effort to play the game, they deserve to be all equal.

As I’m sure you have heard, Brandon will NOT be attending the Survivor Finale because he isn’t wanted there.  Word is all over the Net that this is because Phillip is afraid, etc., etc.,  My guess would be that they don’t want the finale being about Brandon.  Makes sense to me.

Unfortunately, the pre-finale party last night was pretty much of a bust!  The only contestant spending any time there was Andrea.  Here is a picture of her with my sister Charlene and Murtz Jaffer.  Murtz is a Reality TV journalist.

Survivor Finale Pic2

I’m not sure if this is related to the contestants not showing up last night, but there has been a good deal of cyber-bullying going on since the last episode.  Dawn and Cochran are taking a lot of heat about blindsiding Brenda.  People in Reality TV Land…get a grip!  It’s a show for goodness sake! Speaking of Brenda, I’ve also heard the rumor that she won’t be at tonight’s live finale show because she is nine months pregnant.  Not sure if this is true or not, but I do have some good inside sources!  ;-)

Okay, I have to go prep for the big finale!  Talk to you (for the finale/final) time tomorrow.  Bloggergal

Survivor Caramoan…And Then There Were Five

Aw…the emotional family reunion episode of Survivor.  Thirty-six days without your loved one and finally he or she is on the island.  Wait…36 days?  That’s it?  Seriously, this is always the silliest episode for me.  I wonder how it makes our military families feel?  My son is away at college and I haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving.  That’s a couple more days than 36. Nonetheless, the emotion that plays out always brings up a tear or two.

Okay, let’s get on with it.  Of course, everyone is all teary eyed and happy to see a family member.  Then we get to the competition for reward.  Brenda and her father win and Brenda picks Dawn and her husband to join them.  Then, here’s where it gets interesting or maybe just ridiculous.  First they are told that there is a second family member or loved one on the island.  Then, Brenda is asked to decide if she and Dawn will enjoy a picnic with their loves ones or if she will sacrifice and let the others have that pleasure.  Yep, she sacrifices and let’s the others have it.  I knew right at that moment that Brenda would be saying adios tonight, didn’t you?  It was almost too hard to watch from that point on.

The thing about Brenda giving up reward for her and Dawn is not only did she give up time with her loved ones, but also FOOD.  This should have been a reason to not make it to the end of the individual Immunity challenge, but guess what?  Yep, Dawn and Brenda are the last two standing.  Maybe the others ate and partied too much?

When it comes down to Brenda and Dawn, Dawn tries to talk Brenda into dropping, saying that Eddie is going to be voted off.  Brenda says that she dropped five minutes later to give Dawn the win, but only Brenda knows for sure.  I was wincing at this point.

Back at camp, it’s innocent little Cochran who plants the evil seed of blindsiding Brenda with Dawn and Sherri.  The others are clueless.  Votes come in and Brenda is voted off with three votes.  Ouch Brenda! It helps to remember that Survivor is a game not real life.  Brenda definitely learned this the hard way last night.

We are down to the final five…Dawn, Sherri, Cochran, Eddie and Eric.  The finale is on Mother’s Day (yep Sunday is Mother’s Day).  I do have a surprise for you though.  On Saturday night, there will be a pre-Survivor finale party and my sister along with Gillian Larson will be attending.  That means on Sunday morning (late because it’s the West Coast) I’ll be blogging about what’s happening out in Los Angeles during finale weekend with pictures!  So stay tuned…Bloggergal


Sacrifice safety and pride for doughnuts

Survivor is down to the final eight and with 2 tribals to get us down to the final six! Will the strong alliance of six make it to the final six?

Let’s see!

Start with tree mail and yep…2 tribals. Immunity and some info up for grabs. This is your typical survivor style endurance comp. Each survivor needed to stand on a pyramid in the middle of the water and it would get more difficult as they would be standing on smaller foot holds. (never mind the wind and the rocking on the water)

Erik and Eddie jump out right away for doughnuts and milk. And 15 minutes later Cochran jumped off and grabbed a cold soda and some hot dogs! I liked how NO ONE thought it was a good idea…but I think he was smart to do it.

