Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

Then the Troll evicts you because he found out too much about you. It’s going to be tough for Russell to trust any alliance he makes now. He was blindsided by Parvati when she gave away 2 HII’s without telling him. There is lots of talk going on about getting him out of the game between Sandra and Rupert. Trust is fleeting as we get close to the end.

Russell wasted an HII last week when he wasn’t sure what was going down with the votes. Amanda unfortunetly got bit by the eviction bug. With double evictions tonight things are going to be dicey. After this evenings show we will be down to 6 castaways and an interesting combination of people. Just who do you trust to keep you in the game? Who will find the next HII? Will they need to use it? Whose going to win the immunity necklace and be safe?

Depending on the challenges, whether they be skill or strength, they will be the most important thing that changes strategy as the competition tightens. Russell has never won and individual immunity so he must find another HII or trust an alliance to keep him in the game.

I believe the girls on the heroes tribe are the most vulnerable tonight. Then some of the girls on the Villains tribe will be at risk. With three men and five women you would think otherwise. S0000, as we near the Thursday night Survivor hour, wish your favorite good luck, they’ll need it!

14 thoughts on “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.”

  1. I just don’t see how King Troll can pull it off now, he is getting it from both sides. I see the girls taking control of this game tonight!

    1. very insightful?….. or very good at posting spoilers? :roll:

      I think you have gotten the last 7 evictions right. That is really good…… maybe too good. :roll:

    2. I agree with JT….noboby wants to see the post as to who’s leaving when. No sense watching if you’re going to spoil it for everyone. I also have the list of who goes home when but I am not about to ruin it for everyone. Be considerate and keep the spoilers to yourself please!!!! :roll:

    3. They’re called “spoilers” for a reason. As others have said, ruin your fun all you want, but don’t share them here.

    4. I never really paid attention to touch and go’s predictions until they wrote danielleaftercandice, which made me wonder how the hell would Danielle be next. Then Danielle was cast off. So I scrolled back to see his previous predictions, which all were right. So obviously, they know something we don’t. But don’t ruin our fun by posting spoilers. Save that for BB. Sal could you moderate this please? Else I’ll just wait to read the blog after Survivor is over. :roll:

  2. Bad move Russ. Too early to vote out Danielle. Now he’s in big trouble with no alliance and no HII. He better win every every individual immunity from here on out or he’s gone.

  3. Russell has won individual immunity before. He won the very last one in his original season in Samoa and woo hoo!!! He won it last night too!!!

  4. First, I also noticed that Touch and Go has had the right castoffs the past several weeks but I actually like that…it enables me to watch the show from a different perspective…sorry some of you don’t like it…he hasn’t been obnoxious about it…very subdued even running the words together…but I thank you for writing it…if you aren’t going to do it anymore plz send the list to me……I’m 65 and disabled, so Survivor and Amazing Race are pretty much my whole interest right now! in AR I only hope the “models” don’t win…don’t care which of the brothers teams wins as I like they both a lot…the cowboys are just cute and the other are so serious and determined…really dislike that ditzy girl though…sorry about that but she is not a nice person and the guy isn’t much better although he is at least tolerable.
    Well…have a great weekend everyone.

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