Another Hero bites the dust!

So far its 3 Heroes gone and only 1 Villain. I sense a trend in the game.  It seemed early on that the Heroes had the better physical team but have yet to prove their worthy of making it to the merge.

Never thought I’d see Coach cry. But when Sandra put him down at the last tribal council he took it to heart and had a breakdown at camp. After talking with Tyson and Rob he seemed to regain his composure and back on track.

Day 9 tree mail brought a Sears Survivor catalog which the teams were to choose 2 items they could win at the reward challenge. The Heroes found fishing gear with a rod and a kitchen appliance set. The villains choose  tools kit and a tarp kit. The reward challenge was a slip and slide event where you had to grab a numbered ball and then at the end make a basket before your opponent. The goal was to make 4 buckets before the other team. First up were Tom (H) vs Coach (V) with Coach taking the early lead for the Villains. Next, Russell easily beat Cirie.  Score 2 – 0 Villains. Candace got the first goal for the Heroes by beating Courtney. Jerri then beat Amanda to givr the Villains a big edge at 3 – 1. James beat Sandra and Rupert beat Danielle to even the score at 3 – 3. That set up a Colby vs. Tyson for the win. After quite a few misses by both guys, Tyson finally made the basket and the Villains won the reward.

Back at camp Coach says he’s ready to kick some butt.  Russell definately doesn’t know what to do with clues. Instead of walking off and reading it alone, he lets it fall and get read allowed. Somewhere on the beach is the HII. After  everyone agrees not to look for it, Russell can’t help himself and goes off and starts looking. Could King Troll have made his first mistake of game play?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Heroes find their clue and again it’s read out loud to everyone. But unlike the Villains camp, all of the Heroes run off to find it. After some looking Tom  finds it and puts it in his sock, however Amanda sees him and lets everyone know about it.

Well, lookie here. If a challenge does’t work the first time, bring it back in the next season. Also, your still in Samoa so why not use the same props. This time however no one passes out and we have a winner. In the balls were Rob and Tom. With  a blindfolded coach and Tyson pushing Rob up the path while a blindfolded  James and Rupert pushing Tom. After getting the balls to the end Rob looks like he barely beat out the Heroes by coaching his blindfolded teammates to roll the ball into the hole at the end of the maze.

Back at the Heroes camp there seems to be 3 different people who seem to be targets. Tom  and Colby because they are strong and have an alliance. At first Candace seems like a target but JT overhears Cirie talking about getting rid of Tom because he promises to put together an alliance and give someone who might need the idol. She calls him stupid for trying to do something like that. JT tells Tom and Colby and they decide to try to vote out Cirie if JT will will help.

At Tribal, Jeff does his best to coax out the answers no one seems to wants to admit to. After digging deep into their thoughts and getting the info he wants it was time to vote. After the voting is over Jeff gets ready to read the vote. Tom stands and gives Jeff the idol. Jeff lets everyone know that all votes for Tom will not count. The votes totaled 3 for Tom(which don’t count) 2 for Colby and 3 for Cirie and Cirie is voted out.

And I think the trend has been set for the Heroes to slowly be retired from the game and giving the Villians an edge when the merge arrives. I still think Russell is going to do well even though his head seems to have been put on a tray for eviction. Thusday comes soon so we’ll see which way the game heads! Good day y’all.

9 thoughts on “Another Hero bites the dust!”

  1. That was very surprising that coach would let a woman get too him like that, I really thought he was much tougher than that I really think when it comes too anyone on there if your going too start crying, its time too go home, no crying on survivor, at least if you do it make sue no one sees you being such a weinie Butt :razz:

  2. Yes, this seems like it will be an interesting season.
    Looking forward to seeing who gets voted off on Thursday!

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