They all got to the top and one by one each one fell. Dawn then Sherri then Reynold! The survivors who were out celebrated since they want to vote him out as the biggest threat.

It was Andrea vs. Brenda for the rest of the time. They tried to deal and both wanted to FIGHT for it. They both wanted it so bad they wanted it to make it even more difficult by standing on one foot. Brenda fell and Andrea won…but did she want it so bad that it cost her trust which is GOLD in this game.

The info was for a hidden immunity idol which Andrea shared the clue with everyone and they all found it and Andrea got to keep it. Yeah for her….

Lots of talk about blindsides and trust at tribal. …and Malcolm comes up and flaunts his long hair and clean teeth. Funny moment but whatever…he is on the jury now and cannot talk for a few more weeks.

Well time to vote. It goes down like this…
Eddie 2
Reynold 4
Sherri 1
Erik 1

Not 100% sure the logic behind it but yes…they got their man. Reynold is gone.

One more immunity idol challenge…push your cone on the rope and unlock a box and do a ladder puzzle….you know. The norm!

Erik rocked it…he had his ladder together before anyone had 1/2 of theirs and easily wins immunity. He will NOT be giving this up and then promptly getting voted out! #BBBloggerGuarentee

Back to camp, and people are plotting their fate. Andrea is feeling confident and they want to blind side Brenda. Andrea wants Eddie to come with to the final 3 so people felt she was a threat. Good thing she has the hidden immunity idol.

Back at tribal council, more talk, more talk, more talk, and one AMAZING mustache by Reynold! More game play and more final 3 talk. Let’s jump to the vote…

Brenda 2
Eddie 2
Andrea 3

Guess what….ANDREA DID NOT PLAY THE IDOL! She walks out with a nice souvenir! She goes…Awww you guys that’s good, that’s really good! Walks out dejected…and scene! (I miss her already…she is beautiful. (PS: Andrea…call me!))

And that wraps up this episode and blog. What do you think of our final 6? Are you happy with the way it all shook down? Who deserves the win? Erik, Eddie, Cochran, Brenda, Dawn or Sherri?

Thanks for being here with Bloggergal and myself. We love you guys and hope you enjoy our little slice of Survivor fever! Please comment below and let us know your thoughts on this weeks show and if there is anything you would like us to change on the blog. We are already talking about changing some things for the next season and even as soon as next month with some sweet changes. Hope you all are ready for some more summer fun. Talk with you all soon!

Peace, BBBlogger

Survivor Caramoan…How Quick the Tides Change!

This week was the famed Survivor auction.  Just for the record, each tribe member is given $500 to spend at the auction.  You need to be quick and smart about how you use your money.  I won’t go into every transaction, I bet you were watching weren’t you?  The auction resulted in Malcolm getting to see a clue as to the location of the HII.  Cochran won an advantage in the Immunity Challenge.  Those that saved some cash received letters from home.  Andrea traded her pasta for beans and rice for the whole camp.

So, you would think that since Malcolm has a clue as to where the Idol is hidden, he would actually go get it huh?  Nope.  Andrea is on to him and is following him around camp like his personal puppy.  What I don’t get is why he doesn’t just keep looking.  Everyone knows he has a clue so why pretend he doesn’t?  I bet in hindsight, he realized that!  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Immunity Challenge involves strength, but don’t forget that Cochran gets an advantage.  I won’t give all the sordid details (yep, lazy today!), but the advantage gives Cochran the win.  It sure is fun to see Cochran doing so well this time out, isn’t it?

The tribe is “kinda” still divided between the Favorites and the Three Amigos with Erik running back and forth.  Sherry is approached to return to the fold of the Three Amigos.  Malcolm tells her he has the HII and she should vote with them. When the voting results are in, Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a HII and since no one has one, no one does.  The vote turns out Reynold 3, Malcolm 3 and Andrea 3.  What that means is that those three cannot vote and the rest can only vote for those three.  Since Malcolm didn’t use a HII, the tribe pounces on him like a wounded rabbit…and just like that…Malcolm is our third member of the Survivor Jury.

