It’s Survivor Night!

A few final words from Stephanie the day after, she seemed a little pissed the night she got evicted. It,s a tough game babe, if their wrong they’ll pay the price!

With a little physical play at the challenge, tonight may get a few tempers rising and create some friction for later in the game!

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  1. Steph had some good points as to why she is gone. Be interesting to see if the Hero’s continue on their path of destruction tonight.

  2. Canada is beating USA 2-0 in the gold medal game (women’s hockey)… 10 mins left in game.

    Where is Ted to tell me to stay on topic? :lol:

  3. ok,
    i found you guys.

    YES tyson kisses guys. He did it before. He’ll flash someone before the show’s over most likely like before. wo.
    I don’t like Randy but at least he fishes. Parv just models. lol

  4. Well… that was a surprise! Did not expect Randy to go home tonight. Same old Randy… Wasn’t as mean this time around… Loved it when he threw his buff in the fire… Did you see that look he gave Jeff???

    Yes, Tyson did kiss JT… trying to stir something up. Boy, the Heros were desperate for a win and backed it up with some fierce play. What about James… 1 sec was all it took for him to knock Randy off. Wasn’t it interesting to see how the editors made it look like there was a big bad thing going to happen with James this week? Clips from all over the place coming together to deceive.

    I stand corrected… Jerri did mean Parvati. And tendr… I’d rather have Parvati model than Randy any day.

    I can’t believe you guys watch Survivor and chit chat back and forth… what a bunch of drivel. A serious watcher savors every second of Survivor with no distractions.

    Thank you Augustus for mentioning the XXX’s… I’ve tried to get BBB over here to no avail.

    1. Ted…some of us can multi-task. Now if was 24, then no. I have to pay attention to that. We don’t have to hear every word to know what’s going on. Besides, we have you to talk Survivor. :)

  5. Too bad we have to see Parvati some more,maybe she will de-thone Russell.Glad randy is gone. I had that they lump together the Immunity challenge with the award challange. Kind of boring tonight.

    1. It started out that way sweetabaca but got much better when the Heroes to over and kicked some Villains butt.

  6. I agree sweetabaca… I know money is tight, but we need two challenges and a little less uninteresting drama… But, not sad to see Parvati stay a while longer. Rob getting serious about Russell worries me. They didn’t seem all to concerned about the missing machete. And good old Sandra, staying true to form with her gameplay… Love her! Boy, if Russell takes Rob’s hat… he better hide it well. So, maybe next week we will see if he has found the HII.

    1. Rob doesn’t know who he’s messing with. Russell will pull an idol out of his a$$ and have Mr. Rob headed back to Boston. Can’t wait for the “B” cap to disappear. :lol: Houston Astros baby. 8)

  7. all i can say they were stupid not to get rid of parvati, over randy, she is certainly the better player, she won the game before, and she is sneaky as hell.

  8. Sal… I still get an error message when I attempt to log in with my facebook account.

    Glavitar has never worked for me either on this blog.

    This is the first season where I hope I can survive survivor. I was ready to vote myself off until the close-up of Danielle between her waist and neck revived my interest…

  9. Same old PK!!!! Nice to finally see you around. I’m with Aggie, I think it was a BIG mistake not to vote off Parv. I’m hoping the previews are true and my man Rob is wise to Russell and votes his cocky ass off. Last season I was a Russell fan but this season he is just annoying!!!

    Off to the gym with my gimpy ass!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Parvati is as sneaky as hell ,she will end up taking out all the guys if she could, totally untrustworthy, to take out randy over her pretty dumb, randy is someone they should want too have around ,no one would want too vote for him in the end .

  10. Main Entry: gimp
    Function: noun
    Etymology: origin unknown
    Date: 1925

    1. cripple

    2. limp – walks with a

    Related Forms
    1. gimpy! gim-pE \ ˈgim-pē \ adjective

    Holly… I hope your gimpy ass has a speedy recovery…

  11. I couldn’t believe how easily the Heroes won the challenge last night. Now that I know they don’t always show things in the order they happened, I am wondering whether the Villains might have won some and it just wasn’t shown. I was just glad there wasn’t a puzzle to work. Do you think – can any of the heroes work a puzzle? I’m glad the Heroes won – but I am beginning to like some of the Villains better.

    Right now I like Tom on the heroes and Boston Rob on the Villains. They are getting good editing.

  12. So much we don’t get to see. I know there had to be concern about the machete and we didn’t see anyone even ask about it.

    We haven’t seen Russell looking for the idol – probably won’t unless he finds it.

    What about the clip with all of the Heroes looking for the idol – Did they get a clue for winning the challenge?

    If they got a clue, then the Villains must have two clues since they won two challenges.

    Just wondering whether Russell is using Parvati or whether she has worked her magic on him. He seems to be following her around a lot.

  13. Hi everyone…I am not finding this Survivor as exciting as others. It seemed to me that something was happening between Russell and Parvati under those covers…I am sure he is still married since this taping was only 10 days after he got back from the previous show…bet his “pea-brain” got the best of him and he did more than just grin at her! I sort of like Randy…I am the one from high school who always befriended the one no one else liked…oh well, I hope next week is a bit more exciting. I did like that they showed more interaction than challenges though. Well, have a nice day everyone.

  14. Great episode last night. I felt bad for Randy after the challenge. James was very mean to him and now I understand why he is now considered a villian.

    The bag of wind is growing on me. I can honestly say I am really enjoying Coach this season. Love how Jerri was jealous because Parv was flirting with the Karmaman.

