The Premiere of Survivor Phillipines

This was the first time I started a season of Survivor “cold” meaning I didn’t review the contestants prior to watching. Maybe this way is better since I don’t have any preconceived opinions. However, I did like Russell Swan prior to this episode having met him at Reality Rally 2011, but I’m not so sure now!

This season we have three tribes with six members each instead of two larger tribes. I’m thinking that can’t last for too long since the numbers on each tribe are so low. Most of this episode gives us the opportunity to meet the tribe members and for them to get to know each other.

The first tribe is Matsing. Members are Angie, Denise, Malcom, Russell, Zane and Roxy.

Russell starts off by saying he doesn’t want to be the leader and that they should all work as a team. He then starts bossing everybody around and annoying the crap out of the younger tribe members. During the competition, he takes it upon himself to decide who should do what and ultimately gets blamed for the team losing. I found him to be very arrogant and a PIA, but he’s also strong and good in competitions.

Malcolm says that he lived in Micronesia for a year. He knows how to make fire and teaches Russell how within 45 minutes of arriving in camp. This guy seems to be a Survivor.

Zane has tattoos all over his body which gives the impression of him being a “tough” guy, but NOT. First of all, he goes to every member of his tribe to form an alliance. Then he reports back to Malcolm that he’s done this. His pathetic performance in the first challenge along with his poor social play leads to his demise.

Denise is the 40 year-old sex therapist. She seems to have a level head on her shoulders and is surprisingly strong. I hope she stays around for a long while.

Malcom seems to have taken a liking to the blonde bombshell Angie. If she’s smart, she will lay low and hang on to his coattails.

The sixth member of Matsing is Roxy. I haven’t formed any opinion on her yet. She doesn’t seem like she’ll be easily swayed or manipulated.

Next we have the Kalabaw tribe consisting of Carter, Dawson, Dana, Jeff, Katie and Jonathan.

CBS has been playing up the fact that Jeff Kent is a former baseball player. He doesn’t reveal this fact to the members of his tribe. What he does do is hurt his knee in the first few minutes of the game. I’m not feeling too confident for his Survival.

This is Jonathan’s third time playing Survivor. The last time he played he was removed from the game due to an infection. He has a lot of experience, but will age be his downfall?

Dawson recognizes Jack Kent from his baseball days. Smart girl decides to stay quiet and see if that can help her further down the line in the game.

Dana, Katie and Carter are the remaining Kalabaw tribe members. Nothing I can think of to say about these three yet.

The third tribe is Tandang consisting of Lisa, Abi-Marie, Pete, Michael, RC and Artis.

Lisa also is being spotlighted by CBS because she was a teen star on the show “The Facts of Life”. The realization that very few of the tribe members know who she is because they have never seen the TV show makes me think I’m OLD! Michael who is also old recognizes Lisa and hints to her that maybe she should tell the other tribe members to gain support. Lisa is oblivious to the hint. She thinks that it will hurt her more than help her. Sadly on Survivor older women usually get voted off early .

Speaking of Michael, he played Survivor before. He had to be taken out of the game because he passed out and fell hands first into the fire. It was one of the most horrible moments in Survivor history. He seems very likeable and in good shape (for an old guy!). A big deal is made of his klutzy side. He seems to hurt himself every few minutes. Hopefully, he doesn’t get any of his cuts infected or he’ll be having déjà vu as they life-flight him out once again.

Abi-Maria and RC were quick to become gal-pals. They formed an alliance from the beginning adding Michael and Pete for good measure. This puts Michael in the middle because I think he really likes Lisa due to her past fame.

Artis is sitting out there all on his own. What’s up your sleeve Artis? Wait, you don’t have any!

So there you have it! There seems to be a good mix of contestants on this season. Let the game begin! Bloggergal

The More Things Change…

…the more they stay the same!

So, Survivor Blog is back and with Bloggergal and BBBlogger at the controls…all I can say is LOOK OUT!

Since tonight is the first episode of Survivor Philippines and we are dealing with some technical issues with our new domain ( I figured I better get something going….so here it is! :)

Congrats to Survivor for making it to your 25th season! We love you and will continue to watch!