The irrelevant question is….Should Malcolm have kept the HII last week for his own needs?  A second irrelevant question is…Should Malcolm started digging regardless of Andrea watching him?  We will never know and that’s the game of Survivor!

Have a great week!  Bloggergal

By the way:

Did you see the color of the water Brenda was drinking?  Ewww.  Doesn’t Phillip look 10 times younger without his gray hair?  Did you see them wiping the peanut butter off their hands, etc. and putting it into a bowl.  OMG


The Survivor Specialist Has His Torch Snuffed

What can I say about last night’s epic Tribal?  Did you watch it?  If you didn’t, stop reading this and go do that.  Since he is a personal friend, and yes I know I’m in the minority, I was sad to see Phillip leave last night, but at least he’s on the jury.

I guess I should start with that whole bit about Dawn losing her teeth in the water.  If she didn’t want everyone to know, then maybe she should have quietly asked for help to find them instead of getting hysterical?  I do imagine that Survivor can get to you.  Being out there with limited food items, the same people day after day, all kinds of crazy thoughts going through your mind AND being a woman in your 40’s.  I can see it.  Suck it up, girl!

On to the rewards challenge.  At least this time the teams were a little more even-sided.  Malcolm’s idea to make it easy for everyone else on his team didn’t help them pull it off.  Sherri was like molasses in January, wasn’t she?  That woman should be long gone from this show, but there she sits not even a consideration when the voting occurs.  It was good to see Cochran once again on the WINNING team, wasn’t it?

The Immunity challenge involved maneuvering underwater under a raft.  Apparently, Philip had a traumatic experience when he was a child, so he opted out of this challenge.  Truthfully, he didn’t have a chance to win, so why not opt out?  This clearly was going to be a male winner since it involved strength, holding your breath and fitness.  Reynold is by far the fittest of all the contestants remaining on Survivor so it wasn’t a surprise that he sailed through this competition.  It was unfortunate that Eddie was a bit cocky resulting in him NOT getting his tube onto the post and losing.  Malcolm was Reynold’s closest competition and you could clearly see that he couldn’t catch his breath.  Reynold dove into the water to retrieve his Immunity necklace without a whiff of tiredness.  He clearly is the one to beat physically in this game.

Okay, lets discuss tribal council.  Malcolm has had a HII since the tribes merged.  With the luck that only happens on Survivor, Malcolm finds a second HII.  All the tribe sees and knows about the second one.  As you know (and if you don’t, then why are you even reading this?) there are two alliances.  Most of the Favorites and Sherri are aligned with Phillip leading that pack. The second alliance is Reynold, Malcolm and Eddie or The Three Amigos (no relation to the Reality Rally Team!).  As soon as Malcolm found that second HII, my head started spinning with the possibilities.  How about you?  I can just imagine how the thoughts were flying in Malcolm’s head!

The favorites were once again planning to split the votes between Eddie and Malcolm to flush out the HII.  Don’t forget Reynold is safe.  Eddie, Malcolm and Reynold plan to vote for Phillip.  Talk gets around to Malcolm having a HII.  He pulls it out and then shortly after pulls out the second one.  The faces on some of the contestants were classic.  This tribal will forever go down in history.  Taking it the hardest, and for good reason is Andrea.  She knows her head could end up on the chopping block.  So now what we have is Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold all SAFE!!!  Someone from the Favorites will be leaving tribal.  What I don’t get is why the favorites didn’t immediately turn on Sherri and get her butt out of there?  She clearly doesn’t have the ability to win challenges, so maybe that’s why they are keeping her around?  Andrea’s name is being whispered and all the Favorites are talking among themselves.  Jeff is enjoying himself immensely. Okay, so was I and I assume so were you? I think it was Erik that mentions just because they HAVE HII’s doesn’t mean they are going to use them.  Phillip ends the talk by stating that he thinks everyone should vote the way that was discussed BEFORE coming to tribal.  He states that he would rather be voted off than have his reputation continue to be tarnished (or some such rubbish–LOL).  The voting has the Favorites splitting between Malcolm and Eddie.  The Three Amigo’s vote for Phillip.  The lone wolf in this whole debacle is Erik.  Instead of voting with the Favorites, he votes against Phillip.  At this point, it didn’t really matter, but it’s a very telling sign of what’s to come with him.  So, the two HII’s are played and Phillip is our second member of the Survivor Caramoan jury.

