25 thoughts on “Mr. Probst on week one of Heroes vs. Villians”

  1. thank you ;;jeff what would we all do if you did not help us all try to under stand these guy ;you have the job we all would love to have ;just to be there and see all the laughs behind the camera ;;keep up the good work ;

  2. I agree with Probst that CBS should air that episode again because it was awesome. This might be the best Survivor yet.
    Is TED still in Hawaii? you lucky dog.

  3. Your right Jeff, you guys should be proud. The best episode ever. Even if the result of tribal council was less then all star quality. 36 hours and counting to episode 2!

  4. See, here’s the thing, Jeffy; I can almost hear Russ-Hell the Troll-Boy mentally mumbling while he’s smiling his toothless, self-satisfied grin, “Ima gonna destroy them Heroes. Ima gonna bust ‘em up. Got no canteens to spill out or sox to burn, so I’ll pull some hamstrings and knock some heads and punch a few bruises. That’ll slow down their fairy azzez! And, Ima gonna be a buzzsaw through the dumbazz Villain’s tribe. No mercy. This ‘ol texazz bad-boy’s gonna win this time. Ima gonna be America’s hero.”

    Now, here’s me thinking, “I hope the Heroes tribe gets a grip. They’ve gotta get their evil mojo working, or it’s going to be a frikkin’, bloody slaughter!”

  5. I also really enjoyed the two-hour episode. CBS did at least show the one hour from the week before which gave us a little idea of what’s to come. I can’t help but wish Richard Hatch could have played. I firmly believe he will always be the #1 Survivor…and I am just begging the Survivor “gods” that Russell doesn’t win. It was nice seeing Richard in so much of that one hour special though. It would appear the Survivor folks either know he was imprisoned falsely, or they admit he is the reason the show worked at all. Richard’s game in Season One set the stage for all the rest. Best wishes to you, Richard Hatch.

    I’m hoping someone like Colby, Tom, JT, or perhaps James will win this. None of the women impress me as I was a Sugar fan, and now don’t care. Here’s to a great season. Good day everyone.

  6. This may be an unpopular opinion but I thought the first challenge was over the top even for Survivor. It went beyond being physical. It made me wonder, as a viewer, if the show actually has any kind of rules at least for conduct.
    Courtney screaming “Break her Shoulder!” and then laughing at her own comment was disturbing enough but for the end result of the physical struggle on the beach to be a dislocated shoulder was not what I would call awe inspiring. The fact that such vicious recklessness and a zeal for violence has been brought out bothers me. It was like an adult version of The Lord of the Flies.
    I’ll watch the show next week, but with a wary sense. I think this show may have gone too far and if it continues this kind of brutal physical abandon without regard to injury or decency then I will turn it off. I know a million dollars is a lot of money but is it worth switching off your morality as a human being? Will you actually hurt someone else, possibly permanently, in order to win it? If this is the kind of battleground Survivor is now leaning toward I can only wonder when weapons will be brought into the mix. I will skeptically watch the next episode, but honestly I question the validity of the show at this point.

  7. Hi aggie, justfor the record the “p” with an “e” sounds a little more like a guy than a girly-girl so no competition at all.

    btw, why ARE you so cheerful in the am? I justwanna sleep!

    1. And no flowers either.. :lol: :roll:

      Good to see you on here again Princess. I hope you can stick around for the season.

    2. Miss Princess, you probably are right Princesse is probably a girly man, you are the only reigning princess here, and you have your princess like beautiful flower also, in answer to your question how come im so cheerful, its date night ,i went skating and I got me some, nuff said.

  8. Loved having a two hour Survivor for the start. I think they are overdoing the V vs. H thing a bit. I would rather see them treated more like Survivor contestants, than celebrities. But, I guess that’s what they are, and this is not a regular Survivor. So I will watch and enjoy. I agree with Alice regarding the violence, it seems like it has been encouraged more in the last few seasons, and the show is highlighting it more. According to Dalton, that challenge went on for quite a few more rounds than was shown and of course there is going to be some rough stuff.
    I think the Villains were trying to live up to their name by just being overly aggressive, but mean too. And, of course the editors loved that. I’m sure this has been well thought out and discussed with the competitors to ‘make good TV’ as they say.

    I enjoyed reading Jeff’s Blog and Dalton’s inside info was great, so thanks for that Sal.

    If I had to pick one Survivor to win, it would be Stephanie. For the men I would like either Russell or Boston Rod. Although Russell’s bragging is getting a little one-note… and you know how much I like Russell, Aggie. And speaking of Aggie… she is always happy in the a.m.

    Gee, I wonder who DonnaP is rooting for?

  9. Yeah, you are right Sal… I’m sure it’s for the benefit of all the misguided people who don’t like Russell. Who would you rather listen to… JT or Tom… or even Colby??? I don’t think so.

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