J.T. knows the Game!

J.T. Thomas, Tocantins
Heroism: The Survivor sweetheart won the game unanimously by being a challenge superstar, having an adorable accent and not pissing anyone off (except maybe petulant Stephen).
Outwitticism: Since J.T.’s so quiet and humble, we’ll leave it to Taj to explain why no one ever voted against J.T.: “[His name] just never came up because he was too sweet,” she said. “You just can’t find anything wrong with him.”


James “JT” Thomas Jr. (25)

Tribe: Heroes
Hometown: Samson, Ala.
Current Residence: Mobile, Ala.
Personal Claim To Fame: “Being the first in my family to go to college and earn a degree.”
Inspiration in Life: “My family.”
Previous Finishes: Tocantins: Winner
Favorite Past Moment: “Winning the final immunity challenge.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Most: “Myself- I am my own hero, because of what I accomplished and how it brought my family together.”
Previous Survivor He Respects Least: Johnny Fairplay (Pearl Islands, Micronesia)
Why Did He Come Back? : “It’s the ultimate challenge, I couldn’t pass it up.”

32 thoughts on “J.T. knows the Game!”

  1. JT is a complete phony. He is actually British, born to Nigerian parentage. The fact that he pulled off this southern mississippi good ol boy routine is just another testiment to the Shakespearian Repitour Theatre based in Southern Helmsley.

  2. Aggie…..I really like JT. It is going to be so hard to pick a winner. I can listen to JT talk all day and all night long. He’s such a sweetie.

  3. Yes… two of a kind JT and JT… wonder who JT will be rooting for?

    Poor PK will have to root for JT, because Rebecca will make him, while I’m sure he will be secretly rooting for Danielle.

    And just like Survivor JT to be aligning himself with those goody two-shoes Rupert and Tom. Interesting that he thinks his biggest threat is Cirie.

    It’s nice that Sal thinks JT has an adorable accent.

  4. Not only is JT a nice guy but he knows how to play the game.
    Everyone loves him so if he is ever in the finals, its a sure win.

  5. You got that right DonnaP… same with Tom, who is around 45, and they all know that! Plus they have both won the 1Mil before so they have BIG targets on their backs. I think along with James, Rupert and Cirie, JT and Tom are some of the most generally respected people to have played the game.

  6. Its overwhelming Jt, from the blog, it looks like your the man around here, also JT, you would like the Jt on survivor he is a good guy.

  7. as much as i like some of the past winners from survivor, Im not sure I want any of them to win again, I would like too see someone else win this time around, just a thought.

  8. Sal, you do a helluva job on your site. I don’t know where you get all the time to do it, with working and everything else you have to do. I know a lot of you people have jobs and are able to navigate through the other blog sites! And no, I am not sucking up to Sal.

    You have to give credit where credit is due.

  9. That would be him Franks, He refuses to take his shirt off for me and Cynthia, so male stripping definitely out of the question, but, great idea still.

  10. Ok… even I’m confused! I was JT 19 years before JT was born! But, I guess he can use it too.

    FRANKS……. welcome back… I think?! :roll: :lol:
    Actually, I’d be a little hurt if someone hadn’t had some fun at my expense…. way to step up FRANKS! I am sure Kev11 & Star would be proud!

    I don’t know who I’ll be rooting for yet. Russell is the only one I know. But I do like all the videos that Sal-Bob has posted.

  11. Jt, You would definitely like this Jt, everybody does, he is a good natured guy, pretty much like you Jt.

  12. Ted, be sure to give us updates about where you’re at with BB11 ……..and what you think about the houseguests. I’m curious to see how (or if) your opinion changes.

  13. It will be interesting to see. He has to be on everyone’s radar this time… and he says that if “Mr Nice Guy” isn’t working, he will change strategies.

  14. Wondering when or if BaconBitsRealityBlog is going to feature the best Reality Show on TV??

    Did appreciate the cast list for Amazing Race! Can’t wait for that either!

  15. What show is that Ted? I know you aren’t talking about Survivor… because that’s what this blog is for.

  16. I think he said he saw 4 episodes Jt, He didnt like jesse or Russell but liked natalie ,which is strange maybe, he will change his mind when he sees her not bathing.

  17. Natalie is so cute and sexy… Jesse and Russell suck. Just saw something really interesting that was just posted… Lidya and Michelle from BB11 are an item!!!

  18. that would explain why michele divorced her husband, I dont know if you knew it Ted michele and Lydia are bisexual, I always thought Micheles hubby was a dork, he didnt always treat her that well either, maybe michele was more into women, good for them Iliked both of them, Jesse is amoron ,Russell really isnt, you need to get Real player plus, Ted and see the interviews afterwards, you would see Russell isnt a bad guy.

  19. Ted, I think you are eventually going to change your mind about ‘Nat’, I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

    Time will tell!

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