After 2 weeks, all we have is an increasingly violent show!

Both sides in Heroes vs. Villains seem to have the muscle; however the Village People have more rhythm and groove to the music. The Hobos are acting like a car load of kids during a Chinese Fire drill.  

          The Hobo’s have been winning the physical parts of the challenges but have no leadership when it comes to working out the minor mental games which have been part of the challenges. Infighting has people calling this the Villains vs. the Villains Survivor.

Trust me, there are too many hard headed people on both tribes but the V.P. seem to be demonstrating a little more self control during the mental phase of each challenge.

Rob seemed to come very close to repeating Jaison’s dehydration episode of SS19. However, his eyes were normal but unresponsive were Jaison looked as if he had seen a ghost. I wonder what the ruling is if only the camera man is following a contestant. How long do they wait before they can call for assistance?

Rupert and Stephanie appear to be the first true cat fight, ending with Stephanie going home. James was po’d at her and a few others for screwing up the last part of the challenge when there was no clear voice guiding them to stack the blocks. JT was supposed to be doing all the guiding of where to put each one, however about 3 or 4 others chimed in and made it confusing.

The VP had a stroke of luck in winning the challenge. They received the tarp and supplies so they can now make a hut with a leak proof roof. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m sure getting tired of everyone bitching about the rain.

Russell is being himself again; he won’t lead but will work when someone comes up with an idea. He has to be looking for the HII but they still haven’t shown him looking or finding them.

I didn’t see much of Coach and his girlfriend this week. Amanda and Stephanie were taking all the heat in the Hobo’s camp for what they did or didn’t do. Cirie is getting those crazy thought idea eyes as if she is working on her next move. James is hot to trot and ready to take out the first person that crosses his path. He has always seemed calm and collected, but look out world; he’s on the war path. Tom might have wished he didn’t start something with James. That disagreement might not help with the morale in the tribe!

Not much action from others in either tribe seems like we have a few coasters in this Survivor.

Myself, I don’t like the combined challenges were immunity and reward are won in the same challenge. Moneys tight, but Survivor has to be raking in the some dough. I’d love to see a challenge were each member of a tribe has to complete a task before the next member can start his task. Alternate a mental task and then a physical task. This would allow each tribe to find their week links.

Speaking of the VP’s problems with their hut, what gives man, C’mon y’all are a bunch of all-stars and you can’t build a simple hut, DANG!

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  1. ok hobo’s and whatever just confuses me. lol
    I’m not liking this survivor yet as much as i had hoped. I feel the challenges are wayyyyyyyyyyy to violent and physical for ppl who have very little if no food and water.
    James was an ass the last time I saw him. He starts off smiling and sure, he has a great body but THAT IS ALL. I’m sure EVERYONE on that team were upset to lose. But he was the one who threw a tantrum and now that my fav girls sugar and Stephanie are gone I have no female to “back”
    James was and is a baby and Tom and Colby did the right thing for standing up to James. It took guts and class to defend how James was picking on Stephanie as if she was the cause of the whole team losing. If i remember there was a whole TEAM playing and not just Stephanie…. And for him to say (as some little old gossip) it was her fault they lost. DUH. James could not tell enough ppl that since Steph was the last one standing on her team the Last time she played, it must be a bad thing and losing was her fault. NOW, James, there is no santa, no tooth fairy and no Easter bunny. What an idiot. I hope his butt is out soon. I don’t care if he is strong, it comes with a pea sized brain/maturity.
    I have nothing left to say except it cracked me up to see the little chubby russ chasing a chicken and after killing it acted as though he had killed a great white with his bare hands. What an ego. YOU GUYS..throw some estrogen in that water Probst so the guys will ‘chill’ alittle.
    And last, I’m glad Rob is ok.

  2. Lame !! I figured I would join this post to get some intelligent and informational views on this season of Survivor.

    Hindsight Howie’s, ( I’m referring to Snakebit ), doesn’t take into account that personal flaws come into play when people are discouraged, hungry and tired.

    I personally think it’s great that the heroes also have a human side.


    I am unsubscribing to this post.

  3. Hey tendr, try rooting for Coach’s girlfriend. She’s not such a bad sort and her personality is easy to get along with. Then root for her to backstab Coach later in the game!

  4. HEY YOU Fran..i was just reading your cute emails.
    glad i wasn’t here last night now. i work out when it’s on. and hubby just happened to be here which he’s usually at work. so he sat on the sofa and watched me work out while i watched survivor. ha.

    so…i still luv steph and sugar and tho i was never a Rob fan……compared to several other’s…he’s not so bad. I keep saying ‘editing’ but remember we see it edited. Rob was ill and i see so many calling him a cry baby . SHAME on you. I have low blood sugar. if i miss too much food i totally lose it. I used to be diabetic and had to have insulin shots then lost the weight and now if i miss a meal I can even forget my own phone no. my address, even have to struggle to stand up so SO…….not all ppl can overwork themselves while have almost NO food and NO water. I bet cha everyone in here would fail survivor. so if someone wants to cry let them cry. It’s better than being like James and cussing out ESPECIALLY a woman for the whole team losing.
    i’m not a Rob lover but i don’t want anyone to get seriously ill or hurt. Rob apparently was overworking himself. Man it pisses me off how quickly ppl who are down or hurt or unhealthy get made fun of.
    come here so i can poke you in the eye. lol
    seriously guys. just put yourself in their shoes.
    I’ll pinch you later frannie….I’m telling James you said his momma wears army boots. :P
    I think if we saw the game twice a week instead of once we could see what’s really going on. Rob got knocked out. That is a serious deal. anyway i’m leaving so I’ll give you all a bitchin’ break from me. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr argh

