Bloggergal attends Reality Rally 2013

Reality Rally 2013 is just a memory, but WHAT a memory!  As promised, here’s my take on this amazing event.  First of all, I’ll remind you that Reality Rally is a charity fundraiser held in Temecula California and it benefits Michelle’s Place, a cancer resource center.  With almost 100 Reality stars attending, it’s a fun and crazy weekend that earns a great deal of money for a great cause.

There were stars from a lot of your favorite Reality shows.  Of course, Big Brother was well represented.  Attending this year was Adam Poch, Brendan and Rachel Villegas, Hayden Moss, Howie Gordon, Jodi Rollins, Joe Arvin, Michelle Costa, Michele Noonan, Porsche Briggs, Steven Daigle and Wil Heuser. 

Adam Poch is very excited about his upcoming nuptials.  He is a very genuine guy that seems thrilled to be getting married.  Unfortunately, his bride-to-be couldn’t attend with him since the dates were so close together.  I hope to meet her at a future event.   

Reality Rally 2013 103

I didn’t get to spend much time talking to Brendan and Rachel (Villegas), Steven Daigle, Porche Briggs or Howie Gordon.  With that many stars, it’s difficult to spend time with each and every one!  I did have the chance to congratulate Brendan and Rachel on getting “hitched”.  They seem very happy and as far as I can tell, they are still together.  Steven Daigle is awfully cute.

One of my favorite Big Brother stars is Hayden Moss.  He is just a great guy…not to mention handsome.  Here’s a picture of Hayden interacting with one of the fans at Reality Rally.  You can see from this picture that he’s a special guy!

Reality Rally 014

In case you haven’t heard, Hayden is dating Kat Edorsson from Survivor fame.  They make a striking couple.  Kat is absolutely gorgeous.  Whether all made up or out for a run, she looks perfect.  Seeing her running around outside her hotel room looking for hairspray was a kick. 

Jodi Rollins was a lot of fun.  She’s hoping that the Big Brother big-wigs find it in their hearts to return her to the show so she gets a fair shot this time.  I hope so too.  I can’t imagine how hard it had to be on her to be eliminated before she even had a chance to stick up for herself. 

I’m proud to call Michelle Costa my friend.  She has an amazing personality and I love, love, love her accent!

I spoke to Michele Noonan about her upcoming wedding.  She tells me that it’s going to be in Hawaii on Halloween.  She didn’t tell me it was a secret, so I hope telling all of you is okay.  After all, I didn’t tell you where in Hawaii–did I? ;-)  Here’s a pic of the two signing autographs at the race.

Reality Rally 2013 121

When speaking to Joe Arvin, I asked him if he read what everyone said about him while he was on Big Brother.  He laughed and said he’s heard it all.  It doesn’t seem to bother him in the least.

Wil Heuser was one of the Reality Stars I couldn’t wait to meet and I must admit–I LOVE HIM!  He’s just as he was on TV, but he doesn’t play with his hair as much!  LOL  He is one of those guys or gals that you meet and feel like you’ve known them your whole life. He’s pictured here with Tribble Reese (Sweet Home Alabama).

Reality Rally 2013 101

There was a good turnout at Reality Rally from the premiere season of The Glass House.  I loved this show and I especially loved the contestants.  Attending were Joy Glass, Gene Bryant, Jeffrey Marx, and Stephanie Link.  If you remember Joy and Gene had a showmance.  They aren’t seeing each other anymore though.  Gene is BIG and I think his heart must be the same size!  What a teddy bear.  Plus, you should see this guy dance.  I have to admit he’s a hottie!  Jeffrey Marx is just amazing.  I can’t say enough good things about him, except that I wish he was my brother.  While I’m at it, I wish that Stephanie Link could be my sister.  She is equally as amazing as Jeffrey–very down-to-earth, approachable and pretty.  I didn’t get to spend much time with Joy Glass, but as you can imagine she is gorgeous.  I never saw her not smiling.  Here’s a pic with my new bud, Jeffrey:

Reality Rally 013

Since Gillian Larson created Reality Rally, it’s not surprising that there are tons of Survivor stars at the event.  Here we go…Anthony Robinson, Ashley Trainer, Billy Garcia, Bob Crowley, Bruce Kanegai, Chelsea Meissner, Christa Hastie, Christina Cha, Cristina Coria, Dana Lambert, Denise Stapley, Earl Cole, Holly Hoffman, Gerri Manthey, Jimmy Tarantino, Joel Anderson, Jonas Otsuji, Kat Edorsson, Kim Spradlin, Marcus Lehman, Nina Acosta, Phillip Sheppard, Richard Hatch, Rita Verreos, Rob Cesternino, Tina Scheer, Troy “Troyzan” Robertson, Tyrone Davis and Zane Knight.  I can’t comment on every single one of them, but I’ll give you some highlights.

