Getting closer each time!

Cirie Fields, Exile Island and Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites
Heroism: The nurse and married mother of three played a nice “social game” but betrayed many alliances while killing with kindness.
With Natalie, before persuading Erik to sacrifice his Immunity Idol to an alliance of four remaining women: “If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, give it cheese!”


Cirie Fields (39)

Tribe: Heroes
Hometown: Jersey City, N.J.
Current Residence: Norwalk, Conn.
Personal Claim To Fame: “Passion for providing extraordinary safe, quality patient care.”
Inspiration in Life: “My three sons John, Jamil and Jared.”
Previous Finishes: Panama: 12th Out, 6th Jury Member; Micronesia: 15th Out, 7th Jury Member
Favorite Past Moment: “Having my husband at camp.”
Previous Survivor She Respects Most: Aras Baskauskas (Panama)
Previous Survivor She Respects Least: “No comment.”
Why Did She Come Back? : “Because I didn’t win the last 2 times

24 thoughts on “Getting closer each time!”

  1. aggie…she was just ok. Do I want her to last, no…..too many other favorites I would rather see go further. If Russell has a say…and you know he will, she won’t last to be in the top 5. No way will he let her have another all girl alliance. Not Russell

  2. It would be pretty cool too see her keeping the girls together.,The girls should stick together, she had a great personality she was just pleasant too be around.She might be there longer for those reasons.

  3. My man Russell could learn a thing or two from Cirie about the social game. Cirie is one of the best at smiling while cutting your throat. Love her

  4. cirie was not my fav, but not my least favorite. there was something about her that just bugged me. never could quite put my finger on it. maybe this time…

  5. I’m hoping the Archies picked the next sole survivor well in advance…

    Sugar, ah honey honey
    You are my candy girl
    And you’ve got me wanting you.
    Honey, ah sugar sugar
    You are my candy girl
    And you got me wanting you

  6. Sup Princess. I think it was because on the surface Cirie was friendly and always smiling. But deep down she was a schemer and did a lotta dirty work. And help pull off a lotta blindsides. But thats her game, shes a good player.

  7. yup, AC. she was a good player. maybe that was the thing. she appeared one way on the inside and another on the outside. i’m accustomed to people like that (i worked for lawyers, remember – no offense PK). maybe i’ll be able to articulate it better if she’s not offed in the first episode.

    missed you guys!!

  8. Cirie, was definitely one of the better players she is a smart woman if she has her way Russell wont last very long. I could see her and Rupert in an alliance, or maybe she will try too do the girl alliance thing again.

  9. thanks, aggie. cirie is very smart. she was totally underestimated in her first survivor. the one with the muscley grave-digger james (mmmm…)

    anyway, the second time around there was something that just seemed a bit off to me. i’ll figure it out and articulate it better as we proceed. no argument that she’s smart, a good player, and someone to watch. great sense of humor, too.

    things are going ok. still some tough days ahead personally and professionally, but i’ve been isolating myself for too long. trying to be a little more social and REALLY looking forward to SS20.

  10. btw, aggie, i was catching up on some previous comments. i, too, would love to see Lex back. he and coach on the same team or as rivals! great showdown.

  11. Princess you have been missed you are one of the good ones on here I dont know what happened TO, Star, Kinogirl, skellygirl, Jt, told us about Kevin11 Hopefully he will be back one day.We need to get our group back guys we really do.

  12. I really dont get it about Lex, Unless he didnt want too do it, He hated Boston Rob ,he should be on there for that reason ,it would have been great, Does anybody know if he was asked?

  13. Hi Princess… glad to see you… hope all’s well in B-town for you. I agree with you about Cirie… she was not on of my faves either, but I didn’t dislike her. There was that uncertain something about her that I could never identify.

    I don’t think Lex was popular enough for the mainstream audience for CBS to bring back. You know they had to have had a bunch of surveys and polls to cast SS20. I think that’s why there are so many who have been on 2 times before.

    Clever Boy, Phillip!

  14. Ted, it would be great with Lex since Robfather hated him, he reminded me a little bit of EVEL DICK from BB, He was alover of tatoos like him thats for sure.,

  15. He looks like he is straining stool ,sorry for the more sensitive minded about bodily movements. but thats what he looks like, go look at the pics on the amazing race blog, pretty damn scary, I thought, Sals Baby pic was need a laxative Ted.

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