Whew…what an ending!  I’m sure there is tons of talk today about whether, Malcolm should have used both the HII’s or whether they should have tried to squeak through without using two.  I guess it’s neither here nor there!  Can’t wait to see what happens next.  Bloggergal

Bloggergal attends Reality Rally 2013

Reality Rally 2013 is just a memory, but WHAT a memory!  As promised, here’s my take on this amazing event.  First of all, I’ll remind you that Reality Rally is a charity fundraiser held in Temecula California and it benefits Michelle’s Place, a cancer resource center.  With almost 100 Reality stars attending, it’s a fun and crazy weekend that earns a great deal of money for a great cause.

There were stars from a lot of your favorite Reality shows.  Of course, Big Brother was well represented.  Attending this year was Adam Poch, Brendan and Rachel Villegas, Hayden Moss, Howie Gordon, Jodi Rollins, Joe Arvin, Michelle Costa, Michele Noonan, Porsche Briggs, Steven Daigle and Wil Heuser. 

Adam Poch is very excited about his upcoming nuptials.  He is a very genuine guy that seems thrilled to be getting married.  Unfortunately, his bride-to-be couldn’t attend with him since the dates were so close together.  I hope to meet her at a future event.   

Reality Rally 2013 103

I didn’t get to spend much time talking to Brendan and Rachel (Villegas), Steven Daigle, Porche Briggs or Howie Gordon.  With that many stars, it’s difficult to spend time with each and every one!  I did have the chance to congratulate Brendan and Rachel on getting “hitched”.  They seem very happy and as far as I can tell, they are still together.  Steven Daigle is awfully cute.

One of my favorite Big Brother stars is Hayden Moss.  He is just a great guy…not to mention handsome.  Here’s a picture of Hayden interacting with one of the fans at Reality Rally.  You can see from this picture that he’s a special guy!

Reality Rally 014

In case you haven’t heard, Hayden is dating Kat Edorsson from Survivor fame.  They make a striking couple.  Kat is absolutely gorgeous.  Whether all made up or out for a run, she looks perfect.  Seeing her running around outside her hotel room looking for hairspray was a kick. 

Jodi Rollins was a lot of fun.  She’s hoping that the Big Brother big-wigs find it in their hearts to return her to the show so she gets a fair shot this time.  I hope so too.  I can’t imagine how hard it had to be on her to be eliminated before she even had a chance to stick up for herself. 

I’m proud to call Michelle Costa my friend.  She has an amazing personality and I love, love, love her accent!

I spoke to Michele Noonan about her upcoming wedding.  She tells me that it’s going to be in Hawaii on Halloween.  She didn’t tell me it was a secret, so I hope telling all of you is okay.  After all, I didn’t tell you where in Hawaii–did I? ;-)  Here’s a pic of the two signing autographs at the race.

Reality Rally 2013 121

When speaking to Joe Arvin, I asked him if he read what everyone said about him while he was on Big Brother.  He laughed and said he’s heard it all.  It doesn’t seem to bother him in the least.

Wil Heuser was one of the Reality Stars I couldn’t wait to meet and I must admit–I LOVE HIM!  He’s just as he was on TV, but he doesn’t play with his hair as much!  LOL  He is one of those guys or gals that you meet and feel like you’ve known them your whole life. He’s pictured here with Tribble Reese (Sweet Home Alabama).

