Stormy weather, I just can’t get myself together..

Looks like Samoa had a precurser to the tsunami, and boy is it gonna bug the hell out of our cast-a-ways.

Wet doesn’t even come close to what these guys are gonna go through. This completely alters anyones game plans. Just surviving thr weather becomes #1 priority for all the players. Don’t bitch and moan now or you just might go home!!

Lets see how well those pillows and blankets work now, hmmm, wet chicken, time to make chicken soup!!!

The tribes top two priorities now are staying dry (ggod luck) and getting a fire going (fat chance) and then keeping it going (was that 3, oh well).

Imagine the BB players trying to do this challenge, keep yourself dry while being lockdowned outside the BB house. Can you inagine those wimpys crying, boo hoo hoo!!

This is an excerpt from an article on weathers effect on health. Most people have experienced difficulty conjuring up energy on cloudy days. For some, that difficulty hits a lot harder than for others. Those exhaustive sunless days affect us as immediately as they come. Calm tranquility is a staple of rainy days, so much so that people listen to tapes emulating that noise just to fall asleep. Sleepy cloudy days plus the therapeutic sound of rain on the rooftop amounts to ultimate relaxation! And think about how energetic you feel when there’s a storm screaming outside. Our bodies reflect the very energy of lightning, just as they reflect the energy of the sun or lack thereof. Storms excite some people, filling them with adrenaline while they fill others with an apprehensive fear. Even this nervous energy is energy though, and it gets the heart pumping faster than do those calm, cloudy days!        Here is the link to the complete article!  It sure gives you something to think about.

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  1. count on more people being taken out of the game, weather like that is difficult to take. Ill bet the people in the galu tribe will be even more disgusted with Russell ,because he didnt do the practical thing and take the tarp, when they needed it. What an idiot. HE basically was trying to make brownie points with the women of the tribe. and really pissed off the guys ,MAN what a fool.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks this season is boring and the people, not all, but most came from the bottom of the list of those that ever tried out for Survivor? I don’t even watch I get my info right here. Bye, till I read tomorrow.

  3. You are kind of right SHELLY… this time it seems like they are going through the motions of Survivor without the heart. I think the producers went to much with the Russell H thing. Don’t get me wrong I love Russell and think he is the greatest! But, to much focus on him to the detriment of the other players exposure. And… I’m sure that more than half of the players never applied, but were solicited by the casting dept.

    Sorry to see Z & J go… I was starting to like those guys… and boy was I wrong about the previews. That would not have been the case with Survivor… A R is another deal for sure. Those guys played the race well that leg. Did anyone notice if they got a reward? I don’t remember and don’t think so. So, did the producers know they lost their passports before the checkpoint? I bet it was found and they left it there so they would have it go back and find it… according to the rules. So sorry for those guys… I wonder if Zev is still in Cambodia??? Speaking of Cambodia… coolest cab drivers and people ever. Interesting that everyone spoke English.

    Well, heading to the ferry for Seattle…. 33 and cloudy @ 6:53 in Friday Harbor

  4. football games screwed up my AR recording….. only got 20 minutes of it, have to watch it online sometime today

  5. Ted, The poker players would be gone ,if Zev and Justin didnt loose their passports, Thats just sad when that happens, Talk about bad luck. They were two nice guys, thats just a real shame.

  6. As for AR, it didn’t seem like they even really tried to find that passport or at least they didn’t show it on the broadcast…….and on to Survivor……….so glad that Jaz is GONE……..what a waste she was……..i agree they are spending too much air time on russell, so not sure about the others, what they are doing, thinking, etc… far liking Survivor 19…………

  7. Zev and Justin were eliminated because of Zev’s lost passport, but his passport wasn’t lost after all. On Elimination Station, which follows the teams after they’ve been eliminated from the race, Zev and Justin go to the U.S. embassy which has Zev’s passport waiting for him. (It’s a little suspicious that they just have it on the counter and have no problem with the camera crew walking in with them; I think a producer might… keep reading »

  8. Thanks for the link Sal. I didn’t know there was an elimination
    station. How cool is that to hang out after being elininated.
    I just thought they were all sent back home. Always so full
    of information.

  9. That would be so hard to deal with, having to leave that way.
    Can you imagine the guilt Justin is feeling. I feel so bad for them. You could tell from the other eliminated teams, that they were shocked.

  10. I finished working 19 days in a row on Friday (212 hours). If that’s not tough enough, I got sick over a week ago.. justa head-cold.. nothing to keep me away from work. I used this past weekend to get caught up on watching my favorite shows.. and football (Go Vikes!). I normally wouldn’t post anything til I caught up on reading, but made an exception this time. Just wanted to say “Hi!”. I’m glad my OT is over for a while, especially with snow falling the past 2 days. I have to go back and read about 2 and 1/2 weeks of comments, then maybe… just maybe, I’ll have something to add to the discussion. I have to quit comparing SS to BB… I think that’s why I have a hard time getting into it. After all, the 4 hours of SS that I have seen so far are equal to the 4 hours of BB11 that I saw on the first night (CBS episode + 3 hrs of BBAD). Now, time to go back and see what I’ve missed.

