195 thoughts on “A final look at past and present Survivors!”

  1. what’s up, sal. couldn’t sleep – this is kinda late/early for the blog to be up. works for me though!!

  2. I agree Aggie. I don’t really want Russ to go quickly but I do want him to go….ya know I was thinkin’..(oh oh i know) but i think it burns calories…anyway, why do the girls wear bikini’s?
    If i was on there and HAD a young body, i’d still wear layers and layers..a whole baithing suit and shorts under pants and muscle shirt and t-shirt and a rain coat LOL..ya know? so i’d have something clean once in awhile and when in challenges I wouldn’t have to worry about having clothes ripped off. And i’d wear jewelry made out of fishing line (i make it out of it) just useful stuff.
    anyway, just me thinking through my fingers.
    it’s one a.m. so this is actually ‘when i’m most awake’
    n bored.
    ok , will bb late tomorrow night or is that really “tonight”?
    ha :)

    1. that clothes thing is kind of stupid ,wasnt their a time when they were able too have more clothes. It is kind of funny sometimes to see some of the women in their Bras and some look pretty scary, they should only have nice bodies on there. we really shouldnt have too look at the others, eye candy only I say.

  3. goodmorning everyone where are all the usual suspects, im looking forward to a great show tonight it loks like its 2 hrs. Take care everyone, see ya later.

  4. Well the day is finally here and I could not be more excited.
    Did anyone saw Letterman’s top 10 lastnight, 10 ss players were on doing 10 things you didnt know about Survivor.very funny stuff.

    Aggie I hope James is stranded in his underwear only.hehe

    Snow snow go away. Ted is the lucky one in Hawaii drinking magaritas..you lucky dog.

    1. yeah Ted ,why couldnt I come with you , lucky you, Donna James usually doesnt have a shirt on ,so thats a good thing anyway, Its always the wrong people that go naked on there, Richard hatch was one of those people.

  5. Leave Boston Rob alone, you might hate him but he is there AGAIN, and YOU AREN’T. Russell had better watch his mouth and self praise b/c there are players that will see right through him before he blinks.

  6. Hi everyone…I’d rather have Rob stay since he isn’t as nasty about the others as Russell is…I am just hoping we have a good show. Re: the clothing…they used to be able to bring clothes but a few years ago they had the contestants jump into the water with just what they had on, and that seemed to start the shortage of clothing. I didn’t know the production crew actually checked for one layer plus underwear…are you sure about that??? I’d think the women would want more protection from getting injured etc…you wouldn’t catch me in a bikini, course I’m 65 and weight 300 pounds…you wouldn’t want to catch me i a bikini!!! Have fun tonight all…hope a female goes home…or perhaps Tyson…I really don’t like him. I’ll enjoy Coach for a while..then he can go also. Take care and have a great day.

  7. Tonight is the night! I hope you are all ready!



    Love you all…..let’s get it on.

    Peace, BBBlogger

  8. I’m new to this site, but not to Survivor, haven’t missed a season
    does anyone know if the other season players got to watch the last season with Russell ?

    1. They did not get to see Russell play. They have no idea what kind of player he is or what he is capable of. :shock: Heroes v. Villains was actually done before Survivor 19 even though Survivor 19 aired first. Go figure. :roll:

  9. Where is my Betty Boop? She was just there….I left and came back and the cyber monsters swept her away. What the Fizzy!
    I refuse to look like a dude. :sad:

  10. aggie….please don’t say you see a dude…clear your cache. What does everyone else see? I connected through facebook.
    Here we go folks

  11. Sorry but I could not eat something that just minutes ago was running around. I would have to go hungry.

  12. Hello everybody, my prediction for who is going to be the next person voted out will either be a male or female. Beyond that I am hopelessly lost. I was looking for Evel Dick, but I didn’t see him. (oops, wrong show), so I will sit and enjoy this one! :lol:

    1. For sure Frannie!! I saw other blogs before I found BB blog. I was not interested in those in the least. Those people were …. well, I’ll leave it at that.

    1. Not really… AC having a new avatar is like…. well it’s like me having a new avatar. Nothing to wonder about.

    2. Webtv is just a browser… no computer = no cache to clear. I have had it since the 90s. I usually use my computer for this stuff now though.

  13. I sure thought more people would stop bt after Survivor was over…pretty soon it will be PARTY AT AGGIES

    1. we know where Ted is (lucky bas#@rd!) princess hasn’t seen the show yet. Cyn is having widget issues.

    1. Can I answer…..it was a fantastic show. Thanks for all you do here and all that Sal does. We all appreciate it. And no…we just have a place to go to chat about anything and everything. We’re just keeping this free for Survivor.

    2. No BBBlogger …. just trying to keep non-Survivor talk off of here. That’s what we want… right? Sorry.

      GREAT first show, gonna be a really good season.

  14. OK I’m, JUST NOW able to get on this site. BBBlogger MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER!!! I LOVE this blog but dude—if I can’t get on it when I need to—WTF??? Ya know??

    Oh well, I’m gone. Great show. Just a fly by cause that’s all I’m allowed. The green screen of death is DISGUSTING!!

    See you guys at Aggie’s later.

  15. Cirie and Amanda heros? One bad apple is usually all it takes to spoil the barrel, but two of them could be disastrous for the Hero tribe. Sugar contributed to a win in the reward challenge and is the first to go. Brilliant strategy? Not!

    Hopefully, the moment the Hero tribe no longer needs a big blob of dead weight in the camp, Cirie will be gone along with her evil skank buddy Amanda not far behind her.

    Russell can find idols without clues and Boston Rob can start a fire without flint. Colby, who let Coach drag him around, and his band of sheep can only make bad decisions two days into the competition. What a show!

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