Reality Rally 2013 101

There was a good turnout at Reality Rally from the premiere season of The Glass House.  I loved this show and I especially loved the contestants.  Attending were Joy Glass, Gene Bryant, Jeffrey Marx, and Stephanie Link.  If you remember Joy and Gene had a showmance.  They aren’t seeing each other anymore though.  Gene is BIG and I think his heart must be the same size!  What a teddy bear.  Plus, you should see this guy dance.  I have to admit he’s a hottie!  Jeffrey Marx is just amazing.  I can’t say enough good things about him, except that I wish he was my brother.  While I’m at it, I wish that Stephanie Link could be my sister.  She is equally as amazing as Jeffrey–very down-to-earth, approachable and pretty.  I didn’t get to spend much time with Joy Glass, but as you can imagine she is gorgeous.  I never saw her not smiling.  Here’s a pic with my new bud, Jeffrey:

Reality Rally 013

Since Gillian Larson created Reality Rally, it’s not surprising that there are tons of Survivor stars at the event.  Here we go…Anthony Robinson, Ashley Trainer, Billy Garcia, Bob Crowley, Bruce Kanegai, Chelsea Meissner, Christa Hastie, Christina Cha, Cristina Coria, Dana Lambert, Denise Stapley, Earl Cole, Holly Hoffman, Gerri Manthey, Jimmy Tarantino, Joel Anderson, Jonas Otsuji, Kat Edorsson, Kim Spradlin, Marcus Lehman, Nina Acosta, Phillip Sheppard, Richard Hatch, Rita Verreos, Rob Cesternino, Tina Scheer, Troy “Troyzan” Robertson, Tyrone Davis and Zane Knight.  I can’t comment on every single one of them, but I’ll give you some highlights.

Troy Robertson is one HOT 51 year-old!  He has the most incredible rock-hard abs.  How do I know this?  Well, I’ll tell you!  He volunteered to do a video, along with Jonas Otusji on how to get fitted for the correct bra size.  This should have been extremely funny, but all the gals couldn’t help but sigh even when seeing Troy with a bra on!  Two good sports—these two! Click this link to watch it and sigh and laugh along with the rest of us.

 I did get to spend a little time in the Green Room with Troy.  He asked me what I had said about him in my blog during his season of Survivor.  Well, if you remember, Troy took that big fit towards the end when he was competing for Immunity.  “This is MY island…”  He laughed when I said I probably called him a name or two and said “I deserved it”. 

I was honored to get to spend time with the distinguished and titled sole Survivor Denise Stapley.  She is a petite little thing, but very fit.  Frankly, I wish I was in half the shape she is in.  Goals…I have goals. <sigh>  Anyway, talking with her was very special.  She listens and shares and cares.  I guess having a degree in therapy is a help in this area, huh?  I would love to spend many more hours talking to her, but as you could imagine, she was in high demand.

I can’t say enough about some of the Survivor stars.  Among them are Jimmy Tarantino, who raised a ton of money for the charity; Bob Crowley and his beautiful wife Peggy, who always have time for a quick spin on the dance floor, or in the lobby or…well you get my point; Bruce Kanegai, who looks “killer” in a tux; Christina Cha, who is always a lady; Dana Lambert, whom I’d love to hang out with someday; Rita Verreos, whose career as a television report is blooming; Marcus Lehman, who in real life helps save lives as an anesthesiologist; and Richard Hatch, who gets nicer every time we meet! 

We can’t talk about Survivor reality stars without mentioning the one you love to love or love to hate…Phillip Sheppard.  As I’ve said, he wasn’t allowed to comment about his current stint on Survivor.  I did stroke his now bare chin and tell him how much I love him clean shaven.  He said they aren’t allowed to shave during the show.  I did get my very own, signed copy of The Specialist:  The Costa Rica Job.  I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, though.  Here’s me with my sister Charlene and Phillip.