Troy Robertson is one HOT 51 year-old!  He has the most incredible rock-hard abs.  How do I know this?  Well, I’ll tell you!  He volunteered to do a video, along with Jonas Otusji on how to get fitted for the correct bra size.  This should have been extremely funny, but all the gals couldn’t help but sigh even when seeing Troy with a bra on!  Two good sports—these two! Click this link to watch it and sigh and laugh along with the rest of us.

 I did get to spend a little time in the Green Room with Troy.  He asked me what I had said about him in my blog during his season of Survivor.  Well, if you remember, Troy took that big fit towards the end when he was competing for Immunity.  “This is MY island…”  He laughed when I said I probably called him a name or two and said “I deserved it”. 

I was honored to get to spend time with the distinguished and titled sole Survivor Denise Stapley.  She is a petite little thing, but very fit.  Frankly, I wish I was in half the shape she is in.  Goals…I have goals. <sigh>  Anyway, talking with her was very special.  She listens and shares and cares.  I guess having a degree in therapy is a help in this area, huh?  I would love to spend many more hours talking to her, but as you could imagine, she was in high demand.

I can’t say enough about some of the Survivor stars.  Among them are Jimmy Tarantino, who raised a ton of money for the charity; Bob Crowley and his beautiful wife Peggy, who always have time for a quick spin on the dance floor, or in the lobby or…well you get my point; Bruce Kanegai, who looks “killer” in a tux; Christina Cha, who is always a lady; Dana Lambert, whom I’d love to hang out with someday; Rita Verreos, whose career as a television report is blooming; Marcus Lehman, who in real life helps save lives as an anesthesiologist; and Richard Hatch, who gets nicer every time we meet! 

We can’t talk about Survivor reality stars without mentioning the one you love to love or love to hate…Phillip Sheppard.  As I’ve said, he wasn’t allowed to comment about his current stint on Survivor.  I did stroke his now bare chin and tell him how much I love him clean shaven.  He said they aren’t allowed to shave during the show.  I did get my very own, signed copy of The Specialist:  The Costa Rica Job.  I haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, though.  Here’s me with my sister Charlene and Phillip.

Reality Rally 025

Past winner of Survivor Kim Spradlin was able to pull out the win at Reality Rally this year.  She was teamed with a now famous in their own right group called The Three Amigos.  These guys raise tons and tons of money for Michelle’s Place each year.  They are wonderful and inspirational! 

Reality Rally is loosely based on Amazing Race so it isn’t surprising that there were a number of their stars competing once again.  Attending were Mark “Abba” Abbattista, Cindy Chiang and Ernie Halvorsen, Deanna Housteau, Eric Sanchez, Jodi Wincheski, Justin Young, Ken and Tina Greene, Michael Munoz and Misa Tanaka. 

By far, one of the most interesting guys I met this year was Mark Abbattista.  Abba looks like a 60’s hippie, but don’t let the cover fool you.  This guy is genius smart.  I love that he marches to his own drummer and doesn’t let anyone or anything influence him.  I wasn’t surprised to learn that he lives in Colorado.  That’s where all the cool people live—right Jad?  If you ever meet him, ask him why he wears his hair long.  His answer may surprise you!

Reality Rally 2013 102

Two of the most gracious, friendly and endearing Amazing Race stars are Ken and Tina Greene.  If you know these two, then you know that they give, give and then give some more.  I admire and respect them so much. 

Reality Rally 2013 041

This year, there were musical talents intermingled with the Reality Stars.  Included in this list were Brian Collins (The Brian Collins Band), Erik Turner (Warrant), Trevor Moran (X-Factor) and The Brewer Boys (X-Factor).  I had the amazing experience of standing on stage while Trevor Moran performed.  I have never seen so many cameras, cell phones and girls going crazy.  Wow, it must be really fun to be a teen idol. 

