Baby Boomers vs. The Pepsi Generation


The Espada Tribe

     From a swim coach to a goat farmer,  the boomers seem a wild and varied bunch. It will take some work to beat the Pepsi Generation.



The La Flor Tribe

The young guns look ready to kick some butt. Inexperience may be their only drawback. They are a true California fun and sun group, from a cheerleader to a country musician!

50 thoughts on “Baby Boomers vs. The Pepsi Generation”

  1. Dang…sure have a long way down to find the comment box. I do like the pics and the fact that you can click on them. Good job Sal.

  2. I know a survivor. My godfather told me to be surprised and i am.Shannon Elkins is my god fathers son. i have to go for him to win.

  3. evil :evil: ………… razz :razz: ………. twisted :twisted: ………..eek :eek: ……… shock :shock: ……… :lol: ……… :cool: ………smile :smile: ……….mad :mad: ………grin :grin: ………..sad :sad: ……….mrgreen :mrgreen: ………..cry :cry: ………..??? :???: ………oops :oops: ………..neutral :neutral: ………….roll :roll: ………! :!: ………wink :wink: ……….? :?: ………..idea :idea: ………..arrow :arrow: ………..

  4. Looks like the boomers have their work cut out for them. Seems to be more athletic types on ‘the pepsi generation’ team.

    Hey Aggie, when I put my cursor on your smiley faces, it shows the definition but it stopped doing that on the BB blog. Wonder why?

  5. EXCELLENT START SAL! Thanks for your efforts and time. I’m liking a lot of the older team, based on Bios I’ve read and the promos. My favorite will of course be Jimmy. But I do like Marty based of the promos I’ve seen. I think he will be a formidable competitor. The doctor might be cool, but I think the Holly, the pageant director, will be a nightmare, so I will probably be rooting for her. I think Jimmy T will be so over the top he will be hilarious. The fireman might be good… you can see what they do at the firehouse waiting for a fire. I don’t think I will like Dan or Yve. Don’t know about the Goat Rancher… think Shambo.

    As for the youngsters… I like Kelly Bruno, Brenda and maybe Matt. I can tell you right now that I do not like Alina, Chase, Ben, Na and Jud. They will have their chance to prove me wrong. Do I think my picks will win??? Who knows. Just a superficial guess for now.

    Someone on BBB asked me if I always picked the prettiest girl to root for… I think my friends here know differently.

    Nice to be talking about Survivor at last. Welcome Back, I hope the above posters behave this time. :D

  6. Good One SHELLY… for sure… the Young Ones are the RED BULL generation.

    I’m thinking they will be making the challenges a lot less confrontational this time around. Too much violence last time. I think, looking at the cast, the old guys would clean-up on the young dudes if it got too physical. I don’t think they would put up with much crap.

  7. Woo hoo! I can’t wait for Survivor to get started. In need to now bring myself up to speed on the cast of characters we got this season. Interesting spin: Baby Boomers vs Pepsi Generation. LOL. Bring it on! I’m ready!

  8. OK , it seems like there is no luv for the young bucks up in here except from moi. Cant say who my fav is yet maybe Chase cuz he is hott. I know the skinny blond guy is not on my fav list cuz he reminds me of Tyson. Lets hope JJ does well.

  9. I hope the old generation wipes the younger generation’s a##. Looks like a great crew old and new.

    Does anyone out there think Ben Henry looks a bit like John Travolta?

  10. wowee, u guys r in full swing, now u all know what team i am going for (over the hill gang), i will have to read bios to pick my fav one.
    but that football guy is not too shabby have seen him on tv being advertised on survivor.
    i am so looking forward to this, i already know it will be a heck of a lot more action and fun then bb was, now that was a snooze fest.
    Sal, this is easy to work, thanks for all your efforts.

  11. Right on Mama… we will probably all be rooting for the Espada team… well, except DonnaP, who is probably the only one on here under 40. I see you haven’t changed your method of voting DonnaP.

    Betty… it’s okay to say ass here… the *’s don’t hide anything anyway, and I guess when they say it on Network TV, we can spell it out here too.

    Mama… as far as diff. avatars, you will have to ask Snake or Justaguy how to do that.

    Has anyone guessed who the gay guy is yet?

  12. Looking over the new group – not much eye candy this year, hope they look better on the show.

    Thanks for all the hard work Sal – great job!

  13. Ew Ted… ru serious Jimmy a fav. i really hope he proves me wrong because I couldn’t stand him when he coached Dallas. I don’t even like hearing his voice as a commentator!

  14. Sorry Bloggers. Must post this. :lol: BYW, GREAT job Snake, as always.

    For JT
    Happy Birthday To Yooooooouuuuuu….
    Happy Birthday To Yooooooouuuuuu…..
    Happy Birthday Dearest JT…..
    Haaaaaapyy Birthdaaaaayyyyyy To Yoooouuuuuu!!

    Yes I sang happy birthday to you. :lol: Just be happy you couldn’t actually hear it!! LMAO Hope you have a GREAT birthday sweetie!!

    Posting on all blogs tonight. :lol: So you HAVE to see this somewhere. :lol:

  15. OMG, i didn’t even get all the way through (NOT threw) Jud’s video. he HAS to be the most inarticulate player since boston rob’s first season.

    i don’t know if we’ll get lucky enough to see him evicted first, but i can wish, can’t i.

    @TED, btw, the season intro (1 hour on TV guide channel) is still being advertised. usually jeff probst and a former islander host (last year it was sugar) and give jeff’s take on the new cast. it’s always interesting because he’s met and spoken to them all and gone through the vetting process. try channel 75 and remember they are on eastern time in our area (mine) so whatever time it states it comes on, set tivo for 3 hours later…

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