  11. Welcome back JT. Glad to hear your doing ok. As you
    can see, anything goes on here because there just isn’t
    enough to talk about regarding SS.

  12. fp2, Thanks! I know anything goes.. and a lot of times.. that’s where I go too.. anywhere and everywhere!(lol). I do feel that I should be somewhat interested in the show that this blog is about and caught up on watching and reading…. you never know when some actual gameplay talk will break out. I’m wading through comments starting back on Sept 25th. Little by little, I’ll get caught up.

  13. aggie….DWTS….4 new dances
    The Lambada (the forbidden dance)
    Mya, Aaron, Joanna
    Country two step
    Louie Vito, Chuck Liddell, Mark
    The Charleston
    Melissa, Donny Osmond, Kelly Osbourne
    The Bolero
    Natalie and Michael Irvin

    I think Chuck Liddell will probably do badly. I doubt that
    Melissa will be able to keep up with The Charleston. Who knows, she may surprise us. The Lambada is the perfect dance for Mya. She has been good at whatever they throw at her.
    All I know is it should be a fun night to watch the new dances.
    1 hour & 15 minutes until the show starts.

  14. aggie, Thanks! I am little by little catching up with my reading on here. I can’t do it all in one sitting, but I’ll get there… at least I am done with September. YOU left the biggest impression on me so far! Why? I guess because on BBblog you usually stuck to commenting about BB. I knew you were from Chicago, but little else. I was laughing my a$$ off when I read that you are a huge AC/DC fan! I’m not sure why, but I never would have thunk it!(LOL). This blog seems to have brought out the real aggie… I like it. Maybe only one show per week allows a little more off topic stuff. I do feel better. It’s nice to only have to look out the window at snow.. and not go out in it…. yet! I don’t mind Winter, but keep it away til after Thanksgiving! I’ve always wanted to ask if aggie refers to “Aggie” as in Texas A&M or something… or is aggie justa typo for annie… or.. well, I can’t think of what else it could mean. If it’s none of my business, I’ll just STFU and go back to reading. Hell’s Bells aggie…. that’s great!

  15. I guess as long as I’m commenting, I might as well give a shout out to S-Sal for the music references. Closing out September with Guns & Roses, The Guess Who, and Alice Cooper back to back to back? Nice touch… I enjoyed it.

  16. JT, I maybe 53 years old ,but I dont think like my age, I have always been a classic rock fan, when I was in high school I really liked Black sabbath and alice cooper ,they were really hot at the time. and I still like alot of the oldies ,They just dont have anyone that really compares nowadays, and thats areal shame, I will always be aclassic rock or oldies kind of gal.

  17. FRANNIE, your probably right CHuck liddell isnt to good ,He will be gone soon, I just hope they dont get rid of somebody good, to keep him in.I dont think Melissa is very good either ,I dont think she will last. POssibly she will be gone this week . Donny I just love I THINK HES AFUNNY GUY, I know hell be sticking around hes really good.

  18. JT, Aggie is my name short for AGNES, unfortunately I always hated the name ,but MY mother named me after her twin sister who passed away, so I kept the name for that reason only.IM Just respecting My MOTHERS wishes.

  19. hi aggie, sorry i don’t watch DWTS, but we both watch AR. i justhave to make sure i sign off before it comes on so i don’t find out before the show who got eliminated.

    justa, how did i catch your cold – lol!!

  20. aggie, thanks for the name info. Hope I wasn’t prying too much.. oh wait, you would have tode me to STFU if I was(LOL). Classic rock and I’m there! Can’t get enough of that stuff.

  21. princess, not sure how you caught my cold. Let’s see, you’re in Washington and I’m in Minnesota… maybe I caught your cold given the jet-stream and all??

  22. I don’t see my brother kev11 on here lately. I seem to remember something about him needing to catch up on real life stuff. It’s so easy to neglect things when on here a lot. I know he is fine and will be back after a much needed break.

  23. JT,No ,I dont think your prying ,I think most people are curious about people on here. AS far as K11 ,no he hasnt been on in quite awhile alot of people were asking about him I just hope he is O.k.

  24. Princess , That was just sad that Zev and Justin ,were eliminated on amazing race Because they lost their passport. They were number 1. The globetrotters are doing great they came in third this week.

  25. JUSTAGUY!!!!! Hey sweetie—we missed you!! Glad to see you back & feeling better. Aggie look!! We have one of our men back!!!!!!! hehehehe

  26. FRANNIE, Great show tonight on DWTS, JOANNA and DEREK were so sexy, THe BIggest shocker was MELISSA doing so great ,T Hey were in first place, good for her.their were so many good performances tonight ,They were most impressive. Donny was great as always ,what an entertainer.I would say The ones who could possibly be going tommorrow ,are either CHUck, Louie, or MICHael. Its a hard call their not so good, but I did like them and found them entertaining.

