21 thoughts on “ARE ….. YOU ….. READY?”

  1. it should be an exciting, it will be interesting who willbe the first to leave ,it could be even one of the great players, i really hope its someone i hate, i cant wait for that.

  2. Hi everyone…I also am very anxious for Survivor to start. I am really excited and hope it is all it appears to be. I will admit I hope Russell doesn’t win. After that I don’t like Tyson. My favorites are Colby, CJ, Tom, and perhaps Rupert..althought I don’t think he will win. I am entertained by Randy and Coach but that’s about all! I’m not much of a ladies fan, but I really like Sugar and wouldn’t mind seeing her go far. The other gals don’t mean much to me one way or the other. Well, I enjoyed the show last Thursday because it showed so much or Richard Hatch..some of you may remember me writing about him during the last Survivor…I am thrilled he was featured on that show and that he is trying hard to get back in circulation. God bless you, Rich Hatch!!! Good day all…have a great one. I’m on North Carolina, by the way, just a few miles north of Chapel Hill and west of Durham in a town called Hillsborough. Peace.

  3. I’m more than ready to see some of the best Survivors ever. This could/should be the best Survivor ever. We love these guys for a reason and whether a Hero or Villian wins, this will be fun to watch.

  4. Thanks Aggie. I hadn’t gotten anything from survivor blog for weeks so i had asked Frannie to get me back in here and then it finally came but Fran had my back (thanks gf)
    I wish Survivor was twice a week. Like BB.
    And has anyone else been watching the Bachelor?
    Just in case i’m curious who other’s like. I like Tenly.
    But i honestly think he should be looking for a woman in her thirties. These girls are still girls. IMO giggle giggle throw back my long hair and scream. (gag)
    hugs everyone
    and ty Frannie for not ever forgetting me.

  5. And Tendr: I’ve been watching the Bachelor. I like Gia the best, but I think Jake is most suited to Tenley. You should check out my blog, I blog about the bachelor every week and love getting comments!

  6. Tendr… Rebecca and I watch Bachelor and at this point, if Jake is thinking of marrying a total family. Tenley has the best to offer, Gia, the least including her step-brother, hit man wacko wannabe and her tarrot card packing mamma.

    I don’t think Jake will be making his final rose decision based on “family impressions” however. Vienna has gotten under Jake’s skin, and the one thing for certain that Jake, the wimp, needs in his life is a strong woman who will cover his back and his front. Vienna gets the final rose for being “the man” at the bungie jump, Tenley choreographs another original dance routine for her next future ex, and Gia meets the love of her life at a swim suit shoot at Jones Beach. Ali keeps her job in San Francisco and moves in with the creative director at her ad agency and his boyfriend since she hates competing with other girls.

  7. Hi Phillip, I cant believe you watch the bachelor, you have fallen under the wicked spell of the masses here. the only thing i noticed about the bachelor was the guy is pretty cute.take care

  8. Let’s get this thing started already! Geeeez, it’s been over 7 weeks since the last one ended… what the hell are they waiting for!? :roll:

    I guess I can make it.. if I have to wait 10 months for Big Brother, I should be able to wait 8 weeks for Survivor.

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