Sorry Rob fans, he “IS” gone!

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My thoughts after last week!

I think the villains will lose all challenges until the merge. Their numbers benefit the Heroes team.
The heroes have 3 guys (Rupert, Colby and JT) and 2 women (Amanda and Candace) vs 2 guys (Russell and Coach) and 5 women (Parvati, Sandra, Courtney, Jerri and Danielle). There is no way the villains can compete and the next 2 or 3 challenges go to the Heroes by default. The villains voted out all of their best players and now suck as far as I’m concerned going into the next challenges.
Russell rules and I also believe Coach goes next, further making the villains non-competitive. Russell has his alliances but they are all women. He needs the merge so he can regain some advantage, or of course it’s HII time for King Troll.

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  1. both tribes started out by voting out either the strongest (steph) or most strategic players. Colby has, for the most part been playing like a girl, no offense meant to athletic women! heroes voted out James and kept Amanda. Candice is not good in challenges. Jerri is ruthless and a bit mean. Coach has hardly made a mark this season, physically or stategically. It will be interesting to see what this next episode brings us!

  2. I agree with Sal…if the villians lose the next challenge then I think it will be Coach also.
    And aggie….I was glad to see your Robfather go. He was a piece of work.
    Princess….Jerri has actually grown on me this season. I didn’t care for her in her season.

    1. I miss the Robfather already! Did everyone see his final words? He has grown up a lot since the 1st time he was on!
      They are gonna fall apart without him!

  3. I have to agree with the previous posters here. I don’t see how the Villians can win with all discord sewn over the last two weeks. Removing Coach strengthens Russell’s alliance.

    1. OMB… Ban this woman Sal. :roll:

      Where’s Ted? We need someone who actually comments about Survivor…. I think the Spam-bot ran him off.

      We need a new page Sal. Post the “Don’t Mess With Russell” vid just for Aggie. :lol:

    2. Russell needs to go home and roll around in his money, so someone else that really needs it gets a fair shot, but those morons on villains, are to stupid to realize he needs to go. so i will be rooting for hereos i’m not sure who yet, I really would not want someone that has one before win again, I would like to see someone that really needs the money win. :lol:

    3. IF Russell makes it to the end, he might as well bend over and spread his cheeks, because most likely most or all of the jury members will STICK IT TO HIM, ONE BY ONE, I really Would like to see him squeal Like the PIG that he is. OINK, OINK, :razz:

    4. So what if he already won. Those are the only 2 really playing the game. All the rest are just hanging on.

      You can’t decide cause you know none of the others deserve it.

    5. I’m just not sure yet, I was for the villains until recently, now it’s going to be tough, I’m really not sure who on hereos yet, I don’t think Jt could win again anyway, nothing against him, I would like to see someone get it that actually needs the money for sure. :grin:

    1. Aggie… I know you hate TGO. But how can you call what he has done “lucky”? Russell makes his “luck”. Like him or not, you gotta give him credit for playing the game.

  4. Having watched every single episode of Survivor since the very first, I am just flummoxed by how uninteresting and unentertaining this season 20 is. I watch, hoping for something to “tickle my fancy” so to speak. I actually like Coach and loved it in his past outing when he was conducting the orchestra. I know he is boring while telling his stories (I’m like that also), but I was enjoying the interaction between him and Jerri. I wonder if that has continued or if it is over. I still really dislike Russell (hate is so harsh a word and I try not to use it). I hope Colby or JT win. I like Rupert a bit, but not to win. I don’t like any of the women although Sandra is showing some spunk lately. I see they are casting for Survivor 21 and 22 now. I wish Richard Hatch could be in one of them but don’t know how they could work him in since we already have had “favorites” etc. By the way, today is Rich Hatch’s 49th birthday. Happy Birthday Rich!!!
    Good day everyone. It’s a beautiful day here in North Carolina.

    1. And just why do you hate…. I mean dislike Russell? Is it because he outwitted, outlasted and outplayed your favorites? That’s the sign of a great player. 8)

    2. not a fan of egomaniac’s, sorry to dissappoint you, it would probably be good if he made it to the end, that way i can laugh when the jury would rather give it to anyone but him. and his head just might explode, from all the aggravation, that would be quite a show.

  5. I’m with Aggie. I hope Sandra wins. I absolutely detest Russell and I was one of his biggest fans last season. He is just mean this go around. And he is a piece of work not Rob.

    1. I was one of his fans the first time around too but look what a poor loser he was! Now I just think he’s a tool! I hope anybody but him wins and the sooner he is gone the happier I will be! Be quiet AC, Ted and Liz !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are getting creepy with your Russell loving!!!!

    2. All of y’all can go cry and pout in a corner about Russell. :twisted:

      Holly, the jury were the poor losers. Or should I say sore losers. Russell dominated that game and definitely should have won.

      Plumpudding hopes Sandra wins?!?! WTF ?!?! What has she done that was so great? Cause she tells it like it is? Get out of here. Did you see her tonight in the challenge? She sucked big time. And Coach was almost as bad. He lost to Amanda in the reward challenge and barely beat Rupert slow ass in the immunity challenge. :roll: I’m glad he’s gone. Now we know why he was so bitter against Russell last year on his blog.

  6. I’ll miss Rob. I loved the secret scene video with him and Coach. I thought Rob’s comments about Coach were spot on.

  7. parv really messed up. even russell voted for courtney. what a waste. the only redeeming value is that we will get to see coach showered and shaved at all the next jury attendances. wonder who will be the second member of the jury. if JT is so stupid, he’ll be the first one to go after the merge – unless sandra can stick around and make an alliance with him.

    btw, doesn’t ANYONE on that island remember the season of parvati and amanda???? they were the two at the end and most people thought amanda would take it because she was so sweeeeet….. amanda and parv are definitely going to partner up again after the merge! they were friends in that season…

    1. I tried to post a link to the video, but it wouldn’t show up.

      Parv didn’t mess up. She was ecstatic about voting off Coach. He was the target all along. Russell’s vote was a throwaway vote to throw off Jerri and Coach I guess.

    2. I don’t think so, AC. Remember he came to the group and said he was reconsidering, then parv said to the cameras that this was the problem with this tribe they could never make a decision.

      another possibility is that parv and Russell decided to cancel each others vote and let it play out as it would among the remaining tribe. We’ll know next week for sure when we here from Russell!

    3. Noooo. Russell’s exact words were “This is supposed to be a vote that I just throw off. Hope it works.” So either he’s trying to fool Jerri, or I don’t know what they’re cooking up.

      Go to the CBS site and watch the Tribal Council Voting secret scene.

    4. I must have missed that, AC. as usual you didn’t miss anything. thanks for the explanation. I was almost hoping there was dissent in the ranks!

      shoulda known!

  8. Im sure Jerri is really kicking herself in the ass right now. You know she regrets the decision of voting off Robfather. Now her boyfriend is gone, and she has basically no trusting alliance.

    As for Russell, he’s a strong mental player, no doubt. But Parvarti is just another Natalie in his eyes, and ill be damned if Parv is gonna take it all from Russell at the end. Their a good team, R & P. We need to really watch out for this supposed merge, if the Heros are so stupid to give Russell the Idol, then bye bye Heros… hello Team Troll Man.

    P.S. Im waiting for Colby to win.

  9. Well its Survivor day and I cant wait for the dram tonight.
    I still like this blog even though it has been neglected as of late. peace.

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