Reality Rally 2013 141

Expedition Impossible is a reality show that I missed, but plan to try to watch through videos.  This group of stars includes AJ Gibson, Gus Sanfilippo, Jim Vaglica, Joe Sanfilippo and Ryan Allen Carrillo.  The Sanfilippo’s were like long lost family friends.  Jim Vaglica brought his wife Robin and I hope I can call her a friend for life, just like Jim!  AJ and Ryan are always fun to be around—full of energy and always dressed “to the nines”.  For the youngin’s…that’s an old expression meaning dressed awesomely!  ;-)

There are so many more stars to talk about and so little time…and space! Here’s a quick summary:

Hell’s Kitchen was repped by Amanda Colello. 

Cupcake Wars’ Andrea and Corie Maue were on the scene. 

The Swan had a bit of a reunion with the beautiful both inside and out gals…Beth Harris, Kelly Alemi Cowan and Kelly Becker. 

Bea Hennington appeared on Solitary.  I’ve never seen the show, but I loved meeting Bea.

Craig Slike from The Mole was able to work on his interviewing skills and from what he said, he had a blast.

Also from The Mole is the amazingly talented Alex “Rockwell” Jacobs.  He’s part of the Brian Collins Band.  Check them out—you won’t be disappointed.

Attending from Beauty and the Geek were David Olsen and Joe Cortez.  Joe and I sat for awhile in a Temecula bar contemplating being “way past this scene”. 

From Average Joe and the most giving, caring, special human being I know–Dennis Luciani. He never fails to dress up for a special occasion!

Reality Rally 2013 035

I spoke a lot about him last Reality Rally attending for the second time was Derek Amato.  Google this guy—trust me it’s worth it. 

Perhaps the youngest Reality star at Reality Rally was Dillon Tedesco of Design Squad fame and a cutie I must add.

With a name that matches his appearance from Bull Run is Elvis Strange.  He is another one of those guys that you can’t judge by his cover.  He’d be mad if I said he was a softie, so I won’t!  Teehee. 

Reality Rally 2013 062

Jerry Garrison appeared on the OCD Project.  He’s a big Harley guy—literally and figuratively.  Pictured below, Jerry Garrison, Erik Turner and Billy Garcia.

Reality Rally 2013 067

A show I plan to look up is Alt For Norge.  I don’t know anything about it, except to say that the contestants from it were amazing people.  Attending Reality Rally were Jessica Brustad, Johnathan Richards and Todd Ferris.

Retired NFL football players attending were Jim Weatherly and Lance Zeno. 

Pirate Master may have not made it on TV, but reality star Kendra Guffey is tops on my list.  She graciously fetched me a snack when I was hungry at RR.  I love to keep up with her on Facebook because her life is way more interesting than mine!

One of my friends and a reality star with a future is Melody Pinkerton.  She was on the show Frank The Entertainer.  Hopefully we will see her on TV again someday.  ;-)

Rachel Harley from 3 is just the nicest and prettiest mom!  Her kids are adorable. 

From Wife Swap, Angie and Tim Funderburgh are always great to have around.  Angie sure has an amazing selection of shoes.  These two are so down-to-earth, I hope they come visit me in Atlanta so I can spend some quality time with them. Here’s me with Angie in our Reality Rally Bling T-Shirts.

Reality Rally 005 (2)

Did you happen to catch the show Sweet Home Alabama?  After meeting Tribble Reese, I wish I had!  He’s hot model man material.  Here he is photo-bombing me and Steven Daigle.

Reality Rally 011

Last but not least we have Murtz Jaffer (Reality Obsessed), Mat Levy (I Love New York 2) and Bridgetta Tomarchio (Wanted Ted or Alive).

I know this was a long blog.  It took me hours to write so I hope you enjoy it.  Reality Rally means a lot to me both for the charity and for the chance to spend time with the Reality stars that I so frequently write about.  Bloggergal :-)

Survivor Fans Aren’t Surviving

Hi there!  I’m back from Reality Rally 2013.  It was an incredible weekend with a little under 100 Reality stars…many from Survivor.  More about that later.

First lets get to this week’s episode.  Now that we have everyone playing for themselves, Survivor is starting to get interesting.  The Favorites are barely clinging together after the silly blindside of Corinne last week.  If you are going to blindside someone…make it count!