Reality Rally 025

Past winner of Survivor Kim Spradlin was able to pull out the win at Reality Rally this year.  She was teamed with a now famous in their own right group called The Three Amigos.  These guys raise tons and tons of money for Michelle’s Place each year.  They are wonderful and inspirational! 

Reality Rally is loosely based on Amazing Race so it isn’t surprising that there were a number of their stars competing once again.  Attending were Mark “Abba” Abbattista, Cindy Chiang and Ernie Halvorsen, Deanna Housteau, Eric Sanchez, Jodi Wincheski, Justin Young, Ken and Tina Greene, Michael Munoz and Misa Tanaka. 

By far, one of the most interesting guys I met this year was Mark Abbattista.  Abba looks like a 60’s hippie, but don’t let the cover fool you.  This guy is genius smart.  I love that he marches to his own drummer and doesn’t let anyone or anything influence him.  I wasn’t surprised to learn that he lives in Colorado.  That’s where all the cool people live—right Jad?  If you ever meet him, ask him why he wears his hair long.  His answer may surprise you!

Reality Rally 2013 102

Two of the most gracious, friendly and endearing Amazing Race stars are Ken and Tina Greene.  If you know these two, then you know that they give, give and then give some more.  I admire and respect them so much. 

Reality Rally 2013 041

This year, there were musical talents intermingled with the Reality Stars.  Included in this list were Brian Collins (The Brian Collins Band), Erik Turner (Warrant), Trevor Moran (X-Factor) and The Brewer Boys (X-Factor).  I had the amazing experience of standing on stage while Trevor Moran performed.  I have never seen so many cameras, cell phones and girls going crazy.  Wow, it must be really fun to be a teen idol. 

Reality Rally 2013 141

Expedition Impossible is a reality show that I missed, but plan to try to watch through videos.  This group of stars includes AJ Gibson, Gus Sanfilippo, Jim Vaglica, Joe Sanfilippo and Ryan Allen Carrillo.  The Sanfilippo’s were like long lost family friends.  Jim Vaglica brought his wife Robin and I hope I can call her a friend for life, just like Jim!  AJ and Ryan are always fun to be around—full of energy and always dressed “to the nines”.  For the youngin’s…that’s an old expression meaning dressed awesomely!  ;-)

There are so many more stars to talk about and so little time…and space! Here’s a quick summary:

Hell’s Kitchen was repped by Amanda Colello. 

Cupcake Wars’ Andrea and Corie Maue were on the scene. 

The Swan had a bit of a reunion with the beautiful both inside and out gals…Beth Harris, Kelly Alemi Cowan and Kelly Becker. 

Bea Hennington appeared on Solitary.  I’ve never seen the show, but I loved meeting Bea.

Craig Slike from The Mole was able to work on his interviewing skills and from what he said, he had a blast.

Also from The Mole is the amazingly talented Alex “Rockwell” Jacobs.  He’s part of the Brian Collins Band.  Check them out—you won’t be disappointed.

Attending from Beauty and the Geek were David Olsen and Joe Cortez.  Joe and I sat for awhile in a Temecula bar contemplating being “way past this scene”. 

From Average Joe and the most giving, caring, special human being I know–Dennis Luciani. He never fails to dress up for a special occasion!

Reality Rally 2013 035

I spoke a lot about him last Reality Rally attending for the second time was Derek Amato.  Google this guy—trust me it’s worth it. 

Perhaps the youngest Reality star at Reality Rally was Dillon Tedesco of Design Squad fame and a cutie I must add.

With a name that matches his appearance from Bull Run is Elvis Strange.  He is another one of those guys that you can’t judge by his cover.  He’d be mad if I said he was a softie, so I won’t!  Teehee. 

Reality Rally 2013 062

Jerry Garrison appeared on the OCD Project.  He’s a big Harley guy—literally and figuratively.  Pictured below, Jerry Garrison, Erik Turner and Billy Garcia.

Reality Rally 2013 067

A show I plan to look up is Alt For Norge.  I don’t know anything about it, except to say that the contestants from it were amazing people.  Attending Reality Rally were Jessica Brustad, Johnathan Richards and Todd Ferris.