    1. I don’t know what happened to James. He wasn’t like this before. He’s a bully now. I mean, trash talking a 50yr old man who’s half his size?? Not needed. There was no way Randy, or anybody else could beat James at that. He could have just knocked him down and helped him up. Then have a laugh about it. He’s not thinking ahead. He’s gonna need friends, cause he’ll be the biggest target come merge time.

    2. I guess thats where the cougar comments come in, coach doesnt really like parvati, he knows what she is all about, Jerri and coach do seem more likable this time around, i like those two sticking together.

  15. FIRST… Yeah, same old PK… but, I’m glad to see him back. I never said I liked Randy, I just thought he might be good for the show. Apparently he didn’t do anything of interest to warrant attention. I’m sure he annoyed his tribemates, which they didn’t show, to get him the boot. I agree with PK that Dannielle’s bathing suit is really cute. Love the ruffles.

    Yeah, what about the machete thing? I also think they are blowing up the Russell/Parvati thing up more than it is. And, were they ever told there were going to be HII’s? I can’t remember, and of course Russell would be the only one to think of looking. I wonder if Russell is still married? It would be a tremendous strain on anyone suddenly thrust into the spotlight of adoring fans and all the requests for appearances he must be getting.

    Have to agree with DonnaP regarding the ‘bag of wind’. Where is the Coach we loved to hate from last time. He is almost likable. I think he has very carefully crafted his persona this time. Still want to see the Cougar and the Flirt go at it!

  16. Hey… to illustrate my point about Russell being an instant celeb… check out the Survivor Fan Page on facebook, and better yet join if you are on fb… Link in box at top of page. A guy named John Harrington posted a photo of himself and Russell taken at a bar in Houston. Typical Russell pose with starstruck fan… my picture would look exactly the same. Well, with one exception… I would not be wearing such a butt ugly shirt!’! Both of them, is that the style in Texas? Have got to hear from Sal about this one.

  17. Randy was evil the first time I saw him play and a woman hater (though he was said to be a wedding photographer) which kinda cracks me up. BUT when you’re over fifty NO I DON’T wanna see any chick in a bikini unless she’s sixty five and 300lbs. If i wanted to be reminded how I don’t look young and sexy anymore I’d leave my glasses on when i looked in the mirror.
    ok, who puts who (whom?) as matches during these violent challenges? I don’t like randy but i don’t like James either. AND randy being the oldest and probably the weakest except for courtney (ha) it was stupid to put him up against James. Should have been coach or someone younger and taller. If i were randy i would have just gotten up off the bench and ran and jumped right into the mud before James could even stand up.
    who’d blame him. ?
    not me.
    I was glad to see the hero’s win but I agree James is on the wrong team. He’s no hero to me.
    I’m really ready for Rob to take Russ on. go boy go. AND didn’t any of them watch the last show with Russ hiding and destroying things? I would be sleeping with that machete and anything else I’d not want stolen.
    And why don’t the vill’s just pick a leader? get it together and say we want one person to kinda guide us? BIG EGO’S?
    I agree Parvo (ha) just lies around. apparently men run these shows because i haven’t see any sexy guy sunbaithing and giving us girls some eye candy.
    I’d punch her too, Jerry. Give her a boxers nose. But you’d best wait til the shows over.
    and it was so gross seeing Parvo alover reminded me of how my little chihuahua rolls in poo when you let him outside.

    1. Randy said in his interview, that the way the challenge worked was…. The Heroes would present a challenger, then the Villains had to counter with one of their own. And they decided at the beginning, that no one was gonna beat James anyway. So to give the rest of the guys a fighting chance against someone else, Randy volunteered to go against James.

  18. Hi tendr… “Boxer’s Nose”… “roll in poo”… you do crack me up! None of the All-Stars (if you want to call them that) saw Russell in action, because SS20 was filmed before SS19 was shown. So they are not privy to his evil ways, or would think of looking for a hidden Idol before being told to.

    Parvo is just doing her ‘thing’, as Sandra is doing hers! Sandra sounded verbatim when she said who she would vote for “whoever you guys want”, just like when she won. I think they will overlook Sandra, but Parvo will not be around for long.

    And remember… sexiness is in the eye of the beholder and changes with age… I think you are still pretty sexy!

  19. I read on another site that they thought Randy did something with the machete. There is a secret scene about it, but I could not play it.

  20. Thanks for sharing that with us AC. I hope he does blindside Parvti. Now that would make for an exciting show.

  21. I’m with u Frannie, I want to see both those losers gone next, one after the other! I’m sick of Russell this season. I hope my man Rob does get wise to him and takes him down hard, backdoor style.

    Hi Tendr!

    Hey AC, bite me! I dare u to try and evict me, Ted and Aggie won’t let u!

  22. I’m in agreement with Holly.

    aw Ted.
    Just like my “ex’s but like mine” grandfather used to tell me..
    _____ you get prettier the older you get. (i was only forty at the time tho) in which I replied NO, grand daddy …I get prettier the older YOU get. lol

    i talk to myself…my new thing is to look in the mirror and ask
    “who dat?’
    About randy going up against james. i still think someone bigger would have had a chance if you could just knock him off balance. or point behind him and say “who dat?’
    then push.
    Russ against James…now i would have loved that. russ would be bopping James in the yoyo’s with his wittle pillow.

    can you tell i’m bored. ?
    c u ltr
    (hi fran)

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