11 thoughts on “Sounds like we got hinky stuff going on in the jungle!”

  1. It’s what i always say EDITING. When everyone said Russ found all those idols so quickly. I read he looked a lONGGGGGG time for them. And we see what the person with the editing finger want us to see. It’s why i wish the show was on more than once a week and we could see what really happens and that’s with every show such as bachelor or bb.

  2. yes wouldnt it be awesome to have seen things happen as they realy did ;but if there isnt time to show it all at lest we get to see them trying to put it all together ;with in the time they have;oh to be a bug in the sand and have been there ;to cheer them all on ;that would have been a blast;;;oh yaaaaaaa

  3. it’s all in the editing. even if they ran 3 hours per night like BB, we’d be board watching 3 hrs of russell looking for the idol, or 6 or 9. but yes, they did make his idol finding skills LOOK miraculous – all in all, as Dalton Ross said, the winners are the winners and the losers are the losers.

    not a lot of randy in the first show. surprised me. he’s usually SO much more vocal and dislikable. maybe a new strategy for him???

  4. Reality as it relates to anything on TV, Cable or in film documentaries is whatever the producers/directors/editors want it to be…

  5. hi Princess, Tendr, PK, What would be great is if they had a survivor after dark like big brother, that would be great if you could see what was going on when the shows not on you could get to know them alot better. Take care you guys.

  6. i’ve always wanted something like that for survivor. I realize live after dark wouldn’t work, but just some of the hours that are left on the cutting room floor. It would definately cost more than BBAD but maybe once or twice a week…

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