Lets win one for the Gipper, Go Team Yellow!!

How can Foa Foa survive without a win next week? Can Russell H. help push his tribe to victory so they don’t lose another member? Whats needed to get them motivated. They haven’t won a challenge but they seem to have a better camp than Galu. The seem to have a better setup for their hut, fire is a new problem since Ben was voted out and a weeks worth of rain is on the way. Can Mick step up his leadership(Chief) role and get Foa Foa in second gear.

And, can Galu maintain there dominance. Shambo shares here info and someone gets the idea there may be a HII in the Galu camp somewhere. Hey George, George, George of the Jungle watchout for that tree(branch)… uhhhh, I bet that hurt!!

It’s not known if the challenge is a combo event again next week, but here are some seens od the game.




It looks like another close finish, lets pray Foa Foa gets lucky for a change. I’m interested to see who is on the short list for eviction on team purple!!

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  1. ok, was slow loading for me, it now works.

    @princess, Ted looks like an OK guy, had no trouble with his friend request.

  2. With the exceptions of Ted Bundy, Ted Kaczynski and possibly Ted Kennedy if you live near Chappaquiddick Island, most Teds are fine, responsible human beings. Some Teds are even known to be cuddly, especially Ted E Bear. :)

  3. When I was stationed in Atlanta while I was in the Navy, I played softball for the base softball team, a Lieutenant from my department gave me that nick name Teddy Bear, glad it didn’t stick!!

  4. AC, no baby, there in the nightstand drawer on the passenger side of the bed where i always keep them. the measuring tape is on the driver’s side.

  5. PK, read your info on sugar. i think you’ve got the wrong girl, sweetie. i memory serves, her real name was jessica. i think you’ve got someone else… really….

  6. Wrong sugar for sure. Wrong Survivor too. Jessica “Sugar” Kiper is definitely not Sierra Reed… My bad…

  7. Jessica
    Jessica “Sugar” Kiper (29)
    Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
    Occupation: Pin-Up Model

    Jessica Kiper prides herself on being flirty and fun. When she is not acting, this 29 year old works as a waitress named “Sugar” at ’50s diners and enjoys singing and making music. Friends describe this single, free-spirit as crazy, funny and cool. Currently, this blonde pin-up model lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. with her dog, “Major P. Pants,” but has spent time living in various places throughout the country including Florida, Rhode Island, Louisiana, and San Francisco and Los Angeles, California.

    Jessica can be a bit of a goofball and her laugh is contagious. Although at first glance she may not look tough, despite being adorned with several tattoos, Kiper has been through a lot in her life, including the recent death of her father, whom she called her hero. Despite the struggles she’s faced, Kiper has always come out on top. She is ready to bring her spunk, positive attitude and bubbly personality into the game of SURVIVOR and hopes to grow as a person after the experience and win enough money to “get off people’s couches.”
    Jessica was born on February 22, 1979.

  8. Okay… Thanks for the vote of confidence… didn’t mean to cause a stir. Sugar has long left the ‘waitress in a diner’ behind and is now doing Burlesque and pin-up photos (which are quite good) and of course being a ‘Survivor Celebrity’ all over the country. Which will be the fate of Russell H. The celebrity not the pin-ups.

  9. snake, thanks for the vote of confidence on Ted.

    ted, please do not be offended. aggie is just being protective – there was someone on here a while ago who referred to the women here in vulgar terms and we were both included in that tirade.

    i’m just careful because it’s real life and we’re “neighbors.” i’ve learned that i can trust snake on so many levels. it’s one thing to get to know someone here, and another thing to let someone get to know you who is within driving distance. if you were in NY, i might not be as reluctant. having said that, please understand that i’m sure you are a great guy and not a stalker. i hope all that came out with the (true) sincerety that i meant. all is well. i look forward to contacting you on fb – although i’m not really sure how to navigate my way around it, maybe i can learn!!

  10. TED, Im sorry if you were offended, but women have to look out for other women, you never know nowadays you cant be to careful.

  11. It looks like on the next episode of survivor, Jaison is being quite a weinie ,complaining about how cold he is to RUssel, and he gets Ben kicked out now their freezing, real smart Jaison.

  12. Great scenes Snake. It’s weird that we didn’t get to see Survivor here. All we saw was a blank yellowish screen with the words “The Lifeline”. Go figure.

    Foa Foa better win because they are short on hands, maybe brains too. Does Survivor do what ol’ Trump does on The apprentice and make the teams even? If not, I agree with everyone that they’ll just get picked off one by one. I still would like to see more of the other team. Maybe next week.

  13. AGGIE… No offense taken whatsoever. How do you like my Russell Hat? Go by LOTTIE’S at Courtland and Winchester… I worked there 15 years ago. See what’s going on for me.