Also, what can you expect from this blog…well we will recap, discuss, talk theory, have fun, basically be a place to hang out and chat.

I am thinking of adding a Survivor Chat room to the blog. Anyone interested? Would it be used??

This week we will dive head first into the different tribes. Talking about the 3 former castaways and the 2 celebrities! Should be a fun Season!

So what do you think? Will you be watching with us?

Hope to see you around!

Peace, BBBlogger

Going once, going twice, SOLD! BBBlogger has sold Survivor Blog!

As most of you know, over the past 2 years I have been trying to cut down my vast Reality TV blog empire. Survivor Blog has been my 2nd most popular blog (only too Big Brother Blog) and someone called me and made me an offer I could not refuse!

I wanted to write one last post to let you know that I have sold the blog and have transferred the ownership, facebook page and twitter account to the new owners.

I have loved this blog for many years. I grew it to a point but being a one man blogger, I had not been able to keep up with every show, every week, every thing in my crazy world. I am thankful for having some awesome help over the past few season on the blog but it was time to let it go and get some new people involved! The new owners have already begun doing some great things on the Survivor Blog twitter account and facebook fan page. I am confident that I have made the right decision to sell it and get some new LIFE to the blog.

So, does that mean that I am done blogging? The answer is no…I am still here. In fact, I will be making sure Big Brother 13 is covered over at which is my main site and I will be keeping until the end of the 13th Season!

I promise the new owners will do a great job. They have so much planned and all I can say is hold on and do not snuff out your torch yet!

Please continue to support Survivor and the new owners of Survivor Blog. If you want to keep in touch with me, I am always at so I hope to see all of my friends again soon.

The tribe has spoken…

Peace, BBBlogger

PS: please join us for an awesome summer of Big Brother 13 at because I know it is going to be awesome! :)

Tired and exhausted, Rob asks for help to get up!

In one of the toughest challenges on Survivor in along time, Rob nearly passes out after he wins Immunity. In the hot jungle heat, Rob managed to pull off one of the best finishes in a challenge history. After winning and nearly passing out Rob asked and got help from his fellow competitors. In a game for One Million dollars, his competition actually walked over and helped him get to his feet.

This game has nothing left but to pick a winner. Barring a miracle of the biggest blindside in Survivor history he should win the game. The marionettes continue to follow blindly even though they will get eliminated one at a time and not realize Rob is conducting their demise!

At this point in the game the odds are stacked in Robs favor. Here’s how I would rate everyone’s chances IF they make the final three.

Rob: 58%  ——  He is clearly the odds on favorite                                                   Grant: 20%  —- Good competitor but can he get the votes?                       R.I.Winner: 10%  —– This could change depending on who is the R.I King     Natalie and Ashley: 10%  —–  Only chance is if they can both make it to the finals Phillip:  2%  —–  No chance in hell. Too weak,  too crazy and NO ONE likes him

The current R.I. people’s chance to get back in the game!

Matt: 30%                                                                                                                       Mike: 30%                                                                                                                      Ralph: 25%                                                                                                                  Andrea: 15%

There is however one thing that could change everything.  PHILLIP!!  Yep, I said Phillip. If somehow Phillip could show the girls he really isn’t crazy and show them that Rob intends to take him to the final three to insure winning the game. It would take a big gamble but follow me here! Phillip tells the girls about Robs plans to take him to the final three. Tell the girls to go to Rob and say they want to evict Phillip because he is driving them crazy. Have them see what Rob wants to do! Tell them if Rob won’t evict Phil that the fix is on and they should blindside Rob so they have a chance to win instead of Rob’s tidal wave to the finish!

It’s a long shot but, I see no other way. Grant is Rob’s hit man and will stay till F4!

If you can see another way to blindside Rob, let me here it!

It’s a dog eat dog world!

It remains to be seen, but Ometempe must now feed on itself! If they didn’t know the evil side of Rob before, they will learn it soon. Rob has played a good game but the rest of the marionettes have played NO game. Whatever Rob has said they have done it, no questions asked. Well, the glory days are over and the blood will start to flow!

