25 thoughts on “Ponderosa, adding 3 more residents!”

  1. OMG, Russell you really screwed yourself royally, the jury totally hates you, i think they would vote for anyone no matter who it is, It will be anyone but that BUTT PLUG, : roll: + :roll: + :roll: = :roll:

  2. Russell played the game,you’re not supposed to always tell the truth,and in shows past honesty did not work either.
    Remember the name of the show folks Survivor by any means .
    the jury is just of bunch of losers starting with coach,followed by a cast of losers,courtney ,what did she ever do on any show besides nothing.
    What has sandra done,she has quit on almost every challenge
    Colby can’t do a thing despite his size
    Rupert should be doing caveman commericals for Geico
    Russell was denied on last show as I’m sure he will be this time by a bunch of winers that didn’t get to screw him before he got to them.

  3. Ponderosa is where it’s at!!! They are adorable. All of them. Have you seen the music video? A must see!!

  4. what a waste of time this site is I submited a reply and it does not get posted
    guess who ever runs this is afraid of anyone knocking players down ,remove me from this list not worth my effort ,

    1. Ummmm…. Joe? There’s this thing we like to call “moderation”. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
      1) Submit a comment :cool:
      2) Get that comment moderated :roll:
      3) Blog on with your bad self! :mrgreen:

      “…….afraid of anyone knocking players down….” Apparently you haven’t read much here.

  5. I knock players all the time, even the ones i’m rooting for. I also knock people who tell commenters to: go soak your DAMN HEAD .
    Right Agsie?

  6. If i cant make any of my surprisingly accurate predictions….can we at least vote on who has the best armpit hair growth?

    1. I agree!! It’s Rupert! :lol:

      T&G…. if they are just “surprisingly accurate predictions”…. then I have no problem with them. I just thought maybe you had seen spoilers. Did you see Prosen’s message to you? She would like to know either way.

    2. Accurate predictions my a$$. Anybody can go on google and find spoilers for a taped show. :roll: Seems you just enjoy ruining it for everyone else.

      And my vote for the best armpit hair goes to… touch and go. :twisted:

  7. AGGIE get a life,,you sound like an old maid,plus I guess its ok for you to use a..hole..with your corny smiley faces.good thing your not a judge.talk about a waste of space.

    1. Hi Joe, In Response to your Comment, You are truly a” SMALL” minded, tiny ” LITTLE Man” ,” LITTLE” being the key word. Jo Jo, I think You really need to get —— Really Bad, maybe it would help relieve some of your” BITTERNESS.” Maybe their is at least one girl out there, Who won’t laugh when you take your “PANTS OFF.” If She Doesn’t she’s being charitable. And JOJO, you should definitely Know me, I Am Actually Quite irresistable. CIAO BELLO, HE, He, HE :roll: + :roll: + :roll: + :roll: + :roll: = :roll:

  8. Hahaha I am with Aggie and so to the question what has Sandra done? She won Survivor Pearl Islands lol and she tried to get rid of Russell but dumb Candice messed that up and screwed herself in the bargain. Russell will never win Survivor becuase besides the lying and cheating and backstabbing there is also the social aspect of the game whereby you cannot gloat and act like a jackass the way he does with people who will be deciding if you get the mil or not. Look at Boston Rob who was robbed (hehe) in all stars because the vote was the anti Rob one and Amber got the dough. Russel is so arrogant and mean spirited and not thinking clealry by just voting off whomever crosses him. Sandra is smart enough to know that even if she detests Russell, that she has to bite her tongue and not draw attention to herself. Sandra for the win.

    1. Plumppudding, I think i love you, really good points, russell will never win this game, and if he does possibly make it to the end he is so hated they would rather give it to someone undeserving than him. :grin:

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