I feel a blindside coming on!

Blindsided and backstabbed! Whomn is gonna get it in the back and not see it coming?  With the Villains starting to disintegrate it’s gonna be a free for all.

Sandra is after Russell and he knows it. Sandra is playing with the girls in a plot to oust Russell. Russell is going over to the boys side σ¿σ! Really, or is he just dissing them again to get rid of  one. Is there a secret alliance between Russell and Sandra that production doesn’t know about?

Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of a survivor contestant? Just what is going to hppen?  Who will win the immunity necklace? Will Sandra use the HII and someone else get bit in the back?  Not much time left from them to play their cards before the Juty decides who will win this season.

Lets strap on our boots, get our drinks and eats ready for our Thurday visit to Samoa and see what goes down and out!!

It’s time for Survivorrrrrrrrr!!

Oh, btw …… it’s family visit week. Who is gonna see their reltives?

26 thoughts on “I feel a blindside coming on!”

  1. Russell goes home tonight, eveyone’s has finally had enough of the troll, CBS will need to focus on someone else….

    1. JT….please don’t start talking like that. Do you know why? Because I have no freakn’ idea what you are talking about. And while I’m on the subject of not knowing WTF….what in the hell is ABS? If you can’t send it here…send it to me in an e-mail. Thanks… :)

    2. Oh…. ok. I’ll stop…. since AC asked politely. :grin:

      I don’t want to see any spoilers either… but de-coding the last one was sort of fun! :lol: :roll:

  2. Aside from having save herself with the idol, does anyone know how many voted forSandra, regardless? They went too fast at the end showing who voted for whom

  3. Wow! This season has been so unpredictable. Based on the last blog post – My opinion below the quotes –
    “Filming for Survivor 19 took place from June 11th until July 19th which was the day of the Final Tribal Council filming. Starting August 9th and filming until September 16th which was the filming date for Survivor 20 Final Tribal council.The television broadcast of Survivor 19 took place beginning September 17th, one day after filming of Survivor 20.Because of this fact no one knew about Russell’s game play, “except” from sources unknown, Parvati somehow learned about Russell.”
    I think that they will keep Russell until the final two. Who better to go against? With that said – In the prior post that Russell only had 19 days to prepare and nobody really knew about his game Strategies.
    He is setting himself up for the exact position he was in last season.
    I really at this point don’t want anyone to win the million.
    Sandra – She has already won and just a complete *itch.
    Parvati – Ok – she has played a good game – but she also won the million before.
    Colby – Seriously?? Has he aged like 30 years since Season 2? After seeing his attitude towards his brother – WOW!
    Russell – Honestly – even though he is a conniving, manipulating, etc etc – He has played the best game but nobody will vote for him.

    What are your thoughts?

  4. I really cant stand cocky azz Sandra, Parv can be cocky cuz she wins challenges and is very strong mentally. But Sandra is all talk , she has been after Russ for so long but cant come up with a good plan to get rid of him. So I say Sandra STFU.

  5. Actually had to take a Xanax after that episode! Russell, the “SNAKE” needs to have his rattler surgically removed! If those watching, were all put on a blood pressure monitor, the pharmacies would be filling lots of prescriptions today!

  6. Parvati deserves to win. She’s played a fantastic social and strategic game and kicks ass in challenges. And she’s confident, but not nearly as cocky as Russell and she doesn’t make people hate her as much as he does. Check out my recap of Thursday’s episode here: http://couchtimewithjill.blogspot.com/

    1. Ditto…she is beginning to grow on me too. I just can’t stand Parvati….with that chit eating grin of hers. Anyone else that wins would be ok with me.

  7. Hi everyone. Colby and Ruppert voted for Sandra. I don’t particularly like Rupert but I don’t hate him either..I felt badly for him last night…he seems to love his wife and family..but it was time for him to leave. I still want Colby to win but I am sure he will be the next to leave…the villians are just too many. I just am hoping against all hope that Russell doesn’t win this thing…does anyone know who actually is the winner??? I think we know the final 3 from spoilers but does anyone know for sure the final winner? I hope not as that would violate all my trust in Survivor’s producers and CBS…I hear on local TV here in the Raleigh NC area that Sandra is actually from here…she lives in Washington state (I guess at Ft Lewis) because her husband is in the Army…but local noon shows talk about her being from the Raleigh area…I guess that should make me root for her but it doesn’t! I guess I don’t care much who wins this time although I will be watching every minute. By the way Sal..thanks for your help last week..I appreciate your time and trust..bless you.
    well, have a cool couple of days until sunday evening…take care one and all.

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