Last week for Steve and Ralph, it was win or go home. Immunity is the only thing that would have saved them from the Rob trap but, Nooooooooooooo. No such luck. The inevitability of not getting eveicted was all dependent on the challenges. They lost and they were eliminated. Not much for game play.

Hopefully with the remaining people all on the same original tribe, the backstabbing will begin.

From the previews it looks like “HOME VISITS” so Ted will be Happy!!  :grin:

The game is coming to an end soon so lots of action shoud be in store the next few weeks.


Rice, rice Baby!

I’m now waiting for Matt to totally flip out. Instead of just
making Redemption Island an adventure and wandering around and checking things
out, he seems to do nothing but pray which looks to be wearing him out and
making him mentally week.

Mike and David joined him after they were executed by the “Great
& Powerful Oz!” This sending the Zapetera down to three members. Ralph,
Steve and Julie being left as fish bait for the sharks.

At camp, the rice now seems to be the center of attention. When
they were two tribes they each had their own can of rice. Since a lot of the
Zaps are gone the share of rice per person has increased and they each much
better than the Ometempe’s who are almost out of rice and it’s going bad. Phillip
has become the rice police after complaining about them eating in front of
them. Hmmmmmm. Seems to me Rob wanted to keep things separate and not eat or
associate with the Zaps. Turn-a-bout only seems fair to me.

Being out numbered six to three the only hope the Zapatera’s
only  chance is to win individual immunity.
There is no game talk and we can only hope the Ometempe turn against Rob soon.

Tree mail says that all members must attend the duel. At the
duel the three guys must build a house of cards eight feet high. In a close
race, Mike finishes first and Matt finishes second to remain in the game and
David heads off to Ponderosa as the first jury member.

Phillip has totally flipped on the racial issue. Black and
white and then the “N” word gets entered into the argument.

In my opinion, I still believe Rob is going to carry him to
the end so he gets the votes over Phillip.

The immunity challenge was interesting. They start by turning
a plate he first six advanced. Rob, Julie, Ralph, Andrea, Steve and Grant finished
and moved on. The second half they had to put another puzzle together around
the outside of the first one. In a very close race Rob finished a few seconds
ahead of Steve. Rob won the II.

Back at camp Julie decides to bury a pair of Phillips
underwear. She adds a rock on top for good measure.

Phillip goes on another rant when he realizes his underwear is

No real game talk going on. Steve tells Rob they will give
Phillip their three votes if they want to get rid of Phil. Nah, never happen.

After another Phillip tirade at
TC, they vote and Julie is gone.  With
Julie going to RI, Matt should have another chance to stay in the game!


Jeff’s weekly visions!



Phillip plays the race card! OOOOhhhhh Boy!!

Phillip must be having a blonde moment tonight. I never knew calling a black man crazy meant you were racist. What is it when I call a white man crazy? Huh, explain that to me please! If Phillip is acting he deserves an Oscar Award, otherwise he IS TRULY NUTS!!!

Tonight should be good for action with possibly 2 duels or a duel with 3 players. Matt will need to be on his toes to stay in now! Gepetto has in marionettes in line so another Zapatera should be on the hook for eviction. Immunity can only save one of them which means barring a miracle one of them will be gone.

Lets hope for some game play maneuvering for a change please!


News about Phillip!

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Enterprise Software Sales Group
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BloggerGal hangs with past Survivor alumni!

My husband and I attended Reality Rally in Temecula California this weekend. This for charity event was created by Survivor contestant Gillian Larson. Reality Rally is an event modeled after The Amazing Race where teams race throughout the city in a competition involving crazy activities, all for the coveted trophy, cash prizes, and most importantly raising funds for the charity of choice. This year’s charity is Michelle’s Place, a breast cancer resource center located in Temecula. The idea is for regular folk to form teams with Reality TV stars to compete. The weekend long event gave fans ample opportunity to hang out and meet their favorite stars.

