Good Morninnnng, Samoa

Are you ready for some Survivor? And another challenge from last year looks dangerous to the cast-a-ways

Erik and Kelly are Blogging for CBS. Here are there thoughts!

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Erik  |  Maybe There is Crying in Survivor After All…

March 5, 2010

Here we are 8 days in to a show featuring the biggest and baddest names in Survivor folklore and we’ve already had 3 players cry and talk about quitting the game. I’m like Rob. I’m not going to try and front, or be ‘PC’. I don’t get it. Kelly, you never cried out there. Ok, ok, ok… except for the night that red ants infested your favorite boots. But aside from that, Kelly was tough as nails. Why? Because there’s so much to channel your focus and pour your energy into out there. If you’re taking away from that focus to contemplate quitting or drop some tears here and there, you’re head’s not where it needs to be.

Trust me when I say this journey is a tumultuous emotional rollercoaster. This game disarms you completely. It paints you more vulnerable than you’ve ever been before in your life. Usually a person tries to navigate themselves through life taking highs and lows in stride; doing their best not to get too high, and avoid the misery of being too low. You do not have that option out there in the jungle. The lows come, and they hit you like a ton of bricks. You just have to hope that there’s no one around to report it back to camp.

I certainly understand the inherent power in feeding off of someones weak moments. Now Tyson does as well. He allows Coach to share his vulnerability, which automatically bonds them; stronger than any negotiated alliance. It’s great for Coach to get those emotions out, and re-charge his ‘slaying battery,’ but it cost him a stay in Tyson’s pocket for the remainder of this game. I’m not jumping in anybodies pocket, that’s for sure. But if Coach had to leap into one, aside from everyone’s man-crush Boston Rob, it’s probably not the worst decision in his old buddy Tyson.

Again, I am not trying to be insensitive, but I think Rob’s mentality is the route I would’ve taken out there. You feel bad. I get it. Cry about it after the game. For now, I need you to ‘”lock it up.” That’s essentially the conversation Rob had with Coach.

Teacher’s pet
If Parvati is the professor of the innocent, flirty school girl academy, then Amanda is her straight “A” student. JT says he doesn’t trust Candice as far as he can throw her. Boy does he have the wrong girl. Amanda has been trained in mind screwing by Cirie, and an expert marksman in utilizing her physical assets to get her points across. Again, albeit stunning, you have to see through these things. She’s not in the top 5 teammates that will help the Heroes win.

She can’t EVER be trusted as her game plan focuses around her agenda 100% of the time. And she’s a master in planting seeds in other’s unsuspecting minds, with them thinking all the while it’s their own decision. If you’re a dumb guy, you’re enamored by her appeal. If your a dumb girl, you’re enamored by her strategic prowess. If you’re Cirie, you ‘there, there’ her and take her under your wing as if she was some misguided lost puppy that needs your direction. “Amanda, I love her to death, but she’s not the sharpest tool in the box…” I beg to differ. Anyone in this game who acts like their lost, dazed, and confused is not. Shambo’s the best example in the history of this game. She knew a whole hell of a lot more than people gave her credit for. But egos and arrogance blind surrounding players from such insight. If you don’t believe me, all you have to do is check out Amanda over her last two seasons. She just rides the naive, nice-girl routine and the alliances that come with it, straight to final tribal council.

Tomorrow we make out apologies; tonight we make our move…
Forgiveness is a lot easier to ask for than permission. Words to live by. Words to play the game of Survivor by. Tom is first class all the way. He takes the bull by the horns, or in this case, a sinking ship by its mast and says, ‘Not on my watch.’ He had the guts and the know-how to devise a power shift blindside via an immunity idol…and its only day 12!!! These kinds of game changers aren’t typically found until the down stretch of Survivor seasons. Yet here’s Tom, fighting not only for his life, but for the sake of his entire hero tribe. To allow the Amanda, James, Cirie clique to move forward would vault them toward the merge, but lead to imminent demise for the tribe on the whole.

Even James knows inside that his alliances are a 2nd priority to the strength of his tribe. Except James has been burned before and he knows the power of the social game. It’s the one aspect of being marooned in a jungle that actually intimidates him. Tom needs to work a little extra hard to get James in his good graces, but if he can build a framework of tribal strength heading toward a merge with the villains, James will follow. Not just James, but it behooves EVERYONE on that tribe to be close with Tom. Ask Colby, whose only in this game because of how tightly he’s nestled under Tom’s wing. Between his lackluster guts and overused mouth, Colby should be on his way back to Ponderosa already. If he keeps talking like he does at tribal, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes more of a liability than an asset for Tom. I honestly think they could have made the show Tom vs Rob for 39 days and it would be just as compelling to watch every week.

