Prince Ralph survives, the takeover begins!

Having survived the attempt of the King to retain power, Prince Ralph begins his reign on Survivor! He has the power and the Idol. Now he must gather up his troops and maintain peace in his tribe. As Russell’s ego deflates, Ralph’s is growing! It took the biggest move in Survivor history to get Russell out of the game! But, what are the consequences? He’s not totally out of the game. What happens now that Omtempe has confidence and Zapatera is short one strong player? Can Zapatera get back on the winning ways and not deplete their team?

Redemption Island will now create a new threat in the game. Who will survive the duels? When will they be brought back into the game? Hmmm, intriging. And the ability of the viewers from the teams to lie about the outcomes of the duels and/or  worry if someone goes on a run and looks like they will get back into the game!

Ok, The first ever duel on Redemption Island. With Matt going to RI we are now in line for the first duel. Another twist in the game also comes when it is announced in tree mail that 2 members of each team will be allowed to watch the duel.

At Omtempe they are beginning their plan for their alliance and who to trust. Rob leads the way and makes sure he has everyone where he wants them. Putting Andrea at ease after breaking up her alliance with Matt is a priority.

Steve and David select the stone to go for Zapatera while Andrea and Ashley get the rocks to go for Omtempe. At the Arena it looks like a simple challenge for this duel. The need to build a pole from short pieces tied together. They then reach threw a gate to reach 3 keys which will open the door and win the duel.  Francesca took a big early lead and gets 2 keys quickly. While she works to get the third key, Matt slowly but surely makes a comeback. While struggling for the third key Francesca lets  Matt quickly catches up. After a few misses Matt gets the third key and wins after opening the door. When Francesca leaves she has to burn the her buff. That is an interesting move, burning the buff. Not sure feel about that move!

Back at camp Steve lies to Russell about Matt winning the duel. He lets everyone also know the truth. The girls and Russell make an attempt at finding the HII but can’t decipher the clue, hmmm, another sign Russell is in trouble! They make a move and pretend to have found the HII. The rest of the team makes plans to throw the immunity challenge so they can evict Russell. However planning to due it with a split vote is dangerous. He tries to get Julie to side with his alliance to blindside Ralph. Stephanie seems to have some smarts but is in the wrong alliance.  The ploy to have idol in the bag Steph is carrying doesn’t seem to have anyone fooled.

Russell has an ugly rash in his armpits and is laying around letting everyone talking about him and begin there talk of throwing the challenge to get Russell out. At the challenge they give the thumbs up signal that the throw is on.

It’s a challenge from last season. Three people are attached to a water wheel where they collect water, then spit it out to release a ball. When the wheel gets down the chute the person down there must complete a slide puzzle and then move the ball threw the puzzle to win. With the fix in Ometempe easily wins the challenge.

The reward was a basket full of tarps, blankets and comfort items including two chairs. Back at camp, no one seems to be looking for the clue really well but Rob. After a thorough search Rob comes up empty. He then checks under a chair. Not finding it he sees Phillip in a chair that’s almost breaking. He gets Ralph to move and when looking under it he finds the clue. The clue isn’t specific enough to find the idol.

Russell made a last ditch effort to get a vote and Julie is his target. He hope she will hope them vote Ralph out. She doesn’t really commit and we”ll have to wait.

No major talk at the Tribal Council and the vote is on. 3 votes Russell, 3 votes Steph, 3 votes Ralph,  After a tie vote it’s simple because Russell, Ralph and Steph don’t get to vote and it’s a whitewash and Russell is headed for RI.

All hail the new Prince! Ralph is lead man.

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17 thoughts on “Prince Ralph survives, the takeover begins!”

  1. Good for ralph, Russell always has to be running the show, now he could be the first out from his team, he doesn’t always do well in comps, and matt is younger and more fit, I am keeping my fingers crossed the “ALMIGHTY RUSSELL” does not come back :roll:

    1. I don’t know holly, it looks like something shocking is suppose to happen, they probably want the troll to stay in the gay, you know i would not be surprised if the comp is geared more in russells favor. :roll: I hope thats not the case. :roll:

  2. Rob may have to do some fast talking should Matt make it back to their camp. So far, I think Rob is doing a great job but sooner or later, somebody will try to break away. So far the team of 5 is holding but getting rid of Phillip would be a good idea; mostly because he’s a pain to watch for me but seems to be inline with Rob.

    It’s too bad Russell never learned that this is a social game and he is too stuck on Russell ‘the great’ to be bothered. So far I do like Ralph but he’s a bit too “King Kongish” in more ways than one.

    I miss seeing the voting at the end of the show. What happened to that??

  3. My big question now is: “Is Ralph painting too big a target on his back?”
    Certainly a loveable character (even if we can’t understand him!) but does he have what it takes to wield the power of the immunity idol? My personal belief is that his most inspired move so far is to keep the idol secret but how long can he hold onto that secret. Many Survivors before couldn’t keep that one to themselves and often much to their perrel.
    The move to tell Russell that Francesca/ Fran-sesss-skwa won seemed like it had the potential to unnerve King Russell but certainly fizzled out. I guess we’ll see if Russell can slime his way back into the game and if he does will he be right back to where he started? He’s gotta be praying for an early merge.

  4. Redemption Island will be fun to watch! I’m sure Russell will overpower Matt and stay in the game. I’m not surprised his tribe mates gave The Great One the Boot! I would have done the same. I also like the fact that Ralph did not show anyone his HII.

    Was nice to see others getting some TV time. And looking forward to more Stephanie!

    1. Here we go again….like I said before Ted, Matt is going to kick some Russell butt. BTW…no Ted, I don’t like Stephanie. I can say this, I really don’t have a favorite yet.

  5. Matt, the ex running back vs Russell, the dwarf silver back meet in a one round rumble in the jungle for survival on Wednesday night, 8 Eastern 7 Central.

  6. matt is so nice IMO that he may not be mean enough to beat russell.
    russell’s like a can’t hurt ‘em.
    i think rob is mean to matt..and i hope it comes back to bite him. you don’t have to be a male bitch to win. rob is too uptight about getting pissed becuz matt was polite. &^%$#@

    matt’s prettier than any of the girls anyway. ha

    1. I agree tendr about Rob’s paranoia regarding Matt & Andrea. I think it was too soon to move on that and yes, I love the ‘male bitch’ definition. As for Rob’s reaction that Matt congratulated the winners, it was over the top. Just being a good sport, he wasn’t disrespecting his team. That was Rob who made it an issue.

      I don’t have a favorite yet but I like the redemption island addition.

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