22 thoughts on “Can James get mean and win this time?”

  1. Now how did I beat on AGGIE this time??? I think James will be much smarter this time around and be a more formidable foe.

  2. James, you need to get your butt in gear, and kick some ass ,their is alot of good players ,Its going too be tough trying too stay in the game.

    1. aggie, aggie, aggie….his butt is in gear. Just look at the rest of him. His butt will do good in the challenges. It’s the rest of the people that will be after him. He just needs to play a smart game.

  3. Big thanks to Sal for give us James again. hott and sweet but a bit too naive. I think he will be one of the first to go because of his threat in the challenges. Go Russell, James and Rupert.

    1. I guess I should have said my choices too….oh well. I’m sure you all knew what I was talking about.

  4. “The interesting thing about all this is that James appears to have made a pre-game alliance with the two women who backstabbed him his first two times out: Amanda and Parvati.”…

    I like James, but if this is true, he’s setting himself up to fail again. No way will those girls win if James is next to them. And they know that. He better figure out that he needs to cut them before they blindside him…. again. 8)

  5. Thanks AC I didnt realize that the full story was attached.
    Maybe James was joking or something because he cant be that dumb. I love him but if he repeats his mistake he should be known as the worst player in SS history. He is gorgeous though.

  6. Donna, Im not surprised you have james as your avatar, great choice, and im not surprised hes aligned with parvati and amanda, look at those girls, guys are notorious for thinking with the wrong head, and James happens too be one of them.

  7. It was a good show last night ,I laughed when Richard Rubbed it into Russell about not winning the game. The Mans Ego is so way out of control, and Richard looked like he was 9ft. Tall standing next too Russell ,The Man does look like a midget, sorry too all you Russell fans, but the guy needs some height ,maybe i should give him some of mine, I hate short guys such a turnoff too me.

  8. It was great seeing Ethan Zohn again , I know its a pretty serious situation with his health, Its nice too see Jenna being by his side, good luck too them both.

  9. Last chance… get your Super Bowl predictions in now…

    Picks so far….

    JT: Saints 37-30
    Ted: Colts 34-17
    FP2: Saints 28-24
    AC: Saints 35-17
    Sal: Saints 31-28

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