    I can not imagine anyone going on Survivor and not learning how to make fire first. But that’s what makes Survivor great! It doesn’t look like either team has done much shelter wise. My next vote for the All-Stars is Randy!

  14. @starfish….Eventually the two tribes will merge and become
    one. It is still early in the game for that. When that does happen, the tribe with the most players usually stick together and one by one the smaller tribe gets picked off. That is unless our friend Russell has a say in it. I want Russell gone before that happens.

  15. Ted…your background looks like you’re on Samoa with Russell. Did he let you borrow his hat?

  16. TED, did you mean LOTTIES PUb thats been around since 1934 ?I heard its a nice place but i have never been there. The hat is nice, I like hats on guys even RUssel who I love to hate.

  17. Thanks Frannie for the info. Would love to see Russell H gone sooner rather than later too. However, it would be fun to watch another team pick him off while he tries to maneuver them into picking each other off. That would probably be his strategy is my guess given his egomaniacal personality. We can only hope they don’t buy into it if he’s still there.

  18. If you have real player, theirs alot of good stuff on there from the las vegas bash. Danielle donato looked real different ,she has dark hair now she looked better as ablonde . Eric STein and danielle seemed like they were really drunk, JEff and JOrdan were looking really good , still together. JEsse was there with Lydia who knows if their together, nobodys really saying anything .Ollie said he was having a baby with april. Michele was talking with HOwie, they were saying how GNat was yhe most hated house guest. Kail was looking really good, It was a good show if you didnt get a chance to watch it its worth watching.

  19. Ted, interesting benefit. How many past players show up each year. How did coach manage an invite?

    In the one clip I posted I really couldn’t tell if the neck takedown was a tree branch or a twisted root that strings across to another tree!

  20. I forgot to mention that Erika Landin from BB 4 was engaged to some guy named Adam , formerly from survivor ,I dont remember who that was. Also Sheila from bb 9 ,was hitting on mikey b formerly from survivor big time, I thought the guy was a jerk on survivor, but she thought he was cute. Im not so sure he was interested ,he seemed like a pretty young guy ,sheila looks alot older than him.

  21. HI everyone, Its 6;44 am. WAY tomuch ran lately, we had 2Days of it so far, Today looks like it might be pretty good ,the temp. is 50.4 right now, Im looking forward to the Amazing Race tonight, I want to know ,who everyone that watches like so far, Right now, I like THe Harlem globetrotters and the poker players. o.k. see you later.

  22. 8:59 and 72 degrees in Mobile, AL, the rainiest city in the entire US. Sunny with isolated showers possible.

  23. aggie…..I have to pull for Sam & Dean because they are
    from Missouri. Sorry aggie but I really do not like the poker players. I do like the Globetrotters. Their a hoot.

  24. 55 and sunny @ 9:14 in Friday Harbor….

    Frannie… Wish I was on Samoa, but those are pine trees. Funny I had a hat like R’s, but there the resemblance stops.

    Aggie… That’s the bar, but it didn’t become Lottie’s until about ’90, before that it was Busha’s Polish Pub and I lived next door. The Lentz Brothers named it Lottie’s after Lottie Zagorski who owned the original bar. I think it was called Zagorski’s but not sure. She was a tough gal who ran bookmaking in the basement and was busted a lot. We had her arrest record framed on the wall. Wonder it it’s still there. I like the Globetrtotters and the Poker Players too. I thought that was a great start last week. I like most of the couples this time, with the exception of the Lawyer, it will be fun to see him go down.

    Sal… Don’t know much about it, but there was a bunch there, from diff. years. too. Don’t really know how that works, but I know they get paid for some appearances and sometimes they do it for a teammate’s charity. Fun to see them in real life. And, Coach looked pretty good didn’t he? I was surprised and happy to see Courtney. I thought she was pretty cool.

    I’m sure it’s a vine stretched across to another tree. My daughter thinks Russell snuck over and strung it up.

  25. 64 and sunny in Bellingham. REALLY enjoying my time off today. going to try to catch up on some TIVO stuff before the amazing race. not sure i like the poker players, but my short term memory won’t allow me to bring anyone back to mind unless they are mentioned. i know there are a couple of teams i do like more than the others. will try to make a mental note tonight so i can have a reasonably intelligent discussion with all you people who can still remember things. it just takes up room in my brain i need for something else!! lol!

    ok, we have AR on sunday, SS on thursday, and Biggest Loser on tuesday. i think that’ll keep my going until BB12. getting really tired of Days of Our Lives. started watching it when i was home for 8 weeks following surgery but in 4 years, very little has happened, relatively speaking. reality tv moves so fast and soaps move so slowly.

    sorry, ted. haven’t been on facebook yet. working and not feeling well took a bit of a toll on me this week.

    fun to see you all and read all your thoughts on SS and other subjects!