Reward challenge has the teams separated into two groups.  They don’t tell us how this was done, but Jeff does say that Sherri wasn’t “picked”.  Not sure what that means.  Once again, the teams are skewed.  All the jocks, yeah and Cochran are on one team.  Surprisingly, the gals are pretty good at the challenge, but not good enough and the jocks win.  Reward involves rappelling down a waterfall and a picnic lunch.  Reynold tries to work on Cochran while on Reward, but he doesn’t get anywhere.  Cochran has “been there done that” with jocks in his past.

The Immunity challenge gave me nightmares, I must admit.  It involved hanging under a metal grate while the tide came in.  Eventually, the water was over the heads of the Survivors.  The last one to stick it out wins.  This one went to Brenda.  She had a good cup shape on her hands and was preventing the water from entering.

Malcolm was trying to make his move and break away from the Favorites.  At that point, the favorites decided to blindside him and get him out of the game.  Good idea.  Nope!  Andrea panics and realizes that Malcolm’s team is going to vote to oust her.  That means if Malcolm uses a HII, she would be voted out.  She gets the Favorites to back off and instead vote off Michael.  Remember both Malcolm and Reynold have HII’s.

At tribal, the Survivors hint at getting out Malcolm and he gets very, very frightened.  Before the vote, when Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a HII, Reynold stands up.  Malcolm tells him, its him (Malcolm) that will be voted off not him (Reynold) and to give him the HII, which he does.  Huh?  I’m still confused about this move.  Also remember that Reynold doesn’t know that Malcolm has the other HII.  The surprise is on both Malcolm and Reynold because Michael gets voted off.

I have to admit I’m a bit scattered this week.  Returning from Reality Rally with tons and tons to do has my brain fried, so if he I messed up anything above, just comment and correct me!  I’m used to it.  :-)

I will be writing my Reality Rally blog just as soon as I can.  I had a great time and spoke with a lot of your favs including Denise Stapley, Troyzan and Phillip. I’ll post pics too!  Happy to be home though.  Bloggergal


She had a ship worm mustache

Hey Survivor Blog faithful! Welcome back to your favorite blog in the world! SURVIVOR BLOG and this week is sure to NOT disappoint.

With Bloggergal out playing with all of our favorite reality tv starts out in California, she has left the blogging responsibility up to BBBlogger. God help us everyone…

We start off with a show that promises a merge and a blindside (at least that is what the tv promos kept saying) so we start with the merge. Now I have to admit, they can only do so much to make it dramatic…but no more Bikal and Gota tribes. Let us introduce you to the new tribe, MALCOLM’S BACKWARDS MOTHER! Yes. Malcolm named the tribe Enil Edam. Why you might ask? Well it is because Enil Edam backwards is Madeline who is indeed Malcolm’s mother’s name. Egotistical? Clever? Dumb? I little of all 3 I would suggest! Anyway…for the rest of the show the tribe is basically Malcolm’s mom!

So the first challenge for individual immunity is a classic survivor eating competition. Basically a lot of fun faces, a lot of near vomit incidents and even a ship worm mustache on Andrea! When Jeff said that I physically laughed from my gut…so funny! The challenge ended with Cochran vs Malcolm. No one thought Cochran had a chance and he was no threat…well that boy can EAT! He ate his way straight to the first individual immunity. He won and then did a little rocky jog, hands in the air celebration dance. If anyone else would have done that it would have been GAME OVER for them…but when Cochran does it…it is cute and good for him. I think he is going to go far without winning anything else…ever!

So now everyone scrambles and plots. Alliance vs. Alliance. Lots of hatred for Phillip but it ends up being Sherri vs. Corinne with what it looks like is Erik is the swing vote…and Erik makes sure that Corinne is gone. The vote ends up being 7 to 5 and Corinne is left with a snuffed torch. I loved the smirks of Sherri (as if she had anything to do with it) and the worried face of Malcolm.

So that is what I saw happen…what did you see? Is your favorite still in or are you sad because they too are gone.

Only 11 are left…tell us what you are loving about this season so far and what you are not.

Here is next week’s preview….

Looks like Malcolm is not happy that he was not featured ENOUGH last weekend and WAIT A SECOND…did that preview actually show Andrea starting to develop feelings for Eddie. I think I might be a little jealous. Andrea sure is a cutie! (BBBlogger note…call me cutie…I am waiting by my cell!)

Love you all, hope I did Bloggergal proud!

