Fight Night on Samoa!

Well,  from the looks of it,  the Immunity Challenge is  a push and shove type  match on a pier .  I would say James looks like he is going to let loose his rage! Mud, Sweat and maybe some Tears will be played out Thursday night. The Physical challenges seem to keep getting into real fight situations. James is big enough, but in the previews they show some kind of pillow they will be using to try to push each other off a pier into the mud..

No clips of what the Reward challenge might be have surfaced on the Internet or a TV release, so we have a surprise in store.  Might be some food for whomever wins the challenge.

I also have to believe they need to start giving out clues to the HII’s. C’mon CBS, give us some clues and show the Troll King looking for them this week. From what CBS was saying after last season that the Idols would be just dropped around liberally, I thought someone would have tripped over one by now!

Odds say Heroes win the immunity idol this week, so start picking your Villain for eviction.  I know of at least 3 annoying people I’d like to see go! If Russell plays the same game he’ll show who his one female he wants to hang around the game tonight. And, if The Troll King is on his game I’m willing to say he finds an idol!

It looks like it’s pick on Russell week. Don’t go near the Troll if he’s under a bridge! He’s gonna getcha!!

20 thoughts on “Fight Night on Samoa!”

  1. That’s ok PK…I didn’t get a new e-mail telling me there was a new page up. What’s going on here?

  2. too bad Richard Hatch is on probation and can’t leave the U.S. He would had me this the ultimate survivor!

    I know it’s early in the game, I am going wioth coach to take the mill…

  3. I like the Jerri and coach twosome, If they can stick together maybe they can do some damage, it looks like next week someone else is calling her a cougar im not sure who that was, and then jerri is saying she wants toopunch her in the mouth ,that should be an entertaining show for sure

  4. It looks like parvati is the one making waves, really stupid to start something with Jerri, it seems like a catfight in the making, it should be an interesting show for sure.

  5. I think if heroes go to tribal, Colby will go. If villains go, my money is on Jerri to leave. Wouldn’t it be awesome if both tribes had to vote someone out, and those two had to hang out together in Samoa for a while? Ha!
    – Jill (

  6. speaking of snake…richard hatch would be naked and no one wants to see that. see, he’d just play the games naked and no one would push him for not wanting to touch his nakedness so maybe that’s what some of the guys should do cuz i’m positive the girls would still fight each other even naked but wouldn’t it be a much funnier show if the guys had to do it naked? they’d run FROM each other.
    i could use the laff. (and no blurring allowed) ha

    i don’t really have much of a serious opinion except i wish someone would put James in his place. guess we’ll see.

  7. Oh, I would love to see Jerri and Pavarity go at it… but I don’t think P is who Jerri wants to punch. I do agree that Russell finds an idol this Thurs. CBS knows that’s what we want to see and is being sly… that’s cool.

  8. Hope to see much more of Coach and Jerry..cant believe I am said that. Kick some Parv azz Jerri. Hope to see Tom go because of his comments to James last week. Where is the Russell show? cant wait to see Russell start kicking some butt.

    Go Russell, James and Rupert.

    1. I think DonnaP is watching a different Survivor than I am. James was being a jerk last week and Tom was only sticking up for Stephanie. I want to see Rob, Randy or Coach leave this week.

      I am with you on one thing….GO RUPERT AND RUSSELL.

    2. I WAS a James fan until he successfully bullied what is quickly becoming the numb nut hero tribe with his “voodoo logic” regarding Stephanie: namely since she was the last person to survive in her former tribe that, according to Jame’s, means that she undermined the tribe and should be voted out rather than that she simply outplayed them which is the version I saw on Survivor several seasons ago.

      Rupert would have probably made the difference between winning and losing in the stacked cube (very heavy and bulky) challenge for the hero tribe but his bulk and strength were delegated to the sidelines apparently because of a broken toe. STUPID!!!!!!

  9. Frannie you got that right we all have our opinions. I guess that Tom’s hollier than thou comments were OK. Some might say his comments were down right racist. Stephanie is a big girl and can defend herself.

    1. Yeah, I’ve read in other places too that Tom’s comments were racist. All I can say to that is WTF??! I watched the show again thinking I must have missed something…. nope, not one single racial remark. All I heard was one guy calling out another guy for being a whiny punk-ass and blaming one person for a group loss. I guess James did something right to be on the Heroes… but I didn’t see anything heroic from him last Thursday. Just a sore loser that needs to go home.

  10. I like a man who stands up for a woman BUT he was right. Steph wasn’t playing that game alone and she wasn’t the cause of it to fail. James has to realize everyone there was upset to lose and needs to keep HIS mouth under control. I hope they vote him off soon. But make him play naked first then he can go.

    oh, and i wish the idol would be a Barbie doll in a tutu on the end of a long necklace …….and Russ finds it.

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