  26. Well I guess not. I’ve only got an hour before Dexter comes on so I’m gone. BUT I’M GLAD BEN is gone too. Surely someone else in that tribe can make fire. Hell–I can make fire, so they HAVE GOT to be able to do it. LMAO HOPEFULLY will catch you guys & gals on here tomorrow.


  27. Sorry to see the older couple gone ,from the AMazing Race, they Were a nice couple , The poker players better be careful next time they were almost eliminated.

  28. Cynthia…Snake is watching the Steelers play football.

    As for AR, I was sorry to see the old folks go… listen to me, I’m probably older… but they didn’t understand the concept of R-A-C-E. Glad the Globetrotters came in first. They are classy guys. I Think the Poker Players will be in the top three. Don’t you just love Lance and his enabler? I’m waiting for her to go off.

    My new vote for Season 20… Bruce!

  29. My favorite on The Amazing Race are The Globetrotters so far.

    I like Mika and Canaan too, mostly Mika. :D

    And then Gary and Matt (Father/Son)

    Don’t care much for The Poker Players or Lance and Keri.

  30. HI EVERYONe, IT is 7:40am. oct.5 ,NO new post up yet ,LOoks like a pretty good day, not raining for a change. T he amazing race was good last night IT was to bad for the older couple they were nice people, SO glad the globetrotters came in first, I hope the poker players manage to stay on also.looking forward to seeing dancing with the stars tonight.

  31. I’m looking forward to Lance and Keri doing their best “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” from a bedroom in Massachusetts as soon as possible, like next episode PLEASE!

    I predict a repeat of last night’s race with Meghan and Cheyne and Herbert and Nathaniel (Globetrotters) in another foot race to the finish line. Different result though.

    1st: Meghan and Cheyne
    2nd: Herbert and Nathaniel

  32. Lance must go. and Keri should understand that what comes out when your under pressure is what you really are.

    Reminds me of Jonathan and Victoria (a little) from a few seasons ago!

  33. :) The Steelers won big time. You can come out now Snake. What a show they put on. I can’t help but root for the Steelers being born in that town. San Diego didn’t show up until the last half of the last quarter and decided to play football but it was too late. Steelers by 10. :D

    Where is K11? He must be spending his nights at the sports book and having a wonderful time winning a lot I hope. ;)

    I don’t know what’s going on with the avitars. I see mine changed on my last post back to my dog instead of my granddaughter. We’ll see what this one does.

    70 and a sunny no cloud day in Dana Point, CA. Maybe some rain or sprinkles in a few days and all the news casts will say “storm warning”. Go figure.
    Ted, love the hat!

  34. Thanks STARFISH… I see your granddaughter is back… I was beginning to think you were related to SNAKE!

    Yeah PRINCESS, I had forgotten about Jonathan and Victoria! Same kind of couple, but those women are willing participants in the relationship. Can’t wait for her to snap and go off on him. You would like to think that it’s an act, but unfortunately it is not. I do hope they stick around for awhile.

    PHILLIP… Grrrreat Comment Re: The Lions…

    58 and Sunny in Friday Harbor

  35. My allergies had me slowed down over the weekend, plus work on Saturday, youngest daughter was in for the weekend, taking it easy on Sunday indoors because we have had rain all weekend, went out to the local saloon to watch Pittsburgh make us sweat it out in the end with the gang of Steeler rooters, then a late night trip to College Station after the game to get daughter back to school. I’ll see if can get something up tonight.
    I have all the bios done for people still in the game. Let me know if you want me to post the ones for the evicted cast-a-ways and I’ll add them.
    Also, if you want me to post a mystery blogger story, write up a post and e-mail it to me, if I get more than one i’ll take turns posting and y’all can try to guess who each one is!!
    Tough to find new stuff with only one day of SS on each week, even the spoilers are getting tough to track down.

  36. Something to look forward to folks…….Dancing With The Stars is
    on tonight. If Tom doesn’t do any better, he SHOULD be the next
    to go. The bad thing about Tom leaving is Cheryl Burke is his
    partner and I don’t want to see her go just yet. Julianne Hough was
    my favorite pro dancer. I am sad that she took a year off to pursue
    her singing career. She always brought so much fun and energy
    to the dance floor. Not to mention, she was eye candy for all you
    guys out there. We should be able to fine a little to talk about
    after the show tonight.

    K11….I did good by picking the 49ers to win this week. Smoked the
    Rams 35-0. Looks like I’m in for another week. You haven’t been on
    here for awhile, but hopefully you are able to stop by occasionally
    to read that you are missed.

  37. Tom is in trouble. He was interviewed on a Houston radio show this morming and admitted he has a foot injury. He may have to drop or will have really bad performance tonight.

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