A field day for Russell is at hand!


Here we go again. Apparently learning nothing about hidden idols in Samoa, SEG decided to both liberally toss them around again, and set Russell loose.

    It’s unclear if there’s one available in this episode, but regardless, we’ll probably be shown Russell looking for them at some point. It would appear that this never gets old.

According to EW’s Dalton Ross, “The contestants arrived for the start of the game via four New Zealand military helicopters and were immediately thrust into a brutally physical challenge that results in one topless player and two painful injuries. (All of the challenges will be based on classic challenges from past seasons.)”

   There was no challenge visible in the People’s Choice footage of the helicopter arrival, but the beach looks very similar to the one shown in the digging/wrestling challenge shots from the CBS “Meet the Cast” video. So we’ll go with that as the reward challenge. This looks like a resurrection of the “Pull stuff out of Nick’s ass” challenge (the Ep3 IC) from Survivor Panama: Exile Island, in which contestants dug up pillows and tried to either race back to get their pillows past their goal lines, or tried to prevent their opponents from doing so.
   As for the topless contestant Dalton talks about, that one’s easy: Several months ago at Sucks, Survivrcuz claimed: “sugars out first after exposing her tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, which missyae modified with “The info about Sugar makes people think she exposed herself. Thats not what happened. She had her top tore off during a challenge.” So it seems there’ll be a lot of blurring to look forward to in this episode.
   Who gets injured? EW’s pre-game interview with Stephenie (at the bottom of the page with Dalton Ross’s story) includes Probst mentioning that she has a problem with her shoulder getting dislocated, and actually shows footage of this being treated by Survivor’s medical team in this very challenge (caps below).
   Update: Probst said at the 10th anniversary reunion event (video here): “Five minutes into the game, we have a broken toe, a dislocated shoulder, and a topless finish.” And SurvivorsUnite adds more details: “Parvati is the one who dislocates Stephenie’s arm during the challenge. And Boston Rob is the one who gives a broken toe to Rupert.”

18 thoughts on “A field day for Russell is at hand!”

  1. Whoa… Way too much information! I come here to talk about Survivor, not be told what’s going to happen before I watch it. It will be interesting to see if this is what happens. Please, no spoilers.

    1. No babies here. This ain’t Big Brother. Lets watch first and be surprised. At least BB evictions are live, so no spoilers. But why tell us Sugar is first off? :roll: I hope she was just out the challenge first, not the game.

  2. Lucky for me, I start reading comments first and then go read the main post and watch video. I read someone did something to someone and I tuned out. It’s fine if you want to know what is going to happen. I’d prefer to watch it happen. I don’t know what the spoiler was (or even if there really was one).

    I look forward to seeing all these people that you all know so well. I feel a bit behind in the action…. like somebody new to BB watching an all-star season would.

  3. Haven’t had spoilers like that before here… If I wanted to know that I would go to Survivor Sucks or one of the other sites that foretell the future. Its one thing to hear that someone gets hurt, but a blow by blow of who it is, who does it and what is too much. May BaconBits took over for SnakeBit Sal today.

  4. If Russell isn’t voted off soon, I’m going to scream. He is the most obnoxious man I have ever seen. I absolutely hope he is gone soon.

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