Stephanie’s final words!

Stephanie explains why she got eliminated! Seems James thinks she backdoored her entire team during her earlier appearance. I also think her spat with Parvati didn’t help much.

In this game it isn’t wise ti tick someone off. Better to just let a difference of opinion just slide than argue about it. At most times it is definately better to be seen and not heard.  Play hard in the challenges and chill out in camp! And, if your Russell, look for the HII’s.

Post warning, this post is getting put up late. Next post comes up in the afternoon today!

17 thoughts on “Stephanie’s final words!”

    1. the spat with parvati and jerri, should be good tv, parvati was calling jerri and old cougar, strange is someone old at 39?I dont think so I dont know how old parvati is but i know she is much younger, Jerri was saying she wanted too punch her in the face, I guess parvati was reffering too the coach and jerri who i know is younger than Jerri, I dont know if shes jealous or what maybe she likes coach, I always thought parvati was a sneaky little bitch, If they dont get rid of her she will take out the guys one by one, so hopefully someone will do the right thing.

  1. I’m with you Aggie, Parvarti can leave anytime now! That girl thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips, too!!

  2. Have to side with Jill on this one. Jerri is a legend in her own mind! Would love to see a real good girl fight, except I do not think Pavariti is who Jerri was talking about. Holly… I have never heard that one!

    Hope the Hero’s lose again tonight and James is sent packing, for his part in Steph’s ousting! Do think Russell will have some HII action tonight.

  3. cougar, hmmm she’d in my opinion have to be at least in her late forties and I HATE THAT TERM anyway. wheni was 43 i dated a guy 23. i knew it’d be just fun and that’s all but he got too serious. yet i’m married to someone 14 yrs younger now. (so he can push me around in my wheel chair) j/k
    anyway, i guess i pretty much ignore the girls and don’t really care BUT this is how i would feel if i were there…WOMEN NEED TO STICK TOGETHER. We have it hard enough with men thinking we’re less than them in almost everything and if i have to buy something i will pick a female over the man anytime. Do those girls just need a tummy full of food and a bath and go hang out together? i don’t understand women who are jealous of each other. i’ve seen it all my life but i’ll even buddy up with a chick twice as pretty as i’ve ever been because as i said…we need each other. We’re deep thinkers and feelings show where ‘most, not all’ men just ‘do’ what is good for them in the moment at any cost. it’s how i feel.
    both girls are beautiful to look at so i just wish they’d buddy up becuz the guys tend to vote women off first…two girls kicking ass (or something else) is better than two fighting til the group gets sick of them and votes them both off.

    1. Thanks tendr…..I used to like James until he acted all crazy and stuff. Now…unless he changes his attitude…he needs to go.

  4. I think its probably already too late for james once you start something with people it is only a matter of time before your gone. He just wont shut up!!!!

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