Peace, BBBlogger

The Survivor Bold and Beautiful are Dominating

This week the Bold and Beautiful tribe continued to dominate on Survivor. It was so sad for me to watch the other tribe give 100% and yet fall short both times. Much ado was made about Phillip thinking he was stronger than he is. Of course, if Phillip’s tribe had kept Matt things may have been different.

Really all that’s going on now on the show is everyone waiting around trying to survive until they are merged into one tribe.  The Favorites are still staying loyal to each other and cutting down the Fans one by one.  This week saw the removal of Julia.  Women are becoming extinct on this year’s Survivor!

It will be interesting to see if some of the fans are able to strike up an alliance with some of the Favorites.  At this point, nothing is pointing in that direction.

I was confused about one part last night.  Phillip spoke to Julia.  Julia ran to Dawn and told her what Phillip said, but why did Dawn run back to Phillip to tell him what Julia told her?  Help me out on that one.  Thanks!

So next week is Reality Rally weekend in Temecula California.  I will try to post some pictures to our Facebook page.  Also if you go to the website Reality Rally and click on 2013 Reality Stars, you will see which stars will be attending.  If you submit a question through the comments of this blog, I’ll do my best to ask the star and report back to you!  Of course, any contestant who is currently appearing on a show, i.e., Phillip is not allowed to comment on anything that has to do with that show.

There are a number of items up for auction, please check that out through the Reality Rally Auction page.  Definitely some fun mementos up for grabs!

Hopefully BBBlogger will fill in for me next week, if not see you in two weeks!

If you live in southern California and want to attend Reality Rally, email me.  I have some free tickets available.

Have a great holiday and spring break!  Talk to you soon.  Bloggergal

Survivor Caramoan…Drop Your Buffs!

Let me start out by saying, I am very sorry I didn’t get over here to approve your comments!  I usually get an email telling me that comments are waiting for approval, but I didn’t.  Once I approve your first comment, all your other comments will go through without a wait.  I’ll make sure to stop here more often.

Now that we are past all that Brandon nonsense, maybe we can get back to playing the game of Survivor?  To shake things up we have new tribes!  After crushing an egg with dye in it, the players were re-divided.  We have Fans Reynold, Eddie and Sherri combined with Favorites Malcolm, Andrea, Brenda and Erik (Gota).  The other team has Favorites Phillip, Corinne, Cochran and Dawn with Fans Matt, Michael and Julia (Bikal).  Either way you look at it, the Favorites are the majority at this point on both tribes.  I would have loved for Reynold and Eddie to be separated, but that didn’t happen.

Cochran made a comment that the other tribe was like “The Bold and the Beautiful”.  Good one, Cochran.  Why does that consistently happen?

The Immunity Challenge involved a lot of strength and a bit of brains.  Two members of each tribe had to push an enormous wood block across a playing field.  Up first for Bikal was Phillip and Julia.  Julia was absolutely no help to Phillip and they immediately became the underdogs in this comp.  Let’s face it, the other tribe is loaded with strong players.  Things never changed and Gota easily took this challenge.  The new Bikal tribe had to vote off a member.

There was no doubt that a Fan would be going home since the Favorites have the majority.  Phillip was pushing for Julia to go since she is a weak player, but it ends up being Matt that is voted off.  I have absolutely no reason why they did that.  They definitely needed Matt to help win challenges.

Meanwhile over at Gota, there are TWO Hidden Immunity Idols floating around since both Malcolm and Reynold have one.  That’s going to make for some interesting tribal council moments.

See you next week…Bloggergal

Survivor: The Brandon Hantz Show

Last night’s Survivor episode…or as I’m calling it…The Brandon Hantz show made for good TV…I guess.  IMO, Brandon had the whole thing planned from the very beginning, hence the comments about burning down the shelter, peeing in the rice, etc.  I’ve watched the social media that the Hantz family releases and I really believe that the whole lot of them are to Reality TV what Howard Stern is to shock radio.  I think Brandon went on the show to keep the Hantz name fresh in everyone’s mind so that they can continue to brand themselves as the “evil Hantz family”.  It was good to see Phillip hold his ground and not get sucked in to the nonsense.

Other than that, there really wasn’t too much else going on last night.  I was rooting for the Fans in the Reward Challenge.  I feel really bad for that group.  Sherri really lost that challenge for the Fans because she couldn’t get a coconut into the net for anything.  That slowed down Phillip’s net weight and gave him the advantage.

