Heroes continue downward spiral.

The heroes are looking dismal. They talk a good game but, man where is the effort? Even in camp all they do is bitch and complain. JT has alliances with everyone, yet no one is really worried about it. Maybe now that Tom is gone someone will catch on to his tactics. I don’t think James is going to last long. His leg won’t get him through to many more physical challenges. I give him 2 more weeks. (Don’t forget, no survivor next week — NCAA Basketball Tournament)

The Villains just plug along and win the challenges. It seems during the puzzles they have only 1 or 2 people guiding the group whereas the Heroes all try to get into the action. Utter confusion reigns supreme.

Russell did suprise me when he told people he has the HII. Hope he knows what he’s doing! The King Troll now has a prince to help him. Crown Prince Dragon Slayer looks like some solid help for the King. King Troll may now have an alliance to build with. Look out peasants, here comes the king.

The Heroes sure were in an uppity mood about the reward for the challenge. get into the game y’all, your losing. Maybe if you seemed excited about what you might win it would help. As I watched the game it looked like the Heroes had more shots but couldn’t make a basket. They also had the lead in the Immunity challenge and blew it in the puzzle. A little common sense and someone to step up and lead these fools would help!

For the Heroes to make it to the merge with more than 2 or 3 people will take some luck. They are down by three with the 6 they have left. The Villains have a great advantage because they rest players during the challenges and the Heroes have two injuries. James is serious and so far Rupert has done ok with his bad toe.

All the villains have to do is sit around and plot the evictions. It looks like it will be Rob’s alliance against King Troll and his merry band of wizards.

I must admit this season hasn’t been as interesting as I thought it was going to be. I think to many alpha males and the wimpy ladies are afraid to make a major move so far. I hope after the merge things get exciting. There are rumors that up to 4+ idols get found! That will stir the pot a little.

So, back here in two weeks we shall see what goes!

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  1. JT was one of my favourites in the season that he won, but it’s pretty clear that villainy doesn’t suit him very well. He’s in over his head.

    1. No, they said it will be on Wednesday in TWO weeks.

      I think that Rob and Russell are going to ally at some point and run the game. If they don’t, Rob’s probably going to go because everyone will gun for Russell and he’ll use the idol and vote out Rob. I don’t want to see that happen. I WANT the Rob/Russell alliance. They’d be unstoppable!

  2. The Hero’s team keeps losing cuz’ they are knocking off all the strong people??? James should have gone (he has a bump leg), not Tom (shame on you JT)! I do think James is on the wrong team just like Parvati pointed out! He feels that everyone is at fault, look in the mirror dude! I use to like James now I just hope he gets a “BIG” blindside! JAMES STOP YOUR CRYING!
    I am all about the Villians (they know how to play the game) cut throat!!! GO RUSSELL!!!

  3. JT made a mistake. I no longer am a fan of rupert. I played back how he slung Jerri into the fence and it didn’t look accidental. I think he was going on all anger. He used his fat leg to trip her and that should have been enough but after that he slung her head first or face first into the fence. she should have slugged him but it may have cost her but I wouldn’t have blamed her.
    James, I so want to like him. I really do but I just can’t get over how he picks a person and blames the teams loss on them. First it was steph’s fault and this time Tom’s. James needs to be sent home and Rupert too. I’m angry with JT and starting not to care about the hero’s anymore.
    Coach is a brown noser and I’m waiting for Harry Potter to show up. Coach and Troll Russ are entertainment and watching them makes me feel almost sane.
    I hope Rob takes them both out.
    Watching all these guys is really pushing me to be a Jerri fan.

  4. I still like James. Maybe it’s just because I think Tom is an entitled, prejudiced jerk, but I’m rooting for James despite his outbursts. The Heroes lose so badly that I’m surprised not everyone is as angry as James. I can’t stand Rupert and J.T. though, so I’m mostly rooting for the Villains.

    Check out my blog at the http://couchtimewithjill.blogspot.com and let me know what you thought of the episode, I always respond to comments.

  5. Like so many others Rupert is really getting on my nerves…James is the definition of roid rage. For the Heroes to vote off Tom is just crazy. I was a heros fan , but that’s it…I hope they ALL get eliminated!

  6. All things being fair Rob will take down Russell next week…but like all things survivor, nothing is fair!
    Coach was redeeming himself I thought this season. Its almost like he finally understood from that start exactly what Tyson was saying later and toned it down, and sure every now and then he’d forget and like magic out comes the “Dragon Slayer”. But when he bowed down to Russell to be knighted I knew right then – Rob’s days are numbered which is a shame because he is easily the best player there is this season…but then its not always the best players who advance and win.
    One thing I noticed about Rob was when Rupert push Jerri into the railing – Boston Rob immediately grabbed Rupert by the collar and pulled him away from her.
    Now if Jerri and Rob could just haul Russell off the same way – well that would make a great episode!

  7. RH thinks he’s King of the mountain if that’s true than BR is Lord of the island. I’d like to see a 39 day show down just between the two of them.

  8. I’m on Team Rob Yea he’s sneaky but we all know that.
    At least he’s a hard worker, doesnt sit around bitching or sunbathing like these chicks who get on my nerves. Please somebody make Parvati stfu. sooo over her.
    Why does Russell get so much air time, this and last season?? He talks a lot but only won 1 challenge by himself last season.
    I feel bad The Heroes aren’t the team I’m rooting for anymore, too much drama and injuries in their camp.

  9. didnt james blame steph on being the heros reason for not winning? wow, not very smart are ya james? people should get a clue on how to play this game and keep the strong people at first. which would mean they shouldve gotten rid of james instead of tom…..bunch of fools!!! yeah, lets keep getting weaker so we can lose more challenges……friggin ra-tards!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Boston Rob can take down Russell only in his legenday mind. Every one is so afraid of the Robfather except for one bad azz. We will see how the little man kick him back to Boston.

  11. I like Robfather this season ,I didnt really like him in his season, he was so arrogant, it would be great if he could take out russell, several people on russells team want him gone, I guess anything can happen who knows, really.

  12. The Heroes are sooooo stupid not unloading the dead weight. If they were winning the challenges, maybe they could afford to get rid of an able bodied person. BTW, why don’t they practice? For god’s sake, we know they have the downtime. Shoot coconuts into ground holes or rocks at targets on trees. Jeez. I love Boston Rob too. Fatherhood has mellowed him and I think he prepared for Survivor life. WTG man!

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