Retired NFL football players attending were Jim Weatherly and Lance Zeno. 

Pirate Master may have not made it on TV, but reality star Kendra Guffey is tops on my list.  She graciously fetched me a snack when I was hungry at RR.  I love to keep up with her on Facebook because her life is way more interesting than mine!

One of my friends and a reality star with a future is Melody Pinkerton.  She was on the show Frank The Entertainer.  Hopefully we will see her on TV again someday.  ;-)

Rachel Harley from 3 is just the nicest and prettiest mom!  Her kids are adorable. 

From Wife Swap, Angie and Tim Funderburgh are always great to have around.  Angie sure has an amazing selection of shoes.  These two are so down-to-earth, I hope they come visit me in Atlanta so I can spend some quality time with them. Here’s me with Angie in our Reality Rally Bling T-Shirts.

Reality Rally 005 (2)

Did you happen to catch the show Sweet Home Alabama?  After meeting Tribble Reese, I wish I had!  He’s hot model man material.  Here he is photo-bombing me and Steven Daigle.

Reality Rally 011

Last but not least we have Murtz Jaffer (Reality Obsessed), Mat Levy (I Love New York 2) and Bridgetta Tomarchio (Wanted Ted or Alive).

I know this was a long blog.  It took me hours to write so I hope you enjoy it.  Reality Rally means a lot to me both for the charity and for the chance to spend time with the Reality stars that I so frequently write about.  Bloggergal :-)

Survivor Fans Aren’t Surviving

Hi there!  I’m back from Reality Rally 2013.  It was an incredible weekend with a little under 100 Reality stars…many from Survivor.  More about that later.

First lets get to this week’s episode.  Now that we have everyone playing for themselves, Survivor is starting to get interesting.  The Favorites are barely clinging together after the silly blindside of Corinne last week.  If you are going to blindside someone…make it count!

Reward challenge has the teams separated into two groups.  They don’t tell us how this was done, but Jeff does say that Sherri wasn’t “picked”.  Not sure what that means.  Once again, the teams are skewed.  All the jocks, yeah and Cochran are on one team.  Surprisingly, the gals are pretty good at the challenge, but not good enough and the jocks win.  Reward involves rappelling down a waterfall and a picnic lunch.  Reynold tries to work on Cochran while on Reward, but he doesn’t get anywhere.  Cochran has “been there done that” with jocks in his past.

The Immunity challenge gave me nightmares, I must admit.  It involved hanging under a metal grate while the tide came in.  Eventually, the water was over the heads of the Survivors.  The last one to stick it out wins.  This one went to Brenda.  She had a good cup shape on her hands and was preventing the water from entering.

Malcolm was trying to make his move and break away from the Favorites.  At that point, the favorites decided to blindside him and get him out of the game.  Good idea.  Nope!  Andrea panics and realizes that Malcolm’s team is going to vote to oust her.  That means if Malcolm uses a HII, she would be voted out.  She gets the Favorites to back off and instead vote off Michael.  Remember both Malcolm and Reynold have HII’s.

At tribal, the Survivors hint at getting out Malcolm and he gets very, very frightened.  Before the vote, when Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a HII, Reynold stands up.  Malcolm tells him, its him (Malcolm) that will be voted off not him (Reynold) and to give him the HII, which he does.  Huh?  I’m still confused about this move.  Also remember that Reynold doesn’t know that Malcolm has the other HII.  The surprise is on both Malcolm and Reynold because Michael gets voted off.

I have to admit I’m a bit scattered this week.  Returning from Reality Rally with tons and tons to do has my brain fried, so if he I messed up anything above, just comment and correct me!  I’m used to it.  :-)

I will be writing my Reality Rally blog just as soon as I can.  I had a great time and spoke with a lot of your favs including Denise Stapley, Troyzan and Phillip. I’ll post pics too!  Happy to be home though.  Bloggergal


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