13 thoughts on “How she felt about the eviction!”

  1. she was very gracious in her eviction speech I will give her that, but she was a sneaky kind of player, she should have stuck with how she played the game before. :smile:

    1. I agree with you aggie about her leaving graciously BUT…in her last game, she was very sneaky. I judged her here before she even showed her game play.

  2. I think they made the right choice Cirie plays the game very sneaky and is able to sway the votes. This was a good decision keep the ones that (might) can help them win.

  3. i wanted her off before they voted off sugar. she’s very able to control other’s to do her dirty work. smile at you and stab you in the back. so yeah that’s a good player but she didn’t have that something that made me want her to stay…she wouldn’t be someone i’d trust irl.
    wish we had profiles we could see of the other members in here. :)

    1. aggie…uncross those fingers. I would rather see Rob gone. Stop pickin’ on Russell. I’ll bet you a diet coke that Russell will last longer than your ‘Robfather’ …… :roll:

  4. Franniep I agree, I too would rather see Rob gone than Russell.
    I kind of like Rob a bit this season, but I still hold a grudge for all the BS he pulled before.

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