Oh so close she has come to winning!

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Amanda Kimmel, China and Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites 
Heroism: The two-time runner-up [placing third in China and losing 5-3 to Parvati in Micronesia burned many with her disloyalty—except Ozzy. As tribemate Cirie noted at one point, “I think we will be getting pregnancy announcements from Amanda about the little Ozzlets on the way.”
“We could be worst enemies, or we can become allies.”

12 thoughts on “Oh so close she has come to winning!”

  1. she is a more pleasant type of person, not hard to get along with, she is also really nice looking.So nice eye candy for the guys on there.

  2. I always liked Amanda and was rooting for her. Funny thing… my granddaughter got Amanda both times in our Survivor pool and even looks like her a little. She never liked Amanda though for some reason, and we are teasing her that she will get Amanda this time. She wants James.

  3. If you click on the above link and click on the individual teams, it gives a bio of each person.

    I already know who I will be rooting for.

  4. So who will you be rooting for???… Oh Silly Me!!! The two cowboys of course! No, that’s who Sal and JT will be rooting for! Oh, I know… Jordan and Jeff!

  5. I hope Jeff will be able To keep his temper in check, It could get real frustrating with Jordan ,she might not do as well in competitions,. He would probably do fine.

  6. I wonder if Big Brother is viewed overseas? Cause Jeff & Jordan would get a lot of help from fans.

    When Rob & Amber were on the people overseas recognized them and helped them a lot.

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