Annoyingly, Reynold was the one to find the HII making it his second find.  Did Survivor put it in the same place?  :)  He tells Eddie, but no one else.  Of course, Eddie and Reynold were laying in the shelter and not looking for the Idol, hmmm Fans….I wonder why?


Survivor Caramoan…Favorites are Dominating

As the Fans tribe gets picked off one by one, we get closer and closer to a merge.  Otherwise, this season is going to end up being the Favorites versus the Favorites.  Shamar has been annoying everyone both in his tribe and here at home for weeks now, but last night he finally bid adieu.  He ended up getting something in his eye and scratching his cornea.  Since it could potentially effect his vision, he was pulled from the game.  I think this was to the relief of Shamar, his tribe and all of America.  Watching him laying around and hearing him boss the others into bring him his rice was just too much.  I feel much compassion for Shamar and I hope he gets the help he needs.  :(

However prior to Shamar leaving the game, he does participate in this week’s Reward challenge.  Unlike last week, the Reward challenge and the Immunity challenge are split up.  As with most of the challenges so far this season, the competition is very close.  At the end of this challenge, all competitors must stand on a little ledge in the water together.  Shamar makes the mistake of thinking it would be better for him to be on all fours.  I think he really just couldn’t stand up and balance, but truthfully this killed the chances of the Fans.  No way could they easily fit on the platform with Shamar taking up so much space.  The Favorites win another challenge.

The Immunity challenge once again involves swimming and throwing.  Aren’t there any other types of challenges?  Anyway, Favorites take an early lead.  It looks like the Fans don’t have any chance of winning this but in the final part when Reynold must throw bags and knock down blocks, he does an impressive job and catches up…almost.  Philip doesn’t lose his cool and is able to win by a block or two.  Once again the Favorites are safe from Tribal.

Back at the Fans camp, Matt approaches Michael with the idea of breaking the alliance to vote off Laura.  She is clearly the weakest link on the tribe, but it means losing a vote in favor of keeping stronger in challenges.  Michael isn’t sure, but does see the logic in this.  Julia and Sherri aren’t too sure this is the right thing to do.  They see what is going on here…females are now being picked off one by one.  Matt tells Reynold of the plan to vote of Laura, but Reynold isn’t believing him.  At tribal, Reynold plays his HII.  The jokes on Reynold because everyone, except for Laura votes Laura out.

I think this was the right thing to do.  They need to keep the tribe strong.  Voting off the strong players is just going to lead to them all being voted off eventually.  Hopefully, they can get their act together and WIN something so that we can get some drama going over in the Favorites camp.  Speaking of drama, did you watch next week’s preview?  Brandon has a hissy fit and upends the rice into the sand.  Maybe Survivor is finally starting to come alive?  Stay tuned…Bloggergal

Survivor Loses Hope

So, I surprised my husband with tickets for the spring training baseball game between the Phillies and the Yankees in Clearwater Florida.  I was looking forward to some fun in the sun.  Unfortunately, the sun was somewhere lost behind the rain clouds.  We still had a good trip.  We were lucky.  The rain stopped and we were able to see the whole game.  On the whole, the rain didn’t ruin the trip.  However, as soon as I arrived home, I got sick.  I’ve been in bed for the last three days.  I watched Survivor, but I couldn’t get myself to type.  That brings me to today, Saturday.  Sorry this is so late, but I hope I hear from you!

The major drama at the Fan’s camp  is Shamar’s anger.  I don’t even know how to comment about this.  I feel for this veteran that has probably seen and done a lot in his life.  I’m confused as to what he’s doing on Survivor.  Is Survivor taking advantage of him for TV ratings?  Is he pretending to be a veteran with PTSD because if he’s really having issues, then seriously, he shouldn’t be on Survivor. That whole “I’m gonna quit because I’m not in a happy place” was all BS.  Hey, it did take up a few minutes of air time though, didn’t it?   I look forward to seeing him together with Philip “the Specialist” Sheppard.  That should be interesting.

I’m always amused by the HII hunt.  You would think that as soon as all contestants are placed in camp that the very first thing they would do is run off and look for the HII.  Well, that doesn’t seem to happen.  I use the word “seem” because what the heck do we know what’s really going on?  After two weeks, we get a scene where Malcolm and Corinne are off hunting the HII and low and behold they find it.  This puts Malcolm in a bit of a conundrum because he has to share this with Corinne.  The other tribe members sense a closeness forming between the two and plan to target Corinne.

