King Troll Robs Boston

Boston Rob thought he knew the game. Russell showed him how wrong he was. Did you catch the look on Robs face as Jeff read the votes? Do you think he saw it coming? NOT! In a game where Rob thought he was running things, Russell talked Tyson into a vote the would end up eliminating himself by default! By voting for Parvati, Tyson’s vote didn’t count when Russell gave Parvati the HII and let her play it. Russell correctly predicted what Rob was getting the tribe to do with the  split vote between Russell and Parvati. Knowing this he managed to correctly find and play Tyson into voting for Parvati. The King strikes again and I’m willing to lay odds he finds the next HII without a clue.

Oh yes, there was a challenge somewhere in the game tonight. They played for individual immunity in the first half of the challenge by climbing up, down, over,under, around and through a fence laced with a rope while moving the loop they had on a belt attached to their waist along the rope . Rob and Candice won individual immunity and moved on to the challenge for reward for their tribe.

In the second half of the challenge Rob and Candice did the same thing they did in the first half except they went climbing up, down, over, under, around and through a three level monkey bar setup. Rob out climbed Candice and won hot dogs and sodas for the Villains while they sat in on the Heroes tribal council. After the discussion the Villains had to quit eating and leave the tribal council. The Heroes then voted and James was sent packing in disgust saying he’ll be drunk in five minutes! Well now James, we thought you were more amiable than that. I guess losing 3, yes 3 times at Survivor would tick me off also. Injuries seemed to be James demise!

OK, Survivor is back next Thursday and Rob will have to try again at removing the King from his throne. Good luck ol’ Robby Boy, the troll will be lurking in the woods.

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  1. I thought tonight was the best blindside EVER. The reaction on Rob’s face was priceless. (Of course,I’d much rather watch Boston Rob than Russell, but you have to admit the tribal council was amazing!)

  2. That was the craziest, coolest, Tribal Council in history. King Russell is a Survivor genius! I am still gleefully shocked and shaking-my-head laughing.

    Russ may go next week, but the look on “you’re not playing with amateurs anymore” Boston Rob’s face was priceless when he saw how he got played. If Russell, Parv, Coach and that fake boob girl vote together it is 4-4 on the villians. And I bet Russell goes looking for another idol immediately. Man, I hope he stays a lot longer and blows BS Rob right out of his shoes…

  3. Boy, Russell took a big chance… I guess he was pretty sure he had convinced Tyson to vote for Pav, but he still could not have been sure of how they were splitting the vote… must have overheard their conversation since he is always sneaking around in the jungle. Once again The Great One triumphs!!! Looks like Colby might be there at the end… I think he will pick it up and start winning ind.imun.

    Jeff didn’t say that there would be another HII did he??? I don’t think so… but we all know there will be another… and so does TGO!

    Not too sorry to see James go… he was becoming weary. And Tyson didn’t really live up to expectations… as so many do. Remember the phrase… ‘you can never go home again’. About half of the contestants are in that bag.

  4. I still don’t get why all the Rob hate. He is my favourite and I will be happy never to see that Russell ever again. I can’t stomach him. Has anyone googled him about his so called wealth? He is uncouth and detestable. Rob had the perfect plan and Tyson should have stuck to it but not sorry to see him go except that Russell is still there.

  5. Oh also Russell is too dependent on immunity idols and how to use them. Villains would not have won most of their challenges without Rob.

  6. I kind of liked both Tyson and James (even though he was crazy this season), but I still loved the episode. I don’t like Russell and didn’t want him to succeed, but Tyson basically voted himself out.

    I have TV blog at, check it out for my post on Survivor and let me know what you think!

  7. nope no love for Russell. His whole schitck has grown old. Sorry. Hope he makes it to the end and loses again! I know Rob is going but with the heroes leading in most challenges it was Rob pulling the villains to a win. Whatever your beef with him he is smart. Russell is good at finding idols. End of story.

  8. I sat there with my mouth gaping wide as I watched Russell, the master, at work during Tribal council. By talking directly to Coach, he knows he’s reeling in Coach and Rob will probably be thinking Coach is the one that flipped (I’m sure they’ll work it out though). But, to Coach, being a man of your word and living up to your honor is king; I’m betting Russell just got him to join up on the alliance.

    Anyway, regardless of how it plays out from here, this has to go down as one of the best played and most strategically played moves in all of Survivor history.

    Well done!