Since Gillian was a Survivor contestant, there was a huge contingent of Survivor reality TV stars. My absolute favorite was Bob Crowley, both on Survivor and at the cocktail party. He is such a down to earth guy. I was having difficulty figuring out the flash on my camera and he and I spent some time trying to figure it out. I kidded him saying, “If you can’t figure it out Bob, no one can!” My husband really enjoyed having a lengthy conversation with him. I didn’t get a chance to speak to Dr. Marcus Lehman, but he takes an awesome picture, doesn’t he?

Sandra Diaz-Twine hasn’t changed a bit after winning, not one, but two Survivor seasons. She was great to talk to and she even invited us to meet her back at the Pechanga Casino to play some roulette.

I had a lengthy conversation with Marty Piombo. I explained to him that I have to DVR Survivor, so that I can blog American Idol live. He teased me and told me that was just wrong! He absolutely loves Survivor and never misses an episode. He did confess that he tapes the show and then watches with his Fast Forward button. I wasn’t too crazy about Marty, the Survivor player, but I loved Marty when I met him. We took our picture with Matthew “Sash” Lenahan, but I didn’t get the opportunity to spend any time with him.

I couldn’t recognize Survivor contestant Joel Anderson. He is huge, well muscled and frankly…hot! When I came home, I checked out his Survivor photos and frankly was shocked that he was the same guy I met.

My husband was really excited to meet YauMan Chan. He loves those middle-aged Survivor contestants. I guess they give him hope for all us middle aged folks!

I have to admit, there were a lot of Survivor contestants that I recognized, but I just didn’t know their names. All the reality stars I met were wonderful people. It was great for them all to donate their time to such a worthy cause. I hope you are all enjoying this season’s Survivor. Bloggergal

Gepeto and his marionettes vs the Sinking Ship.

A jointed puppet manipulated from above by strings or wires attached to its limbs. Rob has five of them but is pulling brains. He is manipulating them better than any puppet master around.

I can’t believe the Ometempe tribe is doing everything Rob
tells them. Grant is hungry and Rob tells him not to eat. Bullshit baby, if I’m
hungry, I’m eating. Just tell Rob to stick it and eat. I’d punch the fool out
so I could survive.

I can’t wait to see what they do when Rob uses the girls to
get rid Grant. Then pick off the girls one at a time while keeping nutso pink
pants till the end.  Just who will vote
for Phillip? Also, no one knows Rob has the idol either.

The Marionettes just keep following when Rob pulls their
strings! The only way one of the Zapatera’s stays in this game is to win individual

Matt can get back in the game if he wins all the duels and
comes back at the final four. HOWEVER, he could conceivably get evicted for the
third time by Rob! Rob is the key to this game and someone needs to throw away
his padlock and boot him out of the game.

Not one of these fruit loops has even thought about looking
for an idol or wondering if someone on Ometempe even has one now!

If the Marionettes stay in line, the next three weeks shows don’t
even need to be watched because it will only be the Zaps getting zapped. OK,
Russell haters, how much would he have helped out keeping the odds more even
and it would have been much more interesting.

The game is boring; no strategy is being played because of
the numbers advantage. Ometempe is doing their best to snub the Zapatera’s. Not
even social conversation is allowed because of Rob. Separate sleeping and
eating is being forced on them by Rob. These next three weeks will suck if no
Zapatera wins an immunity challenge.

Give me some blinders and ear
plugs and wake me in four weeks.

Jeff’s Weekly Blogathon

Today’s blog will be stream of consciousness, with no proof
reading, so bear with me…




Was he a moron?  What
would you have done?  I felt like he was
in a really tough spot.  Going against
your old alliance and joining the other side is a risky move.  Obviously, staying with someone as dangerous
as Rob is also a major risk.  I think the
only mistake he made was sharing his inner monologue with Rob.  That’s the lesson I learned – when playing a
game like Survivor, you don’t have to be so honest, God will understand.


But I must say his faith in his God is pretty impressive and
inspiring.  Love the absolute commitment.




Julie complained about how unfair it was for Ometempe to
vote out Matt again so soon after coming back into the game.  I do not believe Julie would have taken mercy
on Matt if she were in the same situation.
Not one bit.  She didn’t hesitate
to get rid of Russell.  She would have
done the same with Matt and it would have been okay, its part of the game.