The Immunity Challenge once again involves swimming, diving, hauling and tossing.  Fans and Favorites are neck and neck throughout the whole challenge.  The toss is a bit of talent mixed with a lot of luck.  Brandon pulls it off for the Favorites and they win Immunity for the second time in a row.  Included with Immunity are comfort items–chairs, pillows, a blanket and a tarp.

The Fans are concerned about Reynold having the HII, so they decide to split the votes.  The girls will vote for Hope and the guys will vote for Eddie.  I’m not following their logic.  Do they really think that Reynold will use the HII on someone other than himself?  So anyway, at this point the vote will be tied three ways–Shamar, Hope and Eddie.  Shamar hints to Hope that this is going to happen.  If she had any smarts, she would realize what he was saying and vote off Eddie and save herself, but alas, she doesn’t get the hint.  Instead, she goes back to camp and tells on Shamar.  What an ass.  For a second, it looks like Julia may convince Laura to jump ship and vote off Shamar, but it doesn’t happen.  The vote comes back tied three ways.  Everyone but the three re-vote and Hope is the next to have her torch extinguished.  It’s really hard to feel sorry for her when she just sat around and let it happen.

Some quick comments:

The two “cool” guys on the Fans tribe actually converse about their gal getting voted off referring to it as “revenge of the nerds”.  Really?

Sherri talks about how she is the owner of SEVERAL franchises and deals with a lot of employees under the age of 24.  Am I correct that she used the word “brat”?  I say every one of her franchise workers should call in sick on the same day.

Survivor continues to try to make Brandon out as a bad guy.  He comments about his tribe going after him saying, “I’ll pee in the rice.”  “I’ll pee in the beans.”  “I’ll burn the shelter to the ground.”  Oohh, those are some scary comments, but sorry, still not buying it Brandon.

It is interesting to see how words are misinterpreted.  Hope says that Shamar told her she was 99% going, but what he really said was “It’s NOT 99%”  You hear what you want to hear I guess.  Since we don’t hear every single word, there is no way to tell if what the others are saying Shamar said is true.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Stay tuned…Bloggergal


Survivor Caramoan…Hey Reynold…What’s that in your pocket?

I thought that last night’s hour of Survivor seemed to be only minutes.  Does that mean it was good?  I’m not sure.  I didn’t think much happened last night, did it?

We started with a little bit of Brandon wanting to be like his uncle Russell, but falling a wee bit short!  Dawn crying over…what the heck was Dawn crying about?  Philip telling Brandon that he’s the CEO and Brandon is still middle management (LOL).

Over in the other camp, we have Shamar portrayed as a lazy loner.  Notice I say portrayed.  A lot of times on Survivor what we see is not really what is going on.  However, since Reynold stated that Shamar was in the shelter for 19 hours of a day, I guess he might be kinda lazy!

The Immunity challenge this week involved diving into water to remove poles that would then release tubes.  When all the tubes were released, those on shore had to pull their teammates in.  The final part of the challenge was throwing the tubes onto poles.  The first team to get three tubes onto poles wins.  Just like last week, it will come down to throwing accuracy.

The Fans really mess this one up.  Instead of taking turns diving to remove the poles, Sherri is coming up for air and then diving again.  This is a bad strategy because she’s not getting a chance to recover.  The Favorites are taking turns diving.  There are three out on the water so this gives each of them a good chance to catch their breath before having to dive again.  The Favorites recover all their tubes pretty quickly.  The Fans are struggling.  Finally Sherri is out of the water, but the other two can only hold their breath for what seems a second or two.  Since the Favorites have a lot of time to throw the tubes, they take an early lead.  They only need to get one more tube onto a pole when the Fans make somewhat of a comeback.  However, Philip scores the winning point and the Favorites are safe this week.  They also get to take fishing gear back to camp.

I like that the Fans lost this time.  It keeps the game from being too one-sided and keeps everyone on their toes.  There is, at least to us, a clear division at the Fans camp.  The two couples are hanging out all on their own, giving the other six a safe majority.  Reynold must have realized that because he goes on a hunt to find the HII.  Miraculously (or conveniently) he finds it.