Every dog ‘had’ its day
Sorry Pirate fans. Your boy’s a fish out of water when it comes to this season. Look, I loved watching the guy in a silk dress spearing fish and dominating his first season. In fact, when I studied the tapes before I left for Samoa, I referred to that season not as Survivor: Pearl Islands by what the title should have been that season, “Rupert’s Adventure.” This guy became the ‘most popular contestant in the history of this kingpin reality show.’ (I googled that) But the sun has set. And I feel for the guy. He said he was going out there this time to ‘see if he still had it,’ and based on the ABSOLUTELY defeated look on his face 12 days into it after talking with Probst at tribal, it appears he’s gotten his answer. That’s a difficult answer for a man, especially one of his stature, to hear. He just doesn’t have ‘it’ anymore.

The Thing about Russell
I know how it looks. He constantly is shown beating his chest talking about how great he is. The truth of the matter is that Russell Hantz, hear me out readers before you start complaining, is actually somewhat of a ‘personally humble’ kind of guy. He isn’t the smartest guy in the world. Trust me; he understands his own intellectual limitations. He is confident in his intelligence, and rightfully so as its a good sense of strength. But he’ll be the first to admit he’s no genius. The reason that Russell’s intelligence morphs into some cocky sense of greatness isn’t because he honestly thinks he’s so smart; its because he HONESTLY THINKS EVERYONE ELSE IS SOOOOOO STUPID. That’s the Catch 22 with that guy. Sometimes it vaults him into positions of power when dealing with borderline to very inferior intellects. However, if you’re more on the confident/arrogant side of the intellectual scale, and you have the guts to trust your intelligence over his, he just annoys you. Of course, if his tribe leaves him around one more week then maybe they really are as dumb as he says they are.



Kelly  |  Keeping Your Word in a Game Called Outwit, Outplay, Outlast!

March 5, 2010

I think Coach is a good person but he constantly talks about his nobility. I think greatness is best left for your actions to speak louder than words. He’s talking about himself too much to let anyone really make their own judgment. Everyone is probably so annoyed that he won’t stop telling personal achievement stories. We get it Coach! Tysons advice was the best I’ve ever heard!… don’t wear feathers, don’t tell stories, don’t talk basically, …. Thank you Tyson!! Best advice I’ve ever heard. Coach I love you, but when you’re tired and hungry in the jungle, the last thing you want is someone ranting on about the Eskimos they lived through the ice age with and the T-rex they tamed as a house pet. Wear your heart on your sleeve in this game? Is this show called Soul mates??? Survivors eat each other alive. It’s a ruthless, cutthroat game, ESPECIALLY if you are on the Villains tribe. You put your heart on your sleeve and Boston Rob is gonna cook it for dinner. Survivor isn’t a game you play to make friends like a summer softball team. You win Survivor by betraying everyone and sending your best friend home.

Rewards are great but the last thing you feel like doing is carrying all of the heavy winnings back after you’ve just given it your all in challenges. Another reason I still support Russell Swans luxury bedding reward. Would you rather carry a pillow or a tool kit after you’ve just run a marathon?

Boston Rob you are my new idol. I’ve heard Russell called many names but “Hobbit on crack” takes the cake. That little troll never slept when we were in Samoa

I’m rooting for Candice from the Heroes tribe. She kicks butt in challenges and stays pretty neutral at camp not causing drama or drawing too much attention to herself. And she is one of those natural beauties that continue to look better the dirtier she gets.

On the flip side…ummmm, Courtney is probably the most useless player in Survivor challenges. The most fun part of the game is the competitions and she sits out every chance she can get. Very similar to Shambo sitting out nearly every challenge pre merge Just saying….

Panic before tribal… so stressful and everyone is saying what you want to hear, so how do you trust anyone??

Although I have to say YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! JT made such a big move voting for her at tribal. Thanks for spicing up the competition. JT & Tom could totally take these “heroes” with JT’s new look on the game and make a run for the F2.

“Tomorrow we make our apologies, Tonight we make our move.” Tom, I love that line!


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  1. goodmorning everyone, it would be nice if it was russell this week alot of them on his tribe are on too him ,so his days could be numbered. :mrgreen: :razz:

  2. I’d like to see Russell shake it up again though think he screwed himself by blatantly he’s going to look for the idol by saying “I’m going for a walk on the beach”. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

  3. tendr….I hope you can make it gf. Quit with the excercies already. Are you trying to hurt more. Take a break… :lol:

  4. I’m not ‘for the villains BUT it looked like rupert pushed jerry..i mean he ran her into the fence. I used to really like him but this season i haven’t. he was a wus giving into cirie and to put down JT for have a ‘set’ to vote cirie off was the right choice. I’m not a colby fan but it’s too early to vote him off.
    i feel weird sitting here FRANNIE. i feel like i’m being a slob just sitting. but J told me not to work out til monday at least.
    you’re gonna regret me here talking too much.

  5. Can’t believe they got rid of Tom and now they’re left with TWO injured male players! They are going to continue to lose at challenges and when the merge comes, the villains will eat them alive I fear. Not that I really care that much, I like to stay neutral and just enjoy watching how it plays out. But I am a little partial to Russell since I think he SHOULD have won last time…aligning with coach against Rob may be a good move, since that will also get him Jerri and he already has Parvati and Danielle and Sandra on his side, so that gives him 4 votes on his side against Rob and possibly Tyson, do I have that right?

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