13 thoughts on “Ponderosa after J.T.’s eviction”

  1. Did anyone else get two Survivor blogs in their inbox? Just checking to see if my comment shows on both. :roll:

    1. The first e-mail had a typo. It said Ponderosa after Rob’s eviction. The second one said Ponderosa after JT’s eviction.

  2. Hi Girls… Twice the Fun!!! Hated to see JT go, because he is my guy in the pool, so I am out! Never have won in all these years… good heavens… 20 shows! It sure has been fun… love the Ponderosa videos, so thanks Sal.

    Can’t wait till tomorrow night… should be fun to see what transpires between Parv and Russell. We’ll see if he can get anywhere throwing his weight now. Rupert will be gunning for him sure, and it appears Sandra is too.

  3. JT..wow…this has got to be the dumbest of dumb things that has happened on survivor!!! How could you possibly trust Russell if you have any scintilla of an idea about his history!! Oh well

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