  27. Hey Cynthia! Good to “see” you on here. I noticed my boy Augustus, aka AC, aka King Avatar refers to you as “Cynt”. Sorry, I am just not THAT daring… given the close proximity of two letters on the keyboard.. well, one slip and it’s all over for me. It just ain’t worth the risk of all the women on here runnin’ me outta town!! I’ll play it safe and type out C-y-n-t-h-i-a. I caught up on some reading and noticed a “blue” comment that you made was erased! Justmyluck!! I’m sure it was funny, you should have left it. I guess that’ll teach me to go work for 19 days and not check in here. Can’t let that happen again!

  28. JT—you crack me up. LMAO Yes it would be a bad thing to type the U instead of the Y. Although it would not be the first time I was called that. And trust me, I earned it.>8-{ You can shorten it to Cyn if you like. That’s what most people call me anyway. BUT—yes I had a wild night on here one night with Aggie, AC, & some others & had to get Snake to delete a post for me. Actually it cracked AC totally up, but I did it without thinking & embarassed myself. (sexually oriented) And then another night I tried to post something so many times nothing was coming through & Snake finally found all of the posts & approved them cause by that time they were coming in as spam.>8-} So I asked him to delete the repeats of that too.

  29. So, while we are being personal here, tell us about yourself JT!! Real name, married or not, kids, that kind of thing!

  30. Ok I guess JT is still catching up on the reading. So I’ll post what I was thinking before I saw JT was back.>8-} Totally forgot about the topic of SS then. Sorry!!>8-}

    I LOVE the rain & storms. But I don’t think it would be too cool to be out in them like they are on SS. Chief Russell will pay for his “pillows” on this one & they will all catch hell with ligting fire & keeping it lit. Talk about misery for them. Better them than me. And that’s why I “camp” at the Hyatt!!>8-}}}

    Did I or did I not see in the previews for this week where they are doing the “eating nasty crap” challenge??

  31. NO problem CYnthia ,I wouldnt do that, I knew you thought it was embarassing, but it wasnt, AC said you made him laugh out loud when he read it.

  32. CYnthia, its going to be nasty for the survivor bunch ,Russell from galu, really screwed up big time Because he gave into the girls and chose frivolity over practicality. NOw their going to freeze to death inthe rain because of him, and it seems like their is tension now at the galu camp between him and the other guys.

  33. C-y-n,…. ok, I guess I can do that.. seems safe enough.. Cyn, I guess I forgot that you were a late commer to BBblog. (People that already know about me… skip to next post). I have lived in the Twin Cities since 1979. I lived in Texas on the Gulf Coast (Texas City) before that. Just turned 44 a month ago. Divorced, 2 kids, ’nuff said about that. My real name is JT… or at least those are my real initials and what most friends call me. The “J” is for Jeff (not Jeffery). Mom liked the name Jeff, but not Jeffery… go figure. If I had a nickel for every time that was questioned when signing legal documents… I could buy a fun-size Snickers bar! The biggest problem was getting my first driver’s license. No way would that woman believe that someone could be named Justjeff! “Justaguy” was my original name on BBblog, I added the JT to make it easier for people. Some people refused to call me anything but justaguy or justa… so there you go. I was going back and forth between catching up on reading and watching MNF…. back to reading..

  34. Thanks aggie! As if I wasn’t already curious enough. Anybody else care to chime in about how funny Cyn’s comment was? (THAT I DIDN”T GET TO READ!!) LOL.

  35. Ok ladies, I sent an e-mail to K11 and Bullwinkle to see whats up. I’ll inform you if I hear anything. Been a long day and this old boy needs some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s. Will catchya all later. You to JT!!

  36. JT it all started because of K11 AND Snake doing “Confucius says” stuff. Then AC chimed in with one about “A man with long pole make great jumps” or something to that effect. And then I forgot where I was & answered with a “Cynthia says” & it went downhill from there. LMAO

  37. And thank you sweetie for sharing your info with me. Yes I remember your birthday. Not the exact day, but I remember when everyone was wishing you a happy 44th.>8-}

    As for myself, I am divorced (YEAHHH) with one adopted son who is now grown & never speaks to me. He is living in Tennessee last I heard. I live in Florida. Never lived anywhere else YET. I am (cough, spit, spatter) 45 years old going on 29.>8-} Ok honestly–make that 35. I refuse to grow up. My name really is Cynthia. Always wanted to be a Sarah though. Don’t know why. I pretty much work when I want to because the one good thing about marriage is ALIMONY!! Trust me–I EARNED EVERY DAMN DIME I GET for putting up with his crap. But whne I do work, I’m a Management Consultant, which is a fancy way of saying, when a company is having problems, I get to go in & fire people, among other things. I would rather be working from home but can’t find a REAL way to do that yet.

    So that is me.

  38. Ok, I get it! You were playing on the “Man with long pole…makes broad jump” line. I think I can use my imagination from there… no need to spell it out any further. It’s funny…. whether you jumped or not is not important!

  39. Oh no–it’s doing it again. The gremlins ate my post. But all I was saying is Yes we will leave it at that JT>8-} & goodnight so it’s ok. Hope to “see” you all on here tomorrow–today–depending on what time zone you are in.>8-}

    Take Care All.>8-}

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