    1. “Rob will probably be thinking Coach is the one that flipped”

      No he won’t because Coach was supposed to write down Parvati’s name anyways. It would’ve had to have been someone that was supposed to be voting for Russell and that was Rob, Sandra and Tyson.

  9. I am a big fan of both Rob and Russell. I hope they two get to battle it out for a while yet but know that neither will let the other be around long. The sad reality of Survivor is that sometimes the best players don’t make it to the final, and I fear that one of these two will be gone soon. Still, I enjoyed the shock and confusion on Rob’s face when Russell made his move. I fear Rob’s time is about up.

  10. Kaybeck I definitely think Rob is gonna be out soon… for one he tried to rally the groups and lay down the law. Which would have been okay had his plan worked, but now he looks like a bad leader and a control freak and Russell looks like the bad ass player he is!! I won’t be sorry to see Rob go. He is annoying the shit outta me.

  11. i actually don’t dislike rob as much this season as i have in the past on ANYTHING he’s appeared on, including AR.

    tyson was caught by his own impatience – i loved the blind-side and, since james is a different man that we have ever seen in any of his other survivor games, i’m really glad he’s gone. what really bugs me is that everyone on the heros’ side decided the vote was between colby and james. why didn’t they get rid of whiny, weak AMANDA, who simply rode parv’s survivor buff to the end of her their season’s game.

    everyone thought amanda would win that season ’cause she was so sweet! however, parv’s well thought out strategies won the jury over to her side! why they didn’t get rid of amanda and keep 2 strong men (since candice wasn’t available for removal) i just cannot comprehend.

  12. Russell plays the game…outwit..done …outplay…done ..outlast…Ihope so !!! That guy is good, and the look on Robs face was priceless!!!I hope those two go to the end!!!!!

  13. I wouldn’t give russy so much credit. I wonder how much of the good stuff is edited out. You know Rob was smart to think up what to do and Russ said “they’re too dumb to do it” yet he doubted enough to give parv his idol. who knows? ppl talk and I’m sure if stupid Tyson hadn’t gotten a Russ crush Rob’s plan would have worked so it’s not Rob that failed but Tyson. And it’s fine with me that he went home.
    Now, i’m not crazy about Colby becuz he too often mouths off but James is/was always mouthing off. (won’t miss him) here James have a banana or ten. the rest of the baby team need to give colby a pep talk and accept they’re one team and stop fighting with each other.
    Right this minute I almost hope it’s down to JT and Rob as the last two. I kinda like them both this season (though I kind of like Jerri also, i feel the guys will get rid of the girls-bummer) luved rupert the first time I saw him play but not this time. This time he’s just a whiner. wa waah

  14. btw…coach is a weiner. I know my eyes are going to eventually be stuck up in the corner of my sockets. Everytime i have to hear him call himself the dragon slayer-zip, there they go. Makes ya dizzy.
    Let’s all give ourselves a title.
    Where did he get this dragon slayer thing? Was it while tending to his unicorn flock-herd (whichever)
    Did he watch too much Harry Potter while eating mushrooms and it just stuck?
    I bet he has armor on his wall at his mom’s house.
    Where he lives in the basement with his life sized cardboard posters of mythological characters in cartoon form.
    from now on i’m the “princess and the pea”
    my mom said so. (don’t think it was a compliment though)

  15. whatever happened to the jerri/coach hookup? shouldn’t SHE have been comforting him as he sobbed on rob’s (?) shoulder? shouldn’t HE have been handing her the relish and watching with relish as she wolfed down a weiner?

    inquiring minds justwanna know!!

  16. It’s not that i don’t think that Russell deserves any credit its just i think the producers lay the plans out for him as the game goes on. Last season he found all the HIIs at camp….so what do they do this season hide the HII at camp because they know he doesn’t stand a rats #%! of a chance of actually winning an immunity on his own. What no Exile Island as in years past ? I just think this is all too much of a coincidence that this stuff happens in Russell’s favor. All except for the Vote in last seasons finale.

  17. Kaybek is right – Russell’s move last night was simply amazing. He assumed correctly that Tyson would get greedy trying to further himself in the game. Parv was Tyson’s biggest threat I think if they did make it to the merge and Russell used that against him with Tyson not knowing what was happening. If Rob were smart he’d retreat and regroup until the merge. I think this is definitely the only way he’s going to make it because his followers will realize Russell is much more dangerous than he appears.

  18. That sneaky troll Russell strikes again, this time rescuing Parvati by using his immunity idol. Those two have been pretty chummy with one-another.

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