When Ralph was trying to forge his way in with Ashley and
Natalie, he was trying so hard to get something going.  The only thing Natalie could safely offer,
without risking saying anything wrong, was:


Natalie: It’s a hard game.


Damn!  The insincerity
of that lame ass line would have prompted a major response from me.  There is no chance I could have contained
myself at that point in the game.


“It’s a hard game.”
Screw off.



They’re doing
everything they can to try and find a way into the tight Ometempe group.  That’s what you have to do in this spot.  You have no other option.  You have to stir things up, try to get
someone riled, and try to start an argument, anything at all.


Sitting back and saying, “I understand” is bullshit.  It gets you nowhere.


The only problem facing Zapatera is Boston Rob.  Without Rob, Ometempe would have no clued
what to do.  That’s clear by the way Rob
is able to keep them in line.




For all the concern we had that both Rob and Russell would
be voted out early – Rob has done an amazing job of not only staying in the
game but staying in control.  There are a
few key factors to his success:


a. He has an incredible knowledge of the game and the key
elements required to control your fate.


b. He’s a naturally gifted strategist.  His “us” vs. “them” while keeping himself
clean is so brilliantly executed.


c. The luck of drawing the Ometempe buff.  Rob would not have been as successful on
Zapatera. He is relying on the naïve nature of his tribe.  Everybody on Ometempe will take offense with
me saying this, but without Natalie and Phillip, Rob is dead because Ralph,
Julie, David and Steve would not have responded the same way.




The scene between Rob and Natalie where she reports on the
actions of Ashley was straight out of the Godfather.  Natalie just became “made.”  That is what they call it when you earn your
mafia stripes, right?  Natalie just made
a HUGE move.  She locked in her alliance
with Rob when she could have made a move and gotten him out of the game.  From this point forward Natalie’s fate is
linked to Rob.




Phillips story about his meditation with his great, great,
great, great, Grandfather was 100% legit.
Even the 99th mispronunciation of his own tripe, “Ometempe” was legit.
There is nothing about Phillip that is a put on, at least as far as I can tell.


As for whether or not he was actually a former federal
agent, I will get to the bottom of that during the live reunion show Sunday,
May 15th.  Mark it down.


I loved this challenge.
I love individual challenges later in the game because there are always
people fighting to stay in the game.  I
also love it when people let go of their humility and get in the mud.


Day to day motivation is a big factor in this game:


Grant & Rob wanted it from the word go but for different


Rob wanted to protect himself and remain in control because
he understands you are NEVER safe unless you have immunity.  Even with a hidden idol, if you don’t play it
you can get blindsided.


Grant wanted it for his tribe because he is playing the
“team game.”


The three Zapatera all wanted it because they needed it.


Ashley, Andrea, Natalie & Phillip – they didn’t fight
because they aren’t worried and for now they don’t have to be.




When the low man on the other tribe’s totem pole tells you
that he enjoys being the low man, you know you are in trouble.


Phillip embodies the loyal soldier.  At this point I truly believe Phillip would
fall on a sword for his tribe because in his mind he is part of an important
group.  What he doesn’t understand is he
is being played by one of the best and the only way this ends well is if Rob
gets blindsided and Phillip ends up in a final with himself.




Mike will be tough.
Mike could be on Redemption for a while.
He is an amazing competitor and from what I can tell an audience




I love these challenges as well!  Love when we give them the chance to sit out
and eat rather than compete for immunity.


I’m always amazed at who chooses to eat and why.  You are so close to $1million dollar prize.  I would never give up a shot at immunity for
a burger.  But I think it makes perfect
sense that Steve and Phillip did.


Steve knew he wouldn’t win and Phillip believes he doesn’t
have to win.  Turns out both are right.






Phillip is pure gold.
Straight out of the river bed.


If there has ever been a more fascinating Survivor
contestant, please share.


David brought up a great notion – that at this point, the
best move for a Zapatera may be Redemption Island where you can control your


I don’t think we’ve even touched what RI will bring to this
game.  For those of you on the fence,
give it a chance.  Let’s see where it

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