Reynold focuses on Shamar’s laziness to try to take the target off him and his allies.  The way Shamar is portrayed, I wanted to see him out of there, but he is the strongest on the team.  The six decide to target Allie because they feel she is the smartest of the four.  As they are leaving for tribal, Julia notices a bulge in Reynold’s pants.  Teehee…lots of jokes to go with this one!  She tries to subtly tell her tribe mates about this during counsel and it forces Reynold to admit he has the HII.  Sherri makes a point of saying that her vote will remain the same…determining Allie’s fate.  BTW, does anyone else think that Sherri resembles an older Sandra Bullock?

Reynold doesn’t play the HII.  The vote goes as expected.  Six for Allie and four for Shamar.  Reynold is still sitting pretty with his HII.  The other two should be a bit worried.

Speaking of HII, what’s going on over at the Favorites camp?  Philip is too busy giving his camp mates silly spy names and no one is looking for the HII.  In case you don’t know, Philip has written a book titled “The Specialist:  the Costa Rica Job”.  This smart man is promoting his book without saying a word!  I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll let you know what I think when I do.

Stay tuned all!  Welcome back to the regulars and welcome to the newbies!  Please realize that if you comment for the very first time, it has to be approved.  Bloggergal

Survivor Caramoan…Are you with the Fans or the Favorites?

So what did you think of the premier of Survivor Fans versus Favorites?  Personally, I’m conflicted because I love some of those Survivor Favorites, but I always cheer for the underdog, so I would love to see the Fans do well.

A competition was held immediately upon landing on Caramoan.  The winning team gets flint and beans.  It was a physical comp that just came down to who out-muscled who.  The Fans have Shamar.  He’s an ex-Marine and Iraq war veteran.  He’s one big wall of muscle!  He is also the Fan’s best hope when it comes to physical aggressive competitions.  I think some of the other Fans were less aggressive just because it was their first competition and they may have felt a bit intimidated.  The Favorites won this comp easily.

One highlight from brand new camp life was when Shamar first let the others try to make a fire while he sat back and watched.  Finally, when they failed, he stepped in and saved the day.  This solidified his place in the tribe.  I really think the whole tribe would be crazy not to hang on to Shamar as he truly is a Survivor from his war days.

Of course, we have the first week scramble for alliances.  The “pretty/popular” people on the Fan tribe have formed an alliance.  Pretty and popular were their words not mine.  They also quickly became two couples.  Sigh…you may be pretty and popular, but you are playing Survivor stupid!

The first competition for Immunity involved climbing and throwing.  All in all, a pretty easy first competition.  It would all come down to speed and even more important accuracy.  The end of the competition involved tossing bean bags into holes.  The first team to get all their bags into the holes wins Immunity.  I knew that the Favorites would pick Malcolm as their tosser because he excelled at this kind of thing last season.  I really thought they had it in the bag, especially when they were able to take a slight lead.  However, the Fans made a great comeback and their tosser was spot on.  Fans win first Immunity!  Actually, I cheered.  I love when the underdogs do good.  Also, I think an early win will give the Fans the confidence they need to make this Survivor a REAL competition.

The Favorites were broken up into multiple alliances with some Favs on more than one.  So, in other words, it got a bit confusing since we don’t get to see everything.  First name spoken to be voted off was Phillip.  I was screaming “no” because Philip is a friend of mine now.  Phillip enjoys playing Survivor and also playing to his audience!  If you remember from Phillip’s first season, the first person voted off was Francesca.  She and Phillip didn’t get along at all during that brief stint of hers.  Phillip had a good time mispronouncing her name and calling her Francesqua.  Well this time, she’s the one who mentions Phillips name first.

Phillip on the other hand aims straight for Francesca!  His alliance seems way more solid with Dawn, Cochran, Malcolm, Corinne and Andrea.  Andrea was lying to Francesca’s alliance and they figure it out, so their vote changes to her.  In the end, Francesca is voted off by a vote of 6 to 4 with the four votes all going to Andrea.

Some random observations…Cochran seems more mature and savvy this time around.  Dawn was always one of my favorites, so I’m glad to see her playing again.  Brandon was pretty mellow this episode, but the preview of next week’s show puts him in a different light.  Phillip is still sporting his now famous pink undies!  Last time he wore them, I was saying “ewww”, but this time I just think its funny.  Andrea is one tough Survivor competitor!  Did you see Cochran’s sunburn?  Big time OUCH!

See you next week….Bloggergal

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