25 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Be Teased?”

  1. Now I wish I hadn’t missed the 17 seasons between 1 and 19… then I’d be really excited. It looks good to me even though I don’t know these people. It will be fun to see who can back up their talk.

  2. Just seeing Coach in that picture makes me want to hurl. But do you see where Rupert is….right in the middle.
    JT…I feel like I’m always chasing you around. First on aggies blog and now here. Too early for me to play seek and find. LOL

  3. No Frannie, I chase you around. I guess that’s what happens when you chase someone in circles…. after a while, it is hard to tell who is chasing who! Time for breakfast….. then off to work, Have a good one all!

  4. Very nice photo of them all and the video is awesome. Hey how old is that old guy Tom..he is kinda hot.

  5. Tom ,is even hotter than i remember, such nice baby blues.And seemed like a great guy, what i wonder is how come they didnt have lex vandenberg come back,? that would have been interesting for sure.

  6. Hey Aggie, to me Tom is the second hottest guy(2nd to James) on SS20. I love the silver hair. I love sweet JT but I dont find him hot.

  7. DOnna, I thought Lex was kind of cool ,He reminded me a little bit of EVEL DICK From BB, He had alot of tattoos Youid think they would have had him on there ,because Rob Mariano Was one of his enemies, Remember his speech too Rob in the finale of survivor, He was a pretty bitter guy, But they so feared the ROBFATHER, They seemed Like they were scared of Rob. Thats why that Dolt made it too the end.

  8. LIZ, I hated coach But the Bod and face I liked looking at He looks like a male model I think, Nice bones, good lines. He looks like he has some american Indian blood in him, I will just Betcha.

  9. Survivor Palau’s Jenn Lyon has died
    Survivor Palau »
    by Andy Dehnart / January 20, 2010, 8:28 AM
    comment »
    Fourth-place Survivor Palau cast member Jenn Lyon died yesterday. She was 37, and is the first of Survivor’s 301 cast members to die.

    Cast members revealed the news and mourned her loss on Facebook and Twitter. Anthony Robinson wrote, “Jenn Lyon passed away this evening. The world is a bit diminished, and denied one of the most beautiful smiles ever to grace Survivor.” Eliza Orlins wrote, “2/27/72-1/19/10 Jenn Lyon brought more good to this world in her almost 38 years than most will in a lifetime. Jenn, I’ll miss you. R.I.P.”

    Jenn was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2005, and wrote about her “radical bilateral mastectomy” and other treatment. A year ago, a fan made a video that compiled footage of her on the show, set to sad music:

  10. Sad news of Jenn’s passing.. I remember that she was very sweet and had a nice smile. She was a hottie without being slutty. Her claim to survivor fame was her audition tape in which she rode her mountain bike down a hill topless. That, and her sweet image, gained their attention and she got on the show.

  11. Donna, James does look really good Man, killer Bod, I guess he looks like that because of his job its pretty strenuous work, that would explain why he is so strong as well., He had a great personality as well ,but who cares even if he didnt, look at him, whoa, Baby.

  12. rupert, wants to be aligned with sandra again ,who is a loyal person, but their on different teams hopefully when they merge things will go well for them.

  13. ted, who’s my fav? NOT CoACH for sure.
    i did miss a few shows so i’ll have to try to catch up.
    hey, the white haired guy -is prob the best looking guy on the show. some of us have white hair and we’re still not six feet under….(as i grab my bottle of blonde hair dye)

    aggie, can i came into your chat?
    i haven’t been around much…..believe me, i’d rather be here.

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