  5. I wrote a bunch after Frannie’s silly comment to me and it’s all gone. ok, who erased it?
    I was bizy reading Frannies emails and so anyWHO.
    James is an ass.
    Sugar and steph are still my favs so poo on the show.
    Don’t like how everyone was calling Rob a cry baby. I have low blood sugar after yrs of having to shoot up with insulin then lost weight and now if i miss a meal i don’t even know up from down so imagine all that physical crap and without food and water. Some ppl cry and some ppl cuss out women.
    I’d doubt if anyone in here would NOT cry at some time on that show. I’d cry on the plane on the way over

    anyway, i won’t say everything i said before. my old hands hurt.
    Frannie, i love you too smartypants.
    and russ killed a chicken. throw that boy an estrogen patch so he can calm down.

  6. the guys, not their big ones.
    well, i wouldn’t say i don’t like big ones but
    you know what i’m saying, leave me alone LOL

  7. o wow, you know i wrote that long mouth full up there and i swear i went out and came back twice and refreshed and it didn’t show up so i thot maybe i did something wrong. so sorry it’s alot of repeating mself. just like real life lol.

    BANGO don’t quit. I’m with you on nagging anyone about picking on someone who’s starving and without water. And saying what’s mostly unpopular. ask me if i care. ask frannie if i care. just be yourself and stick around. m-kay?
    :) it’s all in fun actually.

  8. LOL girls.
    actually when you’re knocked unconscious you don’t have control over your emotions. It’s ok to cry. I make men cry all the time.

    1. tendr…don’t get me wrong, I do like it when a guy can show their emotions. It’s only natural….I’m just saying Rob didn’t know how to cry. As a matter of fact, it’s now healthy for a guy to hold it in….Can you imagine what us women would be like if we didn’t cry???
      And tendr, you make men cry all the time? I don’t even want to know how… :lol:

  9. aggie, i can’t seem to get moderated on your blog, either. is it by invitation only?

    BBBlogger, i’m still not moderated on TAR either.

    doesn’t anybody want me?

  10. My favorites to win is still Cirie or Sandra for females or Russell or Rupert for males. I for one never liked Tom, but maybe I could learn to like him, I liked that he stuck-up for Steph. also Colby ‘s not too bad a guy, for the same reason.

    1. Under the “facebook” box (to the right of the first comment on this page), there is a section that says “Reality TV Links”. The first one is “add an avatar to your comments…”
      Click that and it will take you to “Gravatar”. Follow the steps there.

    1. You’re definately not an outcast….if you notice, people tend to fly by and post, then leave. Not sure what time zone you are in but we gather here on Survivor night while it’s on and have a play by play. You’re welcome to join us at anytime sweetabaca and give us a chance. :)

  11. hey ted, can you actually believe the weather we’re having here??? i LOVE this winter. somewhere i heard that jeff was up to tushy in snow. here the sun is shining and i can run to the store with out a coat!

  12. It is absolutely beautiful!!! Our poor friends in the midwest… Do you mean JT or Probst? Are you running to the store for diet coke?

  13. Just watched the interview with Tom above… after watching the show a second time… I did not think JT was giving out much in the way of instruction and that confirmed it. I thought Tom provided interesting insight with his take. I never thought JT was the brightest pea in the pod, and having done the challenge before does not mean you learned anything you could bring to it the next time you did it, with this type of challenge especially.

    Interesting comment about the villains maybe being smarter. As a whole on this game, I would say so. I’m sure that is why I relate to that team… certainly not because I am villainous.

  14. Well well well…. I see the West coast crew showed up! Yes princess, I was arse deep in snow. A lot has melted now though. At least we don’t get as much as the East!!

    Not the brightest huh Ted? Were you referring to me or S20 JT? ….Both? :lol:

    1. Ted, you better not be referring too JT, It better be the survivor Jt, I dont think he is dumb either ted, people might think that because of that southern accent he has, If your smart enough too win the game, then you are not dumb.

  15. Since BBBlogger seems to have forgotten me on the AR Blog and my comments first get “moderated,” then mysteriously disappear altogether I will comment on AR here for now.

    I still favor Brent and Caite (the new Barbi and Ken) to come across the finish line first. Some advice to B&C before the next leg, however: Should the cowboys ever ask for assistance at any time anywhere during the remainder of the race, hand them your next empty clue envelope and tell the to flip a coin to see who gets to stick it up their ass sideways for a full 8 seconds…

  16. Sal… I can no longer log in to this blog with my facebook account either…

    Error message reads.

    Error while loading page from Survivor Blog
    Survivor Blog is under construction. Please try again later.

  17. I like JT.
    Jame’s is a donkey’s rear.
    I work out during the show so i’m not here til later on.
    um, so far I’m just watching now that sugar and steph are gone. Don’t have any favorite this min except this time I
    don’t dislike Rob.
    my wk end was learning how to replace a brake line in the car and bleed brakes and went to my grandson’s 1st bd party.

    i’m TIRED.

  18. sorry for the ‘ in james name and my mess ups. i’m watching the bonnie hunt show and she cracks me up so it’s a distraction. and yeah i know i’m typing lower case.

  19. After seeing the video I didnt realize that was parvati calling jerri the bitter old cougar, she can be a sneaky little bitch, who will get rid of all the guys, if they leave her in there, she definately should be one the villians should target.

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