39 thoughts on “Preview on Feb. 11th, don’t miss it!”

  1. Sugar, She was fun at times, I especially liked when she made Randy look The FOOL that he is ,I hope she makes it far But the thing is the girls dont usually like her ,so who knows.

    1. It will be interesting with her and Randy on there. That guy is so totally unlikeable, even Jeff said that no one liked him, and I dont think he really cares very much really.

  2. This Thursday at 7pm (CST)

    Don’t forget to watch Thursday night from 7-8pm. “Surviving Survivor”, a look back at past seasons plus a preview of this season. Y’all should watch because you know these people. I will watch because I don’t know these people.

    1. Now Aggie, we know that’s not true…. unless you are smiling when you are about to take off your shoes. (evil smirks don’t count as smiles!) :lol:

  3. JT, you couldn’t be further, farther or whatever the hell it is from simple minded. (No people, I don’t need a grammar lesson) although some of you would ‘beg-to-differ’! :roll:

  4. I think it does something weird on the blog ,When a certain friend on here CONSTANTLY CHANGES HIS AVATAR. Just a thought Pick something and stick with it for awhile. PLEASSSSSSSEE!!!!!

    1. Ok, I’ll stick with these if you’ll quit hounding me about how an avatar has to have some meaning… deal? :lol:

    2. It does crack me up that you think my avatars are affecting people’s cache’s …I wish I had that kind of power. :lol:

    1. Exactly!! Maybe hook me up with that link you posted way back when…. you know, you’re “practice ground”. You can e-mail that link to me if you want…. I’ll prolly have some questions, but I’ll try to teach myself.

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