It all comes down to immunity!

Rupert the day after.

Ponderosa – Rupertized!

Rupert pt.#2

Rupert wears out his welcome!

Is there a human under the Troll skin?

Lots to think about before Sunday!

The only thing for certian that can save them now is the immunity necklace. Trust no one and keep your enemies close so you know what their up to!

It looks like it’ll be the Troll vs The Sea Hag. 10 rounds of boxing for the Survivor championship. I don’t know why the guys didn’t go after one of the other girls in a blindside.

Russell is doing a shitty job of sizing up his chances against the girls. Colby is a wimp and will be out soon, he has no self preservation. He should have aligned with someone from the Villains when they merged to have a chance.

Jerri, Parvati and Sandra have the power in the game. Russell if anything has Parvati’s alliance which is in doubt now. Do the girls take out the guys or will the boys win the last 2 immunities and weasel into the final 3? It’s gonna be all out war with Russell on the warpath to the end. Will he cry again if he loses?

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  1. Rupert seems to be mad at Sandra but if he hadn’t chosen to trust
    Russell over Sandra. Sandra would have written down Russell instead of Rupert. Who know maybe then Russell would have gone home giving Rupert a great shot at the money! Rup has no one to blame but RUP! (I hate it for him)

  2. Sandra is the craftiest of all, I think her and Russell are in a secret alliance and have been all along. Why didn’t he vote for her after what she said about being against him…no he voted for Rupert
    something smells here

    1. No way. Russell wouldn’t have been able to keep that a secret from the cameras all this time. Plus it made no sense to vote for Sandra if he couldn’t get Jerri to vote for her also.

  3. “When we started the show, I told everybody, ‘There’s one person here you don’t know, His name is Russell, and all I’m going to tell you about him is that in one season, he managed to crack the top five most notorious villains of all time, and you should read a lot into that.’ They knew coming in that this guy played a vicious game.” – Jeff Probst

    So, seems they got a lil info about Russell… More like a warning to me. 8)


  5. i am dissapointed again at the vote. Russell is the best at playing the game. THESE DAMN SURVIVIORS OUR MAD BECAUSE HE OUTPLYED THEM. sandra did not derserve to win she only made it because russell decided to take her his mistake. He has controlled each game he was in to the end. If he says u go u go he would tell you an dit would happen i did not like him at first but i learned to respect him for playing the game like no other and he is the top player of all time. People need to stop voting on emotion and give him his prop he played the game like it is relentlessly and like a man.

  6. Why Russell H. should have won Survivor Season 20…

    1) He’s a player. Survivor is a game. The motto is outwit, outlast, outplay. Then, Season 20 itself had its own theme, Heroes vs. Villains. The point of this season was to bring back the best heroes and pit them against the best villains. Much to my disappointment, the villains came out on top. Logic states that if there are only three villains left, then the best one of them should take the prize. Russell is by far the best villain who has EVER played survivor. The definition of a villain is to lie, scheme, and betray. Russell is the epitome of a villain. The jury should have respected his game play.

    2) Sandra – She is a weak player. Her entire alliance got voted out. Like James said with regards to Stephanie, “Her entire team got voted out, that says something about her”. She tried three times to get Russell voted out, but she doesn’t have the persuasion that he does. Russell is a better player. The number one example is Candice. Who did she listen to? Russell NOT Sandra. Russell has the power of persuasion one of the most important aspects of Survivor. Second, Sandra won only 1 individual immunity, her only one ever. As she claimed, “she couldn’t believe it. It’s my first one. I never won anything before”. Survivor needs athleticism, Sandra simply doesn’t have any.

    3) Parvati – She rode coattails, specifically Russell. As she said, she had a target on her back from day one. Who took her under his wing, who protected her time and time again? Say what?!? Did I here Russell’s name? Yeah, he gave her not one, but two immunity idols. Again, he took her to the finals by voting out Jerri. I will grant that she made an amazing power play by playing both idols to get JT (another previous winner and a Hero favorite) out of the game, but Russell gave her one of those idols. She couldn’t have done it without him.

    4) Strategy Plays – Many were discussed above. Parvati had one (The JT Blindside). Sandra didn’t have any, instead a score of -3 (The Failed Russell Execution * 3). Russell had a grand total of five. He blindsided Tyson by persuading Tyson himself to switch his vote to Parvati. He went head to head with Boston Rob, the first time in 20 years of Survivor. The Amazing Race proved that Rob can indeed be beat. That’s exactly what Russell did. Russell persuaded Jerri to join him in order to get rid of Coach. He slayed the Dragon Slayer. Russell broke up the Danielle-Parvati power couple. He did it through lies and more lies and that’s the beauty behind it. Finally, Russell blindsided Jerri. Why?, pure strategy.

    5) Previous Seasons – Sandra and Parvati have already won a million dollars. They have proven themselves both survivors. Now it’s Russell’s turn. Russell should have won last season when he worked his way to the top. Instead the jury, for some reason unknown, voted Natalie as the sole survivor. Well that season was about the money, so I guess it was okay. But this season was about the title. And, Russell, for having dragged his way to the top, with coattail riders behind, two seasons in a row, is an impressive feat worthy of the title of soul survivor.

    6) The Jury.
    Coach – he basis his vote of “warriors” and loyalty. By bringing Parvati, instead of Jerri, to the final three, Russell proved his loyalty. He burned many bridges, but not the strongest ones. Coach should have voted for Russell based on this fact alone.
    Courtney – her vote was for Sandra, her home girl, no matter what….
    Amanda – Parvati betrayed her twice. Russell played the game, Sandra didn’t. Russell +1. Also, he didn’t actually backstab her. There shouldn’t have been any animosity.
    Candice – um…Parvati and Sandra backstabbed her. Russell
    Danielle – her vote was for Parvati, her bestest budy, no matter what…
    Rupert – Russell kept him around twice. He didn’t have a choice to vote him out. But, naturally Rupert’s morals are too high and Russell is the bad guy. Russell won’t get his vote…but Sandra might
    Colby – He appreciates game. Russell did have the best game.
    Jerri – Russell explained the logic behind . Please don’t hate.
    Thus, Coach, Amanda, Candice, Colby, and Jerri should have voted for Russell. Russell should have won Survivor Season 20 Heroes vs. Villains.

    My main disappointment is that Russell doesn’t know how to speak. Two seasons in a row, the weakest/”nicest” player that Russell took to the final 3 has won. When Sandra wins, there is indeed a flaw in the system. 
    Please tell me if you agree with me or disagree with me. I made many arguments, don’t just whine. Instead, give me a reason. I really want to play this game.

    1. I totally agree. Hate Russell if you want but he is by far the best villain ever! True, he does need to improve his social game but strategically he can’t be beaten. Last season should have been his, hands down–Natalie wouldn’t even give him an ounce of credit and she would not have been there without Russell. This season was a little more challenging for him because he played against people who were not intimidated by him–to their detriment. Bottom line, the contestants need to remember that it is a game and you don’t play nice the whole time if you want to win.

    2. I disagree with you. I understand your arguments, however, this is a game where you need to get to the top and make sure you didn’t pi** people off on your way there. Russell said let the US vote, and Jeff simply told him, there is another show for that (I think he was reffering to big brother). So if Russell want’s to step on everyone’s body, lie, swear on his children lives, then he should go and play big brother. you remember the old physics teacher who won in gabon? he played a great game, and didn’t pi** anyone off, apart from randy (with the fake idol thing) but he still got his vote because he apologized. Russell had no remorse for making people feel like cr*p so don’t expect a vote.

  7. Zero votes for Russell – love it! Boy he just doesn’t get the social aspect of this game–should have taken a hint from the questioning and stopped being so smug…another Amanda that falls apart at tribal lol Love, love, love that Sandra won :)

  8. It’s over and I can now call myself a Survivor fan. Loved the show. Didn’t love Sandra but happy she won over Parvity. Russell just doesn’t get it. Too bad cause he’s definitely the best villain or is it worst. :)

    AC glad to see you’re still here. Looks like most of the ‘oldies’ haven’t been posting or is everyone waiting for BB?

    Looking forward to BB again beginning July 8. WoHoo

    1. Hi starfish, long time no see, i think we are all waiting for BB, I hope it’s a good season, sometimes some aren’t as good, have a good one, peace :grin: + :grin: + :mrgreen: + :mrgreen: = :grin:

  9. As a fellow blogger, I expect a blog with as much traffic as this one to know when to use “their” and “they’re”….and I didn’t expect profanity. Thought there were rules against that. May look for another Survivor blog to follow.

    (“Their” is when you refer to something belonging to a group…”they’re” is a contraction…a combination of two words with one letter missing…”they are” = “they’re” and should have been used in the opening paragraph.)

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