Nightmare on Samoa Island!

Well, well, well, it looks like the VooDoo Queen will start her chants tonight. Poor Rob, from the previews it looks like he drank some date rape drug. He’s donw for a 9 count and gonna be weary for awhile. Russell needs to start looking for the HII because there should be a clue to where it is tonight.

While it’s still early in the game it seems we the audience are beginning to pic out favorites.

Based on the CBS Site Fan Poll:

20) Randy ………… 143

19) Danelle ………… 164

18) Candice ……….. 200

17) Sandra ………… 226

16) Coach ……….. 235

15) Courtney …… 275

14)┬áTysom ……… 292

13) Jerri ……….. 355

12) Parvati …….. 470

11) Amanda …….. 551

10) Cirie ………… 764

9) Tom ………… 812

8) Sugar ………. 863

7) Stephanie …… 875

6) Rob …………… 1027

5) Colby ………… 1153

4) Russell ………. 1379

3) JT ……………… 1422

2) James ………… 1423

1) Rupert ……… 1904

Where is you favorite and why don’t you think they weren’t rated higher?


82 thoughts on “Nightmare on Samoa Island!”

  1. I think Rupert is over-rated. He id nothing to help with the puzzell, he just stood there. I think he will be voted off sooner than later.

  2. Agreed about Rupert. Loved him in Pearl Islands but that is it. Love Sandra and Rob and I still don’t get all the Rob hate. He was the only one besides Sandra on the villains working hard and he made fire without the flint…hope he is OK.

  3. really too many ppl can be working on those puzzles. when one person see’s it one way and another see’s it differently it can just be complicated. I don’t think more than 2 ppl should even try it.
    i hope Rob is going to be ok. Guess we’ll find out tonight.

  4. hi frannie and aggie. I’m going to sign off until S20 here is over – i justchecked the time – but i wanted to say hi. read last night’s comments, thanks for the support and yes, justa, you’re stuck with me again this season.

  5. Rupert rated #1… that means a lot of disappointed fans when he leaves early. I can’t see them hanging on to him much longer.. unless they win the challenges.

    1. She may go this time… still can’t see them carrying Rupert very far. It’s not his fault, but he can’t help in physical challenges. He is lucky there are some bad attitudes that draw more attention right now.

    1. aggie….someone has to take charge. He’s man enough to do it. If people want to win, they’ll side with him

  6. You don’t have to like Russell as a person, but you gotta respect his game. He does brag too much, but that is what people want to see, and that is what CBS will show. It is good for ratings. Rob is getting attention so he chases down a chicken with a spear! LMAO :lol:

    It was pointed out that it took him much longer to find the HIIs last season than it appeared. I give him more credit because of that. It shows he didn’t quit. We wondered how he found the last one with everybody following him. It is probably because they gave up and he didn’t.

  7. I don’t know about y’all …but this was a pretty boring one. Not much going on tonight. Next week has too be better.

  8. Remember, the first 3rd to almost halfway isboring because too many people to follow so that we know whats going on. Plus only1 challenge for immunity and reward.

  9. But we know all the people here. That’s only when we are getting to know each one and their personalities.

  10. Seems like no one really has any insite into what’s going to happen til it does. No clue for the HII. hummmm wonder where that was? And the Voodoo queen? whats up with that? Someone needs to get real with the posts. If your going to say it’s your opinion fine, but if your trying to say you KNOW this, then get it right.

  11. What’s up with Cirie hair in the second tribal council (2/18/10) one moment is down and ratty the next it’s up in a bun. then back down again. Are we seeing multiple tapings of the same council because producer didnt like the outcome of the vote? Or was James getting a little agressive and they a big break?

  12. Just saw the latest episode. Poor Stephenie. James was such a bully to her. What’s up with James? Seriously, he needs to loosen up!

  13. Well I don’t think James will win America’s Favorite Player prize this year. He was an a$$ tonight. I hope he get booed at the finale. Sorry to see Stephenie go. I’m still pulling for King Russell though. 8)

  14. It’s fun to see the goody-two-shoes who were rooting for the Heros are now jumping on the Villain’s Band Wagon! Sorry to see Stephanie, my favorite female survivor, go tonight. She was also my female pick in the pool. I didn’t expect to see her win, but would have thought she would have stayed. Would like to see James go next week, as he is getting a little over his head in the game. Some of these people are legends in their own minds. I think Tom, who can be quite persuasive, will orchestrate James ouster… I’m sure they were embarrassed over his actions. And, I must say that Stephanie did not exit with her head held high.

    I’m surprised that they haven’t shown Russell looking for the Idol either, you know he has to be.

  15. James acted like an ass but he was right. Too many people talking at once and why did mighty Stephanie took him on. Is her name you’ll? Good riddance to Stephanie.

  16. Donna, Your guy James was an Ahole last night, but i still like him, he just screwed himself now they want him gone, Toms a real good guy he cant stand his attitude, but their is just something about stephanie i just cant stand, im glad shes gone. I know ted was upset shes gone ,but their are alot of good players, right now im liking the villians more,I think coach and jerri, have a good connection, I hope they stick together the coach seems a little more likable this time.

  17. I think Rupert is so overrated, I don’t know why he’s popular. I don’t like Tom, and I think he acted like a bigot towards James. James really lost control though, so his popularity will probably drop. I think people are underestimating some of the under-the-radar players like Courtney, Danielle, Candice and Tyson. Check out my TV blog at, I blog about Survivor every week!

  18. Hi one and all..I agree with Jill..I thought Tom showed a bit of racism toward James last night and then wondered if I misheard what he said or his attitude. Last night’s show was not very exciting…I don’t get what happened to Rob…someone said he had the “flu”, but I wondered just what it was…almost thought he was faking for attention, but now I do think something was wrong since they brought in the medical folks..a little dehydration or whatever…glad he’s OK…he did well in the challenge..did you see Rob lift that heavy box on his back! (to be fair, Russell lifted a box on his back also, I just don’t like him much, but credit where credit is due!) I enjoy him (Rob)..don’t think he should win at the end, but I do like him.
    well..I also do not understand why everyone was against Stephanie..I missed what she said and/or did to upset everyone. I also think James needs to keep quiet and not rant like he did last night…he’s going to loose because of that…Cirie bothers me…still love JT and Colby…Tom upsets me a bit, and I like Rupert but also do not think he can win. Well, have a nice day everyone.

  19. last night was VERY revealing. it seems that all our favorite heroes have become zeros.

    each one of them, that i have really noticed, have gone in without the spark that made them heroes in the first place. rupert; one did anything and everything for his tribe, the original pirate – just sits on the sidelines and whines a little.

    james – strong, SILENT, well respected. just went around camp doing what was necessary only vocalizing to the camera and one or two trusted allies what he thought of laziness – he’s become loud and aggressive, a bully – and not very well respected.

    stephanie – the strong, positive, never say die attitude that got her to and amazing level, against all odds, in her first season. was well respected and a little feared in guatemala, but was a leader. now she’s just loud, and a little obnoxious from the sounds of that game last night.

    the villans are less divided in their camp because they don’t trust anyone yet are putting the strength of the team first – of course we will see that all change when they have their fist tribal.

    if the heroes don’t get their stuff together and stop all this infighting they will take themselves out of the game totally – except cirie, candice, and JT – who will be on whatever side it